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on April 24, 2013
The front of the box says that Bonus Content includes Harley Quinn's Revenge and Batman: Year One, and that it has a code to download from Xbox Live that expires on March 31, 2013.

I wasn't sure if that meant all content was behind the code or that some was on the disc and some on XBox Live. I got mixed results when researching the issue. One person said they used the code after expiration and it still worked. Some people said they got two discs in the box and it had all the content and others said they got one disc in the box and it didn't have all the content.

So here's the breakdown:

I put in the code today, 24 April 2013, and it is indeed INVALID on Xbox Live. I have a paid Gold membership (compared to a free Silver membership) and it still didn't work.

The box contains two discs. Those who got one disc may have purchased the original game. This is the Game of the Year Edition, with the ugly red and white cover. Upon installing and starting up disc one, the game searched for me and advised me that I have Catwoman content waiting for me and to please insert the second disc to install the Catwoman Bundle Pack.

All I had to do to enable this was start the game with Disc 2 in the drive instead of Disc 1. Up came a screen offering me to install:
-Catwoman Bundle Pack
-Batman Inc. Batsuit Skin
-Challenge Map Pack
-The Arkham Bundle
-Harley Quinn's Revenge

I could install individually or select "Install All" button.

So a careful reading of the box and examination of the options seems to show that the only thing the expired Xbox Live download code was used for was the animated movie "Batman: Year One." You do NOT get that for free when you buy this game because the code expired March 31, 2013.

I hope that helps anyone out there who was wondering, as I was, what the expired code meant.
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on January 6, 2016
Love this game. Just recently bought this game and wonder why I waited so long. Its really fun and exciting. Awesome graphics. During the main game you play the majority of it as Batman who has to fight villians like Penguin, Mr Freeze, Ras, and Joker. At times you also get to play as Catwoman whos part is a bit small but her missions involve Posion Ivy and 2 Face. This Game of the Year Edition has great DLC. Everything comes on a second Disc and the Cover art shown on this page is similar but not so wordy and they Harley Quinns Revenge is on the disc and not downloadable by card. My favorite was Harley Quinns Revenge. I would suggest playing the main game first even tho you can play this whenever since it takes place after the events of the game. In HQR you get to play as both Batman and Robin and has 4 parts to it. Part 1 and 3 you are Robin and Part 2 and 4 you are Batman. This game has lots of side missions so even after you beat it theres much more you can do. I have also just finished Arkham Asylum and while good I think the gameplay for City is better and allows for more action.
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on September 9, 2013
Batman: Arkham City has gotten all kinds of praise for being a good game, and I loved the original copy. So one would ask, why would you buy the same game twice? This edition will cost you roughly around $15 and will net you all the dlc for the game. To go on XBL (Xbox Live) and purchase the same DLC will cost you way more, so it makes sense to just purchase the GOTY edition.

Additional challenge maps, characters like Robin and Nightwing are a blast to play as, and Harley Quinn's Revenge is also included. For the Batman, all skins are made available. This edition is cheap and provides huge savings on DLC...and if you haven't played Arkham City, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!
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on October 31, 2013
This game was better than Arkham Asylum.

It fixed all the minor issues with Asylum while opening the world up more.

Once again, another wonderful performance by Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as the Batman and the Joker.

I'm not usually a guy that needs to hunt down every single item in a game, but the riddler trophies turn into an obsession. It was insanely gratifying to find them all and get the surprise at the end.

Overall, the game takes anywhere from 8-20 hours depending on how much time you sink into it, and that's not even including any of the DLC.

Must Play.
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on December 27, 2012
The larger, open-world structure of Arkham City provides considerably more content than its predecessor, Arkham Asylum.
Batman's abilities and arsenal are enhanced, providing more ways to explore environments and bring the hurt to enemies.
The story is a little bit more sinister than before; just how far does Batman need to go to defeat his foes?

There is no manual with this game, but the controls are the same as before, and you can view them anytime in the pause menus.
This game comes with 2 discs: Disc 1 is the core game and its extra features, and Disc 2 allows you to install special content that was previously only available through download-purchase, as well as new story episodes played as Catwoman. (If you're not a fan of Catwoman, don't install her content until after you finish the main story; the Catwoman episodes interrupt the main story at four certain points.) -You could also skip Catwoman's content entirely, but you'll see reminders of her every time you play. She still plays similarly to Batman, but her gadgets are different/fewer, she doesn't have the same exact takedowns, and she uses her whip and wall-climbing as opposed to Batman's cape gliding.-
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on June 7, 2014
Yeah, I'm a bit late. This game was first released in 2011, by the time of which I had already completed the original Batman: Arkham Asylum. I should have followed up with this one shortly thereafter, but I didn't. I waited until 2014; to be exact, it arrived at my house on the 30th of May 2014. After nine days of play (7th of June 2014 as of this review), I have completed the main story mode in full, and 33% of the overall game (remaining are side missions, riddles, DLCs and New Story +). All in all, it was still worth the wait. The game is amazing. The visuals are impressively stunning, although a bit graphically outdated. The open-world is appropriately sized, dense and rich with atmosphere and color. And the combat system is an improvement over the original one in Arkham Asylum. And to top it off, it cost me a mere $15. Great value!

The only downsides to this title were the graphics which weren't as smooth as I wanted it to be, although that's because its three years old. There were a few glitches, which surprised me a bit. And the story was a bit disappointing, because it didn't feel as if there was much meaning to it in the same way Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy had meaning. It had a plot, but not much underlying it.
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on July 4, 2017
The item was as described, but non-functional. Some small scratches to the inner circle of the first disc has rendered it unreadable. While the second disc works just fine, it ONLY has the added features and does not enable you to play the actual game. I would have accepted another copy of the same game, but they processed my refund, so I am in the process of sending their package back to them. I wouldn't fault the seller, this was just a bad copy. It happens with discs all the time.
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on June 10, 2013
Very good game. Frankly the game of the year edition did not add much for me. Catwoman is a decent addition, but nothing to write home about. The Harley Quinn section was an OK add-on, but it required you to play as Robin. Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman all have slightly different attacks and equipment. But worse, they have different timing. Most of them are faster than Batman, but do a little less damage. Since the "brawler" rules of the game are all about timing your attacks so that you can switch back and forth between large groups of enemies, while blocking when necessary, having a timing shift right at the end of the game REALLY throws you off. And not in a good "This is different" sort of way.
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on November 20, 2013
If you are a fan of Batman and remotely like video games, this game is a must. Even if you are not a fan of Batman, and you like video games, you should at least try this one. I'm not a die hard Batman fan, but I did love the early 90s cartoon series. This game has many of the voice actors who did the early cartoon series, and they are pros at their craft.

The game play is great. I like the combo based fighting system, though you could argue that it's laughably easy once you get it down. It is fun though coming up with different ways to finish off your foes, using the various unlockable gadgets at your disposal.

The campaign has a good story. Excellent original story that pays homage to existing Batman lore with the plethora of characters. Tons of Easter eggs for big fans. And as I said, the voice work is top notch, so it feels authentic playing through and you really get pulled in by the dialog and interactions.

The challenge modes and extras do add quite a bit of replay value. They don't necessarily feel like a chore or obligation to play through and see how many waves of enemies you can survive or how quickly and efficiently you can take them out.

I highly recommend this title. You don't necessarily need to have played through Arkham Asylum, but you might as well since it's probably dirt cheap to buy right now and they're both great games. Arkham City, though, is much better due to the feel that it's much more open world, plus the Catwoman levels are entertaining, and the bonus Game of the Year(Harley's Revenge, or whatever) content is icing on the cake.
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VINE VOICEon August 28, 2013
There's so much to see and do in Batman: Arkham City that you'd be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the game. It's a much bigger, open ended affair than Arkham Asylum. Asylum has the better, tighter story of the two but Arkham City's story is good enough that you'll want to play through to its very surprising ending. Arkham City gives you a few characters to play as and plenty of missions and collectibles to busy yourself with. This edition gives you the ability to play not just as Batman but also Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Robin. Every character has tons of stuff to do in various modes. Just collecting the Riddler trophies and completing his challenges is enough to keep you busy for weeks. It's the kind of game where you can just coast on it for a while and not worry about playing anything else due to the sheer amount of activities you can involve yourself with. The graphics and voice work are top notch and the surround sound is also pretty awesome (there's a nice little touch where when Mr. Freeze puts on his helmet and speaks, his voice suddenly seems to come from every speaker in this dead, robotic voice... love it).

It seems like just about every facet of Batman: Arkham Asylum has been improved upon with Arkham City. The combat especially is even smother this time around and it's a blast to master Batman's repertoire of moves to take on a bunch of goons all at the same time. I always find it funny that these same goons would even bother trying to take this guy on but hey, there would be no game if they all persistently ran away from him. It's challenging but not too challenging that it ever gets exceedingly frustrating. All in all, it's a very enjoyable ride with very few flaws to mention.

This Game of the Year edition of Arkham City is a totally worthy purchase and comes loaded to the gills. If you liked Arkham Asylum, this one is a no-brainer.
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