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on December 5, 2009
Regardless of the shock to a reader's political profile, this surprising book deserves a true, above board answer by the President to the charges it poses against Him. Whatever the answer might be, the President could win the people's trust by his courage to honestly respond to the charge of the author.

Honesty is the most highly regarded trait that a president can offer citizens. Forgiveness of weakness and mistakes, and understanding follow such a president.
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on December 31, 2009
good read. gave it to all the worshipers at work. think of only one thing while reading-if there was no truth to the story there would be law suit after law suit.please read and give to 10 of your freinds even though the damage is already done.
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on August 25, 2009
Larry Sinclair quickly, graphically and succinctly, maybe too graphically, describes his young adult male life on the edges of the gay scene and the criminal scene for the early part of the book which flows into his meetings with Barack Obama at Gurnee, Illinois. While his attention to detail and forwardness in his writing bolster support for his story, other than a few receipts confirming his whereabouts; it is only his words.

What does add cogency to his allegations is described in the latter part of the book. That is, of course, the reaction to him by people connected to the Obama Campaign or at least under its political and legal influence. Basic inquiries thru Law Enforcement are stymied, attacks against him are sometimes viscous, deceptive, but always constant, ad hominem, and associated in some way with the Obama Campaign. No one in the Obama Campaign in dares address his allegations in any manner resembling a straight-forwardness--possibly done in a off-spotlight, low-key setting. Even more curiouser, since he was state senator working in Springfield, IL, representing a district in South Chicago, one would think it would be easy to show he was no where near Gurnee, IL on at least one of those nights or that Don Young or James Bliss were heterosexual, at least something.

It is short-read because of its terse, fast-moving style. It raises more questions than it answers, especially about the secret life of Barack Obama(aka Barry Soetoro) and the Chicago Trinity United Church of Christ, but they are worthy questions.
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on October 29, 2009
I admire this guy, his story, his book, his bravery, and his sincerity. It's a story about how he became who he is today. I don't support everything he ever did but I like that it added up to something, it taught him something and he learned from all of it. I heard him many times appear on Jeff Rense's radio show and I liked him there. I saw his great speech at the National Press Club. The book confirms he's the stand-up good guy I thought he was. It's fun and appropriate that Rense wrote the forward. I had stuff to do but I kept going with this book to find out what happened next! This book isn't political, it's the story of a guy who has learned and grown from his choices and experiences. It's simple and clear and right.
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on January 2, 2015
Readers will find themselves shaking their heads in anger and disgust, as Larry Sinclair takes them on a wild ride into a world most people have never been exposed to. They will learn that there exist a "low down" world in which the current President of the United States moved freely. A world of drugs, homosexuality, and murder! They will also learn from the author that U.S. President Barack Obama was at the center of a conspiracy to physically eliminate individuals who could harm his career, by simply telling the truth. Even more suspenseful is author Sinclair's account of the Obama political attack dogs who were dispatched to shred his character and silence his voice. Instead of this story leading to the scandal of the century, a lid was put on it by the mainstream American press while political operatives, at the highest levels of power politics, smothered Mr. Sinclair's story. That is why this book may be the block buster that rips the cover off the biggest fraud in America's political history. Namely Barack Obama.
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on July 17, 2009
Larry Sinclair is openly homosexual and quite frank about his criminal history and sentences served. Because of his honesty in the good and bad facts of his life - I totally believe his story of his "X" rated encounter with Obama's homosexuality and cocaine use in 1999!!! 1999 was only 10 years ago and I don't think Obama has changed since then. Is he still using cocaine now? I think this story needs to be out in the open and the main stream media should let the people decide who is lying and if they want a closet homosexual, cocaine pushing & cocaine smoking/snorting person holding the office of President of the United States?
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on September 10, 2009
Barack Obama's cryptic past leaves plenty of room for doubt about who he really is. Sinclair certainly seems sincere and has been consistent with the facts, unlike Obama who changes his story all the time. Here is another great read about Obama and his past; this book is very well researched and sourced: Obamanutz: A Cult Leader Takes the White House
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on April 26, 2010
From the outset, I should say I am not on the "R" or "D" teams and I approached buying and reading this book from a biased yet informed perspective of the Obama phenomenon. Yes, I believe BHO is a fraud. And fraudulent, corrupt politicians make for the best power-elite-controlled Presidents because someone always has something on them. They consequently exist in office compromised and dangerous to the general public.

Ok, with that said, I'll continue. I had no idea what to expect when this book arrived. I had been predisposed to expect, due to the "scurrilous" nature of the material, that it would be in Mongo-style (from Blazing Saddles, "sign please") handwritten chicken-scratch. But, to the contrary, it's intelligently written.

In the Foreword, radio host Jeff Rense leaves it up to the reader to come to their own conclusion concerning Mr. Sinclair's story. Although Rense does take the account very seriously and guarantees that "you'll never forget it."

This "Tell-All" first-person account is one that no publisher that Sinclair approached, would touch. He started his own Sinclair Publishing, Inc in order to get it out. Does that mean it's "too hot" or just "too unsupported"? Who knows.

It was interesting how LS's tone, as the one making the accusations, seems to be more that of "the accused." You feel as if LS is on trial here, not Obama/Soetoro (Note: When I see a name change document back to "Barack Hussein Obama II" from Barry Soetoro, I'll feel more at ease about the name Obama). Sinclair's account begins with him coming clean about his sordid crimes committed from 1980-1986. He eventually finds himself in Gurnee, Illinois where he meets a man he claims to be O/S. After LS "spills the beans" about the 2 days in November '99 in question, the remainder of the book has LS in the defensive position due to the comparatively much more well-funded, and completely outnumbering counter-attack.

LS's account is very detailed, supplying legal documents (mostly pertaining to the smear campaign against him), documents pertaining to his questioned whereabouts, all the while naming names and pulling no punches. The "Murder?" part in the title refers to the story/claim of O/S having a long-time affair with a man named Donald Young. Young was an ex-choir director for Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Christian Church, which O/S attended for around 20 years. Young was ultimately murdered on 12/23/07 in his home by an unknown assailant. LS accuses that O/S and Wright were somehow involved.

I feel the need to impart three of the more noteworthy passages of the book (there are many). The first is Chicago Tribune reporter John Crewdson telling LS that he had spoken to David Axelrod, who Crewdson had known for 25 years. Axelrod had told Crewdson that the Obama camp was determined to connect LS to the (Hillary)Clinton camp and that they would "destroy" LS before they allowed his claims to see the light of day. This "Clinton connection" strategy would be an example of intended deception from Team Obama via Axelrod. The second is an interesting business connection between the "man-party limo" driver Multani and Tony Rezko brought to LS's attention by an "unnamed" Bloomberg News reporter. And the third a quote from one of LS's lawyers Francis Farren: "Larry Sinclair was threatened with his life, and he still stood his ground."

LS's accusations bring to mind the issue of libel. Some might say, "If LS is lying, why doesn't O/S sue for libel?" and someone else could say "Why would he? And draw more attention to LS and his -he said/she said- B.S.?" Make of that what you will.

Towards the end of the book, LS reprints a letter he authored and mailed to Michelle Obama via USPS and was accepted at 1651 Penn Ave including allegedly specific details of O/S's "manhood"! Yeesh!

Much of the surrounding elements of LS's story was stated to be verified by Crewdson and others but, without corroborating testimony from the limo driver or any other first-hand witness(es) to the events that allegedly took place (from 11/6 to 11/7, 1999) or recorded phone conversations with other key people thereafter, I doubt a definite conclusion could ever be reached from LS's account alone.

If nothing else, "Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies, & Murder?" does make for a VERY interesting read. And a quick one. The book is 194 or so pages but, the lines are double-spaced in what seems to be a larger font size than I'm used to. This book should really be the size of Smedley Butler's "War Is A Racket" but, they fluffed it's size.

So whether or not you're a fan of O/S, you'll at least get to see what the establishment political Party machines, Democratic or Republican, can do to one person standing against them.
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on June 9, 2016
I find Larry Sinclair's account to be credible.....truer than the power elite and media smokescreen and post racial myth that obscured whatever is absolutely true about him and allowed Mr. Obama to be elected and pursue an unholy agenda.
No, it is not a slickly written book but I would not let that get in the way.
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on June 29, 2016
It is astounding how little we will ever really know about this guy, Barry the Fairy Obama, since his very first 'executive order/action' was to seal all of his personal history and records, academic and otherwise, FOREVER!
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