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on June 20, 2017
Among the best of the 'Batman' series. Bridges the time between the Dick Grayson (Robin / Nightwing) / Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) years and the Justice League. However, The Joker remains the best developed character even among the heroes.
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on September 17, 2015
Most of the stories are still good Batman stories, but the new animation style (compared to previous seasons) especially with the villains throws me a bit. There is a bit dumbing down of Batman, for example when he calls a dinosaur a giant lizard and get pithy with Commissioner Gordon when he is corrected, and there is one outright magical episode including the demon Etrigan. Although I understand why they did this, I prefer a smart Batman that doesn't have to deal with magic. The coolest thing about Batman is that he is a scientist/engineer first, detective second, and ninja third. In recent years this has been flipped around to please dumb audiences (see Batman the Brave and the Bold). At least Brave and the Bold starts out odd so it isn't jolting when magical things happen. Still, the majority of the episodes are interesting and worth watching if you've watched the other seasons.
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on July 26, 2016
TAS season 4 stands out a bit with it's character design "revamp" and the cantankerous nature of Bruce Wayne even with his mask off. Bruce is a little less relatable but probably a bit more natural seeing as he's not acting the playboy from here on out. I like that this season focuses a lot on the supporting characters, particularly the Bat-family and a few of the more interesting villains. This season has a lot of tragedy with the villains, taking dark turns that leave the watcher feeling pity towards most villains. It would have been nice to have more of a book-end finale but the show runners probably expected another season or two.
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on September 18, 2016
A great story. Watching it as an adult, I have to chuckle at how 'real world' the problems are, with a simplified plot for a child. This series also highlights how drastically our society has changed as this cartoon would never be approved in today's world with its feminine female characters and ultra-masculine male characters. Ironically, all female characters are prime role models for girls with demure and feminine PhDs and business magnates. Equality at its finest.

Beautiful hand drawn animation. Great writing, layered for adults and children.

Better than I remember as a child.
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on February 4, 2017
There is nothing lacking from the fourth season. Save that there was not a fifth season.
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on March 17, 2016
Here we have the fourth and final season of Batman the Animated Series; although it really is the Batman episodes of what became the new Batman/Superman Adventures (as it air on the WB network years ago).
Of the four volumes, to me this is the weakest. That's not to say it isn't good, just for the most part not as good as the rest.
This volume, we find that Batman has expanded his team beyond just occasionally Robin: Dick Grayson has become Nightwing, Barbara Gordan has officially been initiated into the team, and a new younger Robin (Tim Drake) has joined the cause. These characters take up more screen time than they would have previously, as the show is a little more team based, which I don't have so much a problem with.
However, I don't care for the character changes to Batman himself. He seems a little more harsher than he used to be. The previous volumes show him having more heart; gone are stories like "The Forgotten" and "It's Never Too Late", which deal with themes such as forgiveness, redemption and compassion.
There have also been several changes to the designs of the characters, ranging from minorly annoying to terrible. Batmans' cape and cowl have gone from being dark blue with black shadowing to simply black, and as Bruce Wayne he has a different facial appearance. I found this minorly annoying. The Joker is now drawn minus his trademark red lips and Killer Croc has been redesigned with a green scheme. To me, the worst redesign was with Catwoman; gone is the shapely grey catsuit she wore, she's drawn in an all black suit, with pale skin and an exaggeratedly skinny silhouette; which just looks like lazy drawing for this show. Admittedly, even from the beginning, the Bruce Timm shows depicted these characters with angular, exaggerated proportions, but I think what the did was unnecessary.
That being said, there are certainly some good points about this volume: "Double Talk" and "the Jokers' Millions" were both episodes that did interesting things for some of Batman's' villains.
And I actually found the twist with the final episode, "Judgement Day", to be pretty enjoyable (I'd even seen the episode years earlier, and was still surprised having forgotten it and watched it again).
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on December 29, 2016
You know, I almost get extremely annoyed when I see Amazon sending me e-mails to rate some video that I watched. But you bet your keister I clicked on that e-mail to rate this show. There is no way I cannot NOT recommend this show. This masterpiece of a series is what started my obsession with Batman and all superheroes for that matter. At this point I'm going to stop even writing this review not only because I am lazy, but that you should be watching this show right now instead of reading reviews about it. Now get going!
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Season 4 of Batman: The Animated Series had some changes and took some chances, some paid off, some did not. The focus of most of the series is on Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin with Batman becoming more of a father figure for his Bat Family.

But some of the episodes spotlighting Batman are true classics. We have Mad Love, which gives the origin of Harley Quinn and her insane love affair with the Joker. We have Girl's Night Out with Supergirl and Batgirl taking on Poison Ivy and Harley. And best of all we have Legends of the Dark Knight, with animated takes on the 50s Batman and Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.

The gems in this collection more than make up for the mediocre episodes. This is definite buy.
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on May 20, 2014
Volume 4 doesn't disappoint on the storytelling that Volumes 1-3 made standard. This volume introduces more of the Bat family and so I think that is an interesting direction for the show to take. The one negative I have to mention is the changes in animation from the previous volumes and this one. That make it so that I only give this volume 4 stars. I'm not sure why they decided to redesign a lot of the characters. Poison Ivy and Catwoman are now white or pale and seem to lack the detail and care given them from previous volumes. The Batman redesign isn't too radical, and I don't mind that change. The only character redesign that I might prefer over the other volumes would be the Penguin. Anyway, if you like the other volumes of the show, you should definitely watch this volume. The slightly different look is only minor and the interesting stories and fine voice acting still make this volume part of the greatest animated series ever.
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on November 5, 2016
As much as I love Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, the "Batman: The Animated Series(w/Kevin Conroy)" remains the best video adaptation of Batman. As well as offering good portrayals of the classic characters, it even introduced worthy new ones such as Harley Quinn! My only ding is that the streaming versions omit Kevin Conroy's "I am vengeance, I am the Knight!" From the opening credits. Speaking of the opening, the Danny Elfman theme is AWESOME!
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