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on December 6, 2013
I paid the money for this thinking it would be better somehow than the countless other options available on amazon. This stylus is nothing special and I was disappointed to find that the stylus expands to the finished height in the picture and does not lock in place, causing it to get shorter if you apply pressure to it the wrong way. Save your cash and buy the amazon stylus.
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on January 27, 2016
This stylus is annoying. I like wacom bamboo stylus. It's the only kind I use currently, though I have tried others like Adonis, Targus, generic, some big fat one (I forget the brand name), Svede. So, no, not any super high end expensive ones. Like the magnus I do want to try. Except if the tip isn't any smaller than bamboo or is in fact larger than bamboo, I can't see myself wanting to use it. I like bamboo for its weight, height, moves smooth across the screen, it's accuracy and sensitivity. That being said, I wanted to attach this to my tablet so I would not lose it but it flops around everywhere and it hit my screen pretty hard by accident so I discontinued that. That would be ok, but I don't like the stylus either. It doesn't lock in place when expanded fully so it comes down during use. That's the main issue because I hold from the top so it doesnt work for me. Also, the switchable colors look stupid and are pretty pointless to use. Sometimes if I try to take the cap off I mistakenly take off the top of the stylus too. The nib is not as smooth writing as my other bamboo which makes me think this could be a knock off, but I don't know. Its just a hunch. The packaging looked fine but that doesn't mean anything because there are some good knock offs on the market, but for such a cheap item? Its questionable. So yeah, I'm not a big fan. 2 stars because it was cheap, so I can't cry too hard about it. My advice is save your money.
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on September 4, 2015
After using styluses from different brands, I eventually wanted to try the Bamboo brand whcih is considered by many the gold standard for stylus. Unfortunately, I wish I had bought a full-size stylus instead of this expandable type. The quality of this stylus is very good. It has a grey texture. I did not really like the tip, which felt harder than what I was used to. In fact, it makes selecting, clicking and scrolling a little harder than with other styluses in my opinion. Once expanded, the stylus fits well in the hand but has a tendency to retract. I wish there was a way to lock it in the extended position. Other than that, being able to retract the stylus is great if you need something compact. If you want to use it extensively, I would recommend purchasing a full-size stylus instead.
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VINE VOICEon November 30, 2012
In my quest for the best stylus to draw and paint with on the iPad I finally purchased the Wacom Bamboo Stylus. I have been a Wacom user for many years, I started with a Graphire Tablet and eventually graduated to the Intuos line. My gripe with the iPad has always been that one could not get anywhere near the drawing experience on it as I could with my Intuos. Does the Bamboo Stylus make the iPad like a Cintiq display tablet, hardly, but it's a step up from any rubber tipped stylus I have tried to date. It is well bablanced and there are replacement nibs available. Reviewers who complain that the nips wear out should note that no capacitive stylus lasts forever--and the more you use it the less it glides on the tablet glass surface--so Wacom has done the customer a favor by making replacement nibs available as otherwise in a few months one would end up having to replace the entire, expensive stylus completely. I reccomend it highly, although I can't comment on how it compares with one of the plastic hard disk drawing implements. For sketching and writing you really can't beat this, but if you enjoy painting a more natural media like painting experince is available with something like the Nomad brush--however I've found that that type of stylus not so good for sketching as one can't put enough pressure on the brush bristles to create crisp lines--it is a good approximation of a round brush, but not a flat one--the Bamboo would give you more of a flat brush painting experience. I can't reccomend the Bamboo Paper application though as it is extremely limited both in terms of tools and color palate and i hope that Wacom rethinks that--but you can try it for free from the App Store and see for yourself weather it's your cup of tea--if you're just taking notes you might like it. IF you want to write as well as draw a better virtual sketchbook is the Paper App by 34--with the Bamboo Stylus that app really rocks. Again you can try a starter edition if you desire to try before you buy.
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on January 17, 2015
I had one of these previous that I loved.That one came apart in the middle, but I charitably.chalked that up to the fact I can be hard on things. I REALLY liked it otherwise. It fits the hand nice (short or long) is sturdy yet compact. The nib works VERY well (I have Android products), and comes with a replacement! Plus, it looks cool what with the fact it has the sliding shaft and interchangeable rings, machined look, etc. BUT...now on the 2nd one and within a month I had the front ring unscrew it self and come off, ne'er to be found. Replaced it with one of the others (a different color...comes with 3 sets) but still... Thus the 3-star rating. 5 stars without these problems.,
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 12, 2015
I got this as a Lightning Deal, and now it's around the same price normally. I like it, at least as much as I'm inclined to like any stylus (I keep trying different ones, but I always end up going back to my finger).

This is well-made and seems durable. There a several choices of colored rings to accentuate it. It plugs into your headphone jack, although to me that seems like a recipe for screen damage. It works well, and I like the fact it compresses. For the price, I don't think you can go wrong, although it doesn't compare well to the Hand Stylus, which remains my favorite.
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on April 26, 2015
Wacom is an awesome company that as an artist I have known and trusted for years using their Bamboo tablets to create my art vs. any other device. This stylus for smartphones and tablets is so cool and amazingly portable while still having nice 'heft' to it. I have many styluses for different reasons but this is the one that I carry on the go and the first one I bought my wife stole from me due to the perfect build and feel.
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on December 9, 2015
This is not a bad stylus at all. The only thing about it is that when you push on the screen there is a delay, I'm not sure if it's just my tablet or what. My previous stylus has a small delay as well but it doesn't hinder the product too much. You just have to push down harder on the screen.

Drawing with this stylus is no problem, the nib is smaller and more convenient to draw with. The pen stays extended when I'm drawing too. I don't know why people are saying theirs is retracting while they are using it because there is almost no wiggle room for it to fall on it's own unless you push it yourself. For $5 this stylus was a steal, I'm very happy with it and it comes with a small assortment of accessories which is nice too. :)
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on May 2, 2016
Did not work for me. On my iPad mini, I could not get the stylus to consistently trigger the touch screen (and putting my Otterbox cover on almost completely eliminated any touch triggering from the stylus). I've liked Wacom products in the past, but this just didn't work for me. A pity. I was using this cheap stylus as a test to see if I'd use iPad for notetaking with an eye towards trading up to a pressure-sensitive model, but after an epic fail, I'm wary of trying a more expensive model. Gave two stars mostly out of respect for my past good interactions with Wacom.
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on July 5, 2014
Personally, I must say, this is the best stylus I've used on an iPad and Galaxy Tab. I've tried various other stylus with in this one's price range found on Amazon, and you will not find anything better for this price. Forget those cheap 5-pack stylus kits, forget those knock-off brands, get his one for approx. $10 - you can't beat this price for a Wacom Stylus. Now, others have complained about the nub/cap that attaches this stylus to the open/un-used mic-input jack - personally, that's great. When I'm done, I click it to the nub, and it stays attached to my iPad. When I want to use it, un-attach it from the nub, leaving the nub to dangle around, and I go on with using the stylus as is. I can see where people would like to have a longer line and have the ability to re-verse plug the stylus into it, but that wasn't in the design of this model. I actually like it this way, as when I am not using it, re-attaching this to the nub caps off the tip of the stylus keeping it clean when I am not using it. It helps to keep the stylus and device together when not in use. Works great on my wife's Galaxy Tab as well. Minor issue I had was when I didn't properly sealed a protective film over my device which created bubbles on the screen and it made this stylus not work well - so pealed it off, re-applied the screen film properly without the bubbles, and it worked great there after.
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