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on December 31, 2013
I draw as a hobby, not professionally. Is it really that hard to find a good stylus? I've been practically collecting them since the iPad 2, and I have to say, yes, yes it is, at times. I currently use the Paper app by 53 on my iPad Air, along with a Tech Armour HD Clear Screen Protector. I am an average user, I like drawing in front of the TV at least once a week, maybe more. I don't press hard on the screen, nor do I destroy styluses, as some others have mentioned that happens!

AluPen Pros/Cons: The stylus is the most realistic-feeling one that I own. Weight is that of a real pencil/pen, the tip is large, but you are able to see around it to what you are drawing. For drawing it is awesome, but using the color markers in the app, I feel as if I am going to rip the tip right off/wear it out too soon. Another downside is that the tips aren't interchangeable/replaceable, like all the other styluses I have reviewed, but since the tip is firmer, I feel it will last longer. Comes with a nice leather case, though! This is still my favorite pen so far.

Micro-Knit Trent Arcadia Pen (ClickPen) Pros/Cons: This is the smallest-tipped stylus that I own. It is perfect for fitting into tight corners, and is extremely precise. This is the most precise stylus that I own! The only problem I have is that it "squeaks" across the iPad Air screen, which gets annoying at times! I still like using it because the tip clicks back like a real pen into the case, is great for travelling. The tip feels almost indestructible, even if the fibers can separate a little while drawing/playing with it, they snap back together. Comes in a two-pack, but I don't think the tips are replaceable.

Wacom Bamboo Stylus Pros/Cons: This stylus was one of my favorites for a long time. It is small and precise, but compared to the harder-plastic of the cheaper Cosmos stylus, the tip of this one seems to 'drag' across the screen. The tips are EASILY replaceable, since the bottom (the gray part) screws off and you can easily remove/replace the tip. However, the tip is long and flimsy, I feel like it is going to rip off one of these days. The tips don't last very long, either, 6 months at most with minimal/regular use. This is also the least responsive stylus I own, I tap the screen lightly as with my other pens and expect a response to start drawing, but sometimes it stutters more often or doesn't start right away.

Cosmos Mini Pros/Cons: These pens are my second-favorite, with the AluPen being first. I would highly recommend getting these for coloring, as it seems the hard-plastic tip of the stylus will hold up whether you press hard or soft. It is extremely responsive to the screen, which I love! The only gripe I have is that they are short, only about 6 inches long, and skinny, like a traditional stylus.

Conclusion: If you want a good pen, I highly recommend the AluPen by Just-Mobile for sketching, followed by Cosmos Mini for coloring. The other ones are also nice to have, especially the Micro-Knit (fabric) tip for drawing detailed items like small eyes or pupils. Also, I want to point out that none of these styluses has "wrist protection", and accidentally touching the screen with your wrist or other hand will cause all of these styluses to stutter.

We have come a long way from the archaic, almost barbaric styluses that are the skinny, foam-tipped straws that break on command, but we still have a long way to go! Bring on the newest stylus!
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on February 19, 2017
i purchased four different stylus since 2012, this one is the best one i have tried. Others are adonit jot pro fine point stylus and adonit touch, and one i don't remember. I only use this one and adonit jot pro fine now, and bamboo one wins over adonit jot pro. adonit pro fine has it serious problem. the only reason i keep it was because I was lazy to return it.

I like the soft nib that allow you to draw lines with different thickness. I usually use this stylus to highlight sentence in the article, draw cards, and take class note. since the nib is soft, you can image the lines in your hand writing would be thick or light depends how you press the pen, so it would be different from writing with a pen. this might be a problem to some people.
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on January 25, 2014
I use this stylus for everything, everyday with my iPad. I take notes for my college classes, I surf the internet with it, use it to highlight papers as I read them, and sometimes I even end up using it with my phone too! I notice that if the screen is TOO clean, the stylus has a difficult time sliding -- much like you would expect rubber on glass to behave. However, with a couple finger prints on the screen for oil, the stylus slides smooth and is great.

I have two problems with this stylus though which is why it only received four stars.

1) I end up needing to replace the tip about once a quarter. At $3 per tip and the need to always have them on hand, this is a pain. The tips are very easy to change in less than a minute, so my primary complaint is that if the pen costs $10 on sale why should I need to pay $12 a year to own it? Would you pay $24,000 a year to own your $20,000 car? No. Never.

2) After hours and hours of us, the screwed on top becomes very loose and the body peices start to disconnect from each other. The construction is a friction (or compression) fit between an upper (where the clip is) and lower (the black part) piece. Over time these pieces get loose from each other making the pen a little strange to use, but still very usable! I took notes for half a semester like that.

Overall a great product. Not without flaws, but that didn't stop me from buying another one with more replacement tips today!
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on June 26, 2011
I own or have tried a variety of stylus for the iPad2 with varying results.... The Bamboo stylus is good but NOT as good as its price, which unfortunately I succumbed to!

While the Bamboo Stylus is one of the better instruments for note taking apps on the iPad2, it's usefulness is definately (in my opinion), not worth the price of 29.99!

Two less expensive alternatives:

The KUEL H10 stylus at less than half the price (12.99) of the Bamboo, is the BEST performing of those I own - delivering more precision than any stylus I have tried (and I have tried a lot) but I can't highly recommend it as an alternative as it is only about half as long and has no clip or headphone attachment so is easily lost (which sadly I have done several times and I fear the last time for good as I can not locate it anywhere!)

Another less expensive alternative with similar results is the Acase new version 2nd generation stylus. It's point pressure is slightly wider and more rubbery, but at 12.49 it delivers notes almost as well as Kuel and Bamboo with enough money left over to buy another one. (Make sure it is the 2nd Generation version)

Best note taking app I have found is Note Taker HD with runners up Notes Plus, Penultimate, and Ghostwriter. All of these apps have setting to adjust the thickness of the writing the stylus or your finger delivers.

I did not like the Pogo sketch or Boxwave stylus unless you are using them for art work as they have a big fat rubbery head. They are not good for writing even with full featured programs like those above.
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on January 23, 2013
Tip size the same for both Bamboo and the Pogo
Tip can write well at all angles for both Bamboo and the Pogo
Tip way to cushy for the Bamboo - does not feel good
Bamboo is Shorter and heavier - does not feel as balanced in your hand
Bamboo $5 more expensive than the Pogo. Pogo also comes with a carrying pouce and an extra tip.
Either one is a slight advantage to using your fingertip
Neither one is for real precision work.
Pogo Scetch Pro I gave 4 stars
Folks that rated the Bamboo high probably have not used any other stylus as a means of comparison
Thinking about returning the Bamboo
I might try the Adonit Jot Pro next.
Looking forward to one day having a nib/fine style tip compatible with devices with capacitive LCD screen like the ipad.

Review Update: As I mentioned a few months back the Bamboo tip is very spongy and does not feel natural or comfortable to write or draw with. So I went out and bought the Wacom Bamboo Stylus Firm Replacement Nibs thinking that these firm nibs would improve the stylus. Yes it is firmer but you have to really press hard to get it to register. I am returning them. Now that I think of it I should of returned the Bambbo Solo stylus also but it is past the 30 days. Folks trust me on this - the Pogo Sketch Pro Stylus is the best Stylus I have tried so far. It works beautifully on these applications: Paper and notes Mobile. I even tried and returned the Adonit Jot Pro stylus - that was a piece of junk which constantly skipped.
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on January 23, 2013
This stylus is has a nice heft and length; it feels good in the hand. The nib is starting to wear after 5 months, but that should be expected, and unlike cheaper utensils, the nib on this is replaceable (see ). This stylus works exceptionally well on my Asus Transformer and my Samsung Note 2, and save for the special functionality, I actually greatly prefer this over the Note's bundled stylus.

My only complaint? The paint is flaking off. I normally carry the thing in my left pocket with a pen, a Bluetooth headset, and a thumbdrive. The pen I've had for about 5 years, and it has a finish similar to what was originally on this stylus - and its finish is NOT flaking off like this. I've posted a picture of what mine looks like after 5 months.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do here yet, but I'll eventually probably either wind up repainting it or sandblasting it.

The performance rates a 4 or 5, the flaking paint rates a 2 or a 3, so I give this thing a solid 3; you could do worse for the price.
review image
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on May 3, 2013
I wanted to use this Stylus with my iPad, and actually replace having to write everything down on a notepad. However, I still find a pen and a pad more "user friendly."

I like that this Stylus is about the same length as a regular pen. My other styluses were shorter, and I found myself "reaching" across my iPad to "click" or "write." This Stylus is long enough. It has a firm, "heavy" feel, not like one of the cheap, plastic styluses I first tried to use. It's also attractive in my shirt pocket with a firm pocket clip on it.

Seems to me that I have to "press" the stylus down onto the iPad just a bit more resoundingly than when I use my finger, which I find uncomfortable. And often have to "click" twice on something because I didn't press firmly enough on the first "click."

The Stylus will work fine for what it's supposed to do, but you'll have to get "calibrated" to extra "drag" when sliding it across the screen. It's not as smooth as sliding your finger across the iPad glass.

Edit: I just discovered a great app for my iPad for note taking which makes this stylus much more usable! App is called GoodNotes, available through the Apple App Store. This free to try and $6 to buy app and the Bamboo Stylus just turned my $700 iPad into the tool that I wanted it to be in the first place.

This app, and I suppose others that I have not tried, creates an "enlarged" section of a part of the page that I"m writing on ... to write in with the stylus. In this way, I can use broader writing motions, which are easier with this stylus, and which look great on the writing page of the iPad. The stylus still "drags" just a little bit, (it's not as smooth as my roller ball pens!) but it is quite usable.

And now that I'm using it a LOT more, I wish it were about 30% longer, to have just a bit longer "reach" for pressing buttons on the iPad, without having to drag my hand across the glass, or move my entire hand.
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on March 9, 2014
I love my original Bamboo Solo stylus, particularly with the pocket clip removed. The bona fide Wacom stylii have great manufacturing quality and value, and with affordable replacement nibs, they'll serve you for years.

Go to Wacom Bambo Pen Duo (search for my video review of a counterfeit versus genuine Wacom Bamboo stylus).

Update 2016: the 2nd gen Duo stylus is nearly as nice with the following caveats. The nib is smaller, but wears out faster in my experience. Nibs are not available in a "firm" variation. The pocket clip is not removable. The pen is slimmer and lighter. The cap stays securely on both ends when in use.

As this is a slimmer stylus/pen, it's my choice for inclusion in a portfolio or notebook. When the prices are good ($10 and less) I order one or two of them.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on November 6, 2012
I have RA and my fingers are a mess, finding a decent stylus is a huge thing for me as it makes my life MUCH easier using my phone or tablet. I have tried probably 12 different ones from cheapo ones to quite expensive ones. This is THE ONE! Great feel in my hands, very accurate, good length. Feels like you are using a actual pen when writing, and it works equally as well when using it for Draw Something! I did order the firm tips for it as well, and will update this when I get them, just wanted to see what the difference is between the soft and firm ones. I would highly recommend this stylus for everyday use! Pocket clip is a plus as well, some I have had had no clip, or the stupid plug it in to your headphone plug. I prefer the pocket clip!


UPDATE! 11/25- I have had this stylus for a bit now and I still REALLY like it! The soft tip, such as the one that comes with it is okay. I also ordered the Firm nibs and switched to one as soon as they arrived. This stylus with the firm nibs is AWESOME! It is very accurate, does not flop over like a lot of of soft tips do, crazy to pay $5 for 3 rubber tips, but in my book its worth it! If you want a really nicely styled stylus that also works great, this is the one to spring for! I have had many $1-10 stylus's, and they are all in the trash shortly after using them, this one lasts and will be a keeper for sure!

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on July 16, 2013
I bought my first stylus last year. It was a Targus. That proved to be a disaster in my view. It was light in weight and alos the nib was a bit big and was not flowing nicely on my ipad. Then I researched, and researched, and researched. I finally decided this was probably the best in terms of money and quality. In my research there was a tie break between buying this one and the Hand Stylus which I had first read about in New York Times when someones was trying to identify the best stylus and concluded it was the Hand Stylus. My problem with the Hand Stylus which made me settle for this was (1) I could not buy it on Amazon or an ordinary shop (2) All reviews I read about the Hand Stylus indicated that if you have a protective screen on your ipad then something it will not respond. I did not find similar challenges with the Wacom Bamboo. First I could buy it on Amazon, I could easily get replacement nibs. I needed to spend at least $50 to get the Hand Stylus (shipment and extra nibs included). With the Wacom I spent less. Now I have the Wacom and I am totally happy with what I got. It is slightly heavy making the writing easier. My ipad has a screen protector and I have not had any problem. I bought 6 extra nibs (3) soft and (3) hard. Keeping them in case I will need them in the future. For now I am a happy stylus user, thanks for the Wacom Bamboo.
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