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on May 18, 2017
It was not so long ago 5 years ago as soon as I got my PS3 for Christmas that one of my first games for the console was Batman: Arkham City, the second entry of the Arkham series of Batman video games and here I am near 5 years later I bought the game that begun this glorious beginning to an awesome Batman saga which was released dating back to its original release in 2009.

Arkham Asylum is phenomenally grand in terms of graphics, gameplay, voice acting and story. Batman battles multiple criminals and villains throughout his wholly long endeavor on Arkham Island which all leads to Batman, as you play the titular cape crusader, race against time to stop the Joker from taking total control of Arkham Asylum. The game also has Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill repraising their voices of Batman and Joker in this and the next game respectively with this also being the only game in the series to have Harley Quinn's original voice actress Arleen Sorkin repraising Harley's character. Tara Strong would voice Harley later in the series of course.

- Solid graphics
- The DLCs, such as playing as the Joker in Challenge Mode only in the GOTY Edition for PS3.
- Voice Acting by Conroy and Hamill as always.
- Game takes 6 hours long to complete
- Open World roaming on Arkham Island

- Never bothered playing the game in 3D, which is exclusive for PS3.
- Upgrades taken once after completing a mission. You can upgrade Batman once each time.
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on July 27, 2017
There have been many superhero video games, such as batman begins, super man 64, batman shadow of vengence. And I am glad to say this one beats them all. Arkam asylum has you playing as the dark knight voiced by the talented Kevin conroy against the joker voiced by the magnificent Mark Hamill but that's not all in the asylum he fights a huge roster of villains including bane, quinn, killer croc and scarecrow. But, don't worry about the game play folks because it is beautiful batman can beat up his opponents hand to hand or you can stealthily take them down, he also comes with a lot of interesting gadgets that will make your adventure unique. This game has a lot of replay elements you can go throughout the asylum and get riddler trophies and in the main menu you can play challenge maps. The challenge maps has 2 modes fighting where it's a hand to hand battle in a small space where your skill in fighting is what keeps you alive and predator where you use your head to take down your enemies in a more open space using stealth, also in the PS3 version in the challenge maps you can play as the flipping joker. The story is great and the graphics hold up to this day a must have for any fan of batman.
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on September 26, 2013
From a visual and story perspective this is a perfect marriage of the classic "Batman the Animated Series" and Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" films. It's dark, it's gritty, but it also keeps a certain sense of fun thanks to the voice talents of Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamil as the Joker.

This game truly captures the aspects of Batman as a man who strikes from the shadows, but also brings in his skills as a detective in a way no game before really has. The look and feel of the game is phenominal.

It falls short of a perfect score for me because of the camera. I'm a bit motion sensative if I can't get the game's camera to react the way I expect it to. While the camera is hardly spastic, I wasn't able to consistently get it to react to my movements through the game in a way that kept me from getting motion sick. Just a bit more control and customizability of the camera pans would have done the trick.
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VINE VOICEon January 14, 2013
Without a doubt this is the best comic book game I've ever played. Granted, I've only played a handful, but I've been wanting to play this game since it was first released. With so many games in my backlog, it took me a while to get to this, but I even bumped it up so I could play it sooner. I was not disappointed.

Playing this game is the best iteration of what it's like to be the Batman. From his gadgets to his stealth, Arkham Asylum's Bruce Wayne employs the best of the franchise. From his chiseled Michael Keaton chin to his grotesquely buff body to Kevin Conroy's voice talent to the simple costume design, this is one of the best animated visualizations of the dark knight, only bested by the comics and the animated series themselves. Not to mention Mark Hamill's expected supreme voice acting, everything is done meticulously to make you enjoy the game to its fullest. The use of the mythos' villains is creative and fresh, even if you're very familiar with them.

The only gripes I have about the game are that I felt it was too short, though the Riddler's challenges make it a tad bit longer, and the boss fights were extremely easy. The toughest fights I've found in the game, besides the challenges, were the group brawls with the inmates. The final battle was sort of a disappointment, but that still didn't deter me to get excited about the next installment, to see what more Rocksteady had to offer. And from what I've heard, I've only just begun to enjoy their Arkham franchise.

The gadgets are handled well in the game, and the third-person perspective is excellent. The game is as realistic as it gets, though it's a wonder how much incredible stamina Batman can have in one night.

It's a must play for any video game aficionados, especially those who enjoy Batman. And who doesn't?
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on August 21, 2017
Absolutely amazing. This is the definitive Batman game (I mean come on, Mark Hamill as the Joker? That by itself is an auto 10/10 ). This the first true game which portrays Batman and the characters as they should be represented. Do yourself a solid, skip the movies (except '89 Batman and the Nolan trilogy) and pick up this game.
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on August 13, 2013
I like Batman, but I am far from a big fan. With that being said, this is one of the best games I have played. The fact that it is in 3D makes it even better. The game combines many things that are familiar elements from other games. Some levels have a scary sensation like F.E.A.R offers. The fighting is similar to God of War. Stealth movement is like Splinter Cell. There are plenty of areas to explore. The graphics and voice work are amazing. But, let's get down to the basics:
Pros: Has a well organized upgrade system, easy to learn controls and Batman moves and reacts like a superhero should. You get to use a lot of Batman's gadgets which is cool.
Cons: In some levels, you will have to go back and forth a few times to accomplish a task. The Boss battles are pretty close to being the same (a batarang to the head and then pummel them).
Graphics: Great 5 of 5
Sound: Great 5 of 5
Controls: Good 4 of 5 (pretty smooth, but not perfect)
Story: Moderate 3 of 5 (good but not captivating unless you are a Batman fan)

I would still give this game overall a 5 of 5, because it was a lot of fun and the 3D effect made it so much cooler. It is probably the best Comic Book game out there. I played it non stop until I beat it once and then started all over again. I would definitely recommend this game and I can not wait for the sequel.
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on December 10, 2011
Batman Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year Edition is one of the greatest video games I have ever played. I am the rarest of gamers, a 63 year old who has been gaming on computers and consoles since the late 1970s. This game in the PS3 version is the best translation of a comic book hero into reality I've ever seen or heard of. If you want to get inside the mind of Batman and fight notorious villains and their henchmen without compromising any aspect of the characters, this is a game you must have. The GOTY edition allows you to play as the Joker, (main criminal adversary of the game), and comes with extra maps and challenges. There are puzzles which are solvable by people with average intelligence and if you need help solving the puzzle aspects of the game you can always find solutions somewhere on the web and plenty of walkthroughs are available on You Tube. The fighting is fast and calls for the cunning of a supreme crime fighter as you have so many weapons and "wonderful toys" to fight with. The game is enormous and encompasses all of Arkham Asylum as well as Arkham Island. You will be playing this one for a long time as it is just full of things to do and they are all fun. This game is considered one of the all time PS3 hits and is likely to remain as such for as long as there is a PS3. If you are considering purchasing Batman Arkham City, which is the sequel to this game, make sure you have played this one first. This game comes with all of the downloadable content which Arkham City has already started selling. So for about $20 you will get a game which cost $59.95 when it was released plus about $30 in downloadable content for free. When you finish playing Arkham Asylum, you can buy Arkham City for a lot less than it costs now. Buy this game, put it on your big screen, and enjoy yourself in the insane asylum.
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on December 11, 2012
Being used to first-person "shooters" I purchased this game knowing it would be more like "Gods of War" than "Battlefield:Bad Company" so I had some reservations. I was wrong. This is a fun game to play and very challenging mentally. My overal evaluation of the game is:

Simply put, the game is fun.
The graphics are excellent as is your ability to move around in different environments.
Controlling Batman is not as difficult as I expected (especially at the beginners level)
Fighting opponents, repelling around structures, and using Bat-skills (Detective mode) adds extra fun to the game
The game "challenges" are cool, but they ARE challenging.
The story line and ongoing plot(s) keep you interested.

Fortunately, not too many.
Trying to access "trophy's" in areas that seem inaccessible can be frustrating.
The environment is HUGE and sometimes leaves you wondering which direction to go in next.
The map(s) could be designed to zoom in even closer than they do, and have trophy/treasure marks

In final review, I put off playing this game because I like different venues. Now, I have three new games that are gathering dust because I keep coming back to Batman.
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on March 15, 2011
Im not a batman fanboy, but I might as well be because my favorite movie is the dark knight and my favorite game is arkham asylum. But they are my favorites for being great.

Graphics: Right away you will notice the graphics, they are very good. Gotham has never looked better. As for the 3-d effect, if you understand the limitations of the red-blue glasses then you will be more than satisfied with it. But if you are expecting images to "pop out" then you will be dissapointed. This kind of 3-d does not pop out, rather it "pops in" so to speak. The best way to describe it is like looking through a window, nothing pops out in real life when you look through a window, but you can tell which things are closest to you because of depth. All this 3d does is add some extra depth. In some areas it doesnt make much of a difference, in other areas I was blown away. Who cares if it isnt Imax 3d? Gaming technology has not reached that point yet, so why not enjoy the best available NOW?

Gameplay: one of the things that keeps me from enjoying a lot of modern games is confusing/clunky controlls. Games arent fun when I keep dying because I dont know what to press. A lot of games tell you ONE TIME what buttons do and you have to memorize immediately and permanently. Arkham asylum slowly adds extra actions, and you never go very long without performing each action. Switching between gadgets was simple and intuitive.

Gameplay is smooth, with only the occasional 1-2 second load time when opening a gate that leads to a different part of the island. In 20 hours of playing I have probably waited a total of 20 seconds for something to load.

Fighting sequences are outstanding. In a lot of brawling games the mechanics get weird with a lot of enemies around. A lot of "hits" become "misses" and vice-versa, but in this game it is al smooth and clean. Combos are linked together seamlessly.

Sound: greatest sound effects ive ever heard in a game. Having surround sound improved my experience greatly. There are loudspeakers in many rooms in the game, and SS allows you to hear where its coming from. The voice acting is the best ive ever heard. Mark hammil as the joker, and the guy that did Batman in the early-mid 90s batman cartoon does batman here. The diologue is amazing and humorous.

Perfect 10/10
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on November 20, 2012
Discovering the depths of depraved insanity yet? No?
How about a trip to this local looney bin, then? Where the mad ones have literally taken over the asylum! And the top honcho? He also happens to be a mastermind orchestrator, it seems.
Darkness looming everywhere, intense insanity, malpractice that needs more practice, let's just say, without a doubt, you'll go mad with the locals.
The story drives home that nowhere is safe, no matter what you do. Beautiful scenery outside the asylum, though. The controls are very good, tight, easy-to-learn, along with easy-to-adapt upgrades. Even though I got through the game (twice) without getting all the upgrades.
The challenges can be quite tricky, no matter if it's the fights or the predator challenges, but hey, at least Joker's commentary pre- and post-challenge can quite often be entertaining (at times, even darkly laughable).
In the end, it all comes down to a great story played with very good twists (no matter how many times you play it through), pretty challenging secrets, references galore to lesser-known Batman criminals, and an overall good time.
Are you willing to be committed?
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