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on January 21, 2018
the movie starts in a strip bar where (Pamela Anderson) BARB WIRE works at the time
the world has been taking over by the Resistance police , basically the germans
they do as they want and they don't "NO" for answer, either give or tell them what they want
or you will be killed literally , on the spot, so , its stretch of the imagination everyone is scared of them!
but in this case,. Barb Wired" is her own women and is not scared of anyone, including the resistance
she left the strip bar and with what money she made, she opened her own bar"HAMMERHEAD"
in her bar, no stripping, just music and party's , if someone does not like it, she will personally make sure they are dealt with
when the bar is low on money she goes out and kills or whatever it takes to make the money she needs later on the resistance
searches her bar, and tears it to shreds, she lost every thing. so she finds out what they are looking for and without her knowing
its in her bar hidden under a table, her blind brother knows about it, but never tells her and he loses his life
because of it, once barb finds out , there is hell to pay, anyway, she gets what is being looked for
and she make a deal with " fatboy" and they eventually meet and he does the wrong thing and all hail breaks lose barb wire included
you have to watch to see what really happens and how it turns out,lots of gunfights and some nudity at the first of the show
very well told story and believable stunts in the movie, you must watch!!
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on January 25, 2015
Regardless of your politics on good acting and what the skeptics refer to as the old "t and a" quotient, there is no denying the visual beauty that Pamela Anderson (in her heyday) brings to this magnificently silly screenplay; and, if you can get through the first ten minutes of this "unrated" version without rewinding twenty times to re-watch, then you deserve a medal for self-control! In actuality though, the film is probably not as erotic as all that--Pam's upper half is on display quite a bit, but there's nothing hardcore about this movie. In fact, if you watch past that open scene for very long, you will find a ridiculously campy and incomplete narrative--Ebert gave the film a passing mark (if I am remembering this correctly) but he co-wrote "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls", so what did he know? I'll tell you what he did know, and that was the look of a beautiful woman--and Pam certainly fits that bill. It's tragic to me that her career never really worked in a respectable sense; sure, she was no great actress, but she could have done better than movies that tended to ridicule her instead of giving her an opportunity to branch out (and I don't mean pornographic roles!). I have always adored her, despite her disreputable moments and the shameful press that seems to follow her around doggedly. The movie tries to keep up the action quite well, but I'm so distracted by Pam and that blonde hair that I can't critique too much else of any substantial interest.
The "unrated" DVD version is good enough with its picture and sound presentation and there are a few extras included, but essentially you must buy this if you like Pam, and her beauty overwhelms pretty much everything else here. B+
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on April 17, 2012
This Blu-ray effort is well worth the upgrade. A cleaner print was used and the quality is spectacular! If you love Pam's portrayal of Barb Wire you will want to upgrade. Never mind the overly zealous technical reviewers around the web and on this forum. I nearly didn't buy it due to the tech review at Blu-ray.com. I expected a mediocre transfer from what I read there, I'm so glad I buy it anyway. Everyone trying to impress their technical expertise in regards to blu-ray quality. Trying to razzle dazzle you with technical terms that belong in a dubbing studio not in the mainstream. Every TV monitor will exhibit a different picture and in most cases needs tweaking to really get the best possible picture. Don't be fooled the bottom line is is it better than the previous release. Do I upgrade?,..well if you want to see Pam in a much better defined transfer where even the tiny bruises right above her barbwire tatoo on her shoulder are visible or the crystal clear baby blues that are now radiantly seen or if you want to notice every single person at the Hammerhead in pristine clarity, characters that you had never noticed before then YES!
The one thing I hate about these Amazon reviews is so little is mentioned about DVD quality. In particular when it comes to Blu-ray vs the standard or previous issue of a movie. Isn't that what its about? Getting the very best picture of a movie? In this buyers mind. It is.
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on November 12, 2016
could of used more PAM!!!! i knocked off a star for not putting the unrated version on blu ray and another star for not adding the sexy outtakes as a special feature. quality was a little better but nothing to write home about , so if you got the unrated dvd i would just stick with that than wasting money on this which i already had so i just combined both for a blu ray dvd set. Still a fun cheesy movie with the sexy pam .
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on February 17, 2018
Based on the Marvel Comics character, Pamela Anderson in 1996's Barb Wire, did justice to the dystopian heroine. Though it wasn't a great Box-Office seller, the movie found its legs in the underground cult scene. Pamela Anderson played the moody, take-no-crap protagonist masterfully. The movie has a good pace, plenty of action--with very few slow moments. The story is not all that original, but the presence of the bomb-shell, Pamela Anderson, makes it all worth while. My only complaint is they never made any sequels. I've owned Barb Wire previously on DVD. I had to purchase the Blu-Ray edition, to showcase on my Xbox One S. Package includes the Blu-Ray movie only.
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on September 8, 2006
Pamela Anderson stars in this fast-paced and sexy movie about a gorgeous bounty hunter trying to survive during the second American Civil War.

Anderson stars as Barb Wire, a former freedom fighter for the United Front, a group of guerrillas who are fighting against the Congressional Directorate, located in Washington, D.C. Barb has given up her freedom-fighter days, instead retreating to Steel Harbor, the last free city in America. There, she has set up a bar/nightclub called Hammerhead, which caters to everyone, regardless of political affiliation. On the side, she also moonlights as a high-priced bounty hunter, earning money to pay off local cop Alexander Willis (Xander Berkeley). She also has frequent run-ins with a bail bondsman named Schmitz (Clint Howard).

Back in Washington, events have transpired which could upset Barb's tidy little business. The Directorate began a virus program called Red Ribbon, with the help of scientist Dr. Corrina "Cora D." Devonshire (Victoria Rowell). Derived from the HIV virus, this weapon can knock out any area in the United States in under 12 hours. Cora D. ended up defecting to the United Front, changed her appearance through plastic surgery, and is now headed to Steel Harbor along with fellow fighter Axel Hood (Temuera Morrison). Hood happens to be an old flame of Barb's. They are in search of a special contact lens which can hide freedom fighters from identification scans. Barb wants nothing to do with Cora D., Axel, or anyone who wants something for free. However, she soon finds herself in the middle of a conflict between the United Front and the Congressional Directorate, who have sent the notorious Col. Pryzer (Steve Railsback) to Steel Harbor to find the lenses. Pryzer begins investigating everyone in Steel Harbor, including Barb, her blind brother, and Alexander. Will Barb succeed in delivering the lenses to Cora D. before Col. Pryzer finds them first?

This is a first-rate post-holocaust movie. There is massive amounts of gunfire, huge explosions, and many scenes of Pam Anderson and her very revealing little black dress. For a post-apocalyptic movie, Barb Wire is very good. Be sure to watch the "sexy outtakes"; you won't want to miss them!
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on July 6, 2013
Saw this movie when I was young. It was action packed, sexy, but overlooked. Pamela seemed to enjoy what she was doing and really fit the role convincingly. She takes no bull and takes no sides. The other characters accompanying her pulled this movie together in the post-apoc world. Had to grab it here so could watch it over and over. If you like to check out low budget style movies. I say check this out it doesn't have the “low budget” feel in the long run.
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on June 3, 2017
Pamela Anderson at her best, less one star for NO closed captions option😛
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on May 21, 2016
My husband bought this movie as a joke for his brother. The shipping for this was movie was extremely fast, and we were happy to find an old movie on blu ray for such an affordable price!
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on June 10, 2017
Pamela Anderson at the peak of her hotness!!! And it's not a bad movie either!!! :)
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