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on May 19, 2017
I am Shere Khan.

This will be my brief review for the Batman Begins blu-ray disc I purchased through Amazon. In my personal opinion, this is a movie every Batman fan has to see and own. It's spectacular on every level. Since Ben Affleck took on the role of Batman and the entire DC universe currently happening like Marvel's doing, this one stands out as a classic. There will never be another like this.

Christian Bale is and always will be Batman. I don't care what anybody else says. So many people complain about his raspy voice he uses for the character, I say it's genius. It is a special and unique way of representing Batman as not an ordinary guy, but a monster of the night that criminals fear. If he doesn't change his voice, then he just looks like some man wearing a cool suit but insignificant and I think we all remember George Clooney when we think of a guy dressed in a bat suit looking insignificant. His voice sounded great in this film I think whereas in the films' two sequels, he took the voice up a notch, something noticeable but still great. As Batman he looks and sounds cool and as Bruce Wayne Bale really delivers an emotional performance where we as viewers can relate and understand what he goes through since the death of his parents that eventually leads up to the tragic millionaire becoming the caped crusader. The film did a masterful job exploring Wayne's childhood from the death of his parents to his fear of bats to him coming of age and growing up in anger to him traveling the world looking for a way to leave his old life behind and seek purpose. Bottom line, Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman stands out as the greatest in this tigers' opinion.

The other actors do splendid as well. Everyone was casted perfectly for their roles and that being said, the film contains a rare epic cast of actors many know and love. Beginning with Michael Caine who is by far the perfect Alfred. The relationship he and Christian Bale possess is the exact kind of relationship Bruce Wayne and Alfred are meant to have with one another that is more than the master/servant connection they have, Alfred being the only family Bruce really ever had vice versa him being all Alfred had for a son. Katie Holmes is beautiful and perfect for the role of Rachel Dawes, Bruces' childhood friend. She and Bale made for a great love pair that it is unfortunate she was replaced with the other actress in the second film. Liam Neeson rocks as the movies' main villain Ras al'Ghul, leader of the League of Shadows. He comes across as a wise, fatherly figure to Wayne and Neeson does it so well that when his character goes to the dark side, it is clear what a great actor he is as his character switches gears and becomes diabolical. Gary Oldman is the perfect movie Gordon I have ever seen up to date. He and Batman share that relationship of honor and respect for one another as partners in justice, very similar to how the characters do in Batman: The Animated Series. The actor who played Scarecrow in the movie is just as disturbed as his comic book counterpart is supposed to be. The special effects for him looked
creepy and amazing. Fianlly, Morgan Freeman brings charisma and warm smiles as Lucius Fox, definitely a worthy comforting presence to have in Batman.

This is the best film in Christopher Nolans' Dark Knight Trilogy followed by the third sequel The Dark Knight Rises and then the second one (which contrary to what most believe to be the greatest, I see as the weakest). But for me, it's the only one worth owning from all the Batman films. The movie looks great on blu-ray and sounds just as roaring as the Batmobile. The delivery was perfect and the discs' condition looked fresh and new. To conclude, this is if not the best, one of the best superhero movies ever made. Yes it may not be the most action packed due to the slow pace of it, with the flashbacks and everything in the first act, it's story is epic nonetheless. I like a film with a slower pace than most, with less action than most, but with an excellent story. Kind of like the original Star Wars films.

I approve this message. God bless my fellow Amazon shoppers.
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on December 29, 2015
Where is Gotham City? I only ask because this movie makes you feel as if you could actually go there, as if it actually exists somewhere. I liked Tim Burton's Batman, but Christopher Nolan's vision is so well paced and so real, that it is, in my humble opinion, the first REAL Batman movie. Christian Bale brings Batman to life with all of the emotion of a real person, I guess it takes a real actor to do so. The supporting cast is a group of actors with so much character that they could have had there own movies. Alfred is awesome. So many great movies stumble some during their running time, but this one did not miss a step.
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on March 27, 2015
Great return from what became of Batman in the unspeakably horrific 1997 Batman and Robin. Batman Begins starts out as an origin story, but the pace moves it along quickly until Batman appears. This is the only movie of the trilogy where Batman uses bats for assistance and where we see him use his gadgets to leave an area, unlike the sequels, where he just disappears. The only thing I can complain about is Scarecrow, who I feel was pretty much wasted. I saw promotions, pictures, and figures of him as a little kid during all the hype, and when I saw the movie, I was let down that he got taken out quickly by his own gas and then by a taser. He looked scary in the mask, but didn't do much. All that aside, I liked the action scenes and the characters. I thought Christian Bale portrayed a good Bruce Wayne and Batman, Michael Caine was good as Alfred, and so on... Batman Begins is dark and serious, entertaining, and a fantastic re-imagining of the character. While not as twisted or entertaining as The Dark Knight, This is a solid and well-made movie.
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on February 6, 2017
The perfect start to this thrilling trilogy, quoting Nolan: Bale has the exact balance of light and dark necessary to play Batman. It should be noted that few actors can interpret so masterfully Bruce Wayne and Batman at the same time, are two totally different personalities in the same body and Bale got it to perfection.

The performance of Michael Caine is impeccable and reliable, as we are accustomed. On the other hand Gary Oldman playing Gordon was something I did not expect, I am so used to seeing him in bad roles and I love that despite knowing what Gordon's personality in comics, seeing Oldman always felt in the Background load the character by fighting against the dark side we all carry inside and the relief to see how he always made the right decision.

I love the movie, and if you get a chance to see the trilogy in an afternoon think it's a good plan!
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on November 24, 2006
All the press releases to the first Batman by Burton alluded to how different the character would be older, darker, at conflict with continuing role as a crime fighter. What we got was a semblance attempt by Michael Keaton, brow furrowed thru most of the film, to deal with his dual identity which came off shallow and unconvincing and of course being outclassed by Nichcolsons Joker didnt help either.

Well finally Christian Bale, working with an excellent script brings us the darkside of Batman and what makes him tick. This movie makes great effort to unfold his story, not rushing thru his metamorphises from Bruce Wayne to the Batman and allows us to follow a delightfull, errr, reimaging of how he got his clothes, weapons and Batmobile and how he had to strive to better what he got to suit his purposes.

Gary Oldman, that wonderfull chameleonish actor now puts on the threads of Jim Gordon, before he became commisioner and he does a fantastic job of making choices between what Batman might be, just another thug jockeying for position in gotham by eliminating the Falconi mob and what he really is, someone who wants to help.

Michael Caine as Alfred? I wont insult this genius by trying to say anything, positive though it may be, about a role he was born to play.

Liam Neeson, I didnt feel for his character, I never thought he played the philosopher warrior well anywhere. Neither as Qui Jon the Jedi nor as the man who tries to induct Bruce into the league of shadows. It all sounds like he was reading directly fromt he script in monotone.
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on July 13, 2017
Great. And frankly I like this one better than the next one, The Dark Knight, that everyone else considers the best in the series. I don't like extended, rather realistic violence. This has violence, but not heavy-handed nor glorifying of psychopaths as Dark Knight seems to do.
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on October 18, 2012
As mid October rolls around, brisk winds sweep through the crisp autumn air, jack o'lanterns decorate steps and porches, the scent of wood smoke radiates from wood stoves, and the leaves are in their peak season of color. October is a magnificent month, and in celebration of its annual visit, I've decided to review a few great flicks for the Halloween season. The titles that I've chosen to review are "alternative" Halloween movies... not the classics that generally spring to mind, but fun movies with elements of the supernatural. Just good, lighthearted stuff here... nothing gory or scary (at least not too much)!

"Batman Begins" is an exceptional movie, no matter how you want to judge it- drama, superhero adaptation, or action movie. What I particularly loved about it was how it gave a credible origin to the legend of Batman. Rather than just asking the viewer to accept that Bruce Wayne has a ridiculously high aptitude for stealth and combat, director Christopher Nolan SHOWS us why this is. Wayne's training in a remote sanctuary of ninjas, as he slowly acquires his remarkable skills, is fascinating and engaging. This is a movie that benefits greatly from the HD transfer to Blu-ray, and it is a treat for the eyes to witness this legendary character's origins.

And let's not forget, "Batman Begins" works perfectly as an "alternative" Halloween movie, as this crisp October weather rolls in. After all, it features a very cool villain called "Scarecrow", whose weapon is nothing less than fear itself... the story of "Batman Begins" will draw you in from the first moments, and hold your attention until the final, climactic battle.
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on July 5, 2017
Batman and Batman Returns rocked solid and Batman Forever and Batman & Robin ah, they're crap. This one should be the best yet! The first time I saw a prievew for it ah, it was ok. But when I saw a 2nd I was freaken excited! But my main question is... WHO WILL BE THE VILLAIN? IT BETTER BE JOKER OR ELSE I'M GONNA CRY(I'm joking)!!!
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on March 19, 2013
Batman Begins is a moody, gritty, wonderfully flavorful, yet muddled origin story of the Dark Knight, Batman. Christopher Nolan successfully creates a mostly believable world for Gotham City to inhabit, standing apart from other cinematic adaptations of the source material, yet not so far apart as to rub fans the wrong way. The movie is careful to position this Gotham City and this Batman as belonging almost to the same world we inhabit, though with the addition of some ridiculously precarious elevated monorails. The film succeeds in taking us through Batman's evolution from angry, driven young man into caped crusader beginning a war on crime. The fledgling relationship between Batman and Jim Gordon is effective, the loyalty between Bruce and Alfred is touching. Philosophically, though, the film flounders.

The film grapples with the theme of fear, sometimes effectively and other times clumsily. Of particular curiosity is that Batman wants to be both a symbol of hope, but also a symbol that strikes fear into the hearts of criminals. Batman also consistently seems to believe that criminals are somehow fundamentally different than law-abiding citizens, though he stumbles through some explanation about how stealing to prevent starving gave him some sympathy... without going as far as to say he identified with people who might do so. He fails to note that vigilantism is a crime, and therefore, technically speaking, Batman himself IS a criminal. He also fails to consider that among the lower income citizenship of Gotham, a family might have a son or uncle or mother or father who resorts to crime. Should Batman strike fear into that family member's heart, he will not inspire hope in the hearts of the remainder of the family. Batman seems to have a very black and white view of the world -- which is fine for Batman, but the film fails to present a different voice. This is the largest failing of the film.

Since the movie attempts to position the Batman story in a more realistic context, it should position Batman himself -- a morose, disturbed, costume-donning vigilante billionaire -- in the same context, as a complex, unbalanced, individual, rather than simple "the protagonist." The movie seems to share Batman's moral compass, which, given how unstable the guy is, seems dubious at best.

Another point, far too much is made of Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne's father. Multiple flashback sequences present the guy as a saint, a perfect, magnanimous caring, giving, charitable billionaire. At the same time, Martha Wayne, Bruce's mother is a non-entity. She has perhaps a single line, which has no lasting meaning. Perhaps Bruce Wayne had a cold and distant mother, but since this doesn't seem to be an important part of Batman's profile, why present her as only window dressing to Thomas Wayne. I know why, because this movie is essentially a sausage party. While Rachel Dawes serves as an important grounding force for Bruce Wayne, she also serves as damsel in distress, with one of the more noteworthy action set-pieces being designed entirely around saving her. So.

None the less, the film is still a thrilling adventure that makes you believe a depressed angry billionaire orphan could become a bat. And it's realized so effectively that even as you squirm at the muddled socio-political implications, you can't help but enjoy the ride. So, four stars, in spite of myself.
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VINE VOICEon October 28, 2005
I've been avoiding much of Holleywood's latest productions due to so many predictable stories, politically-driven plots, and mediocre acting so I did not catch this one in theatres. I probably would not even have rented it if my son had not begged me to do so. I am sooooo glad now that I've seen it. I'm blown away... this is not only the best Batman movie out there but one of the top five best action/adventure movies I've ever seen!! I bought a copy through Amazon before even finishing the DVD.

Batman has always been one of my favorite superheros but one that has rarely been well captured on screen. He's basically a regular, more-or-less everyday guy who works out a lot and has some cool gadgets; sort of brooding James Bond in a mask and cape. This movie starts out by showing how he learned and perfected his martial arts skills. It really captures the soul of the Dark Knight. Christian Bale is a perfect choice to play this character. I can't say enough positive things about this approach, it's exactly how I have always pictured the character.

The pacing nears perfection, the action is gripping and extremely well choreographed, the acting is top rate, the writing is fantastic, and the cinematography is outstanding. Rarely is a known story done so originally and well. I love the depth of the characters, the splashes of humor, and the low-key but everpresent moral undertones. It's neither preachy nor over the top. And, despite the fact that we all have a pretty good idea of the plot it is surprisingly original. Oh, and it's got Liam Neesan with a sword too; what more could you want ;-)

I am also very impressed with how they show Gotham being very much like any large US city today yet demonstrate in a realistic and believable manner how a masked superhero and fantastic villians can fit in that context. I really hope this cast/crew/director hook-up again for a sequal as the calling card at the end perhaps suggests.

Fantastic; heartily recommended!
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