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on April 12, 2017
Seems decent enough except all three wheels seem to be very "cheap" metal, and all three are bent to an extent. Not a big deal at the slow speeds this would be rolling at - even while jogging... except one of the rear tires pops off of the rim the second I put any air at all in it.

After even 5PSI (supposed to hold 20-25PSI) part of the tire pops off and the inner tube is exposed - almost as if the tire itself is defective... or too large for the wheel.

I contacted their support via the Baby Trend website asking for a replacement wheel/tire and haven't heard back yet. Wife is bummed out that she can't use this just yet :(
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on October 11, 2015
After my Jeep stroller bit the big one in July, I seriously debated about whether or not I wanted to get another one. After all, my son was walking on his own and probably needed to get as much exercise as possible, so I thought that continuing to use a stroller would just impede his steady progress towards independence.

That was very flawed logic. After about a month or so of walking with him on a leash and harness, I realized something. If a child can disrobe at a moment’s notice, with or without being told to do so, and can get himself onto the kitchen counters from two different vantage points, and can also open doors on his own and demolish an entire home in less than an hour, then it is time to take away some independence from the child and convert it into some semblance of mental health for the mother. And a great place to start is with regular walks around the neighborhood. In a stroller.

So I started researching strollers again. I didn’t want to go for any cheap strollers like I did before, but I also needed the stroller to be between about $75 and $125. So the hunt began. At first, I disregarded any and all jogging strollers. My logic was this: I do not jog, therefore I do not need a jogging stroller.

Once again, my logic was very flawed. On a whim, I took a look at some joggers, eventually coming to this one. And so I decided that the price was right and so I could take a chance on this stroller.

and I’m really glad I did!
*easy to push. It is literally like pushing air around.
*Nice size basket under the child’s seat. I can fit my purse and my son’s backpack under there with a little extra room to spare just in case.
*Hinging child’s tray. So, when we go out for a walk, I move the tray away from the seat, beckon my son to sit down, buckle him in, put the tray back in place, and go
*Great parent’s tray. I especially love the little compartment with the lid on it. My Jeep stroller didn’t have the door, so basically anything and everything fell out if you forgot you had put it there.
*Canopy moves as close to 180 degrees as you could imagine. So, if the sun is in my son’s eyes when we’re walking, I can put the canopy down over his face. Of course, this leave the top of his head exposed, but that’s OK for now. I’ll probably get a net of some kind later on if this becomes too much of an issue.
*Easy to assemble right out of the box. This was the easiest assembly of a new stroller I ever experienced. It was done in about 10 minutes and I did not even swear one time. Take that, Jeep Sport Stroller!

Things needing improvement:
*The bar on the right side of the stroller was not properly secured in place as it should have been. I have figured out how to work around this for the time being, and I’m pretty sure I know how to fix it, but this is the main reason I am only giving it 4 instead of 5 stars. Baby Trend really should have been more careful during factory assembly.
*I would really enjoy this stroller so much more if it had a way to fold it with one hand. Again, this is something I can work around and am doing so, but it would be really nice to be able to keep a hand on my son while I’m unfolding and folding up this stroller when we’re out and about.
*One foot brake lock. This is a complaint I have about pretty much all strollers. I used to have a used Graco that I got at Goodwill that had a pedal on the back wheels that allowed you to lock both wheels simultaneously. That is really convenient for single moms on the go such as myself, especially since locking the back wheels is kinda the first step in folding up this stroller.

Overall, I am really really REALLY happy with this stroller. My son loves it, and we are back to taking regular walks around the neighborhood, for the purposes of helping Mama feel good and lose weight, get the dog his exercise, and to have daily adventures in the world.
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on July 12, 2014
This really is a decent stroller overall. The thing that drives me NUTS is that every time I pull it out, at least 1 or 2 tires are flat as can be. So I assume the tires and tubes are cheap, I have fixed them wayyyy too many times.

UPDATE: I have contacted Baby Trend for help on my tire situation. They said that the tires and tubes are not covered by a warranty so there is nothing they can do for me. I kept having to send it pictures and different documentation before they came to this conclusion, when it seems that she could have just told me that from the first e-mail. It bothers me that they wont even send me new tubes. I changed my review from a 2 star to 1 star for bad customer service.
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on April 23, 2017
My Babytrend jogging stroller front wheel swivel axle snapped off while is use. This catastrophic failure of the axle that holds the front wheel assembly to the jogger caused the entire unit to fall forward in a rapid violent decent and crash the unit nose first to the concrete. I have pictures of the unit. The defect is the too small diameter swivel axle for the load and frequency causing metal fatigue, metal yield and rapid failure. The unit was not hardly ever used. Be very careful with your little loved ones in these jogging strollers. There is no type of warning before failure occurs.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 14, 2017
So while I have used this to jog with my son in, usually, we're walking with it. This is our car stroller, the one we use when we need to take our son in someplace and we have to be there a while, and we know he's not going to do well in that environment. Our beautiful little boy has an assortment of medical conditions that make it necessary to have him situated thus from time to time. And sometimes, like right now when our fluffy Catzilla has done something naughty to the home based stroller, we use it for my longer 2-4 mile outdoors walks as well.

Really my only gripe about this is that you have to put air in the tires from time to time. It's really only a problem when we're out somewhere and one of the tires goes flat, because usually when that happens, I don't have an air pump with me. But I can't take stars away from that, because really, I should have just had the foresight to put a pump in the car, because I knew this about the stroller when we bought it. The wheels on all other strollers we've owned were solid through, but then those get nicks and dings and things stuck in the surface of the wheels, so there's a trade off either way.

For our son, he has Sotos Syndrome, which is a very rare genetic condition which causes excessive growth, so he's big for his age. He's getting to the point now where this stroller is starting to be too small for him. He's 4 years old, weighs about 52.8 pounds on our home scale, and he's wearing anywhere from size 6 to size 8 in boy's clothes, depending on how it's cut. So any child under that size would still fit well in this thing, and he's still fitting as long as he scrunches up his knees.

We love that pouch underneath this thing, because it is great for putting changes of clothes, wipes, bags, underwear, and when he was still in diapers, those in underneath. Because he gets so anxious in public, we often needed those things.

And honestly, this thing has been a life saver on more then one occasion. Because he likes being cocooned in with his sensory issues, he finds it calming, and we can get him to stay calm sometimes in environments he otherwise would not be able to tolerate when he's in this. Sometimes we get strange looks from people when we use it, because of his size and age. But then we get strange looks when we use the safety harness system with him as well, and it's something we absolutely need when we're crossing areas with lots of traffic to make sure if he gets scared and he manages to break free from my hand, he'll survive to see another day.

So for anyone who might need this for a bigger child but is worried about what other people would think, hugs. And stay strong...you've got this, even on days you think you don't. And to anybody who's ever wondered why a parent has a kid in a stroller you think shouldn't be there, please know that there may be many things going on with that child medically of which you are unaware. And for anybody needing a stroller, this has held up super well to a whole bunch of abuse from our very special little guy. Who's actually not so little, but is nonetheless very special.
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on February 23, 2018
For the price, it is a great jogging stroller. I have owned it for almost a year and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I only have a few points:

-I took a star off because I don't like the seat belts or the cup holders. The seat belts look uncomfortable and flimsy. Like other reviews, I echo that the cupholders don't hold bottles well, they aren't deep enough and bottles wobble around. These are minor issues.

- I've only had to put air in the tires once in a year, which, to me, is a plus.

- I did have issues with it wobbling/shaking after several months. I looked up a fix involving tightening the nut on the front wheel. When I did, I found instructions on the stroller saying EXACTLY that. It works and I have no problems with it shaking after tightening the front wheel. It is an easy fix. I took a picture of the instructions printed ON THE STROLLER... So, it could be an issue, but it is a easily remedied problem.
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on March 7, 2016
I am a long distance runner and needed a stroller so I could run with my son in tow. I spent hours researching strollers and although I cannot deny that BOB strollers are better suited for long distance, I have no complaints about this stroller in terms of performance. I have run over 10 miles at a time with this stroller on pavement, cement, and dirt, and it performed extremely well. I have owned other running strollers and none of them compared to the smooth ride that this stroller offers. Some reviewers complain that the tires go flat by themselves, however I have not experienced this issue. The only thing I wish was different about this stroller, is that I wish the shoulder straps had some type of padding. If you have the money and want the best of the best buy a BOB, but if you want to save some money then you cannot go wrong with this stroller.
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on October 12, 2017
What a fantastic stroller, especially for the price. Moves beautifully, the top cover can be bent forward to stop sunlight in our daughters eyes. Our friends had this and we couldn't believe how great it was compared to the Maxi cosi we had been using since she was born. Only issues we see possibly are the fact it folds up pretty large, and wheels need a bike pump when they get low. Only had a few days so far but its night and day better quality for our toddler than the one we used until now, very happy with it.
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on February 26, 2018
I love my jogging stroller! It’s prefect! I can’t tell you how many miles on it. I did just recently air up the tires (after two years of owning it). It holds grocers very well in the bottom. My toddler always falls asleep. It’s never tipped over. I do with the shader was longer. Otherwise, it’s a great invest! Even if you don’t like to jog.
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on October 3, 2017
The stroller itself is fantastic, and I love the details that make this such an intuitive and excellent jogger. I had a minor problem with the storage cover on the runner's cupholder tray, in that once it was closed, it would not open unless you dismantled the cover completely (in the photo, the two divots on the top are caused by the defect jamming against the inside of the tray). Fortunately, I was able to get in contact with Amazon to get it resolved, so I give this stroller a 5/5 :)
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