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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
Bad Boys Down Under (Bad Boys Series)
Format: Paperback|Change
Price:$13.31+ Free shipping

VINE VOICEon May 23, 2005
Of the three stories, the least likable is unfortunately the first. The `hero' in that story is a self-made millionaire who invites the engaged `heroine' to his company to create a marketing plan. Without telling her, he ensconces her in his home instead of a hotel and meets her there, reclining naked in a hot tub. He then proceeds to flash her to get out of the hot tub. Lovely. Knowing she is engaged, he nonetheless then decides to seduce her to show her who is boss. Also lovely. Then they somehow `fall in love' (that is, fall in lust) and she succumbs - only after removing her engagement ring in the bathroom. She justifies her actions by saying she couldn't possibly feel so attracted to Mr. Flasher if she was truly in love with her fiance. So great -- good to go and let's hit the sheets now that we've justified it. She then proceeds to screw the guy like a bunny the entire remaining time of her trip, with a small lull in the festivities to break up with her fiancé over the phone. When the fiancé asks Miss Sensitive why she couldn't wait until she came home to do this in person, her response was that she wanted to have a nice final week with her screw mate and couldn't if she was feeling guilty over being still technically engaged. What a shame! Boo hoo to her. I certainly prefer characters to feel `real' as opposed to perfect gods and goddesses, but these two characters are the type I wouldn't want to have dinner with, let alone leave my spouse alone with.

The second story involving the model the first heroine found in Australia and sent back to the States for `grooming' is much better. The third, involving the jilted fiancé and the first hero's sister is totally implausible.
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on February 17, 2013
I purchased this as a gift to my young teenage daughter. She devoured the book in a day. She said it was ok, but still worth purchasing.

For me the best part is that my daughter is reading instead of being online or out causing problems. So for me this was good.

Ron Fenney
Huntington Beach, CA
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on August 22, 2015
I love Nancy Warren's work.
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on July 12, 2013
Book was interesting from start to finish. Easy to get into, easy to read, and enjoyable. Characters were interesting, and overall a fun read.
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on June 1, 2015
<u>Sizzling in Sydney</u>

Sexy, macho Cameron Crane knows he needs San Francisco marketing guru Jennifer Talbot to take his Australian surf and boogie board business into the lucrative American market. No worries, mate. He’ll just seduce the little sheila. It’s not the first time he’s used his considerable skills in bed to get what he wants. And no one’s ever complained. But the minute Cameron lays eyes on Jen, he’s got the feeling the adorable, whip-smart business lady can see right through him – and he’s never been more turned on. Now, cornering the market on pleasuring Jen is his number one goal ... one he’s ready to fully commit to ...

Cameron Crane knows he really needs Jennifer Talbot to help him take the American surfer market by storm, and make his name known there. But he refuses to have a woman in charge, so if he seduces her, he will be in charge, right?
When a weary Jennifer arrives in Australia, a car is waiting for her, but it is not bringing her to a nice hotel, but to Cameron Crane’s private residence. She did not expect that. Nor did she expect him to wait for her, naked, in his hot tub out doors, wanting her to join him. She rebuffs his attempts at seduction, though the man is certainly worth some looks! But she has a fiancé back home, and is just not interested. But to Cameron, if there is no wedding date set, then an engagement is nothing at all. Certainly she is not in love with a dusty accountant!
Cameron’s housekeeper knew the plan would backfire on him, and takes Jen to her room, where she can finally freshen up.

And the next day, she is determined to keep her cool and stay professional, and do the best work she can. The sooner the better so she can go back home! But Cameron is impressed by Jennifer, and keeps trying to get her to take some time of, go out with him, and experience the surfing scene first hand. And to her surprise, Jen really likes it. But can she keep saying no to Cameron’s kisses?

Part of the job, is finding a suitable “face” for the American commercials. They really need a good looking man for the job, and when Jen finds him, and is in rapture about him, Cameron finally knows what jealousy is. And it is not an actor or a model, but an out of work steelworker. Used to working on bridges and such. A man who knows how to use his muscles, whose tan is real too.

I really enjoyed this story, the characters, the setting and the Australian slang thrown around. What I liked most is that Jen did not jump into bed with Cameron while still engaged, and it was not an easy or hasty decision for her either. I liked them together, and dealing with others. Jen refused to let Cameron dictate to her, and I admire that in a heroine.

Yes, fun and romantic and hot story, all in one.

8 stars.

<u>Surfer Boy</u>

Handling the advertising campaign for Crane surf and boogie boards is hard-working ad exec Lise Atwater’s dream job. But turning their Australian surfer boy into a product spokesman is going to take a lot of work. Hunky Steve Jackson is a muscular, take-me-as-I-am kind of guy who thinks he’s in the States to party and bed women. It’s ridiculous, and if Lise weren’t so suddenly preoccupied with picking out a new bikini and donning high heels around the office, shed tell him so. But when the ad campaign moves behind closed doors, it’s clear that neither is selling the other anything ... and the white-hot ecstasy is completely mutual.

The Australian “model” for the American ads campaign stars in this novel. Steve has taken the job just for the money, and the idea of a paid vacation in the States. But now he has to learn how to be a model, and Jen’s friend Lise Atwater is just the woman for the job. But from the first moment, they misunderstand each other. Steve thinks Lise is a party girl, always in for a good time, and Lise thinks Steve is a professional model, and she needs to show him a good time.

They were really great together. Lise is very insecure about herself, and really prim and proper, and clumsy, while her assistant is very gorgeous and flamboyant. But Steve makes her look differently at herself, and shows her what he sees in her. And together, they are such a great couple. But can they really have a future together, with him in Australia and her with a career in the States? His modelling job is just a one time thing, right?

Again, fun, romantic, sweet and hot.

8 stars.

<u>The great barrier</u>

Being dumped by his fiancée, Jennifer, for that barely civilized playboy Cameron Crane has left Mark Forsythe in a funk. From now on, the straight-arrow Mark is going to be as bad as they come. He’s decided to sow his wild oats down under. On his first night, the novice bad boy ends up passed out in slinky Bronwyn Spencer’s bed. Though nothing happened, Bronwyn’s happy to let Mark think they’ve shared a night of passion so hot, he’s got to experience it again. And she has every intention of showing the terminally “good” Mark just how delicious a walk on the wild side can be, if you’re willing to put your heart in it...

What happens when a woman who is lousy with money meets an accountant?
Bronwyn is Cameron Crane’s half sister, and she works for him, designing clothes for the surfer line. She is good at her work, but lousy with money. She has lots of friends, and she likes helping them out, but they don’t always pay her back. So now she is kicked out of her apartment, due to some loud parties, and a creditor is after her for something else. So why shouldn’t she stay for a while at the company’s guest house? It is big enough. And does Mark really mind? Even if he does want to sleep with a different woman every night?
The problem is, Bronwyn really likes Mark, and she has no intention of letting some other woman have him. And so she quietly spreads some rumors about him, to keep her “frenemies” at bay. He is gay, he is tiny, you name it. And so they end up spending lots of time together.
But will Mark forgive her when he finds out about it all? And that he never got the chance to be a bad guy, and he really is a one-woman-man? Will he chase her when Bronwyn quits her job after her brother’s scolding?

Another great story. These books are so much fun to read! I love all the characters, and especially how those three books are linked. Jenn and Mark were more friends with benefits, than really in love, so it was not so strange to see them become friends again.
I have never met a heroine like Bronwyn though, a party girl, very friendly, but still picky about who she sleeps with. And not even Mark is allowed to take her for granted in his bed. She is a very good friend, even though she gets burned a lot, and has no clue how to handle money. Lucky for her, Mark knows just how to deal with it all. And he does not mind teaching her at all.

8 stars.

So, three fun, hot and romantic stories, all to do with one surfing company and its employees. I enjoyed it very much. Nancy Warren also told me those stories will be republished as the Crane series, so if you see them, do snatch them up, you won’t be sorry.
Nancy has a very nice writing style, she sucks you into the story from the first sentence, and she will make you laugh. And sigh. And close the book with a big smile.

A total of 8 stars for the whole anthology.
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on February 15, 2007
3 ½ stars for SIZZLING IN SYDNEY.
Cam is a surfer who started a surfboard business and became a multi-millionaire in Australia. He recently hired Jennifer (from California) to create a marketing campaign to introduce his surfboards to the U.S. Jennifer flies to Sydney, and Cam insists she stay in one of his homes rather than a hotel. From the moment he sees her, he wants to seduce her and he repeatedly lets her know it. Jennifer is engaged to Mark and doesn't want to be seduced. There is a lot of talk about seduction and wanting to have sex.

Data: Story length: 110 pages. Number of sex scenes: 2. Total number of sex scene pages: 2. Setting: current day Australia.

4 stars for SURFER BOY.
Steve is a steelworker temporarily laid off. When Jennifer (previous story) sees Steve, she knows he would be perfect as the model and spokesman for the surfboard marketing campaign. Steve doesn't want to be a model, but the money is too good to refuse. He flies to San Francisco where he is met by Lise. Jennifer hired Lise to work with Steve. Lise is a workaholic, but Steve erroneously thinks she's a party girl. Lise erroneously thinks Steve is a self-absorbed superficial model. They become attracted to each other as they spend time together. Steve is not an actor and has a hard time showing a sexy look needed for the ads. It was kind of cute hearing Steve tell Lise he needed motivation to read his lines and/or to look a certain way. So Lise had to do some things to motivate him - so out of character for her, but it worked.

Data: Story length: 94 pages. Number of sex scenes: 3. Total number of sex scene page: 11. Setting: current day San Francisco, California.

4 stars for THE GREAT BARRIER.
Bron is a successful clothing designer for Cam's surfboard business. She is also Cam's sister. She loves to party and is irresponsible with money. She loses her apartment due to past due rent, so she moves into Cam's guest house without telling him. Cam hires Mark from the U.S. to provide tax and accounting help regarding Cam's expansion into the U.S. market. Mark was Jennifer's fiancé (in the first story). Jennifer broke up with him, and now Mark wants to repair his ego by sleeping with a different woman every night. Cam asks Bron to meet Mark at the airport and take him to the guest house. For Bron it's love at first sight. She wants to talk Mark into letting her stay at the guest house (since she has no place to live). He is reluctant because it will interfere with his sleeping with different women. Bron does some interesting things to keep women away from him.

Data: Story length: 86 pages. Number of sex scenes: 2. Total number of sex scene pages: 6. Setting: current day Australia.

Data for all three stories: Swearing language: moderate, including religious swear words. Sexual language: moderate. Copyright: 2004. Genre: contemporary romance.
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on March 21, 2014
Bad Boys Down Under by Nancy Warren
Three Novella's
The author has done an excellent job of bringing the characters to life. Definitely page turners that I didn't want to put down. All the characters are connected in some way through the business. Let your mind travel from Australia to California and back again as you watch these unlikely couples meet.

Sizzling in Sydney
Jennifer Talbot goes to Australia to meet with her client and learn about his business. She does not expect to stay in his home or to be seduced. She has a perfectly sensible fiancé and does not need the likes of Mr. Too-Sexy-For-Her-Own-Good Crane to stir up her world.

Cameron Crane needs this woman for his business and has decided to seduce her. She's beautiful and he wants her. And she's a challenge, just what a man like him needs. She may up being more challenge than this bachelor expected.

Surfer Boy
Lise Atwater lived a stressed out life as a workaholic. And now she had to deal with some male model who was probably full of attitude. More aspirin and Maalox would be in order. Seems her presumption doesn't quite match up to the truth.

Steve Jackson was laid off for a few months from his job. When he applies for a warehouse job...he's offered something different. He wanted to refuse but the money was more than he could say no to. I absolutely loved the way Steve's character was so well written, very endearing.

The Great Barrier
Bronwyn Spencer, Cameron Crane's half sister is young, beautiful and loved to party. Her brother asked her a favor though and she owed him. Even if it meant babysitting some uptight American. Only that American ended up being pretty hunky and she decided to enjoy her babysitting duty to its fullest.

Mark Forsythe came to Australia to help with accounting. Helping the man who stole his fiancée. Well he'll show them. He was going to have a new woman in his bed every night and party like he never had before. And of course they would see how well he did his job. Jen would be regretting ever dumping him for this Crane guy. Funny how plans change.
**Sexual content
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on July 7, 2004
What can I say? I LOVED this book! The characters were seemed so real the I felt like I got to know them. They each had insecurities and flaws that made them more human to me. The stories themselves (3 short novellas which are interconnected but distinctly different)were entertaining and interesting.
Two of the stories (the first and third) take place "Down Under" in Australia and were highly entertaining and romantic. I wasn't actually sure that I would like Cameron Crane upon first "meeting" him but grew to like him right along with Jennifer. The second and sweetest story was set in America and had a hunky bad boy named Steve as the lead man - yummy! The third story had a double connection to the first and was funny at times and poignant at others.
This is a must read for romance fans! If you've not given Ms. Warren's books a chance before, here's the perfect opportunity! I'd warn you though, you might become addicted - especially to those wonderful alpha males / bad boys! Definitely better than chocolate! (And sexy too!!)
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on July 11, 2004
Bad Boys Down Under is one of the best Bad Boys books I've read in awhile. I'm a big fan of Brava's Bad Boys themed books, but as of late none of them have really caught my attention. Well, that all changed with Nancy Warren's latest book. Each story in this book had me hooked from the first page to the last and I thought each story was truly original and entertaining.
My personal favorite of the three stories, "Sizzling in Sydney" was the first of the book. It features marketing wizard Jennifer Talbot and surfboard millionaire Cameron Crane. Cam knows he needs Jen's help with his campaign to provide surf boards to the U.S., he just never knew how much he would come to want sexy Jen for herself. Unfortunately, there are a few problems standing in their way, not the least of which is Jen's engagement to another man. Will Cam and Jen find their happily-ever-after?
Like I said, this was my favorite of the book. Jen and Cam were great couples and Cam was an amazing hero. He was sweet, funny, and not afraid to prove to Jen that he was the man for her. There were lots of laughs in this story, along with Nancy Warren's trademark sensuality. A great story that will satisfy any reader.
"Surfer Boy" is the second story in this book, and it is another great read. Steel worker Steve Jackson has taken a part time modeling career with Crane surfboards, to promote the boards in California. He arrives in California and has quite the first encounter with ad executive Lise Atwater. From then on, the heat just keeps going up as these two great characters fall desperately in love. But how will they be able to stay together, when they live on opposite ends of the world.
This was a great story too. You will not be let down as you see these two characters drop their masks in order to find happiness with each other.
The last story is "The Great Barrier" and yet again, this is a superb example of Nancy Warren's story telling abilities. Mark Forsythe is feeling down since his ex-fiancee, Jen Talbot, dumped him for Cameron Crane. He's determined to drop his good boy image and live it up in Australia because he doesn't think he has anything to lose. Women don't seem to like the good guys in life. Bronwyn Spencer is assigned by her half-brother Cameron Crane to watch over Mark while he's in Australia. She just never realized how attracted she was going to be to the accountant.
This is probably the steamiest of the stories, but yet again, it is filled with emotions and lots of love and laughter. There isn't a story in this collection that will leave you disappointed. I can only hope that future "Bad Boys" titles live up to Nancy Warren's Bad Boys Down Under.
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on April 24, 2009
Bad Boys Down Under isn't great, but it isn't terrible. Somewhat mediocre. The first story is my least favorite. Jennifer Talbot comes to Australia to help Cameron Crane, a filthy rich entrepreneur. He wants to expand his company to the States and Jennifer is hired to handle marketing and expansion. Cameron has heard of the great reputation that Jennifer has in helping companies, but he also wants to seduce Jennifer into his bed. Jennifer is engaged to be married to Mark Forsthye, a tax accountant back in the States. What ticks me off about this story is that A) Cameron could care less that Jennifer is engaged and he continues to pursue her B) Jennifer ends up cheating on her fiance with him. She tries to make herself look better by taking off her engagement ring before they jump into the sack together. C) She neglects to break off her engagement immediately. It seems like at least a week goes by of her sleeping with Cameron before she breaks it off. Enough said! I didn't like this story that much. Moving on...

The second story is about Steve Jackson, a steel worker who gets hired to do some modeling and advertising for Cameron Crane's (from the first story) surf board company. He is sent to the U.S. so that he can get proper training and have a screen test and pics made. What he gets is Lise Atwater in a hilarious airport scene who is hired to help Steve become the perfect model/spokesman for the Crane company. I enjoyed this story the most. Steve thought at first that Lise was a party girl and Lise thought at first that Steve was an arrogant model. When they realize that they had the wrong impressions of each other, things start to take off with them in the romance department. But Steve is going back to Australia in a few weeks, and Lise will be going back to her normal, boring routine life. Cute story!

The third story is about Cameron Crane's half-sister, Bronwyn Spencer, and Mark Forsthye (Jennifer Talbot's ex-fiance from the first story). Mark comes to Australia to come work for Cameron's company for a short time. He also wants to see Jennifer for himself to see if she is as happy as she says that she is. Mark was burned badly by Jennifer and he wants to not get hurt again. So he adopts a bad boy, love-em and leave-em attitude which doesn't work because he meets Bronwyn. Bronwyn wants Mark. Soon after meeting, Bronwyn and Mark get hot and heavy pretty quick like and Bronwyn tries her hardest to get Mark to change his mind about adopting bad boy ways. There are some humorous scenes with Bronwyn trying to get other women to leave Mark alone. This story was definitely the funniest of the three. What Mark doesn't know is that Bronwyn is trying to get Mark to fall for her and her only and that she is also Cameron's half-sister. Wait until he finds out the truth! This is a cute story too, although somewhat unbelievable, it's still cute!
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