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on March 19, 2014
I have owned this product for about two years, so having lived with it for a while I'll give you the good and the bad.

I got this for my son when he was 3 for Christmas. He could not put it together by himself, but he could use the drill when he was directed. Now he's 4.5 and he can put more of it together on his own but still needs some help. I find myself having to think through how to put it together. The bottom of the plane is a bit more tricky because of the order of the wings and the wheels and how it comes up through the top. It's a bit of trial and error if the screw is supposed to come up through the bottom or the top.

One other issue I have with it is all the pieces it comes with. I know, it states there are 25 pieces, but think about keeping track of all 25 pieces. There are the screws, the pieces to the plane, the drill bits and the drill. Trying to keep it all together with the way my kids play can be a bit of a challenge. At 4.5 and 2.5, they are not the best at putting all the pieces back where they found them or back where they belong. I recommend storing this in one bin or basket to try to keep it all together - because if you lose one screw, you won't be able to put it all together. It does not come with any extras.

Overall, I like the problem-solving aspect of it and having your child think through the steps. And they like being able to use a drill to put it all together. If your child gets frustrated easily though, just be prepared to help them or face a meltdown!
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on October 18, 2016
This Take-A-Part airplane kept me and my toddler entertained for hours. I ordered it when he was still 1 year old, so way too early to take it apart or put it together alone. But even then he had lots of fun "helping" me. Around age 2 he was able to use the drill and only needed my assistance to hold the propeller for drilling and assist him on putting the right parts together. Now he is almost 3 years old and still loves to play with it. The drill doesn't work as well anymore and one of the propellers broke off (drill drills only when button pushed hard and only slowly after about 6 months of daily use - for a while we put the plane together and took it apart 5 times daily. Propeller broke after about a year, when my son dropped it from a high table - on purpose - several times!). But after 2 years of constantly playing with it, I find it still a very durable product. I'm very happy with it and will order it again once my second son turns about 2 years old ;).
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on November 19, 2013
This toy is AWESOME! And it seems to fill a niche where nothing else exists. What do you do if you have a small child who is fascinated by tools and building, but actually wants to build something real--not just put a screw in and out of a hole in a plastic bench?? Buy these "Take Apart" toys!

The drill is very similar to a regular electric screwdriver. It comes with 3 bits (Phillips, flat head, and socket). It also has a switch on the bottom for reverse. The size is perfect for small hands and seems to have just the right amount of power.

The plane is a little tricky to put together until you do it a couple of times. There is a precise order in which a couple of the pieces have to be put together. Up to this point, my daughter has only had to figure out WHERE pieces go, but not "in what order." This is probably a nice progression. It's a really cute plane, once it is assembled.

The only negative I have--and it's a big one--is that all of the screws are made such that they can be screwed in with either screwdriver bit. That's kind of a drag, and unnecessarily "dumbed down." It doesn't match the level of complexity and ability that this toy requires to successfully put it together. I wish they required the child to switch out bits, depending on the screw used. There are a couple fused screw/nut combos that require using the third, "socket" attachment. But the rest of the plane can be put together without paying any attention to matching the bit with the screw head.

If anyone finds other similar toys like this requiring tools and parts for assembly, let me know! I cannot find anything for her to step up to.
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on December 21, 2013
We purchased this for our son who just turned 4 today, after he spent most of his time at his cousin's house playing with his...he loved it so much, we decided to get one for his birthday. He had four presents today (for the number of years lived), and has played with this almost non-stop. He loves it! Overall, I feel that it is an excellent toy.
It is very easy to assemble (if you ignore the instructions and just use common sense, as the instructions are confusing!), and the screws go easily into place. The drill works just like a real one, which my son found thrilling. It comes with different drill bits, and he has had so much fun using it to drive the screws into the plane to assemble. The drill even has the same functions on it as a real one - forward, stop, and reverse. You push the little button in the correct direction to change the way the drill spins. It really works to screw in and take out the little gray screws. There are a couple of things that could be improved if you are purchasing this for a younger child. For example, when you connect the top of the plane to the bottom, you have to also hold the little disc in place that the propeller fits onto. My son has found this difficult to do himself, so we've had to help, which is no problem to us, but he wants to be able to do it entirely by himself. He cannot hold the two halves of the plane together, while fitting the disc into the groove, and then hold it all together while using the drill. Same for the wheels. When you assemble them, you have to hold the two sides together while using the drill. He finds it difficult and needs help. He is pretty bright, and very well coordinated, but it's just to hard to hold all the things together at the same time, for him at this age. However, my 6 and 7 year olds can put the plane together, in its entirety, with no help at all, so if you are purchasing for a child around 5 or 6, then these issues will probably not affect them the same way. It's the same with the propeller. You have to hold the propeller on, as well as hold the screw in place, at the same time as the drill is being used, so I've just taught him to hold the plane, nose up, so the propeller can rest on top, rather than having the plane held straight where the propeller just falls off unless you hold it all together. He has found this easier already. Also, it owuld be better if each piece could be screwed on by itself, rather than having to put on, say, a wing but have to attach the wheels through it first before drilling in the screw. If the wing could be screwed on, then the wheels screwed on, it would make it a little easier for a 4 year old to assemble entirely on his own, without needing help to hold pieces together while he uses both hands to hold the screw and the drill. Other than these minor issues, it is a wonderful toy. It's very sturdily built and he has spent literally his entire day playing with this one toy. He puts it together, takes it apart, and then starts all over again. I think I've helped him build it at least 25 times already. I actually find it to be fairly fun to assemble with him, and he feels a great sense of accomplishment once he's built "an actual plane" (his words). We're a bit bummed that we paid $28 plus shipping for it on here, and now see that Amazon is carrying it for $20 with free shipping, but alas, we missed the boat, since we needed it here before today...we will definitely be looking for other things for our son in this series. Even my husband enjoyed putting this together with him!
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on September 5, 2014
Extremely disappointing. After waiting nearly 4 weeks for this to arrive in Australia, on opening the product the drill ONLY works in reverse - so is basically useless. I see from other reviews that others have had the same issue - even sending theirs back to receive a second faulty replacement.... really makes me wonder whether I should bother waiting another two months to send this back and receive another..... Clearly no quality control - perhaps if these came with batteries included - someone could TEST to see the drill was working in BOTH directions at the manufacturing level.
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VINE VOICEon December 2, 2011
My little boy received this toy when he was 2 years, 10 months old. He was tool-crazy AND plane-crazy at that point and utterly enthralled.

The only parental issue I have with this toy is that I don't love the design of the rear landing gear. It is not intuitive even to the adults in the room. Otherwise this toy gets a solid A for design.

After about a one-day-of-constant-play learning curve, he was able to take the plane apart by himself. He still requires help, a few weeks later, with re-assembly. He still likes the toy, but at this point he seems to have sort of exhausted it. It kinda bums me out since I thought I'd found something developmentally appropriate that squarely matched his interest, but somehow he has already tired of it. {SEE EDIT BELOW}

I think this is a toy that will last longer if you pull it out for a week, then put it away for a month, then pull it out for a week, etc.

I do recommend. It's a nice educational toy and perhaps your child will get more mileage out of it than mine did.

EDIT: My boy is now 3 1/2 and he does still pull this out one or two times a week so it has better legs than I thought it would.
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on July 22, 2015
I bought this for my 2yo son's birthday. We have had it for almost a year now and it is still fun to play with and STILL looks new. My kid has crash landed this plane many many times and I'm amazed how it has held up. He still needs our help to figure out how to put it together after taking it apart but I bet in another year he will be able to do that on his own. The pieces are large, durable and easy to handle. I'm not super concerned when pieces are left floating around because the 'screws' are large enough that my youngest doesn't attempt to swallow them. I think this is a great teaching toy as well as fun to play with toy for toddlers. I highly recommend as a more unique gift!
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on December 28, 2014
This a great toy but I would suggest it for kids ages four and up. We purchased it for our three year old on his birthday, and he struggles to put one piece in place. He gets frustrated so it's become a toy I keep put away and pull it out to do with him. He has learned how to take it apart, though.

My only complaint is that our drill does not work properly. As soon as we took it out of the box, only the reverse function worked. We got permission to return it but they were not available for purchase again on Amazon so we decided to live with it. Occasionally the forward part of the drill works--some wiring inside is lose. It's ok as my kiddo uses his hands to tighten the screws. Just beware of that, especially if you are giving as a gift.
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on January 4, 2015
I got this for my son for Christmas, he's 2 1/2. He loves the drill, which it really quite neat. It comes with a Phillips head, a flathead, and a bolt head attachment for the drill. The drill has two settings (forward and reverse), with a middle spot that locks the drill. It is very straight forward to assemble. Very simple directions are included with around twenty parts that go into the assembly of the plane, not counting the drill and bits.

I save 5 stars for things that really make me happy 100%. My only wish is that it would come with a bag of sorts to store pieces when not in use. We've almost lost the drill bits multiple times. Other than that, totally satisfied! He isn't able to do it on his own yet, but he loves to help assemble and disassemble! I fully expect this to be a big favorite soon enough.

Mine came in yellow, orange, and green with black tires - I actually liked these colors better than the picture. It does mention that colors may vary in the description, though.
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Top Contributor: Baseballon December 27, 2013
I purchased the Battat airplane for my 3 year old for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. It was a too difficult for him to figure out on his own, but after a few attempts, he has finally gotten the hang of it. The two key principals are: 1) using the toggle to determine the direction of the electric tool, and 2) teaching the principal of screws in = sturdy, screws out = falls apart. It took about 20 minutes for him to get them both down. My 7 year old even found the toy interesting and ended up doing most of the training. I thought that was fantastic.

In terms of presentation, I purchased direct from Amazon (sold by Battat direct) and found the shipment, packaging, and quality great. All the pieced were in the box. The electric tool works fine and has sufficient quality to power the screws. I did notice one of the screw slots does not lock in any of the screw. I did not remove a star for this.
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