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on August 26, 2012
I was very satisfied with Bags on Board until my purchase of the Bags on Board easy-tie bags.

Important: Although the wording on the packaging has changed - - it now says "EASY-TIE" - - the description and picture of the product on Amazon look the same as the product that I had previously purchased, with no mention of the easy-tie feature.

* The bags "use 20% less materials!" Read flimsy.
* The bags have a curved perforation - - this is what makes the ties for the closure. You must separate the bags very carefully because when pulling on the perforations, the bags have a tendency to tear into the top of the next bag. Four out of five have torn, making one unusable. I now have to tear the bags apart before walking the dog.
* The usable portion of the bag is only 11 inches long, rather than the previous 14, making it more difficult keep your hands clean when picking up large-dog waste.

Does the tie closure work? Yes. Are the bags strong enough to do the job? Yes. Would I buy bags with this design again? No.
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VINE VOICEon February 24, 2014
*We too started receiving the "new design" and they suck in comparison to the old. There is less volume available in each bag and more often than not they are difficult to separate. Have updated review from 5 to 2 stars to reflect my disappointment.

Despite years of daily walks, there always seemed to be at least one day a month when I would leave the house without enough dog poop bags. And, of course, those are the days my pooches have an audience. Considering the grief I've given others for not picking up their dogs' poop over the years, I have had no choice but to find something, anything to clean up the mess.

Even when all goes as planned and I do remember to pack bags, there have been occasional times that I realized too late that the plastic grocery bag I'm using is split or has a hole. Skin contact! Ewwwww!

These bags fit this Bags on Board Bone Dispenser, 30 Bags which eliminates (no pun intended) both problems. First, these are strong bags. Thicker gauge plastic than grocery bags means no (ewwwww!)surprises caused by split seams or holes. For my periodic memory issue, I bought two dispensers to hang from two of my dogs' leashes, so I never run out as long as I remember to refill whichever dispenser goes empty first (so far so good).

Save money and get the Bags on Board Regular Bag Refill Pack, 120 Bags at a discount with Amazon's Subscribe and Save program.

If you're the responsible type and pick up after your dog(s), you'll love these bags and the simple dispenser.

*** The bags I received are the same blue ones pictured here and are the same size as the ones I received when I purchased the dispensers. I see that there are multiple sellers. Perhaps it was choosing the Subscribe and Save option that brought me the same 5 Star bags as before. If my next S&S delivery brings the smaller, thinner bags others have described here, I will update my review and reduce the rating (and cancel my delivery subscription).
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on December 20, 2014
I'm not quite sure why so many people are complaining about the Bags on Board pet waste bags; they get the job done in my opinion!

Many reviewers have complained about the durability of these bags but it makes me wonder if they are trying to scoop a mountain of poop with them! If you are picking up waste from large dogs, its a simple fix - use 2 bags, or spend money for other brands offering more durability. You really can't expect Hefty bag quality folks for poop bags, come on! I am using these bags for 3 cats which have small poop of course but also for a large dog too but have no issues with the bags splitting or leaking as other reviewers have complained about. Like I said they get the job done and yield the same results as other bags such as the OUT! brand of pet waste bags.

For the 120 pack of bags, there is a total of 8 rolls of bags. The bags are blue, have the 'Bags on Board' logo on them; they are also unscented (personal preference) and the size of the bags I received are about 8" x 1", so they fit in many standard size pet waste bag dispensers. Worth giving a try in my opinion.
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on October 8, 2012
I've used these bags for years until recently that is. The last batch of bags I ordered are now smaller in size e.g., they are no longer wide enough to fit the B on B pooper scooper I have without tearing and are shorter in length enough that I now need to use two or more on a single walk should my YLabs need to make "prezzie piles" on their walk.

Just one more example of an American company having their product(s) made in a foreign country instead of right here in the U.S.A. to help support our flagging economy. And if that's not unconscionable enough, they are now making it smaller, of less quality, reducing quantity in the package while still raising the price to make more money.

I think all customers should send an email requesting that place of manufacture be listed on all products sold on their web site so customers can make a conscious and informed decision of whether or not to buy a product not made in the U.S.A. Personally I've grown quite tired of supporting China's economy. It's time we got back to supporting our own economy!
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Having two dogs is a problem enough but when you have to take them outside to so their business and taking some bags to pick it up does cause some annoyances especially when your low on plastic bags. These bags are just as sturdy as any of the plastic bags I've used before and a lot less prone to having holes(Which I appreciate after having some disgusting accidents when trying to pick up dog poop with a torn bag before) the bags are a little on the small side so if you have a dog bigger than a terrier than I suggest seeing if they sell a bigger size for these poop bags. I say this one is a good trial pack for anyone unsure about this product still like I was at first but you'll be as surprised as I was at how sturdy and how well they actually worked, and after you near the end of this package you can always get the 300 to 700 bag order which I've done as soon as I was finished with this package(Though I just say get the 700 bag order since the cost difference between the 300 to 700 is only about $5.00 dollars)...
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on March 19, 2013
Our two medium-sized dogs, who produce small-to-medium sized piles of dog poop, live without the luxury of a yard and have to do all their business on walks. So we use a lot of these bags, and while they're handy, the redesigned style is awful.

* At least one bag on every roll rips when you tear it off: hope you notice before you wind up with poop on your hands/sidewalk/shoes!
* The top seam is much longer, so they can be incredibly difficult to open on the fly, especially when it's windy or raining, or when you're wearing gloves. So, basically, all of the times that you want them to open easily and quickly so you can just go back inside. Sometimes I give up and use them as a flat protector to pick up pieces and cart them to a nearby dumpster, but again--good luck not getting poop on your hands/sidewalk/shoes!
* The bags don't hold as much as they used to. They contain the 35 lb. dog's poop sufficiently, but the bigger dog often needs two bags. If your dog regularly makes piles larger than a tennis ball, you will have this problem.

We bought the huge box of these and have been using them up, but I cannot wait for them to be gone so we can switch to something else. These are fine if you're going to use them occasionally for a small dog at the park on a dry, sunny afternoon, but for regular daily use in the elements AVOID AVOID AVOID.
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on December 30, 2013
I'm with everyone else, the redesign is an unfortunate change in what was a perfectly fine product. I've not had the bags tear while separating them but now they're a pain in the rear to get apart. I don't care for the tie handles at all, the useful space is much too small now for my 70lb dog. for me the curved end is a pain, it's winter and the old bags worked great with thin gloves, these don't. I'm a guy with average/large hands and I can't get my whole hand to the end of the bag with the new design. please please please change them back!
review image
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on May 28, 2011
Our family recently adopted our very first pet from the humane society. She is a lovely, sweet-tempered cat - but has the most awful smelling bowl movements that require more frequent maintenance of her litter box. Until now, I've just been scooping the 'clumps' out a few times a day and then depositing them into the trash within a spare grocery bag. However, I felt guilty about going through so many big plastic bags for this purpose and realized small pet waste bags would be far more ideal.

I was disappointed to discover from reading other reviews that these are not truly biodegradable, as it would have felt nice to be doing the environmentally responsible thing. However, I don't feel bad enough to NOT use them - and justify this choice by the fact that these bags are far smaller and much more thin than the grocery bags I was using previously.

These bags work perfectly for daily maintenance on our cat's litter box and I'd recommend them to anyone with a pet. They're very thin, but have been strong enough to hold her waste without breaking. It's a bit of a pain to open them - but not as bad as those thin plastic bags on a wheel you find in the produce section of your grocery store.
review image review image
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on October 10, 2013
We have been buying these poo bags on Amazon for a long time, but these new bags with handles are a disaster. You can't tear them without ripping a hole in the bag and usually the next bag on the roll, they seem thinner, and they are definitely shorter. Whoever messed up the originally bag design with this handled design may as well have redesigned the bags with a hole at the bottom. That's how useful they are now.

This design problem has been reported since at least March of last year. So has the company done anything to fix the problem? Has the company offered refunds to customers, issued a recall, or even issued a statement that the "good, old" bags are back and available? Or is the company still selling their inventory of the same new, "poopie" product? I certainly hope the company is not still selling the same, bad product. That would be a way to save a lot of plastic and go out of business at the same time. Amazon, can you please step in and find out what is going on with this product and issue a customer information response here? You would be doing your customers a good service and you may even help bring back a good product for a company that may lose completely.
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on May 30, 2015
CLEAR THE STREETS ... THERE'S A MOUNTAIN TO CLEAN UP! Many other bags leave me in the same predicament: I better double-bag or else the underside of my wedding ring is swimming in pure dung ... and it's not fun to clean out the engravings with a toothbrush. Sometimes the best way to get it off is to use your finger. But alas, Bags on Board Regular Refill Pack, 120 Bags allows me to go in for the grab (single-bagged) without any fear, 120 times! It's so good, in fact -- and a lot of you dog folks out there will agree with me that this comes up way too often -- that when my neighbor, Tim, speeds by in his new 1982 white Corvette convertible (hubba-bubba), I have no problem giving him the olde quick pile-in-hand wave. We were not friends for years because the guy thought I was some sort of non-waving bum. Now we pump the Van Halen while admiring his new '82 'Vette like once every other month!
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