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on November 18, 2017
I don't know... I love the Arkham games and maybe it's because I mostly play PS4 games now but this game looks kinda dated, I understand this IS a fairly old game but still, I remember Arkham city looking WAY better than this one (at least on Xbox 360) and gameplay is what you would expect from an Arkham game (fun and very polished) and the story so far it's engaging, but graphically I really don't like it very much I do not know if this is just how it looks across platforms by as for the PS3 version I'm not really a fan of its visuals. Tha being said the game IS very fun and well made so if you're looking for a good batman adventure this game does not disappoint.
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on November 11, 2013
Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham city are two of my favorite games of all time. Arkham Asylum gave us excellent graphics, an excellent storyline, excellent voice acting and above all else, excellent gameplay. It was such an enjoyable experience, that upon beating it, I immediately started over again. Arkham City improved on this successful recipe by opening up gameplay to the expanse "City of Arkham". One very important thing that both games had in common, was the developer Rocksteady Studios. Batman: Arkham Origins was developed my Warner Bros Montreal. Oh how the developer can make a difference. I'll start by saying that the game as a whole is a good game. It's quite fun and and very similar to the first two Batman games. In fact, it's almost a carbon copy of Arkham City, with some DLC added to it. New toys were added to Batman's arsenal, such as shock gloves, the disruptor, glue grenades and a remote batclaw. All of the other gadgets are present - smoke pellets, decryptor, explosive gel, etc. are all items that you start out with. There are a number of bosses, all of which have unique ways in which they are defeated. There are plenty of side missions to keep you busy (ala Riddler trophies in AC), such as destroying riddler disruptors, responding to police calls, destroying drug stashes, etc. You are also now allowed to fast travel around the city via the Batwing once you liberate certain Riddler disrupted radio towers. The game is a prequel, so you will be just getting to know characters like the Riddler and the Joker and there are many other villains in the game that you will get to enterface with. The game looks good and the new voice actors for Batman and the Joker do a very fine job.

All of these things are great, but they do not detract with the game being buggy and frustrating. I've never had a game freeze up on me, requiring a restart as often as this game (at least for PS3). The sound has gone in and out during gameplay. There was a sequence where all I could do was walk around during a fighting buttons worked and none of the enemies was engage me anyhow. One of the new gadgets - the glue grenade - is great when it actally works. The hit detection for the GG is no poor, that you could throw one directly on the target, just for it to miss with no apparent reason why. These are just a few of the many bugs that have taken away from the overall experience of a very good game.

Bugs aside, I also found myself asking a question. It's understandible that in Arkham City the streets would be filled with thugs. After all, AC was basically a sealed off prison city. However, in this prequel, nothing but thugs roam the streets. Where are the normal citizens? You will hear a loud speaker from time to time that speaks of a city-wide curfew, but it just seems odd that there are absolutely no normal citizens, only thugs. Not a big deal, I guess I just expected so much out of this game that the little things like this were noticieable to me.

Overall, BAO is a good game. If you enjoyed either of the first two Batman games in the series, you'll want to pick this title up. Just beware of the bugs - perhaps the XBOX360 version has less bugs, but I have a feeling it won't matter what system you use. After restarting the game 7 or 8 times because of a frozen screen you may find yourself throwing your controller. That is, if the battle with Deathstroke doesn't have you kicking your TV first (the eipotme of frustrating boss battles).
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I had to substract one star from the rating. I'm in my New Game+ playthtrough right now and I can't keep forgiving the technical problems this game has. It has stopped being fun and started being terribly frustrating. I think that in my first playthrough I was just too excited with the novelty to realize all the problems, but now they've become more evident and even game-breaking.

The graphical glitches are more regular now. Sometimes some textures don't load and Batman falls through the world, which can't be fixed without exiting the game and reloading. I used to think that I lost so many times in my first playthrough because I wasn't familiar with the game and enemies. I was wrong. The controls are just really unresponsive. Batman takes my button presses as mere suggestions rather than orders, and sometimes for no reason he gets grabbed by an enemy on the other side of the room, who has no way to reach him. I've also noticed that the little rotation circle and "Saving" sign are not to be trusted when they show up, because, as it turns out, the game MIGHT NOT BE SAVING AT ALL.

Yes, right about now you might be noticing what was the little fact that make me rage and prompted me to come back to this review to lower the score. I was already losing my patience at Batman constantly ignoring my commands in favor of jumping around smashing his face against everything and everyone without damaging anyone but himself. I guess he forgot Iron Man is supposed to be the drunk superhero. But then I lost in a fight because Batman refused to do what I told him to and when the game reloaded I was set back about half an hour of gameplay because even though the game claimed it was saving, it wasn't.

BTW, I also tried the multiplayer. I couldn't play, since no one seems to be playing it. So yeah, one star less.

END EDIT. Original review follows.

After absolutely loving the previous Arkham games, I was very excited for this one, which I preordered. After finally getting my hands on it and having played it, I will say: it's a great game, but definitely the weakest entry in the series.

I'll start with the pros. The game looks great, the voice acting is fantastic, the combat is just as fun as it was before, and the variety of villains you have to face is pretty good. There's also a good deal of side-missions, challenges and collectibles, and the story mode is pretty long, so this is a game that will keep you occupied for a while.

Now, onto the bad stuff. The game looks great, yeah, but it suffers from MAJOR slowdowns, both in gameplay and cutscenes. I've never felt such slowdowns in a PS3 game before. It actually reminded me of the time playing the original Hitman in a 386 PC with no 3dfx (if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's like trying to have a child pushing a cart carrying an elephant on an uneven road. It's slow but steady in the plain parts, but when it needs to go uphill, things get ugly). They're not constant, or game-breaking, but they're annoying.

The game also suffers from unresponsive controls. I have experienced serious trouble having Batman do what I tell him to in certain areas. For instance, doing a takedown on a stunned enemy was ridiculously easy in the previous games. Here Batman only does it about 50% of the time, despite the fact that the game controls the same way. Plus, he likes to target the wrong things/enemies. I push the control to the right, he targets the guy on front. I want him to grapple on to the rooftop to the side, he grapples onto a bridge on the other side of the screen, and so on. In the previous games, whenever I lost a fight I'd go "Daagh! I'm so stupid!" or "Ugh, I forgot I have to evade this guy!". In this one I'm more prone to say "BLEEPing BLEEP, why didn't you counter when I told you to?" or "You were supposed to jump to the OTHER side, you @#%$!".

It's like all the elements are here, but they've been beaten with a stick before sending them to do their job. You can see that in interviews with the developers, in which when asked why Batman had all these extra tools now and they weren't around later they couldn't come up with an answer (fans would say that after Batman becomes more experienced, he doesn't need that much stuff, and it's pretty obvious, which makes it more infuriating that the developers couldn't think of that). The design of the city is very similar to the previous game (perhaps TOO similar. Really, isn't Gotham supposed to house about 10 million citizens? Why did they pick almost the exact same places from City to Origins?), but some things don't make sense. In Asylum, there were some places you couldn't grapple, but there was an explanation whenever you tried it. Here, it's just arbitrary. You see dozens of places in which you could easily climb or grapple but the game won't let you do it. They're just invisible walls, and they're frustrating.

The story is very interesting, but it's too cumbersome. Again, the previous games had a very good excuse for all of those villains being in the same place. While at first it might seem that's the same here (the story involves Black Mask sending 8 bounty hunters after Batman, all of them competing for the prize), it gets too coincidental too soon. I mean, besides the assassins, Batman meets Jim Gordon, Barbara, the Penguin, the Riddler, the Mad Hatter and the Joker, plus, Joker meets Harley Quinn, ALL IN THE SAME NIGHT, which happens to be Christmas. Batman becomes public that very night too (as he's filmed for the first time), and a couple of important figures get killed. It's like the Phantom Menace all over again. You don't have to cram all the characters together when you make a prequel.

Speaking of the Joker. I know he's a great character, but I'm kinda tired of him being the main villain behind it all YET AGAIN. Come on! Give the spotlight to someone else for a change. The trailers for the game are very misleading, making it seem like the Joker is a side figure while Black Mask and Deathstroke run the show. Save that stuff for Hollywood, please. Don't do the misleading with trailers in videogames too.

I always cringe when a previously single-player franchise adds multiplayere in a new entry, because it's always unnecessary and only tacked on to make a few more bucks. I have no interest in multiplayer, so I don't know if it's any good or not. All I know is that it's a waste of resources that could have been spent polishing the single player experience. Then there's the DLC problem. This game has a lot of DLC and it's mostly skins. I have no problem with that, but I think they're severely overpriced.

All in all, this feels like the first game on the series. I don't mean story-wise, it just feels like the other games were made after ironing this one's kinks. If you encountered a time traveler from 2009 and gave him a copy of Arkham Origins and one of Arkham City, he'd have no problem believing City was the one made later. You're probably wondering why, after all this criticism, I give the game four starts. Two reasons. Number one is that Amazon won't allow me to put 3 and a half, which is the real rating I'd give the game (and three stars only would be too low). Number two is that this is still a very fun game and there's brilliance hidden behind all that mess. You just need to use your detective mode to find it.
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on July 23, 2016
This is my favorite Batman story yet. However the game itself (PS3) has several bugs and glitches that are unacceptable for an offline story. The character designs and overall look of the game is just superb. The voice acting is pretty good but the VO for Batman felt a little green. This game with its designs and story could have been EPIC but the bugs and glitches are very present. During cut scenes there's severe frame rate issues and after those you basically have to stop playing and let the area load and render without pausing the game. Hurts the player badly when several missions involve tracking and disarming bombs in the city after a cut scene. Some bosses have a difficulty spike during play while others do not. If you play the game on higher difficulty the bugs and glitches hinder you even more because you have less time to disarm bombs as well as boss fights that happen directly after a cut scene. This is very evident during the DeathStroke fight. Recommend you play on the easier difficulties to prevent frustration. A great Batman story. Poor game.
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on January 1, 2014
The first two Batman games were nothing short of amazing. I was definitely buying Arkham Origins, regardless of the things I was hearing and reading about it. I'll admit that my expectations were lowered due to the fact that a different group made the game. However, might I be so bold as to say this is the best Batman game I've ever played? Lets find out.

Combat - It's pretty much the same combat system as before, which will always be a good thing in my book. Some have argued the combat feels a bit 'stiff', but I didn't notice that. The only difference that kind of stood out is the difficulty of some of the fights. I really looked forward to fighting huge groups of enemies in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City because it became easy once I got the hang of things. Arkham Origins' fights are lengthy and difficult, and at times feel like a total button masher. I'll explain what I mean: I've played more than my fair share of action games on the PS3. There's only been two games that caused me to experience forearm fatigue because of the button mashing fighting. Those games are Heavenly Sword (demo version) and now Arkham Origins. This is a prequel, so perhaps the fighting is difficult because they're wanting to emphasize that Batman is early on in his career, I don't know. At any rate, it gets a little easier when you acquire a certain gadget that I'll discuss in the next paragraph.

Weaponry - If you've played any of the previous Batman games, you'll know he mainly uses gadgets as opposed to weapons, and that trend continues. The usual gadgets are present, so I'll focus on the new additions. We all know about the remote controlled batarangs; well now there's a remote controlled batclaw! Awesome, right? It doesn't really directly affect combat, I mainly used it to connect to far away grapple points. The concussion detonator actually does affect combat. It'll cause enemies to be momentarily dazed, giving you the chance to move in and put in work! The glue grenade is used to shut off those ever so annoying steam valves (or you can use the grenades on enemies too). Now to my favorite addition - The shock gloves!!! Here's how they work: You build up the battery by pounding on bad guys. Once fully charged, each melee strike will be accompanied by an electric shock. This made the tougher combat more enjoyable and a little easier :-)

Enemies - I noticed a few new enemy types sprinkled here and there. The ones that stood out were the ninjas, the dudes with the venom filled canisters on their backs, and the brutes. The ninjas were different because you'll have to plan your strikes against them, as opposed to straight button mashing. I've been hearing a lot of negative things about the boss battles, and I don't understand why. In my opinion, each one was a little different and required some technique. Ok, the first one was a button mashing affair, but the others really weren't. You probably recall me saying I've played several PS3 action type games. Well, the final boss battle is the most terrifying boss battle I've ever encountered! I'm tempted to explain why, but I can't do so without giving spoilers. Some people are smart enough to give details without spoiling the game, but I'm sure in the hell not...

Miscellaneous - Don't worry guys and gals, there's plenty of sidemissons with some pretty cool enemy encounters. You will not see the usual Riddler puzzles (thank God), but there are still collectables around town. Also, you'll get an opportunity to solve crimes, similar to how it's done in LA Noir, if you're familiar with that game. If you're into multiplayer, that feature is available in a Batman game for the first time. Arkham Origins didn't feel quite as long as the others, but it took me about 28 hours to complete (that includes the sidemissions and me screwing around in the city).

The only negative thing about the game is very minor, but I still thought I'd mention it. The graphics are not as good as the previous two games, but that's not a big deal to me. After finishing Arkham Origins, I felt it was the best Batman game I've ever played. I had tons of fun, and was constantly looking forward to what might happen next. I'll be honest, if you play this game and you don't think it's at least 4 stars, I'll be shocked. Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, you're up next!
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on November 20, 2014
"Arkham Asylum" and "Arkham City" are two of my very favorite games of last gen, from the way they amazingly encapsulate the iconic comic book hero, to the top-notch writing and voice-acting, to the terrifically fun predator and combat gameplay. Developed this time not by Rocksteady but by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, "Arkham Origins" isn't quite as good as the first two, but is in the same league, and delivers a meaningful, well-crafted storyline about Batman's (Roger Craig Smith) first run-in with the Joker (Troy Baker). The game takes place in the open-world environment of wintery Gotham City on Christmas Eve, where it's perpetual night and always snowing. Throughout you'll run into such villains as Black Mask, the Penguin, the Mad Hatter, Deathstroke, Bane and Shiva. Some of them I was unfamiliar with. Once the Joker is introduced, he steals the show. The city you get to glide around in and explore is just big enough and packed with tremendous detail, including numerous landmarks, Riddler challenges and side-quests. Story missions have you investigating the interiors of different locations around Gotham, like the Police Department and the GC Bank, and have hidden secrets to uncover once you've unlocked all your abilities. Predator and combat gameplay work about as well as it always has, though for some reason I found myself getting more frustrated here with the hand-to-hand combat than I did previously. (Maybe due to new enemy types?) "Origins" is not as polished as the previous games. It's also not the leap forward for the series that moving from the smaller, more intimate world of "Asylum" to the gigantic openness of "City" was. New is a kind of online multiplayer that combines third-person shooting with predator gameplay, but it comes off to me as arbitrary and unnecessary. I couldn't get into it. Multiplayer aside, this is a very good game that suffers only by comparison to two better games.

--- 4.5 STARS ---
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on December 28, 2014
Given how long this game's been out, and the fact that there are other 643 reviews posted of it before mine, I don't know how much I should really say about it, so I'll keep it brief.

- A well-written story that's much more character-oriented than the previous two Arkham games.
- Good voice acting (except, maybe for a character or two).
- More of the Arkham series' excellent combat.
- Some nice quality-of-life changes from Arkham City (e.g., fast travel).
- Riddler trophy collection challenges are less annoying than they were in AC.
- The crime scene investigations were a nice addition and fit Batman well.

- Feels entirely too familiar to Arkham City. (I didn't think this would bother me as much as it did, but it really kept me from being as engaged in this game as I was to its predecessor.) Both the combat and the environment. Given the plot of the game, Gotham City should not feel so much like AC's prison-city. (Really, it should be a lot more like inFAMOUS, albeit without daylight.)
- Gameplay-driven continuity issues (e.g., if Batman had glue grenades before Arkham Asylum that functioned exactly like Arkham City's freeze grenades, why didn't he use them?). Not surprising, considering that, as a sequel, the gameplay needs to keep moving forward even if the plot is a prequel.
- Too many bugs.
- No Game-of-the-Year edition.

So while I didn't enjoy it as much as its predecessors, it's a good game, and one well worth picking up, especially at the price it's fallen to.
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on October 31, 2013
Let's get this out of the way first; if you are a fan of the Arkham series of Batman games, buying this game should be a foregone conclusion - the gritty, real-world nature of the storytelling and the physics of the game are just too good to pass up. Half of the reason that I knocked off the last star is that with Arkham City, Rocksteady set the bar so high up in the atmosphere that WB Montreal would have had to do some really unbelievable things with the PS3 hardware in order to preserve the feeling of shear amazement with the third installment of this series. The cut scenes and story line was as impressive and entertaining as you can imagine, the voice actors do very admirable jobs, living up to the franchise standard set by the likes of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. Thankfully Bane is treated appropriately, which is a breath of fresh air after he was basically ignored in 'City', and Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy reduced the character to a British-accent-having, marshmallow-mouth-speaking, philosophical-waxing hand servant in The Dark Knight Rises.....anyway.... Detective mode has a neat new feature that lets you reconstruct crime scenes...although it's kind of inappropriate for a back story title (I was looking forward to some old-style gadgets, some malfunctions worked into the story line, etc.)

Basically, it plays exactly like Arkham City, while the storytelling is more robust and believable, the main story mode is relatively short and simple to complete. There are still tons of content to explore once you've finished the main story line, but without the amazing storytelling and awesome cut scenes every hour or so of play, it gets repetitive quickly. There are also hardware problems as the game asks the PS3 to do *just* a little too much. Frame rate problems are not common, but they're present and sometimes severe (though very rarely)

all in all, could have been better, but a very, very solid game that's worth your time.
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on October 28, 2013
I'm about 10% into the story mode, so this review is a little early in the game. I normally don't pre-order games. However the first two Batman games were so phenomenal that this series has earned a large amount trust from me. So, far I am very pleased with it. The story is nothing short of amazing. The voice acting, the dialogue, and the cut scenes are beyond terrific. It's almost like being involved in a feature film. That alone can draw you in and keep you coming back. I really like what they did with Batman himself. He's more of a rookie in this game and you see and hear some of the mistakes he makes. The game play is very similar from the first two with a few minor button changes. This will take a little getting used to, but not a big deal. They borrowed a lot from the Arkham City theme from the 2nd game. The city design and atmosphere seem very similar. It's fine, but you get the feeling that they rested on their laurels and got a bit lazy. After the first two games, they set the bar very high and you almost expect something groundbreaking every time. Still, it's not a big deal. The graphics themselves are good, but the last game seemed a bit better. The thing that I didn't like was the choppy frame rate that occasionally occurred when Batman faces numerous attackers at once. This only seemed to happen out in the city though. A very big fight that takes place in the jail didn't have this problem. The big fight that Batman has with Deathstroke gets an A+. It's like being part of a well choreographed movie fight. One of the most entertaining "boss" brawls I have ever had. Then there is online option. I have not tried it yet, I did go through the tutorial. It looks fantastic. You get to be in one of the different gangs or a hero. Can't wait to try it.

So far, I would say this game is well worth the money.
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on January 3, 2014
The newest version of Batman:Arkham is titled "Orgins" and supposedly tries to create a prequel to Batman:Arkham Asylum. The problem is that it is almost identical to Batman:Arkham City and the only difference is that Gotham City is not completely in the hands of villians..yet. Orgins really does nothing different and if you didn't know it, you would almost believe that you are still playing Arkham City. There is the Riddler who is called Enigma intially in the beginning of the game...I guess that this the studios idea of "new" villians, and this time he plants corruption files all over the city instead of trophies. However, there is nothing different about getting the corruption files and some are almost identical to those used in Arkham City. There is a a Mad Hatter side adventure that is almost identical to the Scarecrow side adventure in Akrham Asylum. I could go on and on, but you probably get the point. Overall, the game is still challenging but there is nothing new to see and instead of spending $60, you can just replay Arkham Asylum and/or Arkham City and not really miss much. This is basically a reboot of Arkham City and the studio is just looking to cash in on all the recent success that the previous titles had with gamers.
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