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Back to Black [Vinyl]
Format: Vinyl|Change
Price:$15.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 29, 2016
  One of Amy's best albums, this vinyl record does her justice! It's rare to find an album without one single bad track. Each song is amazing, conveying emotion and soul. Amy Winehouse, we miss you!

Some of my favorite tracks:
Rehab - Amy's most famous song. The one that made her a star internationally. Sounds wonderful on vinyl. It's a shame it's over-played.
Me & Mr. Jones - if you didn't know it, you'd think this is a song from the 60s sung by a soulful black woman. So much expression.
Just Friends - listen to it, no comment needed.
Back to Black - the album's namesake. If you know Amy's story, this song means even more. Again, I've never heard this song sound as good as it does on vinyl.
Wake Up Alone - my all-time favorite Amy Winehouse song. So much soul going on here. Her changes are just beautiful. On her posthumously released album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, the original recording of this track was released. I think it's even better than this recording, but both are phenomenal. I included a video of this track, amazing.

A few issues with the record I received:
The spindle hole was too small. I nearly broke the record removing it from the turntable. I fixed it by inserting some scissors in the hole and giving it a spin.
The record was quite dirty when I took it out of the sleeve for the first time.
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on February 23, 2016
One star for Vinyl record only. Album itself is great.

Just like others have reviewed, quality of sound is terrible. Its as if they transferred sound from a cassette. It could be the original sound material was recorded by a garbage sound engineer because I am yet to hear a good sound quality transfer on any medium - stream,cd, vinyl. Google music stream is the best so far in terms of transfer but Vinyl is just garbage.

I hate all the new sound engineers - or is it the studios- who knows! None of the new records are going to sound great on vinyl. I also bought Adele 21 and its good but the stream on Google is far better. The older vinyls have just great quality. We recently bought Love Story soundtrack for $3 from an antique shop. The theme from the movie plays so well - as if someone is playing the piano and guitar in front of you. Compare that to overproduced, over engineered garbage that is featured on new albums - especially this one.
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on March 20, 2017
It's All My Fault. I didn't open it till today its about 3 1/2 months later.It has some scratches AKA permanently Skips, so it wont let the last 3 songs play UGH...ITS WARPED... let me just say I own over 500 records I have been collection since I was 7 that's back in 76..I LOVE this on CD. On record I have to fine the right speed to play it, Thank Gd my record player has an adjustment level for speed, Or this would never sound right. I have to add that the record looked flat in the sleeve but put it on the player and WOW its warped. It spins in a wave.My collection of records have moved more then 18 times been in storage for yrs in the heat in the cold but NEVER have any of them warped ... I guess you never know buying over the internet. And the new records I hear are not the same speed or the same type of recordings as the old school, how could they be. This was my first new printing of a record since 1993. I love records ! I love the sounds they make but this one.. to perfect in sound,and you get dizzy watching it spin. I am disappointed in the quality. I will not be buying more records over the internet, and If I do change my mind I will play them the same day I get them in case this problem ever happens again. SO what I am saying is play them right away.
I hope this helped some one.

Amy, RIP.
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on August 28, 2016
Love the album, obviously. Low rating is for the very poor quality vinyl I received. I am by no means an audiophile and even I can tell this is really bad. Aside from the gritty, noisy sound quality, the most glaring issue is the vinyl is bent pretty bad. I can literally see the needle on my turn table bouncing up and down as the record turns. Hard to see in the picture, but one side of the album is lifted up off the table while the other lays flat. Really disappointed.
review image
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on September 16, 2015
This review is specific to the vinyl record. The music on this album is great (but you probably already know that, you're here shopping for it). However, the record itself is poorly made. It is not concentric; when playing, the tone arm swings back and forth by half an inch on each revolution. It is a very noisy pressing, and the needle doesn't track well and causes distortion. Overall, disappointing.
For reference- I have a very nice turntable (Rega RP-3) and cartridge (Dynavector 10x5), the record is clean (although it was filthy out of the package), and the setup is perfect. The flaws I describe are definitely with the record, not the equipment.
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on January 6, 2017
This record's presentation has an overall "cheap" design. There were no pamphlets that came with the record, if you care about that. Though I wouldn't remove a star for that, I thought it was worth noting. The press is of poor quality. Instead of nice 180-gram vinyl, it's pressed as the more standard disc. The press was also off. The further I got into the record, the more I could hear the problem. I noticed my tone arm moving back and forth a bit due to a warm in the record. This was much more apparent the further I got into a side, as the time it would take for the stylus to travel and be affected by the warp would become smaller. I sadly can not recommend this product.
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on August 10, 2017
Amy Winehouse is incredible. The low rating isn't due to my taste in music, it's due to the condition of the record itself.
I was so excited to get this and the very first time I played it, it skipped like crazy. The record is warped and when you set the needle on the first track it skips 10 seconds into the song. Various tracks on the record skip every 6 or 7 seconds during the whole track. I have attached a 30 second clip as an example.
It's beyond irritating and completely unacceptable.
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on March 2, 2018
LP is great. Center hole was way too small. Is that really THAT hard to get correct? Can't you record manufacturers get it together? I swear the QC issues with modern pressings is terrible. Every purchase is a crap shoot. Ultimately I had just filed the center hole out a bit to fit normally, rather than exchange it. But I am at about a 30% have to exchange rate with new LPs on Amazon. Some arrive with major defects for a brand new record... scratches, waviness in the pressing (not just minor), hole fitment issues, etc, etc. 180g seem to be the worst with wavy pressings, which is terrible since the whole 180g thing is just a marketing BS. Just make regular 120g pressings if you can't press consistent 180g records! They make really no difference in sound, yet have more defects from shoddy manufacturers who can't produce them up to snuff.
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on May 6, 2017
Amy Winehouse was a great artist for the short period she gave us music in this world. I thought it would be terrific to have this sound from this artist on an analogue recording on vinyl. The pressing has a film on it, particularly on the second side. The surface is as noisy as a record purchased in a flea market. There are also significant scratches on it to give annoying pops and clicks on some of the songs. It is very disturbing to have a disk in my collection when my records, that I have been playing for over 50 years, are quieter.
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on February 20, 2016
This vinyl is junk. Returned it twice. Don't bother, you'll just be disappointed. Had multiple skips on both sides and for a brand new item that's just not acceptable. After reading others comments I decided to not exchange it again and went for a CD instead.
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