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on June 25, 2015
1. Open your Amazon package containing this travel dryer.
2. Laugh out loud and say, "It's tiny. It won't possibly dry my hair."
3. Plug this baby in, turn it on and prepare to take your words back.
This is an actual travel dryer for actual travelers. The ones who pack light, never check a bag, but still want to look good on the road. This is not just a regular hair dryer with dual voltage added to it at a higher price in order to pretend it's for 'travel'. I am a longtime traveler and travel writer. I make few recommendations on gear because everybody has their own ways to walk their travel path, and who the hell am I to tell you what to take in your pack? I'm making an exception for this piece of equipment and tucking it in my pack. Bon Voyage!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 7, 2012
As others have said here, this tiny little dryer is amazingly powerful, but more important it's a real travel dryer. Unlike so many other so-called travel dryers, ALL the function settings on this dryer work overseas EXACTLY as they do in the US. It's the smallest travel dryer I've ever seen, taking up just a little more space than a soup can when folded up (see the picture I posted), weighs only 10.5 ounces, and sports a 60-in cord (yes, 5 feet!) for reaching the not-always-convenient plug locations found in overseas hotels, B&Bs, apartments, etc.

Buyer beware - don't assume the travel dryer you bought will work overseas the same way it does when you tested it a home - there's a good chance it won't. There are plenty of "travel" dryers sold in the States that when the voltage selector is placed in the 220V position for overseas use, it disables the high-speed/heat setting. I learned this the hard way when I got to France and discovered that my new "travel dryer" only worked on the low-speed/heat setting.

This BaByliss Pro travel dryer has two settings, and I can vouch that they both work on the 220V setting. Let me clarify the "2 heat/speed" settings on this dryer that another reviewer considers false advertising. The heat and speed settings are not independent of each other; that is, the high air speed setting is the hot temperature, and the low air speed setting is the warm temperature. This is exactly how it's explained in the product manual, so I don't consider it false advertising, but I do understand the confusion. In this case 2+2 does not equal 4. I have posted a picture of the dryer and the switch that controls the two settings:

1) HIGH = Faster air speed + HOT temperature
2) LOW = Slower air speed + WARM temperature (but definitely not cool)

If you're looking for a travel dryer with a "hot shot," "cool shot," or other specialty or interchangeable settings, I doubt you'll ever find them (that actually function overseas) on a "travel" dryer sold here in the States. Better to buy one with all the features you want at your overseas destination, but expect to pay a lot more money for it.

For me, this delightful little dynamo does everything it says it will, and works perfectly both at home and abroad.
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on May 8, 2017
After carefully reading the questions and reviews of many travel hairdryers, I finally narrowed the choice down to two worthy contenders--the BaBylissPRO TT and the Conair MiniPRO. I ordered both, and the following is a comparison of the two.
First off, they are both excellent travel hairdryers, easily besting my old heavy, bulky travel dryer that was about 20 years old and had gotten sticky with age (why does the rubberized coating on some items inexplicably deteriorate spontaneously into a gummy mess?) These new ones have much more airflow (I estimate about the same from both, maybe slightly more from the Conair, but hard to say with no way to objectively measure it as I don't have a anemometer.) Neither has as much airflow as a typical full-sized hairdryer, but that is just physics, and the trade-off for portability. They both seem to get about as hot, although the Conair might be a smidgen cooler on both settings--it is close. The Conair handles 220 volts by locking out the "high" setting, thus only having one heat/airspeed setting abroad. The BaByliss has a true 220 volt setting, with both low and high settings functioning abroad. Both are relatively quiet, but the BaByliss is not quite as shrill nor quite as loud. The BaByliss is smaller, not by a huge amount, but definitely smaller. The total weight (dryer and cord) of the Conair is about 0.2 ounces less (I consider that an insignificant difference), apparently due to it's 10 inch shorter cord! (The body of the Conair weighs more than that of the BaByliss.) They are both covered with a similar texture & color grippy finish, that I hope does not get sticky over time like my old dryer. The BaByliss has a removable back cover to allow cleaning of the lint screen, the Conair does not. The Conair, as of this review, is about $12 less expensive than the BaByliss.

So there you have it. I think that if you are pinching pennies and are willing to give up the low setting when traveling abroad as well as a little extra room in your suitcase, the Conair is the better value.

But if you are like me and want that dual setting abroad, smaller size, and a longer cord (at essentially the same total weight), you will find the BaByliss the better dryer.

The only alternative travel dryer that I am aware of having true dual 220 volt settings is the Brookstone, and that is about $54, larger, and heavier. I'm keeping the BaByliss.

Update: Worked great for two weeks in China (with proper ((OREI made by WonPro)) plug adapters, of course)--love it!
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on November 6, 2017
I RARELY post reviews, but this deserved to be posted for everyone to see.

I was looking for a small travel dryer, and decided to go with this one.
I thought that buying a product from a company like BaByliss (instead of getting a cheap $10 product) will ensure a high quality. Also, I loved the fact they they offered a 3-year warranty.
And it seemed to have a decent average 4.2-star rating.

To make a long story short, although I bought this product over a year ago, I used it only a handful of times.
I liked it at first, as it did a decent job for its small size.
A few weeks ago - it stopped working entirely and some smoke came out of it.

I thought that an electrical problem like that (which is clearly a manufacturing flaw) would be covered by the 3-year warranty (which was still present in Nov 2017 on the product's description page).

To make a long story short - I contacted Amazon, which referred me to the manufacturer.
BaByliss/Conair said that the warranty is just for one year, and they don't know why on the Amazon website it says 3 years.
Amazon cannot accept the product back or offer any compensation, and they also don't know why there is a mistake regarding the warranty period on their website.

When I checked the 1-star reviews (over 200 of them!) - I saw that most of them describe the same issue - the product stopped working after just 1 or 2 uses.

Choose a different product, don't waste your money, and don't trust warranties.
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on February 24, 2017
Oh my gosh! This little hair dryer is adorable! I have the regular size BaByliss Pro hair dryer and I cannot live life without it. I have waist length, thick hair that is washed and dried everyday. I've had the regular size BaByliss for at least five years and it takes me exactly 7 minutes to dry my hair. During a recent vacation, I was going to have to part with my BaByliss hair dryer for a few days while it traveled with some family members to our vacation location, while I flew in later due to a work situation (saving myself the baggage fees). Because I love my BaByliss so much and rely on it like my morning coffee, I was ready to buy a second one so I wouldn't have to go without. So I pulled up Amazon, ready to buy another full size hairdryer when I saw this little guy, read the reviews, and thought I'd give it a try. When I received the travel dryer, I laughed because, even though all of the reviews say it is small, you cannot appreciate how tiny it is until you see it with your own eyes. I had a moment of skepticism, but after using it the next morning and only taking 10 minutes to dry my hair, I am in love with this little guy too! If you are on the fence about buying it, just go for it! You will be pleasantly surprised!
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on August 5, 2011
Hair Length: Long
Hair Texture:Wavey/loose curls, Medium thickness.

So I'm not going to lie, when I first opened the box I laughed. This dryer is TINY! When folded it's literally the size of a small clutch bag! I plugged it in and it was rather quiet and very powerful(for such a TINY dryer)!
I started to blow dry my hair straight. For the ladies that do this, you know how tired your arms can get from holding the dryer and the brush. NOT with this little baby. It literally weighs a little more than my boar bristle round brush. It dried my hair in about the same time if not a little less than my normal dryer(FHI). My hair was shiny and virtually no frizz(I live in the south where it's humid as all get out, so I always have SOME frizz). I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little dryer. I've actually started using it in place of my normal one because it's so light and small! I wouldn't see why anyone would pay more money for those name brands travel dryers when this works much better and is defiantly much smaller!!
The only con is the fact that it doesn't have a cool shot button. However they do have one that does have a cool shot button. I costs about $5 more(here on amazon), but I didn't see it until after I had already purchased this one.
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on June 4, 2016
Had to comment...this dryer DOES have 2 settings - Hi, Lo (& off) and 2 amp settings (see pic). Also, this is not a dryer that can replace your everyday dryer but for guests or vacation it's great!

This is our 2nd Babyliss hairdryer. We had the 1st one for about 10 years and loved it. Then, while getting ready for a recent trip, we noticed it needed replacing & were very pleased that it was still available. It's compact and powerful. Perfect for the guest room and travel. We would highly recommend this product.
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on July 19, 2017
This dryer is TINY but does as good of a job as my big one does. It reminds me of Will Smith's "Noisy Cricket" alien blaster in Men in Black - laughably tiny but has impressive abilities. I am so happy with my purchase that I am getting rid of my old dryer and this is my new everyday hairdryer. I'm excited about all the space I am saving. My hair dries quickly with any dryer, so I can't speak for all hair types, but this more than does the job for me.
We are returning to Japan where small appliances like this operate well but don't put out as much heat as they would in the US. This little noisy cricket has enough power that I am confident it will continue the job on that power grid as well.

I have fine curly hair and needed a diffuser. I paired it with the BabyBlis Pro Italian Diffuser that another reviewer recommended. It was a tinny bit loose, but I was able to make it snug with some stick-on black foam chair/furniture floor protectors (the ones you put on the bottom of dining chair legs so they don't scratch hardwood floors). It's a great combo.
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on June 29, 2016
I love this hair drier!
I had one for a few years that stopped working one day so I bought another one.
Unfortunately the paint on my new one has been crinkling up and flaking off all over my bathroom.
Also unfortunately I waited way too long to get in touch with BaByliss and they just informed me the warranty expired 2 weeks ago.
I feel like a defective product is a defective product even if it's been over a year.
So minus one star for the paint and another star for the company policy.
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on January 23, 2017
I bought this both for travel and to have a light weight dryer at home. I have fine hair and only use the lower setting. Yes, it's small but it works perfectly. I'm glad I read the reviews where the person laughed and the size, then tried it anyway. They were right. It's great. I also purchased the BaByliss PRO Nano diffuser and it looked like it would be too big, but it fits securely. I leave them attached, fold the dryer handle and the whole thing fits in a drawer standing up with the diffuser as a base. Helpful in my storage deprived bathroom. Great product and not too loud or whining either. My cats are okay with it. Glad it bought it.
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