Customer Reviews: Baggallini Everyday Travel Cross-Body Bag
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on March 6, 2015
I am a big Baggallini fan and I think that this is going to be THE bag for me! It's very compact, but there's a lot of room inside of it! I like to be pretty light when I get around anyway, so this gives me more than enough space for my cell phone, ipod, keys, cards, more cards, pen, lipstick, some change, work security pass and a few other odds and ends. This will be my light, running around bag.

(For days when I need more "stuff" I'll stash this little bag inside my Baggallini hobo bag and will also be able to carry my iPad and a water bottle....)

Update: With my Baggallini hobo bag, I now have the perfect Baggallini system! I have three "modes": heavy (when I need my iPad, possibly water bottles and other items), medium (everyday, when I like to remain quite light, just cash, cards, cell phone, keys and a few other necessities) and super light (when I am on a walk in the neighborhood and just need my keys, id, cash and cell phone.

Here's how it works. My Baggallini Everyday Bagg is the core and acts as my "wallet" with all its clever compartments and organization. This is my medium, run around bag. I keep things pretty slim and it remains quite light, but in addition to everything I normally carry (listed above), there's still plenty of room for a stack of gift cards, hair bands, a small Leatherman and there's still plenty of room in the spacious inside (where I keep my bulky set of keys) if I needed to carry a paperback or a few other things. I keep my cell and my ipod in the back pocket, held closed with a curiously strong magnetic clasp, which keeps them both very handy.

For work days, I toss my Everyday Bagg into my Hobo bag. My Everyday Bagg acts as a wallet. For convenience's sake, I put my keys into the front pocket and my mobile phone into the convenient pocket on the hobo. There's plenty of room for my iPad inside and I put two water bottles on the outside pockets. Everything matches and everything looks fantastic together!

For neighborhood walks, I still want something to carry my keys, id and a little cash, plus my cell phone and ipod. On those instances I take the little zippered coin purse that came with the hobo bag and attach the strap for the Everyday Bagg onto it -- they look like a perfect match for each other! (I'm so glad I got them both the same color!) This keeps me hands-free on my jaunts around the neighborhood!

I've been very happy with this combo. Love the Everyday Bagg on its own, but with the hobo, things are exponentially better!

I think it's super cute!

The only downside: some descriptions mention a cell phone pocket. I can't figure out where that might be. I'd assumed it would be a pocket inside the main compartment, but there isn't one... oh well! I'm stashing my cell in the outside pocket, but with only a magnetic clasp holding it in, it feels a tiny bit insecure, but I don't want my cell phone rattling around in the main compartment getting scratched up by my keys....
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on July 28, 2010
I can't say enough great things about this bag. I needed something very lightweight but durable. I also wanted something that would help me stay organized so I could find/access anything quickly & easily. This bag has exceeded all my hopes.

I keep my keys in the open rear pocket & the cell phone in the zippered front pocket. The double-zippered front pocket is where I was able to toss my wallet, since one is built-in here, further lightening my load. By itself, the wallet pocket has: 1 long open and 2 long zippered pockets sized for cash or coupons, 6 credit card slots, 2 more open pockets sized for ID, plastic/punch/business cards, etc. I filled all these pockets, added a picture holder, and still have space left for more. Nothing has been cut tight as I've seen in many cheaper bags, this one always has spare room. When you unzip the main center compartment you'll find two more zippered pockets, one on each sidewall, and the main compartment is large enough to easily hold sunglasses, gum & checkbook, or 2-3 items sized such as: Kindle, DS, standard paperback book, etc. I was amazed at how easily I was able to fit everything into this modest bag without anything ever feeling cramped, with nearly all the weight from what I stuffed into it, yet it still looked neat & slim and felt lightweight when I was done.

Still, there's more. My first Everyday Baggallini was in the Steel Blue color, which is beautiful and great for summer or winter, and suitable for anything except formal wear. I love it so much I ordered the Khaki next-this was a bit darker than I expected, it looks like a muted goldish-brown rather than the almost off-white color of the picture, but still nice. The hardware on both purses is a brushed silver, classy looking, and of a good size and shape for it's intended uses. The material looks smooth but strong, and can be washed. Finally, the strap is quite versatile. Fully extended, it works as cross-body; doubled, it works as a shoulder bag; adjusted, it can be worn around the waist/hips as a fanny pack.

I only wish I could get one in off-white or light taupe, or one of the colors other Baggallini bags come in such as plum or turquoise, but with this bag being so perfect in every other way, I'm not complaining. If you're thinking about Baggallini, try it - I don't see how this bag could disappoint.

2/3/12 Update: Later I ordered my third color, charcoal. The first one Amazon sent had obvious defective sewing and I sent it back for an identical exchange. It's replacement has now been in use only three months and a couple of days ago the strap came off one side. The stitching connecting bag to the ring that the strap attaches to, failed suddenly. My first two bags are still going strong but it seems the labor quality may have declined. Buyers-inspect carefully and note the warranty. These Everyday Bags are still my favorite purses by FAR.
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on March 13, 2012
I got the chocolate brown one with red inside. Liked it so much I then ordered the raspberry one. But OH, they changed the design a bit to save money! CURSES! The back pocket had a little magnet on it to keep it safely closed. NO LONGER THERE. And there is one zippered pocket missing from the main area inside the purse. BUMMER. The color raspberry is wonderful, but especially not having the magnet on that back pouch makes it hang open, and there by becoming pretty unusable. SUPER groaners. Baggallini you suck. :(
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on November 22, 2010
I purchased this bag because I thought it would be much bigger than the triple zipper bag I already have (and really like) and I could use it for everyday wear. It really isn't much bigger and I can't fit anything more in it than the triple zipper bag, mainly because this bag isn't really box shaped but more like a pyramid and becomes more narrow as you come up to the top zipper. So I left out as many things as I could and wore it for a little over a month. I didn't over stuff it. I don't like bulging bags, which was the reason I had bought it in the first place, trying to find a bigger bag to put things in. Then the little tab (about an inch long) that is sewn into the side seam and hooks one side of the strap to the purse, came out of the seam. I was surprised it was so short and wasn't the full length of the seam since those little tabs carry all the weight and tension of the bag. Not a good design element. Before that happened, I had thought about trying again for the next bigger bag, but if that is how their straps are constructed, I don't think it's worth it. If I could have at that point, I would have returned this one.
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on July 28, 2010
After a shoulder injury, I wasn't able to carry a large handbag on my shoulder. I purchased this bag for its light weight, but have found that it has a lot of good features. You can transfer your entire wallet to one of the zippered compartments, and somehow there is room for everything you need in the main compartment. This is a great bag for anyone interested in convenience and something that won't weigh you down.
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on October 5, 2015
[UPDATE] I called the Baggallini company and the first representative I spoke with said that it wasn't a Baggalini because they didn't have that kind of strap. The second time I called, a different sales representative said it was a Baggalini. I explained what I wanted and ordered one from the Baggallini company. I got what I wanted and I love it. Best purse I've ever had. I've been using is daily for the past 9 months and it still looks brand new. My negative review will stay because the whole process here was terrible and more complext than just this post expresses. The bag itself, with either strap, is a very nice bag, and perfect size for me.
[ORIGINAL REVIEW] As you can see by my photo of the bag I was sent, this is not an authentic Baggallini Everyday bag, it's not even a different Baggallini model or version, because I checked with the Baggallini company. This is simply not a Baggallini product that I was sold. The Baggallini Everyday bags come with a detachable strap. On the bag I received, the strap has no removable clip. If you don't care if it's not authentic name brand, and you don't care that the strap can not be removed, then this is a very nice bag. Perfect size for everyday and easily fits in a larger purse, tote or back pack to be used as a wallet since it has a very handy fold out wallet section. It looks good and the material is nice and durable. I prefer to be sold what I'm shown and not a different product. I requested a refund.
Baggallini Luggage Everyday Bag, Charcoal, One Size
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on April 22, 2011
I really like this small bag, has room for everything I need BUT used it for 1 week and the handle ripped out of the purse. Not very well made - would not recommend it to anyone!
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on April 4, 2016
Okay so I am a big fan of Baggallini bags. I have one other bag that I've been using for a few years now for disney world and I'm just obsessed with it. However, I felt like this year I needed something smaller. When my son was little the bigger bag was perfect but now I think I can down size a bit to something that just holds our passes, money, cards, magic bands, my phone. Also wanted something low key for the airport- only need my money and plane tickets and ipad, so no need for my regular purse.

One thing that was hard for me to visualize was the size of this bag, but it's bigger then it looks even in the pictures. My iPad mini with a "Snugg" brand case (amazing case btw) fits nicely. I will say- I didn't think at first that it was going to fit! But with minimal shifting and what not, it fits nicely and I'd have room for a few flat things behind it.

This bag has an accordion style front pocket that I really wanted, it's like a built in wallet. Plenty of room for credit cards (6 spots), change, cash, etc. On the front of the accordion style pocket is another pocket. That pocket is NOT the entire size of accordion style pocket, if that makes sense. The size of the pocket is the length of it's zipper and goes down to the bottom of the bag. The main pocket where my iPad mini fits, has a inner pocket for extra stuff And a pen holder. The back side of the bag has a large pocket with a magnetic closure that IS almost the size of the bag in width length. And And it's cross body style so it's nice to have your hands free.

The bag is very flat on the bottom and at first I was bummed because it seemed like it would not stand up on it's own when full, but I put two flash lights inside (had them near by for size reference lol) and it fills out nicely. And stands up on it's own!

My bag came with 2 loose threads. I considered taking off a star due to the loose threads but decided not to... For now. They will drive me crazy though. Just my personality but it's not a huge deal. If the threads start coming apart I will definitely update and be dissapointed! The overall quality of these bags are top notch in my opinion so that's why the threads were a bummer.

The purple color is beautiful. A deep purple and I felt like it was true to the picture on amazon. The inside is like a muted grass green color which is only okay. I don't love the inside color but really don't care since it's on the inside.

The purse comes with straps just under an inch in width and the fabric is similar to a seatbelt, and silky/smooth in texture. The texture of all baggallini bags is a wipeable nylon type of fabric.

I am excited to try this bag out for our upcoming trip. I just got it delivered today so I can't speak for it's longevity and functionality yet but I will update!
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on April 8, 2015
I love this bag. Just the right size for all the important things. The front zipper opens to a full wallet with dividers for credit cards, cash and small wallet. The main area of the purse holds my glasses, and iphone plus with a few smaller items like comb, lip gloss, etc. I use the back pouch for coupons. It is small enough to remove the straps and place in a tote bag when needed.
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on February 18, 2013
I purchased one of these 3/28/12 and it broke 7 months later. I don't consider that to be very good quality. The strap is attached to the bag by a small tab that is sewn into the seam between the outside and the lining. That part ripped out. I do not carry a ton of stuff and my bag was not overly heavy. I wrote to Baggallini about it and never even got an acknowledgement of my email. Between the poor construction and lack of customer support, I would not advise buying this bag. Look for a Fossil or something else that also has good organization but has better construction. Note, I did not purchase this at Amazon but it is still the same product.
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