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Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$9.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 27, 2014
I want to start off saying I am a major die hard Michael Jackson obsessed fanatic.So my review might be a bit biased. All though I love all of Michael's solo career my favorite era is his Bad era. I find it strange they didn't make this big a production over Thriller 25 especially since Michael was here celebrating with us. I noticed Amazon dropped the price from $44 to $25 a few days ago for this set. When I saw that I called my sister and told her about the price drop and could I borrow the money. Thankfully she said I could. This set was worth every penny including the overnight shipping cost.

The two booklets have beautiful pictures of Michael with trivia about the Bad sessions. The poster is amazing one side is of the album artwork in color and the other is a black & white Michael concert picture. I am buying a poster frame so I can have the concert image hanging on my wall. The Bad album & the bonus disc is in the sleeve that has the Bad album artwork and the Wembley Concert DVD/CD is in a sleeve that says Michael Plays Wembley. The back of the Wembley cover has a beautiful color concert image of Michael. I wish I could find a poster with that image. The two CD sleeves are made of card board. The set also has a sticker the size of a CD case with the Bad 25 artwork as the image.

I am very happy with this set. I hope Michael's estate does the exact same kind of deluxe set for Dangerous 25. After seeing all of the awesome merchandise from Bad 25 I am eagerly awaiting Dangerous 25. Who ever put this set together took their time and put a lot of thought into it.

If you love Michael & his Bad album I highly suggest buying this set.
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on October 9, 2017
1987 had to be a daunting year for Michael Jackson: the good news was that one-man-musical machine was the hottest entertainer on the planet, reaping the rewards of an artistic gamble he had made eight years earlier when he hand-picked the iconic Quincy Jones to collaborate with him on his first post-Motown solo projects, Off The Wall and the follow-up, Thriller. It was one thing for 1979’s Off The Wall to become the first solo album to produce four Top Ten singles and eventually sell 20 million copies worldwide, but to watch 1982’s Thriller rack up seven Top Ten singles, hover at Number One for 37 straight weeks on Billboard’s Top 200 chart and eventually eclipse any other release as the best-selling album of all time (present tallies are 110 million worldwide) was probably as exhilarating as it was anxiety-producing.

Finally, his third Epic/Sony project, Bad, hit store shelves and, although it wasn’t the runaway phenomenon that its predecessor had been, it was still a force to be reckoned with, earning five Number One singles on the Hot 100 Chart and selling 45 million units worldwide. The fact that Bad reinforced the entertainer’s reign as King of the 80s and kicked off his first-ever world-wide solo tour is what’s celebrated in the new deluxe 25th anniversary re-release set.

Those who purchased 2007’s 25th anniversary edition of Thriller and were disappointed with the bare-minimum extras that were offered (delightful packaging and mini-booklet, the gorgeously understated ballad “For All Time” and unfortunately, remixes that were scarier than the zombies on its front cover) won’t feel that way about Bad’s upgrade: first off, the fully-remastered original eleven tracks are now devoid of the brassiness and over-abundance of treble, giving more lavish dimensions to “Man In The Mirror,” “Just Good Friends” and “The Way You Make Me Feel.” The CD of bonus material, songs that were crafted around the same timeframe but never made the final cut, actually offers some worthwhile listening: “Free” is a finger-snapping, whimsical mid-tempo that hearkens to Off The Wall’s “I Can’t Help It,” thanks to its irresistable chorus (“Free, free like the wind though, to fly just like the sparrow/ the feel of letting my hair blow, to take my time wherever I go”) and a delivery so euphoric that MJ actually cracks up during the fade-out. “Fly Away,” has a jazzier percussive approach, a lush melody and intriguing alternation of his tenor and falsetto ranges, and “I’m So Blue” must’ve been recorded after studying The Book Of Stevie (maybe this was an early collaboration that was switched out for the harder grooving “Friends” instead). Of the more fast-paced material, the remixes of “Bad” and “Speed Demon” fall between interesting and incidental, “Price of Fame” (a sinister Billie-Jean-turned-stalker tale) could’ve taken the place of Bad’s weaker tracks and a couple of them are so hit and miss that they should’ve remained in the vault (“Don’t Be Messin’ Around” and “Song Groove, AKA Abortion Papers”) . “Al Capone” (the early incarnation of “Smooth Criminal”) and “Streetwalker” are fun, but Michael’s choice in avoiding numbers that could’ve been interpreted as tributes to bootleggers and prostitutes was ultimately more wise.

Aside from the music, the collection’s best asset is the homage it pays to Michael Jackson’s first-ever solo tour: there’s a lavishly-photographed and detailed booklet (which contains the tour dates, photos from his performances and a scaled-down reproduction of its tour program), a poster and, best of all, a DVD capturing the London launch of his sold-out stint in London’s Wembley Stadium. Yes, the visual quality is that of a brand new VHS tape (that’s what he used to the performance and review to tighten up his technique), but it’s still well-shot and demonstrates his virtuosity as a vocalist, dancer and all-encompassing, untouchable entertainer.

In the three years since the world bid a reluctant farewell to the King Of Pop, what was once a never-ending preoccupation with the more peculiar aspects of his personal life has all but receded into the background, allowing what fans love and cherish the most---his gentleness, generosity, and gift of music--- to finally remain at center stage. Bad may have been just one of the albums in his enviable catalog, but it’s the one that established Michael Jackson as a creative force in his own right and proved it on a global platform, making this re-packaging a crucial addition for his devoted fans. Enthusiastically Recommended.
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on September 6, 2017
The bad album is my number one favorite from Michael Jackson because of its late 80s feel and best songs are on here. I have always loved the bad era of Michael Jackson he had incredible dance moves and his music was the best. My favorites are speed demon, bad, leave me alone, smooth criminal, and another part of me which was featured in the caption eo movie. I feel this album has that 80s dance pop feel and one of the best beats in his music. He is such a musical genius that is why he has won so many grammy awards and his music has struck number one. The king of pop is also the king of 80s. His music has such a different beat than any 80s music you listen to it was very unique and stood out more. Michael Jackson will always be bad.
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on September 20, 2012
Normally I do not take points off for packaging, but the main thing about this cd/dvd set, is that it's more or less a cash grab by the powers that be to make the most money out of american icon as they can. We can debate whether or not some people might consider these types of packages as inevitable, and a must have. I would say it's a great improvement over the disc only version, because of remastered sound. So if you love the album that may be the only selling point you need. So when this package was put together, why did they feel the need to give it that rushed feel? The case is fine to some degree. It's sturdy with a magnetic flap to keep it closed. Artwork on the front is minimal. However there is no markings on any of the sides so if you wanted to put it on your cd shelves, you'd have to turn it around to where it takes up more room. I am a music collector so if it seems I'm being picky that is why. If the box would have had side markings I would not really question it. But that is a negative in my opinion. Also why not include the lyrics? this is touted as a deluxe package. I feel deluxe editions should be made to replace the old version completely and then expand on it. There are two books included with tons of pics, and even a description of the bonus songs included on cd 2. So that was cool.

One booklet has pictures of him on stage during the year, with notations. The Second has pictures and the notations for the new songs as mentioned before. Overall the books were fine, just lacking lyrics or insight into the album songs themselves. Overall the sound quality is pretty good, but it seems a tad loud to me. but nothing really major. I have a top of the line sound cards so it may just need to be adjusted for the better sound quality. But this really isn't an issue, just a statement. I kind of wished they would have put it in a book like case such as the ultimate collection. as the box is more cd jewel case height and width but without side markings will look weird next to the other cds.

the live cd is a plus and the dvd is pretty much the visual to the live cd (with a few bonuses). One thing I must add too since I am being picky. The cds/dvd come in two digipack type cases. the one I had the fold was lopsided a bit. For collectors this is a pain. I would have rather seen four individual sleeves for each disc. Much like the duran duran remasaters (those are excellent remasters/deluxe editions as well). It was nice to have the dvd concert and of course the live cd. So that pretty much is the selling point for this set. Now they need to go back and redo off the wall and thriller.

There is also a two sided poster and another and a cool bad25 sticker (cd sized)I like the look/design that should have been the box art in my opinion (unless that is what they wanted me to do with t he sticker?) The bonus songs are nice, and the ones from the previous version of Bad are included). I think they did miss the mark by not including a dvd of Moonwalker) as I can't hear "Leave Me Alone" without thinking of that video. Overall everything looks and sounds great, so yes this is a recommended upgrade). I am surprised there were not more outtakes (and less remixes) but I get the feeling Michael Jackson is no Prince (as he is rumored to have hundreds to thousand in his vault). So there may not have been a lot laying around to actually include.

So what's my opinion? packaging could be better, but this is still a must have, and isn't too expensive. Though I would have paid more if moonwalker was included). The sound and video look and sound great, so I'd definitely recommend this one. The outtakes are more than worth it as Michael doesn't have too much extra stuff that didn't already end up on the album. so you will probably love it, and if u are not as picky as me you will love it even more than I do.But the packaging in my opinion needs to be fixed up a bit. But overall a must-have.
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on August 12, 2016
Michael Jackson's live concert at Wembley is beyond words. Although the quality is pre-HD, the concert is shown as it was found in Michael's archives, which gives us an opportunity to see it as Michael would have seen it after finishing the concert. Fun trivia found in the deluxe set- Michael would have his concerts all on tapes in order to watch them afterwards to see what he could improve. There's plenty of wonderful photos of recording sessions, short film rehearsals, and behind-the-scenes. For the bonus tracks of unreleased demos, there are short descriptions for the songs excluding Streetwalker, Fly Away, the French and Spanish versions of I Just Can't Stop Loving You, and the remixes. Included in the set is a beautiful two-sided poster, one side containing an image of Michael performing at Wembley and the other side being a reproduction of the Bad World Tour program, which is mentioned in one of the booklets. There is also a sticker of the 25th anniversary album art, insights into Michael's work processes, and one of the booklets has the original album art intended for the Bad album. The 2 CDs, the remastered Bad album and the bonus disc are placed side by side within a sort of case. The same goes for the DVD and live CD of the concert. Both cases have wonderful designs. There are concert photos included as well and everything is contained within a small box with the Bad 25 logo on it and a king MJ logo inside. Overall, this is a highly enjoyable box set and I would definitely recommend it. Oh, and of course the music is beyond words amazing and you can never get enough.
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on April 19, 2013
This was a well packaged 25th anniversary tribute and a real treat for fans. The original album is Michael's prime in my opinion. This was the height of his world wide popularity and the songs are uplifting and still fun yet innovative. This deluxe package gives you the original album plus a second disc of additional tracks and remixes. "I'm so blue," "Price of fame" and "Al Capone" are great tunes. "Al Capone" is actually the origin of "Smooth Criminal" but holds its own as a song. The remix of "Speed Demon" is probably the best Jackson remix I have ever heard and actually makes the song better, Most other remixes are too busy and lose the original Michael feel, including the ones on this album. The best part is still to come though: a fantastic DVD and CD of his live show in Wembley. This show is yet another reason why I think he was at his prime during this era. His live show was superb. His steps are at their prime and he sings all the songs unlike some later years where some were lip synched. The concert shows why he as the king of pop and a superb performer, but also an outstanding vocalist.
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on October 21, 2012
I was very happy to receive my Deluxe Edition, Bad, 25th Anniversary boxed set in the mail. I threw the DVD of the 1988 Bad Concert in London into my DVD player and could not stop myself from smiling and loving every moment of watching the most beautiful performer and lovely man who ever stepped onto a stage. It was so fresh and so delicious to watch Michael in all of his glory back in the day at age 29 years old. Michael was electric and in your face and nobody else will ever entertain in that way to me or the world, in my opinion, ever again.

The DVD video quality looked great! I had read that some people thought the video quality wasn't that good, but I didn't have that problem on my DVD player. Michael looked beautiful and the whole thing looked flawless to me.

I looked at all the photos in the booklets and again my heart smiled along with my face because I was so happy to have something I hadn't seen before in my hands of my forever favorite person and entertainer.

I miss Michael and my heart will never heal from losing him from this life. Although, in my mind he still lives in the most beautiful spiritual way through all the fun memories I have of him and the love I have for him, it doesn't help that I have to remember that he is no longer truly still hurts.

I've watched the DVD about 2 times since I bought it and because it gets hard sometimes to watch I just listen to his songs. The songs that are added were quite interesting. I don't have a favorite because anything Michael, sounds wonderful.
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on September 24, 2012
Before release, several snippets were put out which garnered complaints about the quality of this re-worked 25 year old VHS tape. Let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth! While some background scenes may be lacking, the focus is all on Michael Jackson, and what else could be sweeter; down to the scuffing on his shoes and the sweat on his gorgeous dancer's body! Unbelievable closeups! Little to no audience interference although there was a shot at the beginning of several fainters being removed from the audience! Michael's performance was otherworldly and it was inspiring to see him so happy the way the audience reacted to him. Now as for the CD's, the bonus material (unreleased and demos) is excellent (would be considered completed versions by any other artist), favorites were Blue, Free, Price of Fame and Al Capone; certain others I've heard from BAD Special Edition released in 2001; did not care particularly for the remixes, particularly offensive was Pitbull or whatever his name is; why he was added defies logic. The quality of the CD's is remarkable. The booklets of information very well done, a poster of Michael (extra blessing!) all in a well-made case. Who could ask for more? Been waiting forever for the release of this tour. Let's hope for release of Dangerous25 (although it's been out on DVD for years courtesy of HBO) and History25, and whatever else the Estate puts out that's ALL MICHAEL JACKSON, give me the demos of Michael any day rather than any overproduced "guess" as to what Michael "would have wanted". Thank you Estate for this precious gift of Michael!
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on July 13, 2009
Michael Jackson was an incredible artist in the way that he always was good at reinventing himself, his music, and of course his image. Whether you scrutinize his odd behavior behind the stage, or not, it is impossible to deny the undeniable fact that this man was one of the most original performers of the 20th century- possible of all time (I consider him the most electrifying entertainer to ever grace this planet's surface- have for years).

This album is just about as good Thriller. Thriller of course wins because I feel that is is perhaps the only "perfect" album in existence. While Thriller's song list and organization gave it incredible flow (much shorter than Jackson's later albums) Bad seems to be a lot more random in its song organization. This is not a problem because this contains many of his greatest hits and is always fun to listen through.

Though, for the most part, none of the songs are as perfect as Thriller's signature tunes it more than compensates for it by providing even more hits than the previous, record breaking album. One thing's for sure, and that's `Bad' had several good, and a few great songs. Jackson made sure to produce several more memorable tunes than most artists can in a lifetime. Very few artists could release an album jam-full of hits, but Michael managed it several times- and even his lesser known works are well-worth looking into.

Bad - The title song is quite the change of pace from Michael's previous work in Thriller, being the first song where he truly brings out some intensity in his tone- even in the creepy Thriller Michael still sounded like a nice guy. Here he does sound like he could be relatively "bad." The song is like funk being mixed with synthesized instrumentals.

The Way You Make Me Feel - A very catchy, and upbeat courtship tune. Perhaps the best of his "upbeat" love songs (his best -in my opinion- being the more dramatic "You Are Not Alone").

Smooth Criminal - An exciting, incredibly fast-paced song that accounts the story of a girl by the name of Annie's murder. Though it has a fast, relatively cheerful pace, -and his lyrics are often hard to make-out for first time listeners- if you do manage to get the lyrics it is actually one of the darker songs of his earlier career.
Like Wanna Be Startin' Something it is hard to pick the darkness in the lyrics, but the difference here is that the musical score gives it a far darker feeling. Natural, since the song describes the brutal murdering of a girl by the name of Annie ("Annie are you okay?") by a "smooth Criminal." This is probably my favorite track on the Bad album.

Man in the Mirror - One of the first of Michael's many charity based songs in which he gives his plea for humanity to change its way for the betterment of the world. Without a doubt, one of his classic pieces of music, and it is sung with such great emotion. Michael proves his ability to pluck the strings of human emotion with this piece, something he would do in many future "save the Planet/"change the world" songs.

Dirty Diana - A rock based song proves that the King of Pop would have been successful in any genre he chose. The song centers on a woman by the name of Diana who tries to seduce men in positions of wealth and is one of his more intense songs. Other good rock songs (which I feel are better) from the King of Pop include: Beat It (Thriller), and Give In To Me (Lesser known song from Dangerous).

Leave Me Alone - One of the greater changes in pace for MJ's work, this is a song where he expresses obvious anger over the constant exploitation he receives at the hands of the media and tabloids. Not his best song, but it definitely has the most unique tune on this album.

Now let's get to the big question: Did Michael take a huge step down from Thriller? Well, anyone who says that this album doesn't live up to Thriller obviously set their expectations too high- I mean, seriously, there could only be ONE Thriller, and it wasn't going to be topped, and I'll tell you that Bad is worthy successor to Michael's incredible legacy.

The man never gave in and constantly tried to change his style and that's why he was so successful: he didn't stay the same so he was always new. Michael tried his best and always laughed-off the fact that he couldn't even beat his own album's record.
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on November 9, 2012
I couldn't wait for Christmas or my birthday to receive this as a gift from my family - so I bought it for myself! I received it sooner than I expected from Amazon and upon opening it, I was not disappointed by the packaging (as some have been), the contents, the sound quality of the CD nor by the DVD's audio and picture quality. Sure, it would be a plus if the DVD were in HD or even in Blu-Ray, but I've now watched it 5 times (3 times with family or friends) and I don't see the flaws - if there are any - that keeps me from enjoying the concert!

I have the 'Bad' album (still looks brand new) so I'd heard and love all the songs on Disc One. My favorites on Disc 2 (Bonus Material) are 'I'm So Blue', Streetwalker, and the Spanish and French versions of 'I Just Can't Stop Lovin'You'.

I really didn't know what this set consisted of - just that it included 3 Cd's and the DVD of the July 16,1988 show in Wembley Stadium. I was surprised to find a 16"x 20" 2-sided poster with MJ dressed in the 'Bad' outfit on one side and a full-spread photo of him from the concert on the reverse. It also includes a sticker of the 'Bad 25'cover! All of this is in a black box/case (5.5" x 5.5") with a thin silver strip on the sides and the 'Bad 25'logo affixed to the lid . It has a magnetic closure which securely holds the contents and I found it to be appealing to the eye - not cheap or gawdy!

Another surprise: 2 full-color, booklets that are filled with pictures and other details about the album and tour.

This set would make a great gift for any MJ fan - young or old. Diehard MJ fans likely have most, if not all of these songs/albums in their library, but the bonus songs and extras in this set make it worth adding to their collection - if for nothing else but having the case to display!
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