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on November 23, 2012
I bought this Bachmann train set to put under the Christmas tree this year. I was thinking of getting the bigger O or G scale train, but the HO is the perfect size and I'm really glad I went with it. The HO size has a perfectly sized track that fits under the Christmas tree without needing the typical 4'X 8' space that most larger trains need for the track. The Locomotive is the heaviest of the train pieces and most well built piece, but that's because the other train pieces just need to roll behind it. Overall I'm really happy with the build quality, and the track was super easy to snap together. The conductor controls are also really easy to use and my 2 year old quickly learned how to move the train forward and in reverse in a manner of minutes. I would recommend this train to anyone looking for a train set for under the Christmas tree. Great Price, fairly quiet, and great size!

**Here is some video I took of the train to help you see how it looks and operates. I was running the train at about 1/3 of the full speed. The train operates and stays on the track at full speed as long as the track is completely level on the floor, or on a table.
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on February 14, 2016
The quality of workmanship on this product is poor, and I am very disappointed. I gave it two stars, because it does work, and I have been able to work around the parts that don't work well or have broken. I have three specific problems with this set. 1) The EZ-track modules that are supposed to make it easier to lay out a model railroad (because the track is already attached to modular sections of roadbed that slide together) is supposed to work on carpet and other types of flooring. Yet, it is hypersensitive to slight irregularities in or small objects under the surface on which the train is set up. It needs a lot of adjusting to work under non-ideal conditions. The "EZ-coupler" that couples the cars together is held to the locomotive by a plastic retaining clip. After less than an hour of use and about two setups and takedowns, one of these clips came out, and the rear coupler on my locomotive was rendered nonfunctional,so I can only use the locomotive in reverse. I searched the Internet for a replacement for this clip (because I could not find it amid all the Christmas clutter on our floor), and, although replacement EZ-couplers are available, the retaining clip that holds it on is not. I called Bachmann's customer service line and left a message. Supposedly they offer a lifetime guarantee on their products. All I was asking for was one lousy retaining clip. They never returned my call. So I got online again and emailed them, explaining in detail the one tiny part I need. I asked them, "If you cannot replace this one part, please honor your lifetime guarantee as printed on the box and replace the locomotive." They never responded to my email. The wheels of all cars but the locomotive are plastic, not metal as they should be. Plastic wheels are even more prone to derailment than the tiny metal ones. Bachmann does sell rolling stock with real metal wheels, but it must be purchased separately. Model railroading is an expensive hobby, because not that many people are interested in it. I accept that, and the expense of it is probably why I did not ever embark on it until later in life, but at these prices, I would expect a somewhat better product at this price point, or, failing that, at least competent customer service.
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on December 22, 2015
This is a beautiful little train & since it had a high review rating as well as mentioned in the top ten toy trains of 2015, I hate to post a bad review, but feel that a different point of view might he helpful to potential buyers. I can't say whether this train or the track was faulty, only that the train we received would not stay on the track. I definitely would not recommend it for a child. We bought this to go around our Christmas tree, with our grandson in mind. First, it was extremely difficult to place on the track since the wheels & track are rather small, plus there is plastic on the outside of the locomotive wheels, making it very hard to see where the wheels should go. The track is fairly easy to connect, but the train car connections are very loose & sensitive, so easy to become disconnected. We finally got the train to go around the track once, with no other cars attached, at a slow speed, but it hangs up very easily. Considering we had it set on carpet around our Christmas tree, we thought we might try it on a hard surface floor, which we did; however it made no difference. If two adults, both having previously owned similar toy trains, couldn't get it to stay on the track, we thought a child would have little chance to enjoy it. So, we sent it back for a refund & are very pleased with Amazon's quick & easy return policy. It was picked up at our house & refunded almost immediately, so for that we're very grateful. Later today we went to a local store & purchased another toy train for 1/3 of this cost & it runs like a champ. It's a little larger with larger wheels & has more functions. By comparison, the cheaper one has plastic track & doesn't look like it would be as sturdy, however when it started up, it was slightly off the track & kept chugging along. So, this is one time where good reviews & quality materials just didn't do as good a job as a cheaper version - go figure :)
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on March 4, 2012
The train arrived very promptly (Prime) and was in great shape. The cost was around $74. Store price was around $95. It only has three cars but that is enough. Our six year old grand son is able to put the track together, put the cars and train on the track and enjoys connecting the cars and running the train. It is the combination of the houses, small buildings, gas station and imagination that makes it such a fine item. He is continually changing the layout of the buildings around the track. For a few dollars you can go to the Dollar Store and buy some moss sheets that he uses as a field and some other items he was able to turn into shrubs. Its all about the imagination. This product is the melody to the harmony of creation in encouraging a young child's mind.
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on December 26, 2013
Train came well packaged with full, easy to follow instructions. We took our time and carefully set up the tracks, knowing this isn't a "TOY." I was careful to make sure we didn't bend the parts on the track or the links between the cars because they are fine and possibly fragile. I bought this train last minute for my 2 year old daughter who surprised us all by asking Santa for a train three days before Christmas. Thanks to Santa's amazon prime membership, it got here right on time so we could set it up under our tree Christmas Eve. Growing up, I had a train similar to this one under our tree, so I had the brilliant idea to bring back some memories by buying a model train rather than a toy train for her. I was a little nervous about her wanting to touch the train and the small pieces breaking, but I showed her how to operate the train with the controls and she was more interested in that rather than picking up the train itself. I think this is a great product and if you want to purchase this to use with a small toddler, then you should take the time to play with them. We took some of her foam blocks and were building bridges for the train to go under. We built a station so we can stop the train and pick up imaginary people. I think if you take the time with your child and use your imagination, you can make this train interactive enough for them to leave it on the tracks! The original track that comes in the box is a perfect size to fit under our tree. We have a 7.5' tree and the tracks are slightly bigger in circumference. The power connection from the control box to the tracks does not have a tight fit so if it is bumped too much it does lose its connection. But that is a super easy fix. Overall I am super happy with this train. My husband wanted her to have one so she could pick it up and not break it, but I like the fact this train moves on it's own and is more realistic. My daughter loves this train too. Even if she can't pick it up and throw it around!
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on July 23, 2015
Was looking for a starter set for my young kids that was not a cheap toy grade train, but definetly not hobby grade as a 3 year old is hard on everything. I remember Bachman from the 80's and the quality was so-so, but priced very reasonable. I was a bit shocked when I saw the prices of this type of set, so I figured the quality had been improved. The engine is a quite nice in the detailing and operation. It does not have the weighted fly wheels as a hobby grade unit will have, but the motor is very smooth and quiet. I was actually impressed. The knuckle couplers, even though plastic, work well as they have an actual spring unlike other manufacturers. The rolling stock is decent in detail and roll smoothly. Over all I am impressed with the quality for this caliber of train set and so far, it has survived the use by a 3 year old. I hope that it survives for many years to come.
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on April 24, 2017
I don't know where to start... I have been buying hundreds of products on Amazon for as long as I can remember and this is by far the worst one.... If you want to get utterly frustrated and throw everything out of the window, this is the right one. In short train takes an act of god to be properly set on the rails and after hours of meaningless efforts it simply does not stay on... I wish I had not discard the box and I would return that piece of junk immediately.... nothing was ever as frustrating as this thing......
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on December 13, 2015
Great starter train. Arrived missing wheels but company was wonderful to deal with & quickly set out replacements. Would have given 5 stars if it was easier to set on track, but looks beautiful around our Christnas tree.
review image
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on July 21, 2011
The track was easy to pu together, Amazon gave me great delivery service very fast and on time, thank you all at anazon. This set is a great begining set.Itis my first and I was very impressed.For the cost was way lower from amazon than any other outlets. I have already ordered another train set. The locomotive is very strong. I would reccomend this set to anyone just starting out.
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on November 10, 2015
Great intent and children's fantasy, beautiful trains, and a very easy track to assemble, but the track does not stay put, the power pack is huge and hazardous -- we never wound up using it. And the train cars broke easily except the main car. They are in a pile of toys now slong with other small toys.
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