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on February 18, 2013
i had stumbled across this washer machine by accident as I was looking for the wonder washer. i saw the Panda models and was interested immediately. Basecamp offered this similar one for cheaper, so i went for it. I go through about 5 dress shirts a week, I dont like the results & costs that most laundromats offer per shirt, This device within the first 48 hours of purchasing it, has already paid for itself. If you live in an apartment where the landlord restricts the use of mini washer/dryer systems, this is a great alternative, although there is a bit of manual labor involved after the wash is finished ( rinsing , drying etc ). I have compiled a quick clothing cheat sheet, yup i put this thing to work right out of the box.

Clothing Tests ( To give you an idea of what it can handle ):

All tests done with leading liquid laundry detergent and/or bleach
In some instances for thick cotton clothing, filled the tub up to 3/4

Thermal Sweaters ( no more than two at a time )
Hooded Sweaters ( One at a time, water makes them real heavy, didnt want to stress the agitator )
Blue Jeans ( 1 to 2 jeans simultaneously, depending on size )
Dress Shirts ( 5 simultaneously )
Dress Socks ( 15 pairs )
White socks ( 10 pairs )
Boxers ( 15 )
Underwear ( 10 )
Track Pants ( three at a time )

As far as detergent goes, I find it best to fill the tub with water halfway first, then pour the detergent, softener and / or bleach, set the timer to max to evenly mix the soap/bleach, then toss in the clothing one at a time. Invest in a small plastic bucket to fill the tub as the rinse tube is too narrow and takes too long to fill the tub.

I have not experienced any issues other than an small thin stream of water that will drip from the "mini" logo, this is due to water splashing against the attached screw to keep the logo in place, an easy fix with good quality silicone/epoxy resin ( or gorilla glue ).

Construction build is reminiscent of the same plastic used in plastic cement buckets, very durable although you wont want to drop this unit, so keep it in a safe place.

The timer when set is louder than the machine itself, but from a distance cannot be heard. From a distance the macine will make a faint humming noise, similar to how a fridge turns on at night to regulate temperature, not loud at all. ( wont disturb your neighbors ).

This machine gets the job done
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on February 23, 2013
Like anyone living in New York will tell you, space is always a problem. So when I came across this product, I was ecstatic. I first saw the panda but they were going to charge me an arm and a leg for shipping. Amazon ships this one for free so I decided to get this one and I believe it works just the same.

I live in an apartment building and going to the laundromat is really a big issue for me. Yes I must confess. I'm one of those people that let the laundry pile up. I dread doing laundry so much that I sometimes let it pile up for up to 6 weeks [shh.. pls don't tell anyone ;) ] First of all, I have to drag the laundry down a flight of 3 stairs and then back up when the laundry is done. And then drive down a couple of blocks to the laundromat. The one very close to me charges $4.00 for a load for the small machines which I think is ridiculous!! Where I go to charge $2.50 for a load. The big machines are $3.75 and $4.50. Sometimes it's raining or snowing or it just rained and/ or snowed ugh.. you get the picture. Then at the laundromat, I have to deal with rude people, some machines will probably not be working so I have to wait for a machine to become available and then wait for the clothes to wash and then the dryer plus the added inconvenience of washing my clothes in public (when did it become acceptable to wash our dirty linen in public lol.. just saying)

With the base camp, I can do my laundry in the comfort of my home, while doing other house chores or just relaxing on a nice saturday afternoon. I don't have space for a regular washer. Even if I did, the cost of a washer and a dryer is very discouraging. This product saves on water, soap and money too. If you spend about $15-20 a week at the laundromat, then this product will pay for itself in a couple of months.

It just takes a little getting used to. When transfering your laundry from the washer to the spin dryer, there maybe a few spills but it can easily be wiped off. When you use it a couple of times, you get to feel your way around the spills which is the only down side I find here.

Now I wash 2 to 3 times a week. I thought I hated doing laundry but I just found out it's the whole process involved that I don't like. I actually enjoy doing laundry now. I wash 2 to 3 times a week that by the time laundry day comes around, I hardly have anything to wash. I need to go on a laundry diet lol.. But it will not be able to wash some heavy stuff like my comforter or winter jacket. For those, I will go to the laundromat. But then I don't wash those every week.

The base camp can definitely fit a little more clothes than I showed in my video. I just ran out of clothes to wash :) Remember to let it air out over-night or for a couple of hours and then store it. It stores nicley in a spot in my closet along with the spin dryer. Also, don't forget to hang up the clothes you just washed with a hanger or clothes line or anything you may choose. It's winter right now so I just hang them up overnight and put them away the next morning. It's no problem at all doing this compared to all the problems of going to a laundromat. I believe my clothes will last longer especially the dark colors, I have the option of choosing how much time they will wash, about 6 to 9 mins if they are not heavily soiled. So the colors stay a little longer. With the regular machines at the laundromat, I don't have that option. My dark clothes will normally wash just as long as my whites. I don't think this is very healthy for dark colors.

With all that said, I will definitely recommend this product.

I hope this helps
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on May 18, 2014
I'm partial to front load washers but can't afford one right now so in the mean time I got this machine since I've sworn to never go back to a laundromat again. It sure beats hand washing but doesn't really measure up to a normal fully automatic washing machine. So it has found a sweet spot in between.

I've had it for about 2 months now and I do 3 or 4 loads every other day for my family of 3 (dog, toddler and me). A load is usually 5 to 8 small items (bras, underwear, undershirts etc), or 1 big item (sheet, super thick bath towel, jacket etc).

Please note:
1. queen/ king sheets, quilts etc will not wash or rinse well in this machine. It's just too small.
2. For better washing and rinsing don't overload. There needs to be enough room for clothes to get tossed around in the water (hence the reason big sheets etc won't wash well)
3. Place washer on a sturdy, level surface for better performance (I had it on a stool in the bathroom so it could drain into the tub but noticed water leaking from the bottom of the washer. Moved it to my kitchen counter to let it drain into my sink and now no leaking. What a relief!!! I thought it was defective, but very happy that it really wasn't).

- huge help/step up from hand washing [frequent change of clothes while potty training my toddler would have made my laundry experience a nightmare if I didn't have this little machine (probably would have kept using diapers longer than necessary hindering her maturity/development). Proud to say she is fully potty trained now at 2.5yrs old]
- does a decent job washing (no more laundromat !!!)
- small and lightweight (great for small apartment where regular washer isn't allowed or extended stay camping trips etc)

1. Machine needs too much of my attention
a) manual filling of machine: inlet hose is useless so I use a big container which I need to fill 4 times to wash, 4 times for 1st rinse, 4 times for 2nd rinse and 4 times for 3rd rinse if I use bleach. Then multiply that by 4 loads every other day;
b) manual draining of machine: wish I could leave the hose down in the desired draining area and just turn a dial/knob to "unlock" to begin draining then turn the dial back to "lock" to seal the drain hole to fill with water for next cycle;
c) untangling clothes to facilitate better washing/rinsing: legs of pants, long sleeves, socks, and bras get tangled,
d) extra rinsing especially if I use bleach since there's no high speed spin in between wash & rinse to squeeze out excess soapy water
e) tangles clothes causing unwanted stretching

What I would change to make machine better:
- make the drain hose longer (because the hose is short water comes gushing out while I unhook it from the body of the machine to guide it to the sink. To solve this problem I've since inserted the inlet hose into the drain hose for added length and voilà, no more messy spills).
- make the inlet hose the same size as drain hose for faster filling (inlet hose is basically useless for this purpose. ..just too small)
- change the location of the drain hose from the right side to center back to allow easier selection of draining area. (I can't put the washer in the spot I really want to because the hose is on the right side while the sink is on the left)
- Make it fully automatic [attach the inlet hose to the faucet, set the drain hose into the desired draining area (sink, tub etc), put in clothes and soap, set timer and just let the machine do it's work without me needing to do anything but remove clothes and hang to dry]
- allow the machine to do a high speed spin in between wash & rinse to a) facilitie better rinsing b) facilitie faster line drying c) eliminate the need to purchase a separate machine just to spin dry clothes (if Laundry Alternative has technology to make a great mini spin dryer/water extractor, and Basecamp can make a decent mini washer why not combine the two technologies into one superb mini fully automatic washer? That would be fantastic!!!)

In conclusion, I bought this washer knowing fully well that it would be a hands on/manual machine but figured it would be way better than hand washing, which it is. So it has a place in my home (for now) since it fills a need (keeping laundry manageable while avoiding the laundromat) but I would like to see many improvements before I can give it 5 stars. I would recommend to others as long as they have realistic expectations and take the plunge with eyes wide open.
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on June 26, 2013
This is a great little unit. I love how easy it is to use and its size. I only purchased it to tide us over until my portable washer could arrive, which tracking said could take two weeks. I got tired of driving to the closest laundry place, about 2 miles away, then dropping $15 on washing and drying. My portable arrived only days later, but I decided to try this one out anyway to see how it performs.

I have to say I really like it. It doesn't fit much, maybe a pair of work pants and a couple of shirts at once, but you can see from how it drains water that it takes out a lot of dirt. Be mindful and only use a couple of tablespoons of laundry soap or you'll be rinsing for a while. I used this to wash a delicate sweater and some of my son's shorts, then drained, squeezed out the dirty water, then refilled with clean water and some vinegar to pulsate and rinse. I used my portable washer to spin, but I would recommend a separate spin dryer to take the excess water out to air dry or save money and energy on drying time. FYI, vinegar is a natural clothes softener and removes yucky odors from clothes.

I used this on my kitchen countertop and drained the water in the double sink. It would be great for someone who lives in a studio apartment, a very small space, rooms with other people or needs a tiny washer for camping or traveling. It can also be used to wash delicate fabrics, such as sweaters or expensive lingerie. I decided to keep this and use it specifically for these items to save money on water and energy.
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on September 24, 2012
I purchased this little washer after reviewing several brands in this category. This one, as far as I have seen, is VERY similar to the PANDA brand but about $20+ cheaper. I live in a studio apartment so i don't have the space for a large machine and I am not allowed to monkey with the plumbing. I have to say, this little guy has helped me keep my laundry in check,it holds quite alot and everything comes pretty much as clean and fresh as conventional washers with the ease of being able to do laundry at midnight if I want to. There is a little bit of a learning curve (how much water to put, load size)but after a few washes, you get the hang of it. It can hold two large bath towels and some small pieces (socks,underwear) or 2-3 pants and a couple of tops and smalls in one load. You want to put a sufficient amount of water and not overload or the agitator wont be able to do its job.It does have a hose to fill it from sink but I just use a bucket-it is quicker.There are several videos on YouTube for the similar PANDA brand,so you can see how this machine works. You definitely want to get a spin dryer to go with this (the Laundry Alternative has some portable ones at reasonable prices)as clothing is sopping wet when it is done. Overall,this works as I expected and is worth the price--it ultimately pays for itself in time and money if you normally go to the coin-o-mat.
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on December 29, 2012
I love this thing! It's small, fits under my sink and keeps me from laundry hell weekly. Definitely worth the money to keep your tanks, socks and other small items clean without having to go anywhere.

Only thing I don't like is the flimsy hose it comes with to attach to the sink... invest a couple of dollars at the hardware store and buy another one.
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on March 14, 2014
It looks small and fragile in the picture but the size is actually pretty good and the built is solid. The color is not very see through light, it is deep blue in color and looks really elegant machine. I was extremely joyous looking at it the moment I opened the box!

Couple of pointers:

1) Whatever amount of clothes you put in, if you can fill it up fully with water such that no clothes stick out, then it's the right amount of load for the machine. The water filled to the brim makes sure that, the load gets circulated around nicely, and the inherent buoyancy that water offers will lower the weight of the load too.

2) The inlet pipe that comes with this is useless, I have been manually filling it up for washing and rinsing. I will buy a new mouth attachment for the inlet pipe, so it attaches the mouth of the tap and fills the washing machine by itself.

3) The outlet pipe, which is shown in the picture is very powerful, in a matter of a few seconds, completely drains out the machine. Make sure it's hooked in the upright position when you are filling up the water.

4) The machine is extremely easy to use and is able to do a pretty good job in washing. I doubt if I would ever have to visit laundromat except for maybe washing my comforter. I could wash all my clothes (delicates to jeans to hoodies), towels and bedding using this. For less dirty clothes I can choose to wash them in about 5 minutes! This machine didn't damage even my most delicate sweaters!

5) I put it on my counter top in the kitchen and use the sink for the outlet pipe to drain out all the water. When the water gets too much in the machine, the outlet pipe, itself lets out some of the water from time to time. So, the sink helps with taking care of such in-operation spillage.

6) It doesn't spin-dry the clothes. I use Spin Dryer (not the counter top or the soft one), that I bought from the laundry alternative website, as they were not charging ridiculous amounts of shipping. I live in Pennsylvania and they charged me $15 for shipping. This spin dryer is pretty efficient and takes out all the water, the clothes are almost dry. I just hang them for a bit and they are good to go.

This is just the machine I needed and I am glad I didn't choose Panda, I didn't wanna pay the ridiculous $40 for shipping! Basecamp and amazon prime membership rock!

Price I paid: $76.31 inclusive of all taxes, March 01, 2014. With my prime membership, I paid $0 delivery. So, this is the total amount I paid.

Price Check and Tracking: I like to use camelcamelcamel . com . It gives pretty good idea of all amazon products if you are paying a good price or not.
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on May 23, 2014
I bought this little machine for small, in-between loads of laundry. I have incredibly high water rates, and I thought it might be a water saver for me.Mine arrived yesterday. It was well-packed, and in an unlabeled Amazon box for those sneaking this into an apartment with a "no washer" rule (or making bubble hash...LOL). So I decided to read the directions and try this out.

Really, it's very simple, this is a little bucket with a motorized pulsator agitator in the bottom, a timer, and a gravity driven drain hose. I have nothing really to add about the machine that other reviewers have not covered, but I have a really quick and water efficient method of doing clothes that I learned from my grandmother. I know a lot of reviewers are spending extra time and water with the current directions, so I hope this helps. Really, you can do a good job on a lot of clothes VERY quickly, and with minimal water using this method.

I decided to set up the washer and spinner in my bathtub and use my handheld shower head to fill and rinse clothes. Set this up somewhere you don't mind a few water drips. The agitation is splashy and the transferring process is drippy. I filled it up, added some detergent (TRUST me, you want a small amount of HE low suds detergent for this little guy) and added some clothes.

First load: I added too many clothes and it didn't move the clothes. I took a couple of items out, and it started to go to town. I checked some really dirty stuff at 3 minutes and it was already clean. I squeezed out the excess water back into the washer (don't drain the washer at this point), and packed the clothes into the spin dryer and ran for 30 seconds. Then I stopped the spinner, grabbed my hand held shower, and thoroughly soaked the clothes in the spinner. Started it back up for about a minute, stopped it and hung them up to finish drying.

Second load: I added a tiny bit more detergent to the water in the washer, added clothes, and a little bit of extra water from the shower to fill it up to the fill line. Ran for 3 minutes, transferred to and rinsed in the spinner like above.

I managed to get four smallish loads done last night in minimal time, and I used under 10 gallons of water. Using this method, you can get about four loads of normally soiled clothing done in the same water before it becomes too soiled to use. A tiny bit of extra detergent to each water reuse, and fresh water in the spinner keeps everything fresh smelling and bright.

Overall, I am very happy with this little machine. I am a single person, and I do own a regular washer and dryer. However, this is quicker for the small loads I generate, and very convenient. You're still gonna need a regular washer for big stuff like blankets, etc, but it handles socks, underwear, shirts, pants, sweats, etc, beautifully. Just don't overload it. With the quick washing and strong agitation on this machine, there is no reason to overload it. Just drop a few articles in, let them wash and move on. :)
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on May 22, 2014
I recently moved into a 1 bedroom with no laundry facilities. I wasn't about to go to the laundromat all the time. I just have a bike, and coin op machines are expensive anyways.

This thing is a dream come true.

I read a couple recent reviews complaining the water gets pretty dirty. This is true, for the first time you run clothes through this washer. The top loaders at the laundry building where I used to live didn't get my clothes nearly as clean as this washer does. These people are essentially complaining that this washer gets their clothes too clean!

After doing a load of white socks in this washer (I figured if I was going to mess anything up I'd rather it be socks) I couldn't believe how much whiter my socks were than after using the top loaders. The colors on my shirts seem brighter too. Yesterday I did another load of socks and the water did not get as dirty as it did the first time I washed socks in this machine. The problem isn't the washer being inefficient at draining or washing, the issue is this washer gets your clothes cleaner than a lot of larger machines do.

Moving along, this machine isn't just great because of how well it cleans. I live in a shared building, and I was concerned about noise. I can't even hear this machine operating while I'm in my kitchen, which shares a wall with the bathroom I run the machine and has just a modest living room in between.

This machine also works quickly, washing a load in ~8 minutes, less for boxers and such, a little more for towels or heavily soiled items, and then rinsing in the same amount of time. I do a couple loads every few days and I usually spend about 20 minutes total between washing, rinsing, draining, putting it away, etc.

I used to spend about $10 every two weeks at the laundry building, this thing will have paid for itself after 4 months, and I can do my laundry in my own home instead of trekking out to the laundry building all seasons of the year.

It uses 170 watts of power, which is basically a couple light bulbs.
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on July 3, 2016
When you dread the trip to the laundromat and the high cost of that plus the wear and tear on your clothes of overheated dryers, you may need one of these.
I put it in the shower stall and fill it with the long, flexible shower head. You could just fill a bucket and dump the water into the washer. I didn't want to even try attaching to a faucet the tiny hose provided.

Remove the spin basket, put in the detergent/water/clothing, set the time and let it slosh and tumble the clothing around. I unhook the side hose and let the water run down the shower drain. Then I remove the dripping clothes.

Next step is to put the spin basket in & put about 1/3 of the clothes in with fresh water. Set the action to spin and set the timer. Leave the side hose down so the extracted water can drain. While this spin is going on, you need to hold the machine in place so it won't jump around so much. In the instructions, it says hold it by the 2 handles at the top. I found it easier to just press down on the lid, as the handles are rather small.

Remove those clothes and repeat with the other partial batches of wet clothes. This seemed pretty tedious to me, so I resort to rinsing the clothes 1/3 at a time in my bathroom sink, hand-wring them, then run them through a shorter spin cycle.

When it is time for bulky items like towels, sheets, etc. I head to the laundromat. (the photo shows one load of clothes from this washer)
review image
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