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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
Baby Quasar MD Blue Skincare Therapy Device
Price:$595.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 28, 2016
My wife has had this unit for years and swears by it for adult acne - even the cystic type. She has tried every over-the-counter, home remedy & prescription available over the past 15+ years but nothing solved this truly medical ailment. The only problem with "it" is you have to remember to use it regularly to avoid breakouts, but that's a "user issue" not a problem with the device. It does drastically shorten the length and lessen the severity of breakouts if you fail to use it regularly (often overnight depending on the severity). For adults struggling with the embarrassment of "adult acne", this device is well worth the high price! Be sure to buy from a reputable seller to avoid cheap knock-offs though and follow the directions, which are included.

Hope this review helps and ecourages women with
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on December 23, 2016
Doesn't work. Very disappointing considering I use Zeno which works wonderfully . Was hoping this was similar but just a larger version
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on November 13, 2016
I was skeptical but my daughter and I are using the baby quasar plus (red) and blue (religiously 5 times a week) and in about 6 weeks it was clear that our results were undeniable. I haven't had a seborrheic dermatitis flare up since and as for my daughter, I wish she would let me post before and after pictures! It has been a solid 4 months since she started and I cannot even begin to explain how effective this has been for her. She had been on oral antibiotics, Tazarac and benzaclin (a host of other topicals before that) for almost 2 years with NO improvement. We were one step from trying accutane but I am so glad we gave this a shot first. You must be patient and you must be diligent. I would remind her every day the first couple of months, but once she started see that it was truly working she had the incentive to do it on her own. She is just in the maintenance stage now, and 2 days red, 2 days blue seems to be working great for her. The red scars from past pimples are fading and she only gets one or 2 which are quickly kept at bay with the light (gone in 2 days.) She still uses the Benzaclin (morning) and Tazarac at night, and changes her pillowcase every other day. The blue light has helped to control her oily skin remarkably which obviously has had a huge impact on her acne. I bought the MD blue and the MD plus (red) so I can only speak to their effectiveness. I went big because we were so desperate I was done messing around. You should know that if you buy on Amazon your lifetime warranty may not be valid. Call the company to check first-- their customer service is excellent.
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on August 15, 2016
When I opened up the box to have a look at the tool it was exactly what I expected, which is always a relief. I will say the positive effects of using this wand takes a lot longer than I had realized. It takes a couple of months of being very diligent with your treatments to notice any improvement in acne an other skin conditions on the face and other areas of the body. So be patient and don't give up treatments. I do one treatment per day instead of the recommended 2-3 treatments per day. I just don't have the time for anymore treatments in one day. It's heavy, I need to lie down on my back to do my treatments. I do a longer treatment than most as I do other areas not just my face, so that all takes a lot more time. If you're just doing one area only, like the face, you probably won't notice the weight as much. I have yet to own this wand long enough to definitively say whether the baby quasar MD blue is worth the cost and time. So far I am leaning towards a yes, that is it worth having one. I have noticed that I have fewer blemishes.
People who suffer from severe skin conditions such as; Hidradenitis Supperativa, severe cystic/hormonal acne, rashes, rosasea etc should try blue light therapy. You never know what may help you and this is a safe option to try. If you have the resources for these treatments, use blue light therapy along with laser hair removal treatments as it can be a lot more effective in treating these conditions. I wish you all the best in finding treatment that works for you!
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on July 20, 2016
Love it. Really helps my skin. It is very time consuming if you have alot of acne though. Also if you are of asian descent, it can tan your skin.
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on July 7, 2016
I'm a 30 year old female and have had Hidradenitits Supurativa (Acne Inversa) on my groin area since I was 16. When I use the blue light consistently EVERY night (about 20 minutes total for my affected groin areas), I have NO active flares or any leaking ones either. It reduces the inflammation as well. This is ONLY when I use it consistently though. Otherwise I usually have one or two "leaking" ones and swollen red lumps. I'm also on Humira which has significantly reduced my flares and makes life livable without constant pain, but I had the blue light before the humira and it helped just as well before medication. I wipe down the lens every night after use with an antibacterial hand wipe and let it air dry. If you're looking for a medication-free option for treatment I highly, highly recommend this! I'm sure it would work great for regular to severe facial acne as well if it can handle the huge cysts I get from HS.
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on July 5, 2016
This thing has genuinely transformed my skin. I initially balked at the price, but for me it has proven to be absolutely worth it. I have had moderate, persistent, cystic acne for over five years (I'm 27 now), and this is the only product that has ever been able to clear my skin up at a deep level (and I have tried many, many things). I still get an occasional small pimple or whitehead coming through, but they are much smaller and fade fairly quickly. The painful bumps around my jawline have totally cleared up. I initially used the Baby Quasar 3-4 times a week, as recommended, but have since transitioned to 2 times a week.

I may name my firstborn Baby Quasar MD.
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on April 30, 2016
I don't know what I think about this. I think I used it too much. I am happy to have bought it, it leaves my face less inflamed .. but, the glasses broke so easily. Kind of mixed opinions with it... also it seemed to make my red spots redder. I am going to try using it much less.
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on October 29, 2015
I looked at this product for nearly 2 years before taking the plunge. I couldn't get past the price tag and the mixed reviews. I'm here to say....just do it. I am 42 and have had moderate (2-5 chin cysts at all times) cystic acne for most of my adult life and I have done EVERYTHING short of accutane. When birth control pills and oral and topical antibiotics stopped working recently I panicked and bought this because I felt like I was at the end of my rope. This product is not a miracle, but it's darn close. I've been using it for about 3 weeks and it definitely is not a hoax. For me, it started working immediately (healed an active cyst in a day or so) and I can see how you have to be consistent for good results. I use it everyday only 4 minutes (chin is my only problem area) and I have not had a large painful cyst since. That's not to say they are not trying to come up. I can still feel the pain in my chin in certain areas where one is about to form and then I make sure to concentrate on that area during my evening treatment. Sure enough, within the next few days, the "cyst" will only erupt into a TINY whitehead with zero inflammation surrounding it. It "dries" the cyst up in a matter of days and it never gets to the point of a cyst. I put "dries" in quotes because the best part is that it does not dry the skin out...AT ALL. If I were to let my cysts run their normal life cycle, those suckers would take a good 2 weeks to painfully form, enlarge and then
gradually decrease to a nice big purple spot for months to follow. The tiny 3-5 tiny red zits at a time on my chin that were formally painful cysts the size of dimes-nickles are a happy sight, comparatively. And super easy to cover lightly with makeup. Hopefully this will continue to work because I feel like after this, I'm all out of cards.......
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on August 28, 2015
I have the big Quasar MD model, not the baby Quasar. I didn't buy my Quasar from Amazon. I bought it from another site. But I wanted to share my experience with this so far. Like everyone before me, I was skeptical if it works. And just like everyone else, I suffer from adult acne. Tried every cream, cleanser, and toner out in the market.
I have had my Quasar MD for almost 3 weeks now and I am slowly seeing results. Keyword- SLOWLY. This is not an overnight thing that you will see results right away. I think this is why some get discouraged about this light. You have to make the time to do it! I do it when I'm laying in bed, watching television. And you have to do it for their recommended time- 16 minutes. So sit or lay down and watch your favorite TV show while you do it and time will fly by.
Please make sure that your face is clean before you do it and after you use it- MAKE SURE YOU ALSO WIPE THE LENS OF THE QUASAR after use. You don't want all the bacteria from your 'session' to remain on that lens. This is so important! I wipe my down with alcohol pads from work.
The results so far is that my breakouts are less and my skin feels softer and smoother. The test was really before my period where I break out the most. And it was not that bad. I only had one major pimple- but the light also helped with it by drying it up.
So remember- it is a slow process that takes patience, time and effort on your part. If you are looking for quick results, this is not for you.
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