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on January 24, 2014
I have a brand new sony action cam with genuine NP-BX1 battery.

I compared these no-brand batteries I just got yesterday.

I set my camera to run on time-lapse mode, continuously taking pictures until it runs out of battery.


Sony Original NP-BX1 : 3 hours and 12 minutes
No Brand #1 : 2 hours and 56 minutes
No Brand #2 : 2 hours and 49 minutes.

All batteries are charged to full before testing with the charger that came with the package.

I wouldn`t say that is all too bad, but I have to say claimed 1600mAh capacity of these no-brand batteries are totally false advertisement. The sony original battery has capacity of 1240mAh. You do the math. :)

I give only three stars because the capacity is not 1600mAh. As always these no-brand batteries will deteriorate much sooner than the original ones.

FYI, mine came with a nice box package with grey batteries in it. The charger is slightly different. But they look nice and I`m not complaining about that.
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on February 2, 2017
2 stars because its not really 1600mah but at half the price its ok. I figured it was BS, nobody is going to pack in 1600mah into this size of a battery. Actual capacity is around 800mah which is less than the stock 1240mah that came with my fdr-x3000. The charger that came with the battery charged to 4.2volts, I used a hobby charger to discharge at 500ma which is about what the fdr-x3000 uses at 1080p30fps (HQ). From fully charged to hitting voltage cut off at 3.0volts, the camera used 800mah which is far less than the advertised 1600mah. Would I spend more money on the OEM bx1 battery, yes if I am recording for a long time. If you are recording short bursts and arent bothered with changing batteries, these are fine.
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on August 3, 2013
I'm using this charger and battery combo with the Sony DSC-RX100M II Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera 20.2MP, Black, which is Sony's top of the "point & shoot" camera. Like most if not all cameras in this category, the camera uses a tiny tiny battery which barely holds any power. Definitely no good for all day shooting on vacation. In addition, the camera doesn't ship with a charger, compounding the small battery. Even if I bought another battery, I would have to charge one battery, swap it out, and charge thee other. There's no way to use the camera and charge a back up battery at the same time.

This charger and battery combo fixes that. The supplied charger charges batteries relatively quickly, and the two extra batteries ensure plenty of power.

The kit comes with
- Charger (a generic one which is capable of charing multiple batteries with different holders)
- NP-BX1 adapter plate for the charger
- 2 generic batteries
- European plug adapter
- 12V car adapter for charging on the go

The kit also comes with some other goodies:
- A little microfiber cloth branded with the seller's logo
- A pack of 3 screen protectors, good for 5" screens

For the price, these are excellent. However, the kit does have some problems:

The batteries claim they are 2100mAh, while the genuine Sony ones are rated at 1240mAh. This rating seems a little generous, if not outright deceptive. The generic batteries here weigh 21.7g, while the genuine Sony weighs 24.5g.

The charger also overcharges the batteries. Lithium ion batteries are much less robust than other batteries types and are very sensitive to overcharging. The charge level of these batteries can be measured directly by the voltage of the battery, which shouldn't exceed 4.2 volts. In camera, the RX100 charged the Sony battery to 4.182V. This charger took the generic batteries slightly over at 4.247 and 4.254 volts, which is a little high for my liking, thus the 1 star deduction.

Overall, I find this product to be a great value and well worth it.
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Charger works well and is easy to use. The batteries work just fine in the camera. It's always a good practice to have a least one spare battery because that great shot always happens when the battery is nearly exhausted. Replace the battery as it nears the end of it's charge and you are ready for that perfect shot. The two extra batteries are more than you need but it doesn't hurt to have extras just in case you forgot to charge your battery.
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on September 13, 2012
I bought this kit the day after I received my RX100. Went on a 7-day cruise four days later. Charged the Sony battery and the two Bowers. Used the Bower charger on the Sony battery and it worked just fine. Day 1 of the trip loaded a Bower battery in the RX100 and never looked back. Took 700 pictures in a week and did a partial internal charge on the same Bower battery in the camera one time. Carried the Sony battery and the other Bower in my camera case and never used them. I did a lot of viewing and deleting as I went. I took nine short videos (average of 2 minutes) and the rest were the 700 shots at 20MP using the two-minute shutdown feature on the camera to conserve battery life. The battery indicator on the camera stayed full a long time before it showed usage. A minor issue since I had two others ready to go. The Bowers are rated at 1800 mAh. Sony at 1240 mAh. Some say the higher rating is exaggerated but I would be hard to convince at this point. Very good bargain since the Sony battery is a little less than twice the price for the kit. I sold digital cameras for almost eight years, owned 5 high-end Sonys from the F505 to the R1, which I still travel with. The RX100 is phenomenal and it is my first Sony camera in which I have used third-party batteries. I am a Sony purist no longer. Excellent bargain. Would certainly buy again. Highly recommended.
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on April 9, 2017
 In this video I Unbox Overview And Review the Big Mike's Battery Kit for cameras that accept the NP-BX1 battery.

Check out the only all in one videos at "Reviews & Beyond" on Youtube thanks!
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on December 28, 2016
The charger and the batteries work well. However, after 5 months of light use the micro USB connector on the back fell off, thus rendering the charger completely inoperative. Opening the device up, it was clear the connector had insufficient physical connection to the PCB as the solder and PCB traces had entirely ripped away from the board. Fortunately I was able to sacrifice the USB cable, solder the power wires where they needed to go, and put the charger back to use. This would be a superb device if not for the flimsy USB connector in back. +1 because it was straightforward to open and somewhat user serviceable.
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on June 11, 2015
The charger performs as expected, with charge-times of about a couple of hours. The batteries last as long as the Sony stock-units, which somewhat surprised me.

One important feature about this charger which nobody seems to mention, s that it's auto-sensing, which is to say, you can plug it into a 110V or a 220V outlet without having to worry about voltage conversion. This alone is a complete lifesaver if you travel a lot.
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on October 29, 2014
The ready green light was always on even though the battery was dead, tried 2 other batteries and it did the same, so the product was defective.
Amazon refunded me the purchased price and I ordered another one from a different seller
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on June 11, 2015
This was a great deal! Two batteries and a charger, plus cleaning cloth and screen saver! I take a lot of photos and run through batteries quickly - having two extras plus a charger that does not require plugging into my usb (which the camera does to charge directly) is so convenient and helpful! This was a fantastic price - way better then what my local camera shop could offer, and they always have good prices, but this was fantastic. I wasn't expecting top quality at such a low price, so I was very pleased and happy with what I got - excellent quality and a fantastic deal. I would for sure buy again from these sellers, and would recommend this battery/charger set to anyone - and I am a professional videographer, so I am pretty selective in what I recommend! Thank you!!!
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