Customer Reviews: Baretta - Season One
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on February 21, 2003
BARETTA occupies one of a trilogy of slots for the most enjoyable television dramas of the 1970's (the other two being KUNG FU and KOJAK, with STARKSY AND HUTCH a close runner up). It just doesn't get much better than this. The funky dialogue is what really shines here -that, and the quirky sideshow characters like Rooster (Baretta's mack daddy man on the street) and The Soup Lady (this half-crazy old woman who lives downstairs and is forever fixing Tony and Billy soup). BARETTA epitomizes the tough streetwise guy with the rapid fire tongue and out there sayings that has seen a resurgence most recently in the scripts of Quentin Tarantino. What really struck me was the depth of characterization which I never noticed watching this as a kid. There is a backstory which subtley weaves its way into each episode. From various hints, including the sea paraphenalia on the walls of his apartment and the presence of his lovable cockatoo Fred, we learn Tony was once a merchant marine, and Bill (the old guy - am I getting his name wrong?)was friends with his father. And there is consistency to this universe - the fiance Tony avenges in the pilot episode still remains a ghostly presence in a smiling portrait on a table in his place. There's a host of great episodes here - my particular favorites being He'll Never See The Light Of Day, The Copelli Oath, Walk Like You Talk, and so many others. The weakest entry is the one where Tony has to rub elbows with high society (I think its the last one). He's so out of place and uncomfortable its laughable. Some of Tony's disguises are a little weird, too so be warned. But when he's on the streets in his element, Robert Blake is gold in this show. And check out the cameos from some great 70's personas! The great Moses `Mr. Big' Gunn! Burt `Yo Paulie' Young! The mother from Poltergeist (she's in the first scene of The Mansion)! Good action, awesome dialogue, and some surprisingly hard hitting themes. So cook up some chili dogs and chicken soup, crack open a bottle of that stuff not meant for drinking, and let de good times roll. Great Tv. BRING ON SEASON TWO AND THREE, PARTNER!
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on May 9, 2005
Right on top of my DVD-wish-list is that they would put out the other seasons of this show (and S.W.A.T. as well, which is only missing one season, anyway). I'm starting to balk at buying box sets from certain companies, because they're not keeping what I see as a commitment with their customers. So, if you guys at Universal are ever checking Amazon to see if there's still an interest in having more seasons of Baretta released, your answer is oh hell YES. I check up every month or so to see if there are new seasons of the shows I buy, and I would buy every season of Baretta if they'd just put them out. You got me hooked with season one and then cut me off... that's not a good way to build brand loyalty, Universal. Please stop disappointing us and release the other seasons. If you'd do that, I would strongly recommend this show, because it's one of the best TV cop shows ever. Thanks.
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on January 23, 2004
I've carried fond memories of this show around in my head for the past quarter century and had always been dying to see it again (it was NEVER re-aired here after the initial broadcast seasons, boo hoo).
But I was afraid that like a lot of things, it might not stand the test of time. Well, man am I glad to report there is nooo danger of that here. This show still rules after all these years!
Whatever hot water he may be in today, I have to say that this show would be nothing without the awesome talent and genuine personality of Mr. Robert Blake. As Tony Baretta he had a true charm and warmth that I've really missed on TV over the years. You just gotta love this guy!
And forget about Huggy-bear, kiddies. Ol' jive-talkin' Rooster is THE original streetcorner playa dat all those who've come after have tried to copy. Tom Ewell is great as Baretta's unlikely sidekick Billy too (always thought it was weird he was billed in every episode as a "guest star") and there's some great dialogue between them.
This show is typical 70s cheese, like the episode where Baretta buys a plane ticket to follow some hoods to Mexico with no passport, under an assumed name and in disguise as a stoned hippie -- no questions asked! Let's just see any TV cop of today's post-911 world try and pull off that little trick, heh heh.
But it seemed kind of strange that the famous theme song didn't have any words. Were the words only added in season 2? Speaking of which, WE NEED SEASON 2!!! NOW!!! -- And while you're at it, how about bringing us Cannon, Kolchak the Night Stalker, Hawaii Five-0, Mannix, Banacek and Columbo?
Meanwhile, while those rummies get their act together I think I'm gonna invite me a cousin over for some chili dogs... Tell the bird to grab the phone. ;)
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on November 6, 2002
Wow - What a surprise to see my favorite cop show from the 70s on DVD.

The first 12 episodes are included COMPLETE and UNCUT, like the first time ABC aired this drama. And even bringing back some fine memories, before each episode is the 30 second spot showing clips from 'this weeks' program. JUST like the way it was....The only thing that would have been better was if they showed us the comming attraction from the NEXT episode, like they did on TV. But, EYE wont complain.

You can finally throw away those old VHS tapes from when you recorded these shows on your local affiliate network in the late 70s/early 80s....Grainy prints NO MORE.

Its JUST like I remembered ! Lets hope Universal continues to release the series in its entirety.

Well - Its been almost 3 years and no sign on Baretta's 2nd Season on DVD. I have emailed Universal Home Video at least 6 times, and got only one reply. Keep the pressure on them folks...Email your little heart out and force them to bring the remainder of the series in a "Limited Edition" package. Maybe they will release it in that formula so the hardcore fan can complete the collection. C'MON UNIVERSAL ! Quit droppin' the ball !
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on April 21, 2003
So far, since purchasing the S1 set, I've watched it a dozen times. Why? Because, back in the day, Baretta was one of my two favorite cop shows (the other being Starsky & Hutch). For a teenager in the 70's, it didn't get any better than these two shows. What's happening with Mr. Blake in present time notwithstanding, I would've purchased this DVD and loved it all the same! Thanks to his performance, this was the hallmark for every loner, tough-cop series that followed. The man held your attention, he got your blood flowing, and you were indignant with righteous anger right alongside Tony Baretta. Tony and his cast of characters (who couldn't love Billy, I ask you) made this show what it was, and it's a testament to how brilliant it was that it stands the test of time nearly 30 years later. There are so many layers to the character of Tony Baretta...a man haunted, perhaps, but willing to do whatever it took to get the bad guys. I love it, during "The 5 1/2 Pound Junkie", when he says to a drug dealer "I'm gonna punch your time. You be looking for me." Classic lines from a terrific actor who knew his business, and IMO, still does. Thank you, Robert Blake, for giving me Tony Baretta. He still 'walks the walk and talks the talk'.
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on June 26, 2004
Although Robert Blake gave the impression he hated his own show by the time the third season came about, he will always be remembered for his finest role in television history. Baretta appeared on television after Tony Musante refused to continue it's predecessor "Toma"(1973-1974), based on the true life exploits of Dave Toma (another excellent gritty cop show, but short lived). Unlike "Starsky & Hutch," Blake carried the show as a single force out the clean up the streets. It was a tough act, but he carried it out with excellent results, with the back up of Billy (Tom Ewell), his old and faithful buddy, and "Rooster" (Michael D.Roberts) his imformant, and the scene stealer; his pet cockatoo bird. The series premiered "Jan 17th, 1975, the same year as Starsky & Hutch. By just the second episode (on this DVD set) "The Five-And-A-Half-Pound Junkie" concerning a young girl addict ready to have a baby, you knew by watching the acting, that this series was going to be a hit, and it was. The first season has 12 episodes, and it is a very enjoyable DVD set, with attactive case and sleeve insert. It's on 3 DVD's. The only drawback is that Universal released this set in 2002, with no word on future releases of series 2 and 3, I would be leary on purchasing other box sets they come out with in the future, until they verify they will release the full series. Thanks for releasing Baretta, but please get off the old duffs guys and get series 2 out soon.... Please!
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on August 17, 2005
The official word is Season 2 will not be released because season one did not sell well. I think it is a shame for fans of the series that spent 35 bucks on season one only to watch 12 episodes over and over. I want my money back from universal.
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on December 22, 2002
as the opening theme song began. God I missed this show. Baretta was as close to reality as you could get regarding TVpolice drama. A cop from the streets with a big heart. Watching it has brought back many memories of the 70's for me. And Im so happy to have this dvd collection on my shelf.....cant wait for season 2. :)
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on November 20, 2005
Where oh where is season two?

Are we being punished?

Is the hold up having to do with the trials and tribulations of Robert Blake?

I don't know if he is innocent or not. I don't know what kind of man Robert Blake is. I can tell you one thing, Tony Baretta didnt do it. We all know the MAN he is.
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on April 1, 2007
Robert Blake plays a very believable edgy cop, Tony Baretta, in the city. He drives a beat up Chevy that never seems to quit and he always gets the bad guy. Supporting actors blend well, there's good plot, action and I enjoyed that silly Cockatoo, Freddy. Especially his rooster and chicken voices. Old tv reviews claimed Blake hated that bird but you'd never know it. Blake's disguises were fun. Some more wild than others. "Ragtime Billy Peaches" sub character for one. Sure there was some hokey Hollywood writing but it worked. Sometimes schlocky sometimes gritty, never dull. Lt Shiller (Dana Elcar) was the first boss but soon replaced by "Bossy-Boy" Lt. Hal Brubaker (Ed Grover)who was wonderful and under used, Billy Truman (Tom Ewell)the old guy character that hung out at the run down pad where Tony slept, Foley (John Ward) the square but likable and sometimes partner, and who could forget Rooster (Michael D. Roberts) who played the dolled up, platform shoe kinda "guy?" who drove a car with wall to wall fur on the count of he needed it for his "profession"? Rooster was some kind of informant who loved the term "jive turkey". All accented with great music from Dave Grusin and Tom Scott and you can take that to the bank! Indeed, when do we get season 2?
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