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on October 18, 2011
Bad Blood is the result of three writers, H.T, Night, J.R. Rain, and Scott Nicholson who take a vampire name of Spider. He was turned in his late teens and centuries old. We first meet him in a history class where he's giving the teacher hissy fits for aceing the tests. Leaving the class for the night, he's approached by a cute girl name of Parker who has a problem. It appears she's the daughter of Erasmus Cole, a smiling guru, who has established Cloudland by Mt. Shasta. Erasmus is not a nice man. Besides sacrificing his acolytes, he has plans to sacrifice Parker's sister Lilith.
Spider has a problem: his dark nature pushes him to play hero. Taking on the case will find him way over his head with a few tricks of his own making Bad Blood fun to read. Erasmus Cole and company have no idea who they are dealing with in this book. Spider might be drawn to problems like a moth to a flame, but always remember this moth has fangs and he knows how to fight back. Those who thought of bringing Spider into their web will find out the hard way that it wasn't a wise decision. Consider Bad Blood for your reading and see if you like. Then, check out the other works by this trio of writers.
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on July 19, 2013
What Happens When you get the minds of J.R. Rain, Scott Nicholson and H.T.Night together? A New Vampire Series with a Hero named "Spider". Spider was "turned" as a late teen and has lived a VERY long time , He has not always been a hero. Spider has done some HORRIFIC things in his life to Feed the hunger. When you live centuries , you learn its NOT the way to exist. So Spider decides to help those in need even if people do think hes a bit odd .... Enter Parker. Spider and Parker go to Night School together ( hey hes got to keep up with the program ya know). Parker needs help ... Shes a beautiful young girl and her Father is a Cult leader who is killing members of his cult can Spider please help? There is Something not right about this situation ... Who is Parker? Why are there mostly beautiful people at the Cult, What is That HUGE Stone Statue .. Did it just move or is it an Illusion? Do you want to find out? Read the book !! Its a fast paced read .. I finished it in a day and now I am onto Book two ;) I give this book 5 white robes ;)
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on October 15, 2012
I'm a fan of J.R. Rain's Samantha Moon series, and a little sample of Bad Blood at the end of a Samantha Moon novel led me to purchase it.

I became a fan of the lead character and narrator, Spider, right away. He made the story for me. He's a bit of a loner with a darkness about him (naturally) but he has morals and an urge to do the right thing when push comes to shove. The story itself was okay, nothing groundbreaking, but not bad. Interesting enough for me to want to know what was really going on and see how it all turned out. Somehow I feel the story was better because Spider was narrating it, if that makes any sense.

I see huge potential here for a series, and these guys are pretty prolific writers, so hopefully there will be more books, giving us the opportunity to learn more about Spider's backstory and watch his reluctant relationships with humans evolve. So c'mon, guys, give us a sequel! ;-)
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on December 13, 2013
Bad Blood
If you have read other vampire books of J.R. Rain’s, you will like this one. I could feel his influence over the story. Spider, the loner vampire, asked to help out a fellow night school student, a girl who thinks there is a murderer in her life and is afraid for her sister. Spider can’t help but step in to help, but he gets way more than he bargained for, as do we the readers. This is my favorite of the set of books and has a lot more action than the others. It is a shorter story and will keep you turning the pages. I think the combination of the three authors has added a huge dimension to the story and being a fan of all of them, I can see each of their touches as the book goes along. This one will have you headed over to Amazon to pick up the next in the series of the Spider books for sure.
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on January 26, 2012
I had a little trouble easing into this story (I thought I was dealing with the usual adolescent vampire angst) but by the end of Chapter Two, my intrigue was captured, and my interest was off and running. I'm not an aficionado of vampires of any stripe-but I am of thrillers and mysteries and horrors, and was gratified to find my interests fulfilled. Once I became hooked into the story, the subtle clues pointing to vampire nature became likeable and intriguing. I must say that for a person who dislikes vampires as much as I, this novel was quite enjoyable. I wouldn't mind reading it for a second time, even. There are even gentle touches of humour, found at the uproarious contrast of our vampire narrator, and the goings-on in the world around him-and there are totally unexpected, world-upending surprises and plot revelations, too. I give the three authors all credit for managing readers' suspension of disbelief so well: given the multiplicity of real-life details (the narrator, for example, attends night school and drives an older-model Mustang), I had no difficulty whatsoever accepting the plot line and characters as realistic. My only problem came at the end (following that seriously kicking denouement!): "Oh, why couldn't it last two or three more books?"

Bad Blood: A Vampire Thriller
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on November 17, 2012
Bad Blood by
JR Rain , HT Night,
Scott Nicholson

I fell in love with Spider. The story is being told by the character himself and is fantastic. The more I learned about the character Spider the more I loved his attitude and ideals. This vamp rocks. Trying to help the professor's daughter leads this vamp down a very interesting trail. He thinks the young lady is a bit helpless and needs a rescuer. Well he gets himself into a cult and almost killed figuring it all out. Based in Seattle he shows that a vamp can care about getting an education by going back to high school and he can also be duped by a seemingly helpless female. Cult leaders think they have this vamp all figured out, his high school boy charm really throws them. Little do they know they are dealing with a very old vampire that has been around the block a few times. I wish there were more Spider stories I really like this vampire and I loved the book. If you want a night of reading that entertains and is well written you have to get Bad Blood. These three authors team up and do a fantastic job.
Bella Doerres M.Ed 11/15/2012Bad Blood
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on November 4, 2014
I am not very good at "bad" reviews, since I try not to purchase books I would not enjoy. I took a chance with this one as I like to read the occasional thriller. I made a mistake. To me it is not a good read because it is very predictable, amateurish and very possibly not in my age group (over 70!). It reads like it belongs to a MUCH younger group, like 16 year olds or some such.

I could not get "into" the book so I sped read it, skipping a lot of fluff that had very little to do with the story line. Easy to do as the book is short. Maybe the rest of the trilogy is better, I will never find out as this was a bad experience for me. So I doubt I will read anything of this ilk by these authors.
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on October 29, 2013
I'm a huge fan of Scott Nicholson. He's one of the best horror writers I've read. I'm not familiar with JR Rain. I wonder if these books were more aimed towards to YA crowd. The characters I enjoyed immensely. Spider is a dark, broody kind of guy/vampire but his sense of humor and sometimes witty repartee was comical and fun. You also have Parker who approaches Spider because she needs help with a 'little problem'. Being the all around good guy he is, Parker finds her man. Too many secondary characters to mention but they each do they're job well. No problem with character development here! The premise of the story is quite good as well. So why the three stars? It just seemed to be lacking in places, I'd get a little bored in spots. Great writing,I maybe just not the best use of plotting out the story. Or as I mentioned earlier if this is geared for the YA genre then that would explain a lot as well. I can't honesty put my finger on what I thought was missing. It's a lively story, quick read, and great characters. Come spend a few hours with the wittiest vampire/guy around!
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on August 16, 2017
I've purchased over 20 of it rain books. This was a waste of my time for sure. It didn't get better with time.
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on August 24, 2014
I like a good vampire genre book most times, and I had a fairly good time with this one. The story was just different enough to be entertaining and the pace was easy to get into. I had some problems with the main character supposedly being such a hard-hearted fiend but at the same time, being such a sweetheart to the young girl with the family problem. It's readable and entertaining, if you can justify the MC's character. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in a diversion.

Gaston Sanders, Author
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