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Back to Black [Vinyl]
Format: Vinyl|Change
Price:$12.88+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 28, 2016
Love the album, obviously. Low rating is for the very poor quality vinyl I received. I am by no means an audiophile and even I can tell this is really bad. Aside from the gritty, noisy sound quality, the most glaring issue is the vinyl is bent pretty bad. I can literally see the needle on my turn table bouncing up and down as the record turns. Hard to see in the picture, but one side of the album is lifted up off the table while the other lays flat. Really disappointed.
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on December 29, 2016
  One of Amy's best albums, this vinyl record does her justice! It's rare to find an album without one single bad track. Each song is amazing, conveying emotion and soul. Amy Winehouse, we miss you!

Some of my favorite tracks:
Rehab - Amy's most famous song. The one that made her a star internationally. Sounds wonderful on vinyl. It's a shame it's over-played.
Me & Mr. Jones - if you didn't know it, you'd think this is a song from the 60s sung by a soulful black woman. So much expression.
Just Friends - listen to it, no comment needed.
Back to Black - the album's namesake. If you know Amy's story, this song means even more. Again, I've never heard this song sound as good as it does on vinyl.
Wake Up Alone - my all-time favorite Amy Winehouse song. So much soul going on here. Her changes are just beautiful. On her posthumously released album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, the original recording of this track was released. I think it's even better than this recording, but both are phenomenal. I included a video of this track, amazing.

A few issues with the record I received:
The spindle hole was too small. I nearly broke the record removing it from the turntable. I fixed it by inserting some scissors in the hole and giving it a spin.
The record was quite dirty when I took it out of the sleeve for the first time.
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on March 20, 2017
It's All My Fault. I didn't open it till today its about 3 1/2 months later.It has some scratches AKA permanently Skips, so it wont let the last 3 songs play UGH...ITS WARPED... let me just say I own over 500 records I have been collection since I was 7 that's back in 76..I LOVE this on CD. On record I have to fine the right speed to play it, Thank Gd my record player has an adjustment level for speed, Or this would never sound right. I have to add that the record looked flat in the sleeve but put it on the player and WOW its warped. It spins in a wave.My collection of records have moved more then 18 times been in storage for yrs in the heat in the cold but NEVER have any of them warped ... I guess you never know buying over the internet. And the new records I hear are not the same speed or the same type of recordings as the old school, how could they be. This was my first new printing of a record since 1993. I love records ! I love the sounds they make but this one.. to perfect in sound,and you get dizzy watching it spin. I am disappointed in the quality. I will not be buying more records over the internet, and If I do change my mind I will play them the same day I get them in case this problem ever happens again. SO what I am saying is play them right away.
I hope this helped some one.

Amy, RIP.
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on February 19, 2016

There's a lot of challenges to reviewing a record such as this, not the least of which are separating the music from the artist. Amy Winehouse lived a life that made understanding her difficult, if not impossible, which is probably as it should be. The greatest talents always shine in ways to which we aren't accustomed and are all too frequently gone before they can explain themselves in a way that makes sense.

Regardless of what preconceptions you have of Amy Winehouse as a person, celebrity, etc. there is one thing that is uncertain: this woman had talent and thankfully we have evidence of such in this record (among other recordings). Her voice on this record sounds like a forgotten scarlet from the past, who somehow manages to convey a sense of hurt, loss, cynicism, and sexiness in almost every song that has a musical backing that is almost equally as timeless as her voice.

While a relatively modern record, this could have just as likely have been released in the 60s, 70s, 80s, or...really any time. Classic, soul-infused and heartfelt throughout, it has a soul and depth that warrants replaying and constant rediscovery of its layers and complexities.
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on September 23, 2017
This is such a classic album, but the vinyl pressing leaves much to be desired. I could tell it was cheaply done when I tried to put it on my turntable and found that the hole wasn't large enough. After some widening with a tool, it was able to slide on. I found the tracks to play somewhat muted, without the warmth and clarity I usually get from vinyl. There were also some unexpected pops, apparently imperfections in the medium. I thought this would be a great album to own on vinyl, but I guess I'll be shopping for the CD instead.
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on May 6, 2017
Amy Winehouse was a great artist for the short period she gave us music in this world. I thought it would be terrific to have this sound from this artist on an analogue recording on vinyl. The pressing has a film on it, particularly on the second side. The surface is as noisy as a record purchased in a flea market. There are also significant scratches on it to give annoying pops and clicks on some of the songs. It is very disturbing to have a disk in my collection when my records, that I have been playing for over 50 years, are quieter.
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on November 6, 2013
Oh, Amy, why did you have to leave us, why, why, why?...Dear reader, do yourself a favor and if you have never heard her music before, get this one and feed your soul and mind with the talent of one of the most brilliant singers/composers that have ever shared her talent with the world. You are gonna cry and cringe and get sucked into another dimension, your heart is gonna get squeezed when you hear her love songs, yes, you are gonna think and remember all your lost loves and will share her pain, yes, you are gonna clap and dance to the amazingly beautiful songs and music she created for us. This is talent, this is a gift. The vinyl disc comes with free MP3s (Amazon sends them to your library once you purchase the vinyl) of all the songs to download to your Amazon music library, so you can listen to it in other devices any time you access your Amazon account (isn't Amazon amazing?), the quality of the sound from the vinyl is excellent, but beware, this has strong language so is not suited for kids (I'm sure you can find a G-rated version of her songs). By the way, I just got in the mood for more of her songs, so I'm getting another vinyl right now...
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on February 18, 2018
The album is amazing. The pressing that I got was awful. When I went online to return it I was given notice that “this item is not eligible for return”. I called and the awesome folks at Amazon customer service took care of me. I can’t say if I just got a really bad copy, but be aware. I threw mine on the player immediately upon receipt. If you get this album, check it at once.

TLDR: 5 stars for music, 1 star for pressing.
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on May 20, 2015
The album itself is excellent (wife if big Amy Winehouse fan), however the one I received (after it being backordered for months and patiently waiting) is the EU version, not the US version as is described in the product description. There is a very notable difference in the cover and insert, as well as missing the US bonus track. (track listing order is also different). Seller was Amazon, so this isn't a case of a mixed up 3rd party seller. Was quite disappointed that the version we physically received was different that the Auto-Rip MP3 versions entitled to be downloaded.... That being said, since the wife is a collector, we don't mind hanging on to the EU version.

Amazon, I would like to have this corrected, but my wife already opened and played the unit that we received before I could intervene. I don't mind re-purchasing again for the same price I paid originally, but I would like positive confirmation and assurance that the vinyl I will receive is the correct US version as described in the product description.

Mix up of version is the only reason for 3 stars.. I would give it a full 5 if I had received the item I should have received.
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VINE VOICEon August 8, 2011
I love music and have a very diverse collection of styles and artists in my cd collection including a lot of artists popular in the UK not known here yet. For some reason I never discovered Amy Winehouse with her superb first release FRANK. Had I, I would have been a huge fan from the beginning. Instead, the same as many, I was introduced to her through the single REHAB which sadly came hand in hand with her strong addiction problems. The paparazzi had a field day with her. And the joke was she was singing about rehab when it seemed she so obviously needed it. Even with her Grammy wins I didn't purchase this album.

Regretfully, it took her very sad and untimely death with talk of her unique musical talents and gifts that I bought both FRANK and BACK TO BLACK. I have truly fallen in love with Amy. She indeed was a truly gifted artist. BACK TO BLACK is honestly one of the best albums I have ever heard. She wrote every track and by listening to this cd you can put all the gossip and drama aside and listen to Amy as an artist. It is very important to remember she wrote the lyrics to all these songs and it is obvious the poor woman wore her heart and soul on her sleeve. But for the listener it provided a great gift. The cd is a winner from beginning to end and speaks of love and relationships and all that comes with it. Her style combines retro soul with r&b and jazz with a hint of classic pop. It is a style new, unique and truly inspired. The songs BACK TO BLACK, LOVE IS A LOSING GAME and TEARS DRY ON THEIR OWN are instant classics. ME AND MR. JONES is a stunning and clever album cut. YOU KNOW I'M NO GOOD is also an instant classic and showns much insight into Amy's thoughts of herself. Listen to the words on the haunting WAKE UP ALONE and SOME UNHOLY WAR and you will feel so much what the life of this woman was like.

The song REHAB is not a defiant song to those trying to get her help but rather a declaration of how she thought it wouldn't help. She talks of what rehab would give her but she could get the same advice and support at home listening to music like Ray Charles and waiting for the sorrow to pass. In her mind it was all about love and heartbeak. If the sorrow could pass she would not have to use. Addiction is a very serious illness and whatever was really going on we need to acknowledge the very sad fact that this musically gifted person Amy Winehouse left us and this life way too early. For her sake she managed to leave a musical legacy behind with only 2 cds. She will live on through her music and because of her gifts as a songwriter and expressive, superbly diverse singer we will always see her as the person by the music. May you rest in peace Amy and hopefully all your demons have been silenced and you have found peace. But rest assured you will be remembered.
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