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on March 18, 2013
Backman EZ track works well, however one should note there are two (2) different version available from Bachmann

There is a steel rail version with BLACK roadbed, and there is a Silver/Nickel rail version with GRAY roadbed.

Of the two, the preferred version chosen by those in the know is the Silver/Nickel rails.
Why, because it suffers less from oxidation and bad electrical connectivity.

The Steel rails with Black roadbed (This review) is identical except for the type of rails used.

This unit features:
Nine 9" Straights Two Right Turnouts
One 9" Terminal/Rerailer Two Hayes Bumpers
One 9" Rerailer Four Switch Wires (Green)
Twenty 18" Radius Curves Two Termnal Wires (Red)
Two 3" Straights One DVD
Two Left Turnouts

If you are planning to run passenger trains (longer cars), the 18 inch radius curves may be too tight and it will cause derailments.

Personally, I have run these rails with 1920's - 1950's vintage heavyweight passenger cars and except for one car from Walthers, they worked perfectly.
The Walthers baggage car requires a 22 inch radius.
The modern stainless steel 72 foot (HO scale) passenger cars require the 22 inch radius curves as well.

Overall 4 stars out of 5
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on November 1, 2016
I bought EZ track because it looked like it would provide a dependable roadbed to help keep my HO engines and rolling stock on the track. Mind you I put it on a solid 4x8 plywood platform. Initially, I was pleased. Then after a couple of hours of operation, cars started jumping the track at two of the switches. At first I could find nothing askew. Then I rolled a car slowly over the switch. A slight depressing of the switch moved the thinner part of the switch track mechanism and guided the rear truck straight while the forward truck took the curve. Then there is also the issue of cars getting a slight wobble when going straight across the switch. It is enough that a truck, usually on the third or fourth car, will hop off the track. I have tried the track fastened down and unfastened with the same result of cars dismounting. If you aren't going to use the switches, hey, 5 stars. Using the switches, one. I am not sure if the little copper alloy mounting rivets wore or what, but they should be good for more than 2 hours.
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on June 13, 2015
This is Bachmann's E-Z snap steel track. It is not as good as the more expensive nickle-silver track which is also available. It takes some care to get the joints between the track smooth. If you don't do this the train is very likely to derail. With the joints all smooth this track works quite well and it is a good value if you get it for the right price.

The set comes with the following track: 9 9-inch straights, 1 9-inch terminal/rerailer, 1-9 inch rerailer, 20-18 inch radius curves, 2 right turn-outs, 2 left turnouts and two Hayes bumpers. The set also includes a magnet to put under the track to de-couple cars and plenty of wire to hook up your controller, which is not included.

You can use the track to set up the "your first railroad" layout, but It is good to add to the track that comes with a trainset to let your train do more than just run around an oval. If you have long cars such as passenger cars you may not be able to run them around the curves in this set since you will probably need 22 inch radius curves.
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on February 6, 2012
Bachmann makes three completer sets. We were a bit confused which one to buy, so I did a spreadsheet comparing components. The Track Pack is the very best deal BY FAR - you get the most track for your money, hands down, and's price beat everything on ebay as well, so I liked avoiding the stress of bidding. We found the best bang for our buck by buying the 14-pc pier set separately, instead of as part of another completer set that had a train station (my kids don't pay that much attention to accessories, they are so into track, track, and more track!). With their original starter train set that they got for Christmas (just a circle track), the 14 pc pier set, and this track pack, they were able to build a 3-leaf clover set up with a bridge to go over and under, and an additional fourth "leg" of track going out to two separate bumpers where they park for the night. The switches included in the set are THE BEST and my two boys have so much fun switching their train from one track to another. I think switches and bridges made all the difference for my boys - the little circle was lame after about an hour! We spent $50 on their original Christmas set that came with the train, and the boys paid for the rest from their savings fun accounts: $80 (Track Pack including shipping) and $18 (14-pc Pier set, also from,including shipping), and I think the boys are going to content (not to mention a bit broke!) for a very long time!
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on March 23, 2016
One piece of track has an issue where once the locomotive passes it, it stops. Bachmann was less than helpful in trying to get the issue resolved, stating I had to send them my receipt and then if they had it in stock MAYBE they would replace it. Instead I'll return it to Amazon and buy a different brand of track in the future.
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on February 18, 2015
provisional rating because I simply cannot figure out how to use the switches that come in this set. The instructions that come with the set do not explain the switches, the video does not show anything about them in the control section, and I cannot find any info about this on the Bachmann site. What kind of controller do you need? I have never done this before. We set up the loop and have been using the controller that came in the Bachmann Santa Fe Flyer set and that has worked great but has no switches. I am pretty much convinced that this controller won't work with the switches in this new set, but I have not seen any Bachmann controllers for switches. I am tempted to just use them manually but they do not stay when pushed to the side by hand. advice for me??
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on February 22, 2014
I purchased this after I was unable to get my 30 year old Tyco train to run on the ancient track. This snapped together easily, and it was simple to hook up my old controller. The train ran well on this track. I only used part of the track to make an oval as I had my Christmas tree in the center, but I look forward to making the full track with my 7 year old son someday soon.

Also, disassembly was a piece of cake - no issues, which I was afraid of.
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on October 29, 2017
Perfect addition to the oval track that comes with a train. It allows expansion and fits well with the other track we have.
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on October 15, 2015
The switch tracks do not fully mate or line up when switched and the connector at the ends of some of the tracks are twisted making hard to connect to the adjacent track. I do really like these and so do my sons, hours of train fun.
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on September 12, 2015
Sections fit together easily except for some of the switches. Joining them to track sections often required some finesse. Steel rails require frequent (every week) cleaning to maintain good contact. Bought this to enhance Thomas the Train oval layout. When a switch is set to diverge, this short engine often derails if it is moving too slowly. Other locomotives are fine.
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