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on February 26, 2016
In 2013 I bought the previous model, the V. I used it for 15 months with my first child, and for the past five months with my second. One of these saved the life of my cousin, who had stopped breathing in his crib, and the alarm alerted his mother in time. Because of this, I am beyond paranoid about SIDs and used it religiously. I literally cannot sleep at night if my baby isn't in the crib, with the sensor on. Of course, being paranoid; I still check she's breathing before I go to sleep. Let's not ask for miracles here.

The V started giving me false alarms; four in one week. After research, I found that the manufacturers recommend replacing the sensors after 2 years, so I bought this new model. My crib has a wire base, so I put down a board to place the sensors on, and I once again feel a sense of peace. However; apart from the shape difference, there are two major differences that I am pretty unhappy with in the new one. First, the alarm in the 5s is much quieter than on the V. If it's going to off, false alarm or not; I want to be able to hear it from the other side of the house. Secondly, the light. The V had a modest green light to show it was on, which blinked unobtrusively. The 5 has a large blue light that is obnoxiously bright. On the plus side, once I'm done with it in the crib, I can use it to guide ships safely into harbor at night.

Edit April 2016. With warmer weather approaching, I flipped the ceiling fan to Summer a month ago, which causes a downdraft. Last week, my husband picked the baby up from her crib and forgot to turn off the monitor, probably because it's hidden under a cloth I drape over the obnoxious light. He walked her around for 12 minutes, then brought her downstairs, turning off the fan as he did. A minute after that, the alarm finally went off. That's nearly a quarter of an hour where it could have been registering my baby as breathing when she wasn't. I hate this, and no longer feel secure with it.
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on June 29, 2015
We switched to this unit about 3 months ago, after our little one decided she wanted to be a stomach sleeper and the Snuza was digging into her stomach (she was 7 months old at the time). We tried for a long time to keep her on her back but it just wasn't happening. To top it off, she insisted on sleeping with her face in the mattress or her forehead on her arms. I never got any sleep, I was constantly watching the monitor for movement. So after alot of research and sleepless nights, I decided to buy this instead of an Angelcare and I'm so glad we did! The system was super easy to install and is easy to use. We have had some false alarms when she was sleeping curled up the corner of her crib but that's it. I would adjust the placement of the sensors and that fixed the problem most of the time. With the false alarms, our baby rarely ever woke up. The few times she did, she sat up in the crib and just looked at us, wasn't upset, wasn't crying and easily went back to sleep. I do wish that when it starts looking for movement (the clicking right before the alarm) and detects it, it will "restart" the system instead of sounding the alarm anyway. As of right now, we may end up having to stop using this. Our daughter has now found the on/off button by sticking her arms out of the crib and has started to turn the system off and on. I could see this being a problem when a baby is pulling themselves up to stand, so the crib mattress has to be lowered. We lowered ours to the lowest setting which puts the control box only an inch or two lower than the top of the mattress. We could always mount it on the wall I guess but that would be pretty tricky with the cords.
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on April 1, 2016
So, I don't normally write product reviews, but now is the right time to do one!

I bought this product after we realized our daughter (who was about 3 weeks old at the time) was a belly sleeper. I actually bought 2, one for the crib and one for the bassinet since she was sleeping in both. I did a lot of research (while I sat awake in the middle of the night making sure she was ok), and this product was recommended over some of the other motion sensors. It was recommended over others because it didn't have lots of exposed wires for baby to grab, and it didn't have as many "false alarms" as some others on the market. The monitor will go off if it doesn't detect any movement for 20 seconds or less than 10 micro-movements in a minute. Sometimes we pick our daughter up and forget to turn it off, but it has a ticking warning about 5 seconds before thr alarm goes off, and is a great reminder we forgot to turn it off.

Well, last night this product paid for itself 10-fold! My husband and I were awaken at 5 AM this morning by the alarm going off. My husband got in there before me, and he said when he picked her up, she wasn't breathing and gasp for a breath. All we can figure is she wiggled around (as she always does) and got the sleep sack over her face. (Needless to say, no more sleep sacks!!!) If it hadn't been for this monitor, we could have awoken to a different situation!

I HIGHLY recommend this product for any parents (or grandparents) that want that extra piece of mind. There is a blue light that blinks on the front to let you know that it is detecting movement, so you can either peek in on the little one and see everything is ok, or if using with a bassinet, get a quick peek at night. The alarm is plenty loud to be heard through a baby monitor. This was absolutely a great investment for us!
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on February 28, 2015
i always thought these were great for overprotective and nervous parents, neither of which i consider myself. but i was speaking with a friend who's an ER pediatrician in prague and he highly recommended this. he said, as a first-time parent, you don't know how important it is to get sleep when the baby is sleeping. this thing give you peace of mind to relax and actually sleep when your little one decides to sleep.
it's easy to set up and works like a dream. we're using it on a pack-n-play now, and you need to put the sensor on one of the ribs of the pack-n-play to be sure it's in direct contact with the sensor, but once you do that, it's done.
by the way, bit of advice, we asked the doc so what do you do if you find that it does go off and the baby's not breathing. first thing he said is to shake the baby with one hand while she's still laying down in the crib. that can be enough to startle them into breathing. second, turn on a bright light so you can assess the situation. finally, begin baby CPR if necessary after calling 158 (or 911). apparently at least in prague they will walk you through and count out breaths and compressions while you wait for emergency services to arrive.
oh, and that alarm? it does go off the first couple times when you forget to turn it off when you take the baby out of the crib. it's pretty loud, and before the wailing you hear a couple of clicks. i think the clicks are the first warning that there's nothing being sensed, then the wailing starts.
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on July 10, 2016
My baby was already 3 months old when I heard about this product. I told my husband and we both agreed we had to buy it straight away. Amazon delivered it here in Norway incredibly fast (faster than most local shops) and we have been using it every night since. What a peace of mind, I sleep much better now. It's very easy to use. The newest model does not have the sensitivity adjuster but it has not been an issue at all, we haven't got a single false alarm - except when we take our daughter from the crib without turning it off, of course (it has a little warning though, so you have a couple of seconds to run and turn it off). We haven't used it with a fan on. Even with the monitor I believe it's important to put the baby to sleep on the back (Norway reduced the cases of crib death in 90% after this recommendation), to avoid having lots of things inside the crib and to keep the room cold (around 18-21 degrees Celsius is good). I strongly recommend this monitor to all parents and specially to the ones that have babies with increased risk of crib death (babies that sleep on the belly, whose parents are smokers etc.) and to the parents that get up in the middle of the night to check if their babies are breathing, it's much easier to just look and see that the blue light of the monitor is blinking, indicating movement.
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on February 8, 2014
Many recommend against using any type of infant breathing/movement monitor on the grounds that it gives a false sense of security and that it will drive you crazy with false alarms. If used properly neither is true. Of course you should not rely on any apparatus in lieu of checking on your baby yourself, but it's not possible for parents or caregivers to be vigilant 24X7, even when they try. This device "watches out" those times in between. We have two sets of Babysense monitors, the older version and this one. The newer version has round sensors instead of rectangular and allows for the wires to be hidden completely under the mattress for safety for older babies. Both versions have worked perfectly and the only "false" alarms we have gotten were when baby was removed from the crib without turning it off first. To avoid false alarms, you must follow the instructions, install it correctly on a hard surface and make sure that the sensor is in tight contact with the mattress. The company has wonderful support to help you find the best way to install in the type of crib, porta-crib, or bassinet you are using. Parents need all the relief they can get. If you can afford the fairly high cost of this extra protection and use it correctly, it will help watch out for baby when you can't, and hope that it never has to sound an alarm.
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on May 9, 2016
Despite our best efforts, our daughter is a tummy sleeper. On two occasions, the movement monitors went off. We rushed into her room to find her sound asleep holding her breath. When we moved her, she let out a huge gasp and went back to sleep. We'll never know if she would have done that on her own, and I'm glad we won't have to; these sensors are worth their weight in gold.
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on August 25, 2014
As a first time mom I did a lot of research on the different types of monitors available out there, and there are a lot! Our pediatrician told us not to get a video monitor if we wanted to get any actual sleep and not sit up all night watching. We chose the Babysense monitor after extensive review research about false alarms so frequent in the Anglecare monitor. We added an audio monitor as well. Our baby suffered with pre-ashma for the first 8 months and we were so concerned about his breathing, but with this monitor we were able to sleep with some comfort, trusting the monitor. The only false alarms we experienced were when we neglected to turn it off after taking baby out! A must-have for all new parents!
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on July 4, 2016
I desperately wanted to love this item but we received so many false alarms over the course of several weeks which kept waking up my baby so I ended up returning it. I initially got it for my own peace of mind so I could get some sleep but I'd rather be sleep deprived than ruin my infant's sleep. We used a plywood board that fit under the entire mattress and made sure to position both sensors strategically to ensure he would be on top of at least one of the sensors while sleeping. However, several of the false alarms occurred while my LO was lying squarely above the sensor (and not just to the side/edge -- I mean literally his body would cover the entire area of one sensor). So disappointed. :(
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on January 2, 2015
Must have!! I would never go without this product. We have a six month old son and used this product first in his play yard (where he slept the first two months) with one pad. It is now used with two pads in his crib. This product works EXACTLY as it is supposed to work and provides us comfort at night knowing baby's movement and breathing is monitored. I think we'd have been up a million times during the first few months checking on baby if it weren't for this product. I highly recommend this product more than anything else we bought for our newborn. It isn't cheap by any means but honestly I'd label it as priceless.....
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