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on January 15, 2017
Babylon 5 really sets the standard for science fiction: The portrayal of the characters, the color, the music, advanced graphics, tremendous story lines and a rich coherent timeline of events. Which, unfortunately, as all good things do, came to an end (it's only the bad stuff that lives forever).

I miss Ivanova.

Season 5 gave us another year to explore the universe of the future and wrapped up the story line very well. The writer and producers struggled greatly with finding a sponsor so season 5 could continue to exist. J. Michael Straczynski poured his life and creative talent into this production and it shows. It is a story of good and evil.

If you hearken back to the beginning at Season 1, the words of G'Kar ring clear, "Just remember, at Babylon 5, no one is as they seem". I would have put my money on Ambassador Londo Mollari as being the good guy and G'Kar being the bad guy. If there's one thing we should have learned from this morality play is that appearances are deceiving and that we cannot always take things at face value. At the first season, no one starting out could have ever worked out how things ended. It's also the case that you can defeat or supplant an evil enemy, but there's always another to replace it.

We should all reflect on whether on the whole we are at the core good or evil. Introspection might yield some highly disturbing results, particularly in contrast to the broad sweep of a much larger universe.

Addictions were also explored in various ways in the series and should provoke some action for those for whom it is appropriate.

There are, as there always will be, questions. For example, what about David?

Another series which, sadly came to an end far too soon for us, but not nearly soon enough for J. Michael Straczynski who put so much time, effort, blood and tears into giving us an exceptional exploration of our society.
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I admit it, I'm a sci-fi junkie. I'll give any sci-fi more than an even break, and that's what I did with Babylon V. I thought that the premise of the show sounded a bit trite and cliched. I thought that some of the first season episodes were somewhat lame. I wound up changing my mind on all of that.J. Michael Strazynski claimed to have a five year story arc in mind, and in the early days of this show I was highly suspicious of that claim. I'd seen it before and I'd been let down.

This first time through, I liked the show but I wasn't completely sold on it ... but I kept watching (see my first sentence). By the later seasons, I realized that JMS DID have a long term story arc going on, and he was living up to his promise. Events that seemed odd and poorly thought out the first time through suddenly made sense in the context of later plots. The show absolutely turned out to be unique in that there obviously was a long term plan from the planning stages of the show that was carried out through the course of the five seasons.

I thought the show just got better and better through its run.The good news is that DVD sets for Babylon V have been out long enough that you can get great deals on them. I recently bought all five seasons for a total of sixty-five dollars ... thirteen bucks a season. That's a good deal in anyone's book.Unlike some TV series, you'll want to watch every season of this one. Some things that happen in season one don't really make sense until season five. Events in season five won't make much sense unless you watched season one.

Through the show, the acting is uniformly solid. As in many shows, actors grew into their roles over time, and so some of the performances in season one, especially in the first few shows, were a bit immature compared to later in the series. That's unavoidable in most cases, and not something that should hold you back from watching season one of this show.

Highly recommended.
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on January 13, 2017
It took me awhile to warm up to this series. I just didn't get into it the first couple of seasons. I don't know why. I think the cliched and affected humor in the early episodes was a damper. However, I started watching season 3, and later watched the rerun of the series on SyFi, and it really is an excellent piece of television entertainment. I'm now re-watching it after purchasing all 5 seasons and the movies on Amazon video, and it's even better than I remember. I'm a big sci-fi buff, and enjoy Start Trek TOS and TNG. I also grew up watching Space 1999, Jason of Star Command, and a bunch of shows who's titles I can't even remember. Anyway, the characters in B5 are real and memorable. The acting (and the writing) grabs you and brings you into the B5 universe to the point where you are almost saddened and a little disappointed when you realize that we'll never see anything remotely like B5 come to pass in our lifetimes. We'll more than likely never know for sure if there are other sentient beings in the universe besides ourselves. So forget all of that, and just enjoy the entertainment of a really good show. One thing about B5 is that it's a far more accurate portrayal of how humans will probably be like in a few centuries. The more we change, the more we stay the same. The technology may advance, but we're still humans with the same gamut of issues our ancestors had 10,000 years ago. B5 isn't the only show with a realistic portrayal of humanity, but I think it does it well without focusing solely on the good or bad aspects of the human race. It simply presents humanity as it is, including the good, the bad, and the indifferent. It's well worth watching, and a show you can enjoy over and over again. As I said, I'm on my 3rd run-through now, and now that I own the series, will more than likely see the series many more times over the years.
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on March 8, 2012
First off, most of the people looking at this are probably already familiar with the show, but I'll give a quick review of it first, feel familiar to the next paragraph - I'll talk about the actual DVD. Babylon 5 is an absolutely amazing epic sci-fi show - I would definitely put it in the top 5 tv shows of all time, and probably at #1. Definitely better than any Star Trek series, and every other sci-fi show I've seen (Battlestar Galactica, etc). It has a five-year arc, though most of the episodes are perfectly understandable & enjoyable on their own. The show deals with a lot of great themes of issue - its primary focus is on the effects & aftermath of war, but it also touches on various issues of morality, spirituality, & the lik. The acting is top-of-the-line. The actors playing G'Kar & Londo are particularly awe-inspiring in their roles. That said, there is no doubt that this season is the weakest of the series (though its still worth it). Part of that is due to the departure to one of the primary characters (contract issues!).

As for the this particular release, it is definitely worth it. The features are much the same as the other seasons - a few commentaries which are worth watching, and a documentary or two that are very cool. The quality of the video & audio are as good as they can be (this is before HD). You may want to check the WB store though - I got a much better price there for most of the seasons.

For anybody who wants more info about the show or episodes, you should Google the Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 - just be careful, as the episode guide (naturally) contains spoilers. It does have some useful things for someone new to the series though, especially a recommended order in which to watch the various movies along with the show itself.
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on October 20, 2016
I never watched this when it was on TV, I saw the first couple episode and "bagged it" - a couple of the characters were "too eccentric" for me, Kosh's costume makes sense only to the costumer, and the special effects were too cheap/obvious. That being said, now, with wiser eyes, I keep in mind that the special effect in the 90s just were not up to today's standards and TV shows often don't have the budgets that movies have.

Too many people I know said the show was good. So, I finally watched it - all of it. The technical aspects of the production/delivery are adequate and, I forgave the costumer, more or less). And I am actually fond of all the characters.

The story line is great. An example of what a good writer can do, if the network execs don't meddle too much. The sequel series only made it one season - I never understood what network execs can't be happy with a good show that is popular, but not wildly popular.
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on May 13, 2017
Great sci-fi series from the past. If you like sci-fi but weren't around when this series ran I highly recommend this for you. Having been around when it first ran, I am going to watch the whole thing again. It was that good! Thanks for a smooth transaction Bruce... (really???)
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on January 1, 2014
I generally hate telling people to avoid watching a chunk of a series. It's lame and people should be able to stomach watching a few hours of TV.

And- to be fair- S5 of B5 isn't terrible. If you've liked the characters and the story over the first 4 seasons, there's enough in season 5 to keep you watching. That being said, it's just a very weak season. The two main conflicts of the season feel unmoving and somewhat contrived after the Shadow War and Earth Liberation. There's a certain theme of "history never ends" running through the season which is commendable, but the last episode of season 4, in my opinion, puts a bow on that point way more succinctly.

Succinctness is another issue- the season feels overloaded with ultra-saccharine, navel-gazing monologues. The G'Kar as Jesus stuff only avoids becoming cringe-worthy thanks to Katsulas' acting. By the end of the season, though, you're wondering if the characters are going to turn inside out from all their introspection- and apparent inability to notice really obvious things you think they would have picked up on in the last few seasons...

There was probably some ideas about follow-up series, movies and anthologies looking to wrap up things as well, but the season on it owns leaves some disappointing threads dangling. The second-to-last episode feels like nails on a chalkboard when it comes to at least 2 beloved characters.

Overall, I think season 4 wraps up everything you could want. Season 5 feels like re-opening the series, only to leave you hanging.
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on March 8, 2017
First, I love the series. Having said that, the major story lines seem to have wrapped up at the end of season four. With the departure of several major characters, and the end of a Four season story arc, season five in many ways seems like an afterthought.
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on March 16, 2017
This season is no where near as good as Season one through four. And I never did like the woman actress they chose to be the new captain.
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VINE VOICEon December 28, 2013
Different sci-fi TV series appealed to different viewers for various reasons; "Babylon 5," a space opera, is my favorite above all the others, including "Star Trek" and "Star Wars". It was done on a modest budget, then cancelled and revived before it reached this season (much like the original "Star Trek" series), due to the demand of fans.

This is not a series that fades away or tapers off at the end. This final season nicely completes an underlying story that took 5 full seasons to tell. I love the show.

The repackaging is due to the original packing being poor. This package of 5 discs is better but very delicate at the same time. I had to return a couple of the seasons and buy them again simply because the inner plastic disc holders had been shattered to one extent or another in the mail. If you shake the unopened box set, you should NOT hear the rattle of any loose pieces of plastic; if you hear that rattle, don't buy that particular box.
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