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on September 18, 2016
This video is very well constructed. I honestly like sitting and watching (& singing) her videos with my little one. Lol

My little one really does not care for other videos other than Signing Time or Baby Signing Time. When she hears the theme songs, she gets very excited.

These videos are great as a starter or introduction into sign language. I have honestly learned so much already, Rachel makes memory references for every sign that makes it easy to remember. Very catchy.

I would highly recommend these videos for everyone wanting to learn ASL. I would especially recommend for parents who have deaf, hoh children or children with delayed speech. Personally My child has bilateral deafness and after searching for resources, these videos Happened to be the most reputable source I have found to help us.

I wish the sets were a little more affordable but regardless I know the cost of the videos are worth it.

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on February 29, 2016
The only reason I won't give it 5 stars is because I can't buy it! I can only rent it! I definitely want to buy this so that it's always in my Amazon library for my kiddos but instead I'm paying $2 for it every week. PLEASE make this purchase-able!!!!

As for quality of the video and the content, there's nothing better. This is the only screen time our daughter had, and she started watching it around 3 months old. She was recognizing our signs around 7 months old, was actively communicating with us via sign language at 12 months and was 100% verbal at 17-18 months, but she still always uses signs along with what she's saying which makes it so helpful when deciphering her cute little toddler jibber jabbers. I recommend this to anyone and everyone!
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on August 1, 2016
Sign language is an incredible tool to communicate with children who are not yet verbal. Kids as young as 7 months old can pick up the communications. They are incredibly empowered by it. And it's really good for the parents (and grandparents) to know when the child wants "more" food, or has "had enough." They can really tell you that, long before they can speak. They can tell you that something hurts and where. They can tell you whether they are happy or sad. After a few months, they can begin to tell you what they want. All long before they can speak. Plus, the sign language is presented in a way that the children love to watch it-- even the older siblings will watch along.
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on March 6, 2016
My 1 1/2 year old daughter watched these over and over until she knew all the signs. It taught us both the basics and am I so glad because now that she's almost 2, she rarely has communication melt downs. She can express herself much more easily than other toddlers I see around with less grunting and whining or crying. yay signing time. I highly recommend it for any parent to toddler aged kiddos, as long as you're willing to learn too. When I am out and about or at play groups, there is a big difference in her ability to communicate with me and her happiness around that. Without the confusion or lack of being understood, we can just keep flowing. Other little children often (from what I've seen) get upset when what they are saying isn't understood. Even the simplest little things can be a trigger for a fussy scene.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 29, 2015
These videos are so well made and fun to watch. I rented this from Amazon about 20 times, I should have just purchased it. The songs are so catchy you'll find yourself singing them all day. My son just turned 2 and has had 6 open heart surgeries. He's spent half of his life in bed and because of this he's pretty far behind developmentally. These videos have allowed him to communicate pretty well with us. He can tell us he's hungry, when he wants more of something, and when he's "all done". We kept watching the videos over and over but he never picked up any other signs. Eventually he got bored of the videos and we don't rent them anymore but it took a good 6 months. I highly recommend these videos for kids that are having trouble talking.
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on March 9, 2014
This rental was about two hours; however, the actual segment is a bit less than half an hour. The same segment repeats twice, then there's a lengthy introduction by Rachel Coleman. I found it strange that the introduction that explains the process was placed in the middle rather than at the beginning, but it is what it is. By the time I got to that part, I stopped watching (it was really long). The actual signing segment is great, and it's one of the few things that has actually held my son's attention. He's only 8 months now and we watched it a couple of times, so I don't expect him to sign back just yet. I found it very helpful, and I continue to sign with him and hope that soon he will catch on. It's great, it's interesting, catchy, and my son loves it, but I don't see the point of repeating the same segment over and over again. That's what the rewind button is for. I may just buy the DVDs instead, to have them to watch over and over. I highly recommend Baby Signing Time, but not this rental.
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on March 30, 2007
As you will see from almost all the reviews below, parents and babies LOVE these videos. They are absolutely the best for teaching sign language to a very young child. Volume 1 is mostly food and animals, and volume 2 is mostly clothes and please/thank you, etc. Both are excellent.

The host has differently colored tape on her fingers, to help you distinguish the signs, and the lessons are set to fun, catchy music, with lyrics that repeat and reinforce the meaning of the signs and their relationship to each other (for example, after learning a few words like eat, drink, milk, water, cracker, etc., they are all strung together in one song about drinking milk, drinking water, eating crackers, etc.)

After she shows you the sign and gives you a trick for remembering it ("Milk -- it's like you're milking a cow"), a series of 10 images of very young children (all under 18 months) doing the signs is shown. This gives you (and your kid) enough time to learn the sign, and the repetition really helps you remember it.

Babies find these images of other babies signing absolutely fascinating and they are a GREAT help for both parents and babies learning sign language, whether your child is hearing or deaf. It takes a month or two of doing signs before your child will do them back, but one day you'll look down at mealtime, and your baby will be scrunching up a fist, like they're milking a cow!

These are the BEST videos out there for teaching sign to babies! You will love them, and for better or worse, be singing the songs in your head throughout the day.

P.S. - The few negative reviews you'll read mixed in with the dozens of rave reviews should be disregarded, as they are off-base. Some of them criticize the videos for using too much "glitzy" music and graphics, and they lament that their older children are too interested in them ("mesmerized")! But keep in mind the following: 1. Baby Signing Time is designed for 6 months and up, so 6 month olds need a little music and graphics. They learn through light and color and movement. 2. Although these videos work very well for both hearing and deaf babies, they were originally designed by the host, who is the mother of a deaf child. Not only does a 6-month-old need a little visual stimulation to hold their interest, but a 6-month-old deaf baby especially needs it!
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on July 19, 2014
This is really amazing work. I'm SO very IMPRESSED with how this video is put together.... My barely 2 yr old and I watch this together as well as my older son sometimes. My baby has picked up the signs and is ready to do them with me during the video and the songs are basically explaining how to do the sign along with its meaning, so it Really helps remember and do them afterwards. My son picks up on it too and practices it with the baby for fun. I think this is totally worth owning as repetition of it all will make it stick in the mind, but I was glad to rent it for several days for such a good price and get to see if my family would be able to pick it up and be interested first. It takes more than one viewing to get involved in this type of thing. So looking forward to purchasing the series!!
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on October 29, 2011
A lot of reviews here say they don't like the Baby Signing Time videos versus the regular Signing Time videos. I have had the exact opposite experience with Baby Signing Time!!! We got the entire collection but started with the Baby Signing Time videos. My daughter laughs and giggles everytime they come on. One day we decided to play a regular Signing Time video and my daughter started to cry! I think babies just like repetition of things they know... I don't think it's an indication that Baby Signing Time is not as good as regular Signing Time.

Also, I think the entire series of Signing Time videos deserve 5-stars. We tried several Baby Einstein and "Any Baby Can Read" series and were VERY disappointed. Signing Time videos are MUCH better produced than any other baby/toddler videos I have found. My daughter likes them because of the bright colors and babies. I like that language is reinforced in so many different ways. This is a wonderful product!!! I recommend it to my friends all the time.
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on October 18, 2008
I don't know sign language, but these words/signs are very easy for you and for baby. We have been using the video for about a month since my kids were 5 months. They enjoy watching/listening to the video. I have learned the signs and have tried to implement them in to my day-to-day activities. The songs are really cute and up beat - the colors are bright - and Rachel is very animated. I cannot compare these to the "original" DVDs, but we really like these. Public TV has a Signing Time series - you can view that to get an idea of whether you might like the idea or not (although "baby" signing time is slightly different - but close enough).

I recommend this DVD. I plan to purchase the "regular" DVD series going forward.

Update: We took a break from (all) videos and I have reintroduced them at 14 months old. My girls light up BIG time when the music comes on. They laugh when they hear laughter. They love watching the babies/kids in the video...and they really do mimic the signs. I also bought some of the "regular" signing time videos (volume 2) since I found them on sale...they enjoy the music from that volume, but they definitely seem to enjoy the Baby videos more (at this stage).
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