Customer Reviews: Barron's AP Statistics, 6th Edition
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Customer Reviews

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on June 2, 2012
A review book does not supplant a textbook. This is the phrase all AP students have heard over and over again, yet Barron's AP Statistics review blunders past the "conceptual overview" and into a wannabe textbook. While I personally find it annoying when books try and fail to be funny, this book seems to be written in a deliberately scholarly tone. It comes across as unnecessarily pedantic, especially when the entire purpose (at least, what I use review books for) is to go over concepts which the student may fail to understand due to an overly detailed explanation in the textbook. Basically, there is a lot of detail, which will bog down a student trying to study the overall picture of things.
This review book still earns itself four stars because of the extensive practice questions and exams that it offers. I have widely heard that Barron's is harder than the actual AP test; my Stats teacher told me that the Barron's review guide has very comparable questions to the AP Test. I don't have my score yet (as I took the test a few weeks ago), but I can attest that the number of practice questions really helped me. At the end of each section (and there are plenty of sections!), there are quite a few multiple choice questions, ranging from about 9 to 34, and several free response questions. In addition, there is a diagnostic exam at the beginning, and 5 complete practice AP tests at the end. I was very impressed by the amount of practice; in my mind, this almost negates the needlessly bookish tone of the rest of the book.
In short, the bad: too wordy, too much information, not enough conceptual overview
The good: hundreds of practice problems and test questions that very closely mirror the difficulty of the actual test.

In my mind, the success of the book is in personal preference: those that improve with practice should buy this book. Those that just need a big-picture idea to tie up all the loose ends of knowledge may want to turn to a different guide (Princeton?).

I received a 4 on the AP Statistics exam. Which sort of goes with my review--it's good, but not the best.
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on April 18, 2008
This is a fabulous test prep book. The chapters review specific topics in the AP Statistics curriculum - practice multiple choice and free response questions for each topic are provided. Six full length model exams are provided as well. Our class utlizes these questions on a regular basis - while we study a particular topic, to spiral topics throughout the year, and as test prep in the months preceding the exam. The questions are on par or slightly more challenging that the real exams - which is the perfect level to prepare students properly to score well on the exam. Recommend this highly to all AP Statistics teachers.
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on January 30, 2010
I used this review book mostly for its practice tests. I did skim through the review section of the book, but I spent the majority of my time with the practice tests. I love the practice tests on the CD! It has a variety of options and includes 2 entire tests on the CD. Your multiple choice gets graded right after you are done and it explains why their answers are correct. The tests included in the book are also good.

Baron helped me get a 5 on the AP Stats Exam!

Hint for the AP: Review your vocabulary before the test and start studying more than 1 day before![Know Type 1 vs Type 2 Errors!]

Good luck on your exams!
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on June 1, 2016
I bought this book to study for the AP Stats exam this year(2016), and I think it probably helped a bit. Although I did not go through the entire book, I did skim through the information and definitely was reminded of some formulas and stuff that helped to jog my memory. The practice tests helped a lot, and the fact that this book was technically for a past year did not matter at all. I will say that the practice tests are quite hard compared to the AP exam I took. I scored a 27/40 on one of the practice tests -- and I struggled to that score -- when I thought I was pretty prepared for the test. So don't discouraged by the practice tests if you don't do well, just look over the information you got wrong and stay positive.
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on March 1, 2013
After receiving this prep book from the library, I knew I had to buy my own. It does a great job at reviewing all the concepts, and there are various examples as well. Keep in mind that you will be doing most of the calculations on the AP exam with a calculator. Don't struggle with memorizing all the formulas, the calculator will do most of the work for you. However, there are formulas that you do need to know, For example, the calculator cannot find sample size for you. If a question asks you how big the sample has to be to fall within 2 standard deviations with a margin of error of 3%, the calculator will not be able to do that for you. Formulas to solve problems like that are very simple, and are very straighforward and not complex. Why buy this prep book if the calculator will be doing most of the work for you? Well, mostly everything in AP statistics is conceptual. You need to see the big picture. This prep book does a great job of explaining what standard deviations are, why normal curves are so important, and so on. Also, it is very likely that on the AP exam, you will be given a printout of a calculator output that has solved a problem for you. It is your job to interpret the problem in terms of the context of the question. Once again, it comes to seeing the big picture. You will be asked to interpret information, rather than solve it.
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on January 5, 2013
Nice for my son to know where he stood on his review for the AP test. Useful to have the latest book as the curriculum is always changing and studying the wrong curriculum or test format is not that useful in exam review time.
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on August 22, 2011
... my daughters have tried several and they that the Barron's Series is the best of the revision books that they have tried both for AP and SAT.
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on May 15, 2011
I home schooled my son for the year he took AP Stat and found this book usually (not always) better than the text book. There were a lot of practice problems at the end of each section - typically 30 but one section had about 50. With the CD Rom there are so many practice tests you can't run out.

We also bought the two "released exams" for AP Stat from the College Board's online store and downloaded (free) the last 10 years worth of Free Response Questions but didn't have time to work through them all. The questions in Barron's aren't exactly like the ones on the released exams which tend to be lighter on calculation and more on thinking through the issues. It really helped to do the multiple choice questions on the Barron's and then the MC on the released exams. After the first test my son got about 35% which is a 3 and then corrected all his mistakes and got a 45% (a 4) on the next released exam.

The companion Barron's AP Stat flash cards are helpful also as a quick review.
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on February 23, 2013
The Barron's AP Statistics covers a lot more materials than the Princeton Review AP Statistics. The organization of chapters and sections of the Barron's book is also much better than that of the Princeton Review book. For example, if you want to review topics such as confidence interval, hypothesis testing, t-distribution, you just look at the table of contents in the Barron's book directly, and they are right there.

I also love the TI-83/84 calculator guide in it. When I learned statistics more than two decades ago, I had to memorize a bunch of hard formulas derived from calculus and look up about ten tables all the time. Now I just let the calculator do the job for me most of the time.
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on July 1, 2013
Barron's gives you plenty of practice tests and is a good book for reviewing concepts and cramming before the exam. I got this book used and it's almost like I just bought it like new.
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