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on August 4, 2014
Upon my initial play through, about halfway through, I couldn't help but wonder why this game got so much hate. Yes, it's repetitive. Yes, the story's not great. Yes, it copies virtually everything from Arkham City (even half of the map). Even so, it was very entertaining, and fun to be the Batman again, pummeling criminals and swooping around a pre-disaster Gotham.

Then I started paying attention o the tech tree and the challenges, and I realized that they were organized in a way that they could only be completed, one after the other, in a list. Want to get the gliding badge? Tough, you have to wait until you complete several other options first. You can't choose what upgrades you want - you have to follow the tree to the letter, and even then, some of the options only open up upon completing challenges. This brings the game's most glaring failing, one that cause me to swear profusely when it dawned on me: the Predator challenges that you have to complete in story mode can be COMPLETELY missed if you don't do them at the exact right time in the story mode. Enemies don't respawn in the Predator maps in story mode. If you don't complete the challenges then, you have to do them in New Game Plus or I Am The Night. It's a shockingly awful failure, and whoever came up with this idea doesn't have any business making games, especially ones whose predecessors are among the best all time. Good job, Montreal and WB, on your incompetence.

I also want to echo that, for a supposed "unrefined" Batman, this one is the exact same as the one in Arkham City, right down to the combat moves. Oh, and the tech being better here than it is over a decade later in game continuity. Stupid.

There are also still plenty of glitches, from the free flow combat somehow ending suddenly, to enemies not being countered despite hitting the buttons correctly, to a whole host of other, small issues that I never noticed when Rocksteady was in charge.

My advice? Wait until it's $15 or less, and then buy it. Above that, and it's not worth the money or frustration.
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on March 22, 2014
I purchased this game last year but stop playing due to bugs in the pc version which cause me to be stuck in certain areas plus I couldn’t get into the storyline at all. I just recently forced myself to finish this game and write a review about what I thought about it. I just wanted to say I absolutely loved arkham asylum and city which are two of my most favorite games ever. However this one was the worst one of them I felt. The game started out good up to the 1st boss fight but as soon as you get out into the city you can immediately tell that most of it was reused from arkham city! I wanted to give the new developers a chance to prove themselves with this game but you can tell that it was a complete cash grab buy using the arkham series to make a safe and quick buck.

First let me start off with what I did like and enjoy about this game. The graphics on pc were really well done and the game looked and ran smooth for the most part except for the bugs in some areas. The quick travel batwing was a nice addition to the game and helped saved time in gliding from area to area in the city. I loved the fact that that added the batcave in this game to me it is an important base to have in the batman series. It spent a lot of time just wondering around talking to Alfred and the training area. The deathstroke fight was both exciting and fun to play through trying to counter his moves as well as trying to land a solid hit on him. It kept you on your toes trying to figure out what he would do next but unfortunately that is the only biggest highlight in the game. The new voices of batman and joker did a really good job at holding the game up but not even they could save the game from it awful storyline.

I want to talk about what I didn’t like about the game starting with the villains. The developers picked a straight D list of villains to appear in this game. The only two who I thought might show potential was shiva and deathstoke. While I found the deathstroke fun and exciting the shiva fight was a complete let down. They made her out to be a fearsome and deadly assassin but when you finally fight her it is nothing but her throwing around cryptic messages and summoning ninjas to come and fight you. As for the rest of the villains like firefly, electrocutioner, killer croc cooperhead and deadshot were a complete joke.

Next the things I didn’t like about the city and a few of the characters. The city itself was devoid and lifeless with most of it being reused from arkham city! There were very few cars or even ppl out on the streets. As a matter of fact the only ppl out on the street were corrupt police officers and henchmen. I found detective Gordon to be a completely annoying character complaining most the time. The side characters like penguin, anarky, mad hatter and riddler were just put into the game just to fill a space as busy work not really serving a purpose in the game.

Finally the storyline itself which starts out interesting takes a turn for the worst once joker makes his appearance. It starts off with trying to establish the relationship batman has with all these characters to throwing it all out the window to focus completely on the joker. While I do like joker they let him take up way to much of the spotlight in this game all the way up until the end. I felt they could have left joker out of this game and maybe focus more on blackmask or even another one of batmans main villains not shown in this game.

There were a few parts I did enjoy about this game but not enough for me to like it. I could go on but I feel like most of what I didn’t like about the game has already been said on other websites as well as a few comments on amazon. All in all I would say just skip this game and wait for the new arkham knight game coming out this year by Rocksteady the devolpers of the first and second arkham games. I think arkham knight will take the series back to the greatness after the cash grab of origins.

2/5 DLC – Initiation
Seven dollars for less than 30min Dlc are you serious? You can go to the movies and watch a 2hr show and get more enjoying for cheaper! This dlc server no purposes what so ever to the game. It is suppose to tell the back story of how Bruce Wayne meet one of his fighting instructors and trains in his quest to to be one of the best fighters. Instead it is 3 brawler fights and 2 stealth tests and no real back story about his master.
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on April 4, 2014
This game gets 2 stars based on game crippling bugs that don't have a clear fix and can cause you to lose your save file. The devs don't seem very concerned or motivated to fix them so they are probably around to stay.

There are many of these bugs, so I recommend a Google search. The "Ozzy" bug is a big one, so definitely read up on that.

My issue was similar to the Ozzy bug, except I never got an error. I was playing fine for a day or two and then my game crashed (not the first time that happened). This time, though, when I went to start it back up, the game would freeze right after the intro movie and crash. Nothing would fix this - not a cache verification, re-installation, turning off cloud saves, deleting my save file - nothing. So, right now I am re-installing again after wiping every trace of this game off my computer to see if I can get it running. If not, then i will hound Amazon until they give me a refund. Its really too bad since this game is pretty great when it works.

My PC specs if anyone is interested: 3570k, asrock Extreme 4, Asus 7850, 16gb Crucial 1600 ram, 500gb Samsung EVO. PC ran it at a solid 60fps before the crashes.
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on March 25, 2015
I was a little dissapointed to be honest. I played Arkham City and was pleasantly surprised by it and really enjoyed it. I loved the open world, moving around, the Joker challenges and more. It was very immersive and the gameplay was very smooth. Arkham Origins is pretty much more of the same. Thugs standing around in otherwise abandoned streets. Enigma datapacks take the place of Joker challenges but are pretty much the same kind of puzzle activity and I enjoyed that. The main story isn't particularly long and it gets a little weird and annoying in places like when you go into the mind of the Joker, I thought that the gameplay for that sequence was a little awkward as was the sequence with the Mad Hatter.

My other issue was that the game was a little buggier than I would have liked to have seen. I think Arkham Asylum had fewer issues as far as I can remember. This one seems a little unpolished. I had a couple fights in which someone got stuck in a wall so you couldn't win the fight and had to start it over. The biggest dissapointment for me was after I finished the main story and started wrapping things up by collecting data packs, I went into a room in the My Alibi club and everything went black. It was a really weird buggy glitch. I couldn't move or do anything so I closed out and started the game up again and now I was off in space somewhere. I couldn't move, I couldn't port out in any way, I was just totally stuck. Since it was a game save in that position, I was stuck in a glitch and I couldn't see how to move forward with the game without completely restarting. Maybe there was a way to find a previous save version or to get to a normal area of gameplay, but I couldn't figure it out so I ended up having to abandon the game at that point rather than be able to finish it out. This was most disappointing to play a game for a while and get pretty far into it only to have a buggy glitch ruin the rest of it so you can't end it.

Anyway, I think it was a reasonably enjoyable game. It wasn't amazing or fantastic, but if you can pick it up for under $10 like I did on a sale, then it very well could be worth it for sure. I feel that even though I couldn't finish out all the challenges because of the buggy glitch, I still no doubt got my $10 worth out of it from the challenges I did complete and the main story line. I would give it a 7 out of 10 which seems to be in line with the average of what most other people felt as well, so I don't think my impressions are way off or anything. I wanted to give it 2.5 stars here but you can't do half stars so it rounded up to 3.
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on November 29, 2014
This would be a 5 star game except for the major glitches that you will encounter.

Let me first discuss the good.

This is a much more complete game than either Asylum or City. In Asylum, I felt boxed in, forced to work my way through one building or section of the asylum, and the fights all felt very similar.
Arkham City allowed you to really be Batman, allowing you fly over the city and explore anywhere you wanted to. The problem with City for me was the plot. (Spoilers) - you spend half your time trying to find a cure for the Joker's blood, and oh, conveniently, Ra's and Dr. Strange are about to take over - that's simplifying it, I know, but the plot wasn't really thought out.

in Origins, I really felt like the plot drove the game much more than in City. You also had the dynamic with Alfred, who is actually in the game and not just a voice. Same with Gordon and some of the other characters.

Aside from the plot, other improvements include the massive size of the map - one reviewer said they basically recycled the map from Arkham City - that's not true. The map is about 3 times larger than the one in City. Yeah, you'll revisit some of the locations, but it felt like an entirely new city to me. You can also take advantage of the fast travel system, which allows Batman to call the Batwing and be transported to other districts in the city.

The graphics felt stronger as well. What's more, this game ran smoother on my computer than either of the previous two games, which is odd.
The boss levels were much more memorable to me.

The detective aspect is improved from City. You actually investigate crime scenes, which is what made Batman the world's greatest detective.

Batman's arsenal of gadgets was about the same for City. A few differences - the freeze grenades/mines were replaced by glue grenades/mines, and the addition of the shock gloves really makes you an unstoppable force in street brawls. Makes you wonder why Batman decided to discard them for his later missions :-)

The one thing I hated from Asylum and City is here too - the Riddler. I hate going around the place figuring how to get his data packets.

Now, for the bad - and keep in mind, these very well could have forced me to give the game a 1 star review.

The glitches...wow

Spoilers included:

The biggest and most catastrophic glitch comes at the very end of the game when you are facing the Joker. He's talking to you, draws a gun, and you are given the indicator to knock the gun away. You do and then you throw the Joker against a wall in the chapel. He gets up and sometimes he talks, other times he doesn't. You go over, beat him up some more, throw him again against a stained glass window. When you approach him, he picks up broken glass...and proceeds to cut you apart, giving you no option to fight back. You only get the "counter" indicator at the very end when Batman is falling back, dead. You will play through it countless times, thinking you weren't fast enough or something...nope, it's a glitch.

Turns out, you have to do the following to get the game to give you the "counter" prompt that will allow you to finish the game: You must set your resolution to the lowest possible level. You must then let the Joker complete his dialogue at every step of the confrontation. That means, you let him point the gun at you until he finishes talking, then you can kick it away. Then you have to ensure he gets to talk some more before you beat him up. Otherwise, you won't get the prompt.

How maddening! Can you imagine playing this game all the way through, only to not get to see how it ends? Ugh!!

Other glitches exist, such as the ability of Batman to stand on an elevator, activate it, and then fall through the floor if he dares move while the elevator goes up. You'll end up in Limbo, unable to return to the real world. The only solution is to start from your last checkpoint.

The same goes for when you need to interrogate the last guy after a brawl. Sometimes you won't even get the prompt for some reason. Other times, instead of interrogating him, you'll choke him out - like Batman forget to let him talk. These are fixed usually fixed by starting from the last checkpoint or activating the fast travel system and returning to the place on the map.

Overall, glitches aside, this was the best of the Arkham games. I know that runs contrary to what most of the reviews say, but I found the plot-driven action, the music, the challenges, and the inclusion of so many villains really fun. It was cool to see the early relationship between Batman and so many of famous people - Alfred, Jim Gordon, Barbara Gordon, The Penguin, the joker, Blackmask, etc.
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on December 12, 2015
The description when I bought it stated that it was one of the bad batches that was missing the actual serial number.

Warner Brothers printed and shipped out a bunch of these that were missing the serial number (key) Inside the box. Without the key, you cannot activate the game. The game CDs are there to help with installation, but you'll need an internet connection and a Steam account to activate it with your key. Without it, it won't let you play.

This was for sale for $3, so I took a chance. My box was shrink-wrapped properly and had an insert with the serial number properly printed. It redeemed on Steam without issues as a 'retail' copy of the game, and I can download/install/play directly from Steam without using the CDs if I want to.

You'll have to try your luck with these. Amazon themselves received a bad batch and you can read the other complaints in the reviews. I got lucky.
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on December 31, 2013
Having a been so enamored of its predecessor, I was expecting a great leap forward in story telling and gameplay. And thus far I have been disappointed on both fronts. (Half way through the game).
That being said the graphics are as good as its older cousin, and hell it fun!! Your friggin Batman fer chrissake! Zipping around town kickin bad guy ass is a the real fun. The “free flow is very cool. I find the upgrades are overly complicated compared to “City”. I beat up 100 bad guys I just want my upgrade!
I had a very early software problem while beating up Croc. But all that is gone now.
Bottom line worth the money for the fun. Which is what we are all looking for as gamers.
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on December 18, 2014
This game is REALLY good. The gameplay and voice acting is just perfect. The only reason i give this four stars is because it came without the product code. BUYERS BEWARE! WB Montreal did a terrible job at packaging and left out the code for MANY copies. However this was no problem for me since i just entered a code from another game. lol. This games best feature is definitely the combat system. Although its very simple, it is very satisfying and it makes you feel like YOU ARE BATMAN! The stealth combat is absolute perfection. I read many reviews about bugs and throughout my game i didnt run into any UNTIL i had finished story mode and walked into a room when everything turned black and long story short, i had to restart the game from the very beginning. HOWEVER, i would definitely recommend this to ANY gamer.

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on March 4, 2014
The game is really average, considering it's predecessors. The story line is mediocre and definitely is out of context with the other games....considering it's a prequel. It's also suffers from "stupid ways to extend the game-itis". Hopefully I don't release any spoilers. Shaking a virtual floor is one thing, but outright changing the camera angle several times for no reason during a battle is not nice. Especially when the direction to point your controller in order to move your character is dependent on the camera angle and not the position that your character is facing.
It's not a bad game but the story could have used more work and definitely less uninteresting game stretching battles. Just my opinion.

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on February 17, 2014
It can't even recycle material in a fun way. I have no idea what version others had played. Sure from a technical standpoint the game has great gameplay (although much sloppier than City) but it feels like someone sucked the soul right out of it. The voice actors try their best but Gotham is boring and empty. They added a giant bridge and a bunch of empty lots to the original Arkham City map. I mean I'm not going to go on and on just to repeat what others have said. If you only liked the gameplay of Arkham City or Arkham Asylum (but for some reason don't want to just play those masterpieces) but not the story, atmosphere, pacing, soul, lack of terrible boss fights, exciting villains, and intelligent level lay outs then by all means buy this.
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