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on December 6, 2017
I only got to watch the beginning, but it didn't keep my toddler all that interested and she wouldn't do the signs. I have been teaching her sign for a really long time and it is a possibility that she is "over" the concept. I will try it again when my littlest gets old enough.
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on November 22, 2017
Our little one has been watching this video for a few months now. She knows all the signs clearly! She is 18months now. I have found she is less frustrated if she knows she can communicate and be understood. I would like to buy more but wish you could get a bundle price if you bought all. I have a friend who knows ASL and was trying to get her to say a word, and she used the sign instead of speaking. She was quite impressed.
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on February 10, 2016
I love Signing fact, we have most of the non-baby ones. However, I don't see much difference between the baby version and the others. I have a five month old and we wanted to start introducing signs...her brothers were slightly older. This seems too complicated for really little ones. I prefer My Baby Can Talk for its simpler images and words at this age. Signing Time is great to introduce later...even the baby version.
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on March 9, 2014
This rental was about two hours; however, the actual segment is a bit less than half an hour. The same segment repeats twice, then there's a lengthy introduction by Rachel Coleman. I found it strange that the introduction that explains the process was placed in the middle rather than at the beginning, but it is what it is. By the time I got to that part, I stopped watching (it was really long). The actual signing segment is great, and it's one of the few things that has actually held my son's attention. He's only 8 months now and we watched it a couple of times, so I don't expect him to sign back just yet. I found it very helpful, and I continue to sign with him and hope that soon he will catch on. It's great, it's interesting, catchy, and my son loves it, but I don't see the point of repeating the same segment over and over again. That's what the rewind button is for. I may just buy the DVDs instead, to have them to watch over and over. I highly recommend Baby Signing Time, but not this rental.
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on May 26, 2016
My child loves it. He's picked up a couple of signs but the main benefit on that end is me learning them from DVD so I can keep teaching him. I understand no tv is recommended but realistically for some of us our child is going to watch a little. He loves loves the signing babies, Miss Rachel, and the little cartoons. I have seen some other reviews complaining about the cartoon characters but let me sat they are minimal and very simple characters that do something here and there. I'm very happy with this DVD even though I cannot get the songs out of my head!
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on August 23, 2017
My daughter is addicted to this show. She's been signing along with Rachel since 11 months old, learning something each time we watch it!
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on September 19, 2017
I love how these videos introduce words in ASL and my baby, who is a little over 1, stops to watch it and enjoys the musical parts.
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on January 18, 2017
This has been a HUGE hit in our home. My youngest is a small toddler and she is able to catch on to the signs and repeat them (mimic). She has increased her ability to communicate SOOOO much by using this series, whereas before she would yell and get frustrated. Her speech therapist recommended sign language but didn't give us guidance as to how or what to teach her. We found these videos and they were perfect. They are basic but very catchy.
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on July 19, 2014
This is really amazing work. I'm SO very IMPRESSED with how this video is put together.... My barely 2 yr old and I watch this together as well as my older son sometimes. My baby has picked up the signs and is ready to do them with me during the video and the songs are basically explaining how to do the sign along with its meaning, so it Really helps remember and do them afterwards. My son picks up on it too and practices it with the baby for fun. I think this is totally worth owning as repetition of it all will make it stick in the mind, but I was glad to rent it for several days for such a good price and get to see if my family would be able to pick it up and be interested first. It takes more than one viewing to get involved in this type of thing. So looking forward to purchasing the series!!
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on May 27, 2012
My son was diagnosed with a speech delay. According to doctors, he was around 6-9 months behind his peers at the age of two-in expressive and communicative language. I had more than one person recommend sign language to us to help him communicate and was given the #3 DVD by his speech therapist and he loved that one so much that I ordered this one. He watched the #3 DVD twice and already knew three of the signs and was using them-outside, star and day. Not only was he using the signs, he was saying these words. This DVD had the more basic signs we actually needed to communicate with him. He learned more, drink, all of them. He caught on so fast and was doing the signs first and trying to say the words, then he was saying the words.

My son is now 2.5, we've been watching the DVDs off and on for that time and he has made HUGE progress and his therapist told me a couple of weeks ago she wouldn't be able to tell he was delayed if she were just observing him. He still has some communication issues but has significantly improved, and I think BST DVDs had a lot to do with it. We see a speech therapist every 2 weeks, I highly doubt that time is what is helping so much. It's doing this at home with him that has really helped us so much. I can usually find something wrong with products but this one I would recommend 1000%.
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