Customer Reviews: Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition
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on April 24, 2013
The front of the box says that Bonus Content includes Harley Quinn's Revenge and Batman: Year One, and that it has a code to download from Xbox Live that expires on March 31, 2013.

I wasn't sure if that meant all content was behind the code or that some was on the disc and some on XBox Live. I got mixed results when researching the issue. One person said they used the code after expiration and it still worked. Some people said they got two discs in the box and it had all the content and others said they got one disc in the box and it didn't have all the content.

So here's the breakdown:

I put in the code today, 24 April 2013, and it is indeed INVALID on Xbox Live. I have a paid Gold membership (compared to a free Silver membership) and it still didn't work.

The box contains two discs. Those who got one disc may have purchased the original game. This is the Game of the Year Edition, with the ugly red and white cover. Upon installing and starting up disc one, the game searched for me and advised me that I have Catwoman content waiting for me and to please insert the second disc to install the Catwoman Bundle Pack.

All I had to do to enable this was start the game with Disc 2 in the drive instead of Disc 1. Up came a screen offering me to install:
-Catwoman Bundle Pack
-Batman Inc. Batsuit Skin
-Challenge Map Pack
-The Arkham Bundle
-Harley Quinn's Revenge

I could install individually or select "Install All" button.

So a careful reading of the box and examination of the options seems to show that the only thing the expired Xbox Live download code was used for was the animated movie "Batman: Year One." You do NOT get that for free when you buy this game because the code expired March 31, 2013.

I hope that helps anyone out there who was wondering, as I was, what the expired code meant.
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on May 29, 2012
Let me start by saying something you know already, this game rocks. It's by far the best Batman game you can play, even better than Batman Arkham Asylum which is awesome too.

OK, what does it make this version superior over the regular one? Batman: Arkham City (GOTY) comes with 2 discs. Disc 1 is the regular version of this fantastic game, and Disc 2 allows you to install all of the DLC (Catwoman Pack, Robin Bundle Pack, Nightwing Bundle Pack, Arkham City Skins Pack, and Challenge Map Pack. Also includes Harley Quinn's Revenge new bonus content which features more than two hours of additional content, new environments, collectables, storylines and enemies) on your hard drive. You can download Batman: Year One movie with a voucher code. In other words, all of DLC are on Disc 2 that you install on your hard drive, except for the movie (voucher code).

So, if you already have the regular version and a nice friend borrows you Disc 2, you will have all of the downloadable content. On the other hand, if you have never played this game... What are you waiting for? Go for your copy now.

Enjoy this fantastic game, it is really amazing.
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on October 10, 2012
This game is absolutely amazing. Graphics, missions, gadgets, characters, and story are all just amazing. This is not my first game. I have played Call of duties. Assassins Creed, and etc. I can see that Arkham City has put a lot of work in this game than the rest. The story is so dramatic and detailed. Gadgets are very amazing as you use them to take your enemies down. Stealth, stealth, STEALTH !!! I didnt even know this game had stealth intill I bought it. I'm a hue fan of assassins creed, but after I saw the stealth in Arkham city, Assassins creed didn't stand out anymore. Combat, THE COMBAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS GAME !!! AZMAZIN MOVEMENT AND COMBOS! Not like any other super hero game ever!!! Just buy this game!!! GAME OF THE YEAR

- Perfect stealth and combat system
- Amazing graphics
- Missions are never repetitive
- Loads of gamemodes to play from
- Loads of characters to play as
- Free roam experience brings the fun in Arkham
- Loads of cool gadgets that lets you decide your next move
- Lots of freedom and ways to complete your mission
- Detailing enemies
- Great dramatic campaigne

- Okay Facial graphics
- No multiplayer ( Totally Fine )
- Can't use Nightwing or Robin in campaign, only in game modes.
- Long missions
- A few confusing missions ( No Biggy)
Thankyou for reading and have a great time playing this game
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on August 6, 2012
It's been a Batman kind of... well, decade, at this point.

Arkham City is, in every way, a great follow up and worthy successor to the kick-ass Arkham Asylum. There are some notable differences but, if you liked the previous installment, I can't for the life of me imagine why you wouldn't like this one.

The driving force behind this game, as the last, is the story. And boy-oh-boy, is it a doozy. We open with Bruce Wayne protesting the opening and operation of Arkham City: a super-prison that covers several city blocks and holds ALL of the crooks and criminals and crazies in Gotham. Hugo Strange, a psychiatrist in charge of running Arkham City and our main villain, chucks Bruce Wayne in jail, because courts and due-process are not a thing in Gotham, apparently. Once inside, Bruce becomes Batman, does some sluething and winds up face to face with the Joker (no surprise there). But the Joker's quite ill, it turns out! Poisoned by his overdose of Titan at the close of Arkham Asylum! And his plan to cure himself is... well, awful, and exactly the type of thing you'd expect the Joker to come up with. Batman then proceeds to fly among rooftops and punch people in the neck until all the problems are solved... well, mostly... actually, not really at all. This is a dark game, even by Batman standards: it's not morbid or emo, but the stakes are very high and you could argue that the Dark Knight isn't handling the situation too well. Too much is stacked against him and we have to wonder if he'll come out all right. It's a pretty gripping tale that takes some unexpected twists. It's a sprawling story as well, that covers a lot of ground and introduces an vast array of Batman villains (some obligatory, some really unexpected) but in a smart, clever sort of way. Nothing feels overly padded or awkwardly shoved in. It's a clever plot that gets from one point to the next in a really organic way.

And, once again, Mark Hamill's Joker steals the show. Serioulsy, does he get awards for this? Because he deserves some sort of recognition aside from me saying nice things in Amazon revies no one will ever read. It's an excellent group of voice-actors and he outshines them all.

Of course, all of that wouldn't matter if the gameplay sucked; and I'm happy to say that it doesn't suck in the least. It's the same blend of battle-royale combat, stealthy hunting and detectiving from the first. Everything's been smoothed out and the animations have been blended much better, but it's not worlds apart. I will say that the multi-foe combat moves a lot faster; the animations have been sped up and, if you time it right, the Batman can take down two or three enemies at a time. As I've said before, it's the ultimate easy-to-learn-hard-to-master experience: you can just mash that punch button and (maybe) come out okay. But the best will blend gadgets and free-flowing beatdowns to deliver the ultimate ass-kicking to ten, twenty, thirty guys at a time. Ditto the stealth sections, when it's time to take down a team of lunatics with guns. Those who take the time to learn all of batmans tools and tricks will be able to clear a room in seconds without breaking a sweat. It's a super-fun, super-satisfying experience.

There's also the addition of open-world exploration. Batman's cape and grapple hook have been improved and let him, for the most part, fly from one end of the modeslty sized Arkham City to the next. The design of the city is pretty unique; it's a well laid out area with its own unique feel. There's a TON of detail, with lots of ledges and corners and alleys to hide in. I would have prefered a more palatable shift in neighborhood as you travel from one super-criminal's turf to the next: everything is coated in the same grime and it makes Arkham City a touch monotone. Not that more color is the answer, we all know what happens when you paint pastels on batman. But... just, something to keep, say, the docks looking different from the area around the courthouse, you know? It's hard to think of what, because it's all so detailed already but... lighting? I don't know, I got nothin.

Anyway, what makes Arkham City stand out from Arkham Asylum is the shear weight of content: 400+ riddler challenges, a dozen or so side-missions giving storylines to some of the more colorful Batman villains, easter-eggs, hidden secrets, audio tapes, 3d-models, concept art, offline challenges for points. You could probably spend 40 - 60 hours tracking it all down. And this is even before the GOTY content...

But, yeah, about that... The big additions are the Catwoman DLC and the expansion: Harley Quinn's Revenge. Neither of which is that robust or all that exciting. Fun, but not too much fun. The Catwoman subplot weaves in and behind Batman's main story; it's neat to see what she's up to, but it's brief and doesn't really fill in any gaps that need filling in. It is fun to play as Catwoman, who has a much faster, much more effiecient fighting style. You get access to her at anytime after the main story and in the additional challenge maps, which is pretty cool. But it's not a necessary companion; you'd be fine without it. Ditto Harley's Revenge: it's a pretty brief addition to the end of the story, where Harley Quinn has herself locked up tight in the steel mill with some kidnapped cops. There's a few good fights, a couple of good stealth moments, and you get to play as both Batman and Robin at different points in the story. But it's very, very short and mostly forgettable. It felt mostly like it was there to set up a couple of things to be used in the third game.

Oh, and there will be a third game: there are far too many hints and moments of foreshadowing scattered throughout Arkham City. Google the ScareCrow easter egg, if you don't believe me.

All in all, I guess I would have to recommend the GOTY edition over the standard, simply because it's more of a good thing. There's enough extra stuff to be worth it (different batman skins, the ability to play as Robin/nightwing/catwoman in the extra challenges, a copy of Batman: Year One [if you're into that]) and it all comes neatly on one disk. You need a fair amount of memory to hold it all (1.2 G, I believe) but it's pretty much worth it. Like I said, it's just more of a good thing.

Not a lot more, nothing mindblowing, but a solid addition to one of the finest games of the past few years.
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on June 10, 2013
Very good game. Frankly the game of the year edition did not add much for me. Catwoman is a decent addition, but nothing to write home about. The Harley Quinn section was an OK add-on, but it required you to play as Robin. Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman all have slightly different attacks and equipment. But worse, they have different timing. Most of them are faster than Batman, but do a little less damage. Since the "brawler" rules of the game are all about timing your attacks so that you can switch back and forth between large groups of enemies, while blocking when necessary, having a timing shift right at the end of the game REALLY throws you off. And not in a good "This is different" sort of way.
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on August 1, 2012
These discs are perfect for gamers whom are having problems with their 360's connecting to the internet. I've been wanting to play all the side missions with Catwoman, Nightwing, Robin, and etc. Definitely worth the buy and every single cent charged.
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on September 11, 2014
Thought it was gonna be what everyone told me: GTA but with Batman. It's KIND of like that, but the combat gets VERY repetitive. It's definitely worth a buy if you're a Batman fan, but if you're just a casual Batman fan then you'll be wondering what the big deal is after playing this game. It's good, but having so many rewards and such high reviews makes you wonder if it only got them because the reviewers were Batman fans.
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on December 22, 2012
It includes all the DLC from the original in a separate disk. Install that disk to the hard drive and you'll be on your way. The story mode was short. However, after it was done there were more side missions to finish.
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on March 24, 2013
I just finished Arkham Asylum last month, and I couldn't wait to play Arkham City. I'm not one to get really into video games and play them for long periods of time, but I like superheroes and used to read comics a lot, so I decided to give Batman a try. It didn't hurt that the game had received so much praise.

It is a masterpiece. I can't quite decide whether I liked Asylum or City better, but I can't get enough of either of them. I love the controls, graphics, gripping story, dedication to the comic characters and plots, and amount of detail that went into every second of this amazing game. You begin to feel like you are Batman as you lose yourself in grappling through the city, thwarting bad guys and solving (sometimes very tricky) riddles. It was fun playing as Catwoman too. She has her own feel while still keeping the controls consistent.

I could go on and on - you have to play this game. It DESERVES the title Game of the Year.
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on October 16, 2013
I originally gave this three stars and after playing for a couple of days and using Rad Brad on You Tube to get past points I got stuck at I will now give it four stars. Don't think the graphics are as good as in the new one Origins, gliding is really fun with the dive feature and then glide again, grappling is great, so far cool upgrades but some require major amount of combos to use and I never seem to get enough to release my bat swarm. Still a fun game though and comes with a second disc of stuff like armor, Harlyquins revenge and other stuff. So if you like batman this might be a fun one for you, just like playing Asylum if that helps.

Update: if you don't like running around lost half the time because it's either impossible to find, get into, or how to do what's next. It's fun but find freeze how with just a temperature sensor? Getting the missions done to me is difficult. Have to get the containers for bang in some sort of order and how do I get behind the wall it's been a half hour and still haven't cracked it so I play for the graphics and use you tube a lot rad brad to get past but what's the point of a game that needs to be watched first to be played. Don't have this problem on gears of war and that one is fun. So that's the update. Cool batman graphics and controls ok, when it actually lets you do some of your leveled up combo moves, still can't use half of them. Smoke pellet rocks and gives plenty of pop ups to command batman. ok I'm done
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