Customer Reviews: Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Double Stroller, Orange/Gray (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on September 27, 2011
Before purchasing this stroller, I read several reviews online and tried it out in a store. I found that using the stroller on a daily basis was an entirely different experience and wanted to share that so that you can make an informed decision.

Background: I own two other double strollers, a Graco Quattro Tour Duo (that's a tandem) and a Maclaren Twin Techno (that's a side by side umbrella). I have two children, age 18 months and age 1 month.

First, I would like to address those who are looking for a jogging stroller. This stroller is not a jogging stroller, and is not intended to be per the company, so it's not fair to review the stroller based on it's jogging abilities. However, since so many people seem to want to jog with this stroller, I will note that I have tried both jogging and running with this stroller for review purposes and it is an excellent stroller when used as intended but if you want to jog or run buy one of the jogging strollers in their line.

Ok, for those of you looking for a great everyday stroller, this is it!

Storage: In terms of weight, this stroller isn't a feather, but no double stroller is. In comparison to others, it is light and reasonable to lift in and out of a trunk. It also folds flat, so while you need a bit of space width wise, it can go flat in a trunk and leave room for other items (I fit it in the trunk of my Chevy Cavalier with room for diapers, groceries, and other things) or fit inside easily (we store ours in the hall closet). Folding the stroller is easy- just pull up on the two straps located on the seats and the stroller folds right in half- though I will say there are a few times I went to fold it and I needed to shake it a bit to get it to fold all of the way. What's great is that it can also fold flat with the belly bar attached, so you don't have to remove and reattach it every time. Also, the wheels do pop off easily to fold it even flatter, but I haven't needed to do so and I wouldn't imagine it would be necessary as it really doesn't make much of a space difference. [Note: Put the seats up and fold the hoods back before folding.] Overall Storage: the stroller is light, easy to fold, and can fit in even a small trunk with plenty of room to spare.

Quality: The stroller is sturdy and well-made. The handlebar is has a nice rubber grip, not those cheap foam handle grips that come on a lot of strollers. The actual frame of the stroller is of high quality and the material is durable, which is necessary since the stroller folds out so it has to be durable to avoid rips. I find the black easy to clean, though I haven't taken it off to wash yet and also I store it indoors so sun fading isn't an issue for me. The snaps and velcro parts are well secured and function appropriately, and the moving parts (seat, hood, folding mechanism, wheels) all work smoothly. [Note: I did notice a squeak in the front wheel, but it resolved on its own]. Overall Quality: Built to last with excellent construction, fabric, and working mechanisms.

Features: Starting from the top, the handlebar has a great grip, but it is not adjustable. At 5'5" to 5'9" we have found it to be a perfect height, although if your arms aren't extended enough you may find your feet hit the stroller or your knees hit the seat when the child is reclined back all of the way. There are no accessories with this stroller like a cup holder or child trays- you can buy accessories for it but for the price it would be nice for the stroller to come with at least a cup holder; however, keep in mind that sometimes those accessories add weight or make it more difficult to fold. I don't miss the kid trays at all, as it means I'm just not feeding them in the stroller and in turn keeps the stroller cleaner. I did purchase the belly bar accessory which I personally consider a great accessory, but I will review that separately. The seats recline easily, and because they secure with a strap, they are able to be adjusted to any recline, not set reclines like some, and the movement is very smooth, as opposed to the jerkey movements of strollers with set reclines, so that the child can be reclined if they fall asleep sitting up and the motion won't wake them up. The seats also have a mesh opening when reclined all of the way to allow for airflow and a flap which can cover that opening in colder or windy weather. Unfortunately, the openings in the mesh is too large to keep mosquitos and other bugs out, so you will need a bug screen that goes around the entire stroller if you decide to purchase one. The seats have a supportive back (new for the 2011 model) and comfortably fit most children up to age 4. My son is old enough to communicate to me when he is comfortable and when he isn't, and at 18 months he is very comfortable in this stroller for long, extended walks as long as I sit him up all of the way and use the provided straps to secure his seat in the upmost position. The reclines also are individual so the children don't have to be at the same recline, and because the seats are separated in the middle, the children can't really touch each other, so it is possible to have one child sitting up awake and one lying flat sleeping without being disturbed by the awake child. My other son at a month old however is too small for the seats on this stroller because of the position of the harnesses. The stroller is not intended for children under 6 months old without purchasing and using either the bassinet or car seat accessories, but I actually put my son in it anyhow. I won't downgrade it's rating for not fitting him properly because it's not intended for his age, but I do want to add that I have adjusted it so that I feel that he is indeed safe and I can use it for him even at a month old, so it can be done. The harnesses are ok in this stroller, just ok. They are difficult to adjust, but once they are adjusted properly they work fine. I don't think it's safe to put the child in the stroller without the harness on (some strollers have a child tray that functions in such a way that an older child doesn't really need to be strapped in) as there is nothing stopping the child from falling out, so follow the instructions and properly secure your children. The footrests are also just ok- functional but I'd imagine that in time they will see a lot of wear being that they are just the same cloth material as the seats, but they work find and actually my 18 month old is able to use them to get himself into the stroller (which I want to note he can do without tipping it over, so it's more stable than I thought it would be). As far as the brake, it is a simple footbrake that keeps the stroller from rolling, and the front wheels can lock or swivel, both simple features found on most strollers these days. The hoods are not typical however, they are exceptional. They fold down to three different heights and can completely block out the sun [disclaimer: there have been a few angles of sun which I couldn't block out from time to time, but these hoods did a better job than either of the other two strollers I own]. The hoods have two windows which allow you to see the baby, but also have velcro which keeps those windows covered when you want them covered or holds back the little flap when you want them open- not something you'd think about ahead of time, but I'm glad they thought of it because those little details make this an excellent stroller. Overall features: great features, could have some included accessories for the price but the stroller has everything needed without being excessive. I would rather have the stroller be priced where it is and pick out my own accessories rather than have it cost more and be fitted with things I don't want/need. The features are comparable to other high end umbrella strollers, like the Maclaren Twin Techno I own, in similar price categories.

Storage: This gets it's own category because I think it's important to discuss for any parent, especially with two little ones. There is a basket underneath the stroller, but don't think that you'll be using it often- it is very difficult to get into compared with other strollers and there really is no way to get a large diaper bag in there. However, I use a smaller bag with just diapers and wipes in there. If I bring a larger diaper bag, I hang it off the stroller. You can purchase one that snaps onto the side, but I was ok with just hanging mine when needed. There are also two mesh pockets on the back of the seats which can be used to store items, but of course when the seats are reclined all of the way this becomes difficult, plus the pockets are a bit deep for storing things like a cell phone that you want to get to easily. This is the one area where this stroller lacks in comparison to other strollers; however, if comparing it to other high-end umbrella strollers, none of them have great storage. I believe that using hooks to hang things has solved this for me and honestly, I've just learned to travel with what I need, not tons of other things, and I wouldn't trade how great this stroller is for the storage of another stroller because the rest of this stroller is just too good to pass up. I suppose it depends on how often you need to load it up, but if you think you need a lot of storage, try it out at a store near you first to see if this is a deal-breaker for you; it wasn't a problem for me.

Use: It flips open easily and with a quick fasten of four safety snaps you're ready to roll. You have to unfasten those four little safety snaps before folding the stroller, but it takes a second once your used to it and it's well worth it for how easily flat it folds compared to other double strollers. Once the kids are bucked in and you're strolling, you will notice that if a child is fully reclined your knees may hit the back of the seat if you walk too close to the stroller, but that has only happened once to one of us and all of the other times we've used it (always with at least one seat reclined for the baby) it hasn't been an issue. Your feet may also kick the bottom if you are walking too close to the stroller (which usually happens when trying to job with it, which again it's not intended for). From personal experience, this hasn't been an issue for us. The brake can hold the stroller from rolling even when the kids are in it and it's on a hill. As far as movement, this stroller has an extremely smooth ride- when we first pushed it after using the other strollers we own, we felt like we were pushing air in comparison. The front wheels can be locked, although we haven't had to lock them and the ride has still been very smooth, which may be in part due to the shock absorbing front end. The wheels are big enough to be very smooth over pavement and dirt, although they aren't air filled so don't expect this to function as an all-terrain stroller- it doesn't and it isn't supposed to. Even over grass the stroller protests a bit when loaded with the kids, but I still find it much more manageable even over grass than the other two strollers we owned. Though I missed not being able to snap the car seat in and go, I actually am really glad now that this stroller doesn't have that feature because my baby seems to like being in the stroller more than the car seat and most kids are out of the baby car seats by 6 months or so, and remember this stroller isn't intended for kids under 6 months old anyhow. Now for the amazing part: weight distribution. One of my children weighs 30 pounds and the other weighs 10 pounds; I can easily push the stroller without it pulling to one side. In fact, when in the store I loaded one side up with a pack n play and put my son in the other side to see how it would push loaded with two large children and it pushed just as easily. I've also used it with just my older son in it and had no issues pushing it easily- it didn't pull to one side. This stroller handles children of different weights easily and perhaps is for me the best feature of the stroller. I have also hung things off of it despite the manufacturer recommending not to and haven't had any issues with weight distribution there or with tipping- again, this is a very well-made stroller that functions awesome. In fact, it is so easy to push that fully loaded I can turn it with one hand and I have also been able to push it with one hand while walking on the side of the stroller (yes, the side) without an issue! I also want to note that even though it's side by side, this stroller fits through average doorways- I have fit in many stores and down most isles- if a wheelchair can fit, this stroller can fit, which is a great feature when shopping. Overall use: User friendly, extremely easy to push, and great for kids of different weights/ages- plus it fits!

In short, this stroller is amazing. It may not have all of the accessories, but you get a higher-quality, well-made stroller than functions very well as intended and is able to maneuver easily, even when loaded unevenly, and can fit through doorways and isles. This is a great buy and even at the price is worth the investment as it's a stroller you will actually enjoy pushing. Five stars!

UPDATE: I have noticed a few things about this stroller that are important to note. 1) You really can't hang things off of the handlebar. I hung some heavy grocery bags and while it didn't tip, I noticed it put a lot of strain on the stroller and think over time that would ruin it. So, it may be ok to hang some light things, but nothing too heavy, which is too bad since the under-the-seat storage is not that useable while shopping. On the bright side, I forgot about the stroller one day last week and left it out in the rain! I was devastated and thought it was destroyed because a lot of strollers get a mildew smell and have trouble drying out. However, this stroller has an umbrella-like material and the rain literally just shook off of it! Again, I still think this is a terrific stroller and now I'm glad to see that it can "survive" the elements as well!
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on February 20, 2011
I adore this stroller! I have had a Safety First tandem double stroller for 4.5 years. It is so bulky, hard to steer, and if I put more weight in the front, I might as well forget it. It also took up the whole back of my Jeep Grand Cherokee and was a major struggle for me to get in and out of the bed of our Chevy Silverado. I started shopping for a new double soon after our newest addition was born. I have a very tall 4yo, tall 2yo, and a 5mo. I wanted them all to be able to ride in either seat and be able to manuever, fold, transport, and steer easily. I'm also tall, 6ft, and my husband is 6'1" so I wanted one with a high enough handle and that we wouldn't kick.

This one works GREAT! I've actually taken all three children shopping in this WITH a shopping cart, by myself! I can have any of the children in it with either one of the other children on either side and it steers like a dream! It turns on a dime and has fit through ever door way. When I go shopping, I can push them straight into the bathroom and into the handicap stall with me! My very tall 4yo LOVES riding in it and can lie all the way down comfortably. My 5mo also fits in it really well. I do recommend the Kiddopotamus Snuzzler to give a small baby some extra stability, but it's easy to fit in and out. The strap height is easily adjustable and my kids haven't had any problems with the hardware.

This stroller is light and folds compact. If I pop the wheels off, I can fit it in the back of my mom's Chrysler Pacifica! It is so easy to do, I don't mind at all. It also fits in the side door if I just don't feel like popping them off. I can still fit it in the back with the wheels, but it touchs the glass of the back window. It really is just as easy to fold it as lifting the strap in the seats! There are 4 snaps on the frame as safety straps, but they are no more of a pain for folding and unfolding than the squeeze, twist, lift, lock...of other strollers. I also find I don't have a problem motivating myself to carry this stroller in from outside from the weather and changing vehicles. So many times, with my other stroller, I wanted to have a stroller with me, but getting it loaded and wrestling with it all day caused me to leave it behind and just struggle without it.

The only cons: 1. The storage bag is as hard to access as they (reviews from earlier year models) say it is. I access it from the sides and use it mostly for coats and blankets. I also keep items packed in individual bags and cases in my diaper bag, so I just toss whichever ones I think I'll need into the bottom or back of the seats. I bought two stroller hooks for the handle and use that for my bags. 2. I'm going to have to buy the belly bar, console, and snack trays separately. I do think they will come in handy. I'm still debating on whether or not I want to buy the car seat adaptor for it. I'll be getting a new car seat with our next baby and plan on using this stroller for a LONG time!

I love this stroller so much, I look forward to going out and having opportunity to use it. The price is more than I've spent on anything for my kids before. But my tandem was $250 and I dreaded using it! I was looking at the other available doubles at the local baby stores and they were $180 and up and were just as big, bulky, unweildy, and heavy. I'd buy this stroller again in a heartbeat!
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on July 25, 2011
Background: We bought this stroller to replace our Graco Quattro Tour Duo in which the kids sit in line fighter jet style. The Graco weighs about 50 pounds and with a 30 pound four year old and 20 pound one year old we were pushing 100 pounds not including diaper bags and groceries. We live in Brooklyn, NY and walk on average 3 to 4 miles a day. It was too heavy to be practical for my wife to push and turn, especially going up sidewalk curbs.

- The City Mini is half the weight of the Graco
- It is unbelievably easy to turn and has a super tight turning radius compared to Graco. I was amazed at its maneuverability and there is no bigger cynic than myself.
- Baby Jogger honors their warranty policy, for now.

- After owning the stroller for just over a month we had one wheel lock lever for the swivel function break, causing the wheel to lock unexpectedly.
- We spent the extra $100 for the belly bar and two trays (which is a complete rip off in itslef) just to have the belly bar break as well.
- The stroller is too light weight in my opinion, coming from a mechanical background, to survive long mileage use.
- There are no "parent" comparments or holders for water bottles, sunglasses etc. and no useable storage underneath unlike the Graco which had storage up the wazoo, everywhere.

Bottom line: If your only use, and be honest with yourself, is going from the minivan, through the paved mall parking lot, shopping and back to the minivan, you probably will have years of no problems. If you plan on actually walking a couple miles a day on imperfect sidewalks, you will have problems. And for $450, plus $100 in accessories I don't know if $550 is justifiable for any stroller, especially one made like crap in China. Comparing the two, the Graco is the better value and wins hands down at half the price, IF you have the strength to push/manuever it.
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on February 24, 2011
I owned a kolcraft options II tandem stroller before purchasing this stroller. I absolutely LOVE this stroller and it has confirmed my doubts about the kolcraft. Here are the pros and cons of this stroller:

Pros: 1.pushes beautifully on grass, gravel, and pavement due to the suspension on the front end.
2.seats are independent and fully recline- they also have velcro tabs to make the seats more upright
3.backs of seats are very supportive
4.straps adjust small enough for my 8 month old twins and are easy to adjust the height of the straps- just undo the latch on the strap and adjust the strap to the desired height by selecting the appropriate rung on the threading the strap through the seat back.
5.easy to fold...just undo the safety snaps on the outside of the stoller and pull up on the straps in the seat marked pull to's that easy and now they have a strap to keep the stroller closed.
6.extra large independent sun canopies with two peek a boo windows
7.seats are extra wide and my six year old can fit into them (though she never rides in the stroller I just wanted to see if she fit).
8.the stroller has two double front locking wheels to make the stroller more stable when running or jogging.
9.the fold is very compact and fits nicely into the storage area of my toyota sienna minivan.'s 26 lbs compared to 53 lbs with my old stroller
11.very easy to steer which can be pushed and steered with one hand while carrying two babies totaling 36 lbs.
12.the handle has a nice rubber grip so your hands don't slip while pushing it.
13.large mesh organizers on the back of each seat where you can store lots of stuff.

Cons: 1.the basket underneath is a decent size but very hard to access since there is a bar that goes right in front of the access area (you cannot get a large diaper bag in there).
2.the accessories are expensive and you have to buy everything separately such as a belly bar, child snack trays, parent organizer console, cooler(which I ended up returning since I couldn't get it to fit properly on this stroller).
3.will only accomodate one infant seat at a time and you have to buy the infant seat adaptors separately.

as you can see the pros outweigh the cons and that is why I absolutely LOVE my baby jogger 2011 city mini double stroller. My babies love to look out at everything and now they can with this stroller.
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on February 18, 2011
The wait is over; we have the new 2011 City Mini! I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. The new feature on the 2011 version is the pair of pre-inserted backboards for a more supported ride for the little ones. I honestly can't say that the seats appear to be more upright than the 2010 (this is my opinion from visually comparing '10 & '11 strollers side by side). I have a BJ Elite 2010 double stroller and I bought backboards separately for each seat. They are basically the same principle. By buying the 2011 version, we saved the money it would have cost us to purchase the 2010 version PLUS 2 additional backboards.

This stroller is fantastic (the best we found!) and I highly recommend it. For a sturdy, well made double stroller, it's lightweight and fairly easy to lift in and out of the back of our van. It turns on a dime and is extremely easy to maneuver with the babies (or kids) riding along. The seats can be reclined all the way back to a lying down position. One can use this stroller with babies as young as infants, but the shoulder harness and waist strap might not be snug enough around tiny newborns. We started using ours when our twins were 3 1/2 months.

This stroller fits easily through handicapped doors (standard for businesses). I can get around pretty much anywhere except in stores on the showroom floor between the racks. I was worried about not getting through doors, and I'm happy to say that I haven't been anywhere that I couldn't get through.

We already own the BJ Elite, & we love it, too. We got this City Mini for trips around town (in & out of the car). It's much lighter weight & easier for Mom to get in & out of the van. We use our Elite mainly for neighborhood walks and bumpy all-terrain trips outside. We love the Baby Jogger brand double strollers. We are a very frugal family & hated to spend so much money, but now realize what a fantastic investment we've made! My husband is also very happy with this stroller.

What is not advertised with this stroller is one of the safety features. There are 4 "safety snaps" around the back bars. When the stroller is being opened up, I have to wrap each of the 4 straps around the base poles and snap into place before loading the babies. When I'm ready to fold the stroller and stow it away, I first must unload the babies, then unsnap the safety straps (they're tough to get off, but "safety first") and then fold and stow.

Another draw back to this stroller is limited access to the storage basket underneath the seats. There's a bar and seat straps blocking the access to the basket. I can access it more easily by unsnapping the seat straps and stowing my goodies before the babies are in the seats. It's a roomy basket, but it's almost impossible to get to. Recommended weight limit for the storage basket is 4.4 lbs. Recommended weight limit for the seat pocket storage (behind the seats) is 2 pounds per pocket. I use this storage mainly for baby blankets, hats, mittens, or jackets.

In all, we love it and highly recommend it.
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on July 11, 2011
Perfect, perfect, perfect. We got the stone grey color, I was worried the black would get too hot in the sun. The girls super love it, my 3 year old asks to take naps in it! She says, put mine down so I can sleep. Unbelievable. I love that you can recline them individually because my 1 year old gets scared when hers goes back, so we keep her side up.
It's lightweight enough that I'm 8 months pregnant and have no problem lifting it out of the trunk and setting it up and putting it back in the trunk, I could do it with one hand it's so easy. Speaking of trunk, it's so compact, we have a Hundai Elantra and it fits in our trunk with room to spare, so awesome.
It's super easy to push and turn, super easy to clean, weather proof of course. I got the parent console for one side to keep drinks and keys in, thinking of getting another for the other side to hold sippy cups, etc. The bottom basket is actually really roomy, I've put a picnic blanket down there, I've been able to go to the grocery store and fit milk cartons and a bag of groceries and it doesn't sag to the ground or anything.
The sun canopies are so awesome! They go so far down but don't limit the girls view too much and even their legs are shaded, plus there's windows so I can still see what they're up to.
I've had moms come up to me on the playground and drool over my stroller, they ooh and aaahh and write down the brand name.
Oh! And it goes through any door, I have not had one door I couldn't go through, most store aisles are no problem, at restaurants it folds up so easily and can be stored anywhere it's so compact.
I looked at more expensive strollers, I guess if you're a marathon runner you'll want bike wheels, but my husband takes them on 4 mile runs and says it's great. Other than that the more expensive ones didn't have anything that makes the extra money worth it. On the other hand, the cheaper ones are sooooo flimsy and bulky and heavy and uncomfortable for the girls, you definitely get what you pay for on the cheap end. This one was right in the middle and just right. There is not one thing I could complain about, even assembly was super easy, it took my husband all of 5 minutes to open the box and put the wheels on.
So this is it, get this one!
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on May 4, 2011
I bought the City Mini Double (2011 model) in March 2011 and had done a 'test drive' in the store, loving how smooth the ride was and the ease of folding (very easy - I'm 5'3" and had no problem doing it), weight of the stroller, big sun canopy, and recline for kids. Unfortunately, I assembled the stroller out of the box, and the front wheels wobble all the time. There are two front wheels (each with two wheels) and even on the flattest surface, they wobble. Sometimes all 4 wheels don't even make contact with the ground. I had to film it to show Baby Jogger what my problem was. They have fantastic customer service and sent me two FULL replacement strollers to see if they could fix the problem, but unfortunately it seems like an overall manufacturer's defect, so now I am returning 3 strollers. Some parents might be ok with the wheels wobbling as much as they do, but for a $420 stroller I was not ok with this. I am returning the stroller and still looking for the best double stroller out there.
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on January 31, 2012
We bought this to replace a 7 year old Zooper Tango double stroller which served us well but we were excited to have something a little lighter, easier to fold and hopefully just as good quality. So, we did as everyone does and bought the City Mini Double.

I wanted to love this stroller SO much - the maneuverability is amazing, even when fully loaded with 90 lbs of kids, it still turns on a dime. The fold is so easy and cool, it's very sturdy feeling and obviously very good quality. The canopies are wonderful!

Unfortunately, a few things annoyed me and my kids simply hated it.

No locking mechanism when folded renders the cool fold not so cool - if I tried to prop it up against a wall somewhere, it would just slowly slide open. I think they're fixing that in the 2012 model, so I would definitely hold out for that one!

The basket was barely accessible, even worse than our Zooper, which I think they're also addressing with the 2012 model.

And the worst part was that it was just not a comfortable stroller for my three little ones - a 40", 42 lb 4 year old, a 36", 30 lb 2 year old and a 30", 24 lb 1 year old. The seat backs, even when pulled as tight as you can make them in upright position, are still at a slant, and the bottom of the seat is designed at a sloping angle. They're also very recessed/deep, so kids are basically sitting sunken/wedged into the seats. Combined with the inability to use the 5 point harness as a 3 point (not using the shoulder straps for bigger babies/kids) means that kids have very little freedom of movement - my kiddos were just not happy with that. My 4 year old had to hunch his shoulders together to even fit against the seat, and just whined and cried anytime we went anywhere. My normally easy 2 year old threw a huge fit when in it in the mall, and my 1 year old screamed nonstop until we got him out, and started screaming again anytime we tried to put him in LOL. Maybe my kids have just been spoiled with the straight, free seats of the Zooper, but they are not happy being so confined.

If your kids don't mind, then the 2012 version might be the perfect stroller for you! :)

As for us, we bought a new Zooper Tango - only 3 lbs heavier than the City Mini, an easily accessible basket, included bumper bar that easily removes to let kids in/out, even better canopies (if you can imagine!), an included rain cover and boot and a just as easy but self-locking, self-standing fold. Maybe BJ will get it just right in a couple more years!
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on May 17, 2011
I just had my 5th baby in July 2010...Yes, my 5th! We have purchased and used a lot of strollers over the years, but this is my absolute fave!!! I can't say enough about it. I've had it since Feb 2011 and love it.

The City Mini is so light weight. It's easy to collapse and set up...way better than the Graco duo glider I had years ago. It fits perfect in the back of my Toyota Sequoia and still leaves room for groceries.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sun shades. They are very sturdy and have great coverage. I strap my heavy diaper bag to the bar and it has not ever tipped over...use caution if you do that though. My two year old and 9 month old fit in pefectly and it's really comfy. Smooth ride, really easy to push, even one handed and fits through doors just great. So glad I bought this. If you are on the fence about price, just buy it, I promise that you'll be glad you did. You'll just be wasting your money because you won't be happy with the others.

The ONLY thing that I do not like is that I sometimes kick the bottom bar when I walk (the only reason I gave it 4 stars), but I'm 5'9" and I have super long legs. If I extend my arms a bit more, then I don't kick the bar. Just takes a bit of getting used too.

Keep in mind that even though this stroller is made by "Baby Jogger" it isn't exactly a "jogging" stroller. I think the reason why they call it the "City Mini" is because it's best used in the city! :) You can jog with it, but it does vibrate a bit. If you are looking for a true jogging stroller with a smooth ride, buy the Bob...a few of my friends have them and love them, but they don't fit that easily in an suv with minimal space. I LOVE MY CITY MINI!!!!
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on July 28, 2011
I live downtown in a big city and we walk everywhere. A friend got the single version of this stroller and it was so lightweight and easy to maneuver, I went out and looked for the double version used on-line. This is the best stroller I've ever seen!


- very lightweight - lighter than most single strollers I've tried.
- very compact - smaller than most single strollers I've seen (perfect for those short on space)
- goes through regular doors
- huge sunshades that will keep the kids dry in a light rain
- very easy to maneuver, even with one hand
- super easy to fold and carry
- one-foot brake that flips without much effort
- sturdy rubber easy-grip handles (won't break down like foam)
- one-handed sliding mechanism to lay seats flat
- easy to get the kid in and out and strapped in
- easy to adjust straps
- two viewing windows in each sunscreen
- sunscreen has multiple configurations
- when laying flat, you have the option of ventilation or cover
- nicely padded, yet designed to be easy to clean
- decent-sized basket with ribs to keep it's shape on the bottom
- the handles don't adjust, but they are comfortable for both me at 5'4" and my husband at 6'4"
- wheels pop off easily
- fits in our small trunk with room to spare
- one large mesh pocket on the back of each seat for extra storage

- Price! Very expensive, I got mine used
- Price! Lots of add-ons, but each one is expensive and it adds up
- the basket, while of a decent size, is very difficult to get stuff in and out of
- while it's very easy to fold, it doesn't stay folded on it's own or stand up while folded without leaning on something which may be a storage consideration
- they are so popular, I was very lucky to find mine used...

Even with the much discussed issues with the basket, I found it was totally worth buying because the bonuses were so great! I plan on getting a couple of "Mommy Hooks" to hang groceries from since it will be hard to use the basket for that purpose. Hope that helps with your shopping!
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