Customer Reviews: Barely There Women's Invisible Look Underwire Bra - 4104
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on January 30, 2009
I hate underwire bras. They suffocate my ribcage and sternum and I generally can't wait to take them off. However, I have yet to find a wire-free bra that provides sufficient support for an average size (34C) cup.

While shopping online for yet another wire free bra, I stumbled across the Barely There 4104. I somehow missed the "underwire" description and ordered one, thinking it was wire free. When it arrived, I tried it on and was amazed how comfortable and supportive it was. This bra is even more comfortable than the wire free models I have previously ordered.

The Invisible Look 4104 is the perfect combination of comfort, support and discreet style. I highly recommend it.
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on July 9, 2009
I have owned three of these bras; just bought one in black again recently. My advice on this one is if you are full in the cup, as in a full B, order a C cup. The band size is fine. Just beware of the small-ish cups. Otherwise, nice bra: 5 stars for comfort. The shaping is OK, but not as flattering as other bras in this category (underwired, stretch foam, molded/contour cup). It kind of spreads them out rather than lifts them, but great for an everyday bra and if you want a natural look.
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on December 13, 2007
This bra is comfy, invisible under tees and shapes very nicely! I hate to take it off and begrudge my other bras their inability to live up to this one. I think I'm going to fire them and order more of this one.
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on October 14, 2012
This bra rocks. I must have been in a bad mood when I wrote the first review. The clip at the shoulder had popped open (never happens) and I couldn't figure out how to put it back. Yeah. Don't ask. Anyways, it's a great bra. Comfortable, supportive, hesitantly sexy. I have got 6 now. Been feeling bad about my negative review for months.
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on February 27, 2008
I have a couple of Barely There's other styles of underwire padded bras. This one is far and away the best. Holds up much better wash after wash. No more piling. My 6-month old bra looks as good as the new ones I just bought.
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on January 6, 2014
**Long, winded review warning** Another reviewer lamented that too many people write long reviews. Immediately after my long review of a different product. Apparently some people actually need to be told that they can skip reviews that do not appeal to them. You've been warned that I'm feeling wordy tonight. If you need the short version--I like this bra. And I haven't liked a lot of other bras. For the long version, read on.

I hate bra shopping. They are expensive and I resent spending the money they want for an article of clothing I'm covering up. And being a 34 D means I actually need the bleeping things to fit right and to hold body parts up. They have to work harder at that every year. Darn gravity.

I mostly hate bra shopping because once I spend a small fortune and bring home the itty bitty bag of items, I generally find upon longer wear than the 45 seconds in the dressing room, that something is uncomfortable about them--generally the underwire starts trying to slowly stab me to death over the course of the day. And since I used to shop the sales ( see the second sentence of the long review as to why) the store would invariably only have 1.33 bras left on the rack in my size (I didn't even intend for that pun!). Don't believe they can only have 1.33? According the the 2000 census poll, the average size of the American family is 3.14. Do not doubt the math.

My second big complaint is that everything is held in place during the aforementioned 45 second stint in the dressing room, but in real life I am doing things I don't do in a dressing room. Like unloading the dryer. And cleaning cat puke off the floor. You know, things Kim Kardashian has nightmares about. And it causes things to shift around and subsequently bunch up and look weird under clothes. Bras that do not do this are called full-coverage and are some of the most unattractive inventions I've ever seen--and some even make you look like a missile launcher, 1980's Madonna style. Not the kind of support I'm looking for.

Do you see why I hated bra shopping. And then I found Barely There 4104 a few years ago. No missiles. Still an attractive cleavage view (it doesn't look like a Victorian chastity device)...that keep the cleavage in place. And they are keeping gravity at bay, or at least providing the illusion that is happening while it's on. No attempted murder by way of underwires. Nice smooth look under any type of clothing including tighter fitting tops. Nice plus: they easily convert to a cross back version. I've actually used this feature and it's nice to have.

Amazon has simplified my life by offering these online for this price. I've never gotten them for cheaper than $22-$23 each (generally at a box store buy 1 get one half off sale where I leave with high blood pressure from looking through 2,147 bras and finding 1 or 2 in my size). I bought 5 of them. ALL AT ONCE!!! No 1.33 bras available on here. I love you,
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on January 2, 2011
These are the most comfortable and flattering bra I've ever owned, underwire or wire-free! I normally wear a 32B, but I get these in 34B which fits me just right. They don't give me uniboob like most other underwire bras do. But what I like most about this bra is its comfort of wear. The material feels soft and smooth and the cups retains its shape very well, even through numberous gentle cycles and low dry settings. This bra doesn't feel itchy anywhere or feel like a tourniquet around my ribcage or a vice grip on my shoulders. It moves when it should and stays put when it shouldn't, so now I don't have to worry about having to awkwardly adjust when "they" go peek-a-boo. I also really like the fact that the cups are thick enough to adequately conceal what needs to be concealed but not too much so that it's not apparent that it is all me in there. I can't remember a time previously that I experienced this with a bra or even if I ever did. What I once thought was comfortable has now been set at a new bar with these. This bra has definitely ruined me for all others! I definitely recommend these for women with a smaller chest like myself. I find that these give a very nice shape and create an appearance of a larger bust.
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on August 2, 2011
I confess, I do not understand the sudden prevalence of bras with polyurethane foam pads. To my mind, they look and feel cheap, they make a strong outline under one's shirt that has little to do with the natural shape of a human breast, and they are hard to store without creasing or deforming the pads. Ironically, this bra came with a tag attached to it that says "funny shapes solved"--in the first place, even when new these pads force one's breasts into a false shape that is oddly rounded on top. Moreover, in my experience, it is all too easy to crease or deform the bra pads, and once they have any slight bend or wrinkle in them, prepare for that to be the outline beneath your shirt: lumpy, bent, creased. Very funny shapes indeed! It is my best guess that sticking these pads into bras is far cheaper for the manufacturers than designing bras that properly fit the normal, natural shape of human breasts.

So how did I come to obtain this bra, given my hatred for padding? Simple: because the information provided here on Amazon does not reveal that the bras contain any padding at all, nor does the picture display the bra at a good angle or at high enough resolution for me to have been able to tell from it. The list of bra's materials given online does not include polyurethane, although polyurethane is properly indicated on the bra itself, under "cup pad." If the online information had mentioned "cup pad" or, better yet, had listed polyurethane as one of the bra's materials, I'd have known better than to buy this item.

Thus, I give the item 3 stars. It looks like any other bra of its kind (cheap and funny-shaped, in my personal opinion, but I understand others may disagree), but the major issue I have is that its materials and construction were not properly advertised. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the post office and return it.
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on August 29, 2010
This bra is a good value. It's sturdy and well-made, and has no seams to show through t-shirts or sweaters. It's also very comfortable--the fabric is soft and smooth, and the underwires do not pinch or dig into my ribs. Straps are also comfortable on my shoulders. If I could ask for anything else, it would be a bit more molding in the cups, as they do not do much shaping.
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on June 18, 2012
This is a wonderfully comfortable bra especially for us small busted gals. I'm a 34 less than A and I fill the cups yahoo! Plus the criss crossing straps cannot be beat for those sleeveless tops that are so popular. It's a great bra!
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