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on September 27, 2011
it looks really cute but thats it. behind the carseat material there is styrafoam (cant spell it) then it just ends mid back of baby. everytime we took baby out there was a red on his back from the styrafoam just stopping in the carseat. its so uncomfortable we just bought a new seat. paid way toooo much for this POS!
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on March 4, 2009
I bought this product becuase I read great reviews about it. I have a 4 year old and I am preganat with my second son, so I have a good idea of what features I like. I love the look and features of this seat. They are very easy to use. We have a smaller car and it fits great into it. But, when I received the seat we opened it to do a fit test in the car and the latch clip that secures the base in the car broke! It looks like the clip spring snapped becuase there is no tention on the clip. I thought, no problem, I will just call the dealer to get it fixed. The dealer does not sell parts, they wanted me to return it so we could get a replacement. No problem except that it took 2 months to get to us becuase we are stationed in Belgium. I am now 35 weeks pregnant and don't have time to get another one! So I was advised to call the manufacturer. They were difficult from the start. They refused to acknowledge there was a defect in the product from the beginning, then they insisted that it was probably damaged in shipping and that I just need to use the "I" clip to secure it into the car. It is a solution that will secure my son safely, but that clip is such a pain to use! It is the whole reason I bought a seat with a supposidly good latch system in the first place. Finally, she told me that because we are stationed overseas, they will not honor the warranty on the product! I was appauled! I asked to speak to a manager and she gave me the run-around again! First, he was not in the office, then she insisted he would tell me the same thing, so I didn't really need to speak to him. Then after I asked her again to speak to a manager, she said she would transfer my call to the voicemail and it just went to the main switchboard which sent me back to her! Finally, she gave me some obscure voicemail and we left a message. Either way, I have never had so much trouble with a manufacturer! To me, being able to have a problem fixed when it arises is just as important as having a good product in the first place. If we had lived in the States, we wouldn't have had a problem. I highly recommend anyone who has any chance of being stationed out of the country to buy another product! It's a good seat, but if something goes wrong, you will not have any help!
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on November 16, 2010
OK so none of you all would allow your child to wear a cracked helmet right??
well please please be smarter than me and take off the outer fabric and examine it carefully before your baby arrives.

1. MINE WAS CRACKED COMPLETELY in half!! Just like in helmets, there is this EPS Foam stuff if u lift off the outer fabric.(hardened sytrofoam it looks like that goes where the baby's back is)I called babytrend and by the time I inspected it you only have i think 30 or 90 days to get an exchange and I got it from a shower and so I never looked at it until after my baby came which was past that date.

2. Please also notice that there is only hard styrofoam stuff then hard plastic as the layers behind the baby's back. My son is now 18 months and we bought a britax boulevard for like 229 (lasts years though) and you can tell the difference between good seats and bad. This one has soft fabric, then a thick layer of foam, then the styrofoam stuff, then the plastic. That foam makes it so comfy for your baby. My poor little one cried all the time in this seat and would hate to go in it and I did not realize what quality seats felt like.
Forego all the other stuff or get used stuff so you can get your baby a better seat please.

3. Even if mine did not come cracked, it should not crack that easily. I was never rough with it. Plus the return policy sucks if you get it. Car seats should not crack in intense impact right?? Think about it, your baby's back hitting that hard plastic instead of foam +stryrofoam. It is horrifying just to think about that. I bought the travel system set, great deal but totally not worth getting a crap carseat. With my baby girl on the way, I will do my research and get something much more comfy and safer. Hope this helps moms and dads!!

4. Meant to add, your newborn's poop will explode out of their pants. And get on the car seat. I promise you :) GET ONE WITH EASILY REMOVABLE LINER. ugh. another new mom mistake i made.

This seat got good safety ratings. Why?? The flex lock base prevents rebound forces on the baby. Now if they would only make a better car seat it would be good to go.
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on July 19, 2010
I don't have this actual color (I have the Phantom version), but I have absolutely LOVED this infant seat! The price and neutral colors are what originally sold me.
*The triangle-shaped handle is a cool feature, but I don't find it more useful than regular ones as I have mostly carried it on the side with my elbow. My husband does like to use the handle though.
*The way this carseat fastens is a *bit* tricky since you have to overlap both sides to put it in the crotch part, but it feels very secure every time so it hasn't bothered me.
*The BEST feature of this carseat is the easy adjustments for the harness. Instead of rethreading every time my daughter had a growth spurt, all I had to do was twist the knob on the back & it would move up a bit!
*The 30 lbs/30" size limits are pretty good - my daughter is still 2" from the height @ 11 months, although she is very petite, and no where close to the weight.
*I have found this seat to be very easy to move between vehicles. I've moved the base a number of times (well worth it if you'll be removing your baby from the seat more than a few times) and have never had a problem getting it secure with both LATCH & seatbelts.
*On that note, the LATCH system on this seat's base is awesome compared to some other brands. It is easy to get very, very tight by just kneeling on the base and pulling hard on the straps. I'm 5'3 & 115 lbs and can do it no problem by myself.
*It isn't too heavy to carry with your baby in it, at least not anymore than other infant seats I've tried.

The ONLY reason I gave this seat 4 stars is because you can't machine wash the seat cover (cloth & soap only!). My baby was never much of a puker, but if you have a baby that throws up a lot, I could see this being pretty annoying. My only other gripe is that the sunshade is a bit tricky to get over the back of the seat if it happens to come over it & does unattach if you get too tough with it, but not really a huge deal.

I recommend this seat to everyone I know that is having a baby! You get an highly safety-rated seat for a STEAL; when you consider how short of a time your baby can really use an infant seat, I really see no reason to spend any more. Buy this seat - you will love it!
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on February 22, 2010
I bought this car seat on sale at Target. The main selling points to me were the triangular handle, the giant canopy and the foot cover thing. Which I don't think is on this version, but it's like a little snuggly thing to keep your child warm.

I used this car seat for a year for my 2nd son. I liked it a lot. My first son we had a peg perego car seat which was nice and I liked a lot. But it was my sister's and she needed it back for her 2nd child, so we opted to buy the Flex Loc.

Pros: the triangular handle, the ability to use a base or a lap belt, the canopy, and the safety ratings

Cons: kinda heavy, handle is difficult to move up or down, difficult to fasten when child is in a snowsuit

My favorite feature was the ability to use with or without the base...unfortunately I didn't realize this until about 6 months into using it, but still, once I found out I was ecstatic that I didn't have to keep moving the base between my car and my husband's. The canopy is very large and great for covering up when it rains or snows or the sun is glaring down. And the triangle is useful for switching between hands or hanging a toy to distract the baby. The straps are movable, you turn the dial on the back and it raises or lowers the height of the straps and I liked that feature which meant I didn't have to unthread and rethread the straps. Also the locks for the LATCH system were really easy to use; just push until you hear the click and press the button to remove. Much easier than little j-hooks [I don't know the actual name for these things] that you have to squeeze and maneuver around to attach.

The handle is difficult to move, you have to wiggle it to a certain spot then click the buttons and then move it, which my husband never really got the hang of, so I generally had to move it. It's also kinda heavy to carry, but if it's for safety then it's okay with then it could be considered weight lifting and I get to pass on the gym, right? :) And when my son was in his snowsuit and we had to fasten him it, it was really hard. I would put him in two lighter jackets and cover him with a blanket so I wouldn't have to deal with it.

I think the pros out weigh the cons. I would totally recommend this.
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on April 3, 2009
I bought this seat in green for my first child who is now four months old. I agree that this seat is rather heavy, if that is related to its excellent safety record than I don't mind the extra weight. I would rather have a safe child than a lighter one. I wish that the whole handle was padded instead of just the triangle hand hold; I've noticed men carry it by the triangle handle and women carry it slung over their arms where there is no padding. The handle/arm is very difficult to lower and raise from a locked position, again if this is related to safety than it is fine with me. It converts easily from using the base to a lap belt, this has been very helpful while on vacation where I could not take the base with me. Overall I would recommend this.
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on November 15, 2010
This carseat has now been through 2 kids and has worked great! I bought this carseat for two reasons: good safety reviews and the fact that you did not have to re-thread the straps to adjust it. Worked wonderfully. Felt a little safer putting my little men in it. Handle design is better than most. For those that said it was too tight too soon, they didn't read the instructions....the crotch strap needs to be adjusted as your child grows, and you would not know how to do this unless you read the manual. Be aware, the design of this seat includes "wings" to protect your child's head, so as a result will not fit traditional head rests or body pillows. I bought a double headrest and used the smaller inner one and it worked great. Preemies will need a little additional support, our 36 weeker had to come home with a rolled cloth behind his shoulders so that he could breathe properly, but he grew into it just fine in a couple of weeks. Only complaint is that the handle was difficult to put down, minor trade off for safety! All in all very happy with this seat, leaps and bounds better than what we had with our older children!
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on March 22, 2010
I'm sorry, this seemed like a good buy because of all the safety ratings and the triangular carry mechanism.
I recently noticed a red mark on the back of my son, and thought we left something in the seat before we put him down. But there was nothing, just a hard edge underneath the seat cover. Check for yourself, just feel inside the seat, you will notice the hard edge as you go up from the bottom of the seat to the top on the back support. Don't buy it... :(
I am going to place extra styrofoam in there to support my child's back.
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on August 21, 2008
Our twin boys are now five months old, and we are continuing to love these car seats. The triangular-shaped handle is awesome ... allows for easy turning and shifting from one hand to another. The sun shade is exceptionally large and covers almost the entire seat -- great when it's raining outside. Making adjustments to the head rest and the straps is a simple process -- and best of all is the easy handle/lever system to take the seat off of the base. Also, check out the Consumer Reports reviews -- this car seat is tops for safety. We'd definitely buy the same seat again.
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on July 18, 2008
I recently purchased this car seat for my newborn son and I agree that the spanish only directions caught me off guard and made what should've been a quick installation in my new honda civic take about 30 minutes. However, once my husband and I figured out how to attach the latch things and seat belt we were good to go. I suggest that anyone who purchases this infant seat refer to the pictures/stickers on the actual car seat to help get it installed. Unless you read spanish just throw the directions out. Besides that I like it. Nice handle, light weight, great price for a good product.
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