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on March 9, 2017
It didn't work well for us. I returned it!
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on July 18, 2015
Purchased a year ago, only just setting it up now. Power supply didn't work so needed to buy a new adaptor, not happy about that. Software buggy, setup a pain. This is most definitely not well coded software
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on April 28, 2015
Terrible app. 5 second lag. Even when hard wired in gigabit Ethernet ("fast").
But the app is the worst. Constantly crashing. On new iPhones. I replaced it with a $50 foscam that works MUCH better, and I can pan, tilt, talk and listen.
This $200 piece of crap now sits in my garage and monitors a mouse hole. And it's so bad at that, the mice live on!
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on September 19, 2014
As many others have stated, this device frequently looses connection! We have SOLID WiFi coverage in our place, and its not uncommon for the Baby Ping monitor to disconnect. But...we we're willing to deal with it. And I got a response for a few support concerns I had...the responses have stopped, which is very concerning, because now it has failed completely! It's just over a year it's just outside the warranty period (perfect!!). The sound has failed, as others have mentioned, rendering it nearly useless. I was relatively happy, and then it's just gotten worse and worse! I can't compare, because I haven't used any other products...but I've got to say...for $200, I expect better!! I'd spend your money on something else!!
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on May 9, 2014
We love BabyPing and recommend it to friends, but in ADDITION to an old fashioned audio monitor, not in place of one (which is why I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars). Not everyone will feel comfortable with the price of BabyPing plus a (basic) audio monitor, but for us it was well worth it and there are several reasons we like it much better than just having a regular video monitor like the one from Summer Infant that several of my friends with babies have. First, we have found it really helpful to be able to check in on the baby while she's at home with a grandparent or sitter. Second, we happen to have a large home and when I'm all the way down in the laundry room in the basement at the other end if the house and the audio monitor gets staticky, I love being able to just pull out my phone and use BabyPing (our wifi signal is pretty strong all over because we have repeaters so all our Tivos/Rokus/mobile devices work all over). It's also great to have when I get down there and realize I've accidentally left the audio monitor 2 floors up! And when my hands are full my cell slips in my pocket while the bulky audio monitor doesn't. My husband and I both have the app on our iPhones and our iPads and we even have an old device that we're not using and installed it on that (without our email or other private Info/apps, but with all of daughter's music) to let sitters/grandparents use. We don't let anyone else, even grandparents, have the app on their own devices so that we have complete control over who can peek in and when - fine for my husband to check it from work and potentially see me with breastfeeding, not so fine with me for anyone else!). I read in another review that you can actually let others have the app but then turn off their ability to peek in - I didn't realize this and am planning to read the manual and investigate that!
I'm not a Luddite but I'm also not a tech expert, so my thoughts on the tech aspects of BabyPing probably won't be helpful for those of you who are very tech savvy. For those of you who aren't, BabyPing was easy to set up and the app is pretty straight forward and user-friendly. To initially set up the app I think you have to have the camera's unique and lengthy code and be on the same wireless network. It took less than 5 minutes though. Sorry I can't speak more to the security, but my husband, who is far more techy than I am, did a lot of research into this (and other network cams, video monitors and audio monitors) when we were deciding on what type of monitor(s) to get and he felt that this, plus a newer/better router he got, was very secure. Not my area of expertise though, as you can probably tell from how poorly I'm able to explain it!

The camera's picture quality is quite good. It has audio and video (great night vision, color when lights are on), but I think that having a traditional audio monitor is key because even though I used to leave the video on my iPad on all night, once or twice something weird happened and it turned off. I think that was a bug fixed by an app update, but still. Also, now that DD is 1 and sleeping much longer, I usually just leave the audio monitor on and only "tune in" to the video when I want to see if she's crying but will resettle herself or if she's crying and standing up totally awake and needs me to intervene. But I like being able to just use my phone if we have company, etc. Also when DD and I went to visit my parents for a couple weeks, all I had to pack was the camera since obviously I'd have my phone with me. We were also glad to be able to check in on her from afar when a dear friend stayed the night with her for our 5th wedding anniversary. We didn't go far - just to a fancy hotel near by - so that we could go back home if she totally refused all bottles. We knew our friend would try not to tell us if things were going poorly so it was amazing to be able to check in for a minute and then turn it off without having to text or call at crazy hours!

BabyPing has been one of our best purchases. It wouldn't be a great fit for everyone, but for us it's awesome!
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on April 7, 2014
Sofar I'm at a loss as to why this item costs so much. There is nothing great about it, no 2 way communication, no pan/ tilt, no temperature or humidity readings. Just a picture and sound ( that's delayed 2 or 3 seconds that I find unacceptable), I find that the picture and sound drop out all the time.

The ability to view from any internet connection is a great option when it works.
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on April 4, 2014
I spent a month trying to make this camera work. I couldn’t get it to stay connected to the wireless network (nothing else has a problem, and I have a number of things connected to the network). This meant that I could rarely use it to keep an eye on my 3 month old son while he napped, and instead I had to rely on a cheap audio monitor from Graco (which works perfectly, by the way). And I never could get the app to allow me to access my camera from outside our wireless network like it’s supposed to. Nothing but frustration from BabyPing, whose online support finally got back to me a day after the camera was returned to Amazon and my money had been refunded.

Do yourself a favor and get a Dropcam. Simple to set up, and reliable, for quite a bit less money. Don’t waste your time or money on this product.
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on March 11, 2014
DO NOT BUY THIS MONITOR. Huge waste of money. The video and audio are great, though there is about a 9 second lag on mine. But the app hart opens and crashes with in seconds of being on. I gave up and just bought a vtech monitoring system.
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on March 10, 2014
Threw this money out the window. Time delay makes it so your money unless you're away from Home and it's not urgent to get to your baby right away
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on February 15, 2014
We had been using our monitor for about six months without issue when the audio stopped working. A loud static noise comes over the monitor and the 'your baby needs attention' message pops up incessantly. Stuff happens, I get that. I sent a message to support detailing the problem. No reply. Followed up a WEEK later, no reply. No response on Twitter and Facebook either. It turns out I'm not the only one.

In this day and age, not updating the website and/or social media properties with a known issue and totally ignoring customer complaints is completely unacceptable. It's a shame too, because until this episode of appalling customer service I would have recommended BabyPing to new parents. Not a good job, guys. Not a good job at all.
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