Customer Reviews: GSam Battery Monitor (Kindle Tablet Edition)
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on January 7, 2012
This paid version separates the time spent active from the time spent on standby - unlike the free version. This makes it much more useful on the kindle fire. It seems much more accurate than the free version, and is also easier to understand and easier to read. Overall it tells me how much time I have left on the battery and adds a convenient icon to notifications - making it a handy app.
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on October 27, 2012
This is a great app once you buy the upgrade and Icon package which costs $1.99 and $.99 additional. I found that a bit annoying --- why didn't this company package all this together instead of making the consumer buy it piecemeal? I'd rather pay the three bucks for the app outright if that's what they need to charge. Buying the Icon "package" is necessary if you want to see the overlay -- otherwise you have to exit what you're doing to click on this app to see the battery charge info. GSam --- package this together and quit nickel and dime-ing us to death....just saying.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 16, 2012
Right after the 1st Gen Kindle Fire was released, I started using the original GSam Battery Monitor (then known as the Badass Battery Monitor) as a one-tap solution to monitoring the Fire's remaining charge and battery usage. I liked the app so well, I upgraded to the special Kindle Fire version when it was released, and have been using it ever since.

Today I received my Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Wi-Fi tablet, and was delighted to find that this GSam Battery Monitor (Kindle Tablet Edition) works with new tablet as well! There was no need to purchase another version that was specifically designed for the larger tablet--which was NOT the case with many of my existing 1st Gen Kindle Fire apps. You only need to download your purchased app and install it. You can then check your battery usage and charge by swiping down from the top of the 8.9" screen.

Kudos to the GSam developer, for issuing regular updates and improvements to the original, excellent battery app, and for having it immediately ready to go with the new, larger Kindle Fire tablets.
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on January 10, 2012
Definitely agree with the other reviews out there. This is good for my Kindle Fire. Now I know how much time is left on my battery. That's so cool that they made it so that it knows how many hours and minutes are left on it depending on the apps you're using. Can't believe this is not a standard feature of the Kindle.
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on March 12, 2012
This app gives a ton of information about the battery in the Kindle. It's interesting to see what's using the most battery. That said, it's not worth the money. If you're anything like me, you'll look a the graphs once or twice and never look at them again. There's a lot of information, but not a lot of value in having that information. It's an expensive curiosity. This app is exactly why there should be demos of full version products in the Kindle store.

The Kindle Fire version of Badass Battery Monitor _should_ have come bundled with the Badass Icon Pack, but that's an extra purchase. After paying double for the app what I would have paid for the Icon Pack alone, I feel gipped. That freshly fleeced feeling is compounded after the product description goes into great detail about how Badass is the be-all, end-all product of Kindle Fire battery apps. And it does have several battery icons, just not any that overlay the default one. Gotta whip out the credit card again if you want that apple.

If you're looking for a battery icon replacement - which is really the only reason anyone should care about this app - do the following: buy the Badass Icon pack and download the free version of Badass Battery to run it. That'll give you everything you need for battery icon replacement and you'll save two bucks in the process. Don't worry about the extra "Kindle only" graphs. There's plenty of info in the free product.

EDIT: I took my original 2-star score down to 1 star. After the app was installed, I realized I could no longer side-load apps to the Fire. The install screen would show, but the install button wouldn't allow me to push it. All other buttons worked, but not "Install". Uninstalled Badass, rebooted, and side-loading worked again. Installed Badass, rebooted, and side-loading stopped working again.

So, fair warning: this app is complete garbage. It's pointless information for a premium and compounds the fool-enough-to-buy-this self-hate with breaking side-loading. Avoid this app.
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on October 27, 2012
I used this app on my Kindle Fire 1st Gen and now use it on my Kindle Fire HD 7" 32 Gb unit.

It shows how all one's battery time and energy is being allocated and shows total screen time at the end of a battery cycle.

The Kindle Fire HD 7" 32 Gb has no external LED. If one turns to the GSam Monitor page, one can see the unit charging with the time left to a full charge. Without it one does not even know if a good connection was made for the charge.

One revelation I discovered using this app is that WiFi does NOT use anywhere as much power as the Screen. In my last cycle the screen used 64% and the WiFi only 7% while being on for the entire cycle.

It discloses which apps are holding the unit awake and one can manage them right from the GSam screen.

The current battery percentage left is always shown in the upper right hand corner of the screen no matter which other apps are being used. One must pay extra for the special icon pack from GSam to use that feature with this app.

I can't imagine using the Fire HD without this app. It is literally a requirement.
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on January 8, 2012
Doing this review on my kindle so I wii be brief. This version is much more accurate and easier to use. The battery remaining is dead on most of the time. Turn on wireless and the estimate adjusts. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend the upgrade to anyone who uses this monitor on a kindle. On suggestion - remove references to "phone" for a more professional app.
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on June 1, 2012
wellll, The title says it all for me, "Just what I wanted". It does precisely what i wanted this app to do, Status bar notification for battery state and time-left estimates, which are so far always on target.
Time-remaining estimates based on current and historical usage, which are so far always on target.
Display of what is using your battery in detail,which are so far always on target.
Lists showing app usage with convenient sorting options and you can force shutdown of anything running.
Yes i am Jaded, as you can tell when i put "which are so far always on target." I have tried some of the free ones and they came up short or just did not work well with the Kindle Fire. The app is optimized exclusively for the Kindle Fire.
I have read other reviews of this app and i must have received an improved version. I DID NOT purchase another icon pack as some stated you need but i am very happy with this one. One guy just did not like the name of the app, Oh Well, I did.
For the guy that did not like the "expense" $2?, come one now, i pay more for my coffee each morning. I think i got my money's worth.
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on September 19, 2012
UPDATE (Nov 2012): After the purchase of my new AKFHD, I requested a compatible version/update of what was Bad Ass Battery. Now known as GSam Battery Monitor. The company replied very quickly and this application is AWESOME. If I compare this paid version to the other battery monitors, the others do not come come close! I have this app running in the background and it will not drain my battery at all. It does display those app that do!
Here is a very quick summary of why I find this app so useful and worth the money!

The consistent information provided onscreen upon request with the various tools provided can display very useful and helpful information:
Battery Usage with remaining time (based on avg and current time usage)
Percentage used over the total time since unplugged (can be modified to other settings such as last full charge, etc)
Graph displays on use of Screen, WiFi active use, Held Awake, Bluetooth, App Usage.
Screen and WiFi allow additional information with further in-depth details
App Usage when selected is great as it will display every system running and its battery consumption per app or module.
App Sucker is a great tool that will provide the above information and in much more detail.

Graphical displays are amazing proving the option between Temperature or Others (WiFi,Screen, and active usage)

The ability to alter many settings and also to be able share via email (not the forced Facebook or Twitter of so many now) makes the information very user friendly.

Photos from this app on my first Kindle Fire was paramount in getting top dollar in reselling it as the history of usage over weeks indicated GREAT long life after a year of use. This was wonderful that a few pictures are worth more than word can claim.

I highly recommend this application for anyone that want to manage the drain of the battery based on some apps that are power killers!

Outdated (September 19, 2012) review and request with not much information about the app.
This application had been a godsend and I have enjoyed the great support and consistant updates. Please provide a duplicate battery monitor for the HD versions and maybe cut us slack on purchase price if previously purchased our very AKF.

Great and reliable product without much intrusuion (greatly respected) to the device. Please HURRY!!!!
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on July 8, 2013
I bought the GSam Battery Monitor last April 2013, and prefer it to the others that I have tried. I get more accurate information from the GSam than the other battery monitors. One actually told me that my Kindle FIRE HD had over SIXTEEN hours of reading time... no way! The KFHD is a really great tablet, but has never had SIXTEEN hours of continuous use for anything. GSam says it has around eleven hours routinely, and that has proven to be accurate. I would advise anyone to get the GSam AND the on-screen display (sold separately), because I am firmly committed to the knowledge that no one can go wrong trusting it do get the job done RIGHT! :)
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