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on January 15, 2012
There are few first person shooters that capture the feeling of realism like this game does. I played the beta version and have since been playing it since it's release. What I hope to accomplish in this review is to give you an idea of the things I like about Battlefield 3 with regard to it's multiplayer gameplay.

I have to first say that they did a fantastic job on the weapon selection. There are several weapons that I have liked from playing different first person shooters. This game has them all and many guns I've never even heard of. I play mostly team deathmatch, which I feel is the strongest part of this series. A lot of people like the conquest or headquarters style playing, but I feel that the maps are too large and lend themselves to slow combat. By the time I would see someone I would get nervous because it was my big chance to get a kill (so usually I would die lol). So, for me, team deathmatch maps are perfectly sized and fast paced, while still feeling very tactical (you can sneak around on enemy positions to catch them by suprise).

Another great thing about this game is that every map allows for every type of play style. You can snipe, run and gun, or just cover an area (it's a ton of fun covering a good area with a mounted machine gun). The maps, including the Back to Karkand maps, are really fun and varied enough to not get monotonous. When you start the map (or when waiting to manually respawn) you have the ability to change weapons and loadouts, which is done fantastically user friendly. You can customize weapon attachments so easily and it's fun to tinker with each weapon to fit your playing style. Because each weapon handles differently, certain sights or attachments may work well with one while another set of things work well with another. The great thing is that your configurations are saved for each weapon, so when you swith to another weapon in the middle of the match, you don't have to worry about re-customizing it to what you want.

In closing, there really isn't a whole lot I can say negatively about this game. There are the normal glitches and annoyances in there, but nothing to lessen the overall joy that this game gives me. Side note, I do wish the developers would take out the unnecessary swearing every now and then, but not a deal breaker for me.
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on March 21, 2012
I'm a late comer to first person shooters, but got hooked on Battlefield Bad Company, Bad Company 2 and 1943, all for the PS3. In these games, I became familiar with the maps and eventually got pretty comfortable with the game play. Good solid squads that use open communication definitely have an advantage, but I could still play with decent results as a lone wolf.

After about 40-50 hours of playing BF3 online, I still find myself horribly outmatched as a lone wolf. If I'm fortunate enough to get into a squad with good communication, results are generally in our favor. Most of the teams I get on seem to be made up mostly of lone wolf players.

I also suspect that part of the issue for me is lighting effects. I often don't see my enemies until after the kill cam shows me where they are. The game intentionally mimics effects of various indoor and outdoor lighting environments and changes between these environments. To exacerbate the problem, I suspect that I need to better adjust my setting or even get a better tv.

But for all of that, I still love playing the game!
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on November 6, 2011
It's now been almost two weeks since BF3 has been released. And after playing the campaign 1.5 times and logging in about 24 hours worth of MP, I feel that I can give a rather honest assessment of the overall game.

The fact that the campaign has such gloriously awe-inducing high spots makes its overall failure that much more bitter. It's been noted that the SP is downright dull. I have to agree with this, generally speaking. It's like, there is a great 2 hour campaign in there with 2-3 hours of filler. Telling the story via flashbacks from an interrogation just feels too... unoriginal. The story could have moved at a great pace had we actually been in the action in the present. Instead, you know you're going to live, and you have to put up with these two d-bags that are hounding you for information in the form of Good Cop/Bad Cop. There are lots of unanswered questions.

I played the campaign on Normal mode for my first go through, and I actually died far more than I anticipated. Often, stray bullets that seemingly came out of nowhere would kill me. Or, my favorite, I would be hiding behind cover, look over and shoot a couple times, and then duck back under the cover and crawl to another side of the cover, only to be shot immediately upon poking my head out. So, there is no split second where they don't know where I am. Also, your brothers in arms don't seem to draw much fire. It's like the enemy is solely out for you.

The .5 in the "playing the campaign 1.5 times," was played on Hard. I wouldn't even suggest bothering to play it on hard. This mode is full of what I consider cheap death upon cheap death. Dying before you can even react, having to army crawl through entire areas--which, while possibly realistic, is terribly boring--and having every enemy seemingly snipe you from across the map, all of these things lend to the overall feeling of not really being challenged... Basically, the Hard difficulty isn't more challenging or requires additional skill... it just requires you to sit patiently behind cover and poke your head out to pop off two shots, and in the process get immediately shot until you either die or are quick enough to go back to hiding. Not the best, in my opinion.

There are many high points to the SP. The paratrooper mission is great.

MP: Lots of issues. Could be great. In as few of words as possible: bad hit detection, I am NOT the type to whine about something like this frequently, but I genuinely feel that it is an issue in this game, either that or it takes far too many bullets to kill your enemy; a process I can only describe as being able to sink into walls/floors when you are prone, thus making the enemy only have a partial target (which is incredibly cheap); creating a squad of friends does not always work, sometimes you'll end up on separate squads or even opposing teams when the game starts; the weapons are fantastic and feel weighty-which is great; driving vehicles is not super easy, and I absolutely appreciate that; the maps are beautifully rendered.

The maps: Oh, the maps, how you are a bittersweet mistress. I cannot help but feel that many of the large maps needed to be scaled down quite a bit to be truly enjoyed. It is not a lie when people say that you can go 10 minutes without seeing anyone, sans someone flying overhead in a jet, in some of the largest maps. It's not really an issue, but it does detract from gameplay when you can't find anything at all to do. That being said, I love many of the maps and find them balanced. There are small maps with intense ground forces combat, and there are maps where using the vehicles is mandatory for victory.

Lastly: I know that it seems like I have listed a lot of negative things, and I suppose I have, but many of these things could be remedied.

A great game and a great community. Especially after the team deathmatch crowd leaves for MW3.

EDIT: 11/8/11: The lag appears to have disappeared almost completely. There is even a scrolling text message on the main game menu from EA/Dice stating as much. This alone would have changed many reviewers' negative reviews, had it happened a week ago. Game is shaping up nicely. See y'all on the Battlefield.
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on May 28, 2017
Not a bad game that was improved by the fact it cost $15 instead of 60-70. Guess I'm getting old because I still like to play games that aren't connected online and that don't cost me half a months paycheck after upgrades and so forth.
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on November 22, 2011
Honestly i don't play military shooters for their story, i still havent completed the bf3 campaign because it just seems too painful to play. The campaign does look great graphically but the story is bland. Multiplayer is where this game shines. I got into the battlefield franchise with bad company 2's multiplayer and was seriously excited for bf3. At first i was a bit uncomforable with the weapons and maps but that was just because i hadn't found my groove yet. Some of the initial weapons are clunky and the recoil may need some getting used to but once the unlocks start coming and i got familiar with the maps, then the fun began and it hasn't ended. The maps are large and even in team deathmatch where getting kills matter you won't have a problem finding action, the main thing is who has better accuracy and skill. Although the graphics are much better on pc, the ps3 version still looks amazing. One of my favorite elements in this game is the sound, the frostbite engine is simply stunning not just with graphics but the sound, it gives you that genuine, crisp feel of battle. The unlocks, rewards and ranking system will make you keep coming back for more of this game. Overall this game is addictive and well worth the price, but if you buy it for the story then you may be a bit dissapointed.
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on November 20, 2013
The online is a tone of fun. That's not what prompted me to write this review, however. This review is really about the campaign. It was a shoddy piece of garbage. The AI is infuriating. There is no hiding from it. Pop out of cover and all enemies will be shooting you before you can bring your sights up. Move around the linear map as much as it will let you (hidden behind cover), and once again the enemies know exactly where you are. Apparently you have a tracking device on your person. It is also annoying that they will choose you over your mates, even though you may not be right on the action or even firing your weapon. They also tried these "hit this button at this time" action sequences for the hand-to-hand combat. which was an utter failure, too. I would just think "common, lets just get on with the game" every time one would happen. They also did the "you must push forward or else the computer will infinitely spawn enemies trash". The problem is, they aren't always that way, so sometime I would end up dying trying to push forward because I was supposed to take my time and eliminate all of the enemies.

The linearity, annoying scripted sequences, and highly scripted story not based on great gameplay but gimmicky over the top action felt like a pee poor COD ripoff. This was not what the old battlefield was like. COD vs Battlefield is like comparing apples to oranges. Both excel in different ways, and both are fun in their own respect, so why in the world the creators of BF3 tried to emulate a COD campaign is beyond me, but they failed epically.

However, keep in mind that the campaign is an afterthought. The meat and potatoes of this game is online play, and there it excels.
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on November 25, 2011
I'm playing it for about couple of weeks, and I can say that I love this game. It has it's problems (bugs, glitches, server problems), but, EA has said that, that will be fixed whit the first patch, which is supposed to come out this, or next week. It already come out for PC users, but EA, has to wait for approval from Sony, and Microsoft before they can release it to console gamers.

I pre-ordered this game, and payed $40 (when Amazon had that $20 credit that they were giving with pre-order ...) This game has lot to offer. From singleplayer missions, to 6 good co-op missions, and amazing multiplayer. Singleplayer, I have finished on all modes that they offer: easy, normal, hard - and it is not that difficult, even on hard, You just need to take ur time before going forward. SP is short but fun. Little bit to much scripted at times. They should have given us little bit more freedom in gameplay.

Co-op, is so much fun, especially if u play it with ur friend (you also can play co-op public, with whoever), but that has to be online, because there is no splitscreen option. It has 6 great missions, which you can play on easy-normal-hard difficulty. When u play co-op u earn points, there are leaderboards, but also, when u earn those points, you can unlock weapons for multiplayer. 7 weapons to be exact.

Multiplayer is where everything comes together. Great maps, great gameplay, lots of fun! Bunch of weapons for every class, and for almost every weapon, you have to unlock weapons parts separately. Every weapon has 18 weapon parts that u have to unlock. So, it's lot of fun switching weapons. It's the same with vehicles. U unlock parts, by vehicle type: Jet, chopper, tank, etc.
Maps are great. U have those for close combat, and u have those for jet, tank, and what not combat.

I'm lvl. 32 on multiplayer. Even those who are not best players, can rank up pretty quickly, just play conquest, and play objective, and you'll be lvl-ing up fast.

There are 39 trophies (singleplayer, co-op and multiplayer) all together that can be gotten in this game. I only need 2 more trophies to get Platinum for BF3. Those are to get to 45 lvl (MP), and to get all Ribons (MP), whick I only need 1 more. Trophies are not that difficult.

There are problems in multiplayer, but those will be solved with first patch that should come out soon.

I hope this review helped somebody. it's my first. :)

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on November 16, 2011
What can I say about this game that most other comments have mentioned. Not too much bad, that is for sure.
This game is beyond amazing. The graphics alone would knock anyone to the ground. People complaining about the graphics clearly don't play video games. Maybe they expect it to be straight out of a movie like `We Were Soldiers' ...sorry to bust your bubble but if you think the graphics on this game are terrible you obviously don't get out much.

Let's talk about campaign first. (SPOILERS) I like the idea, having a single main character and going through the past to figure out what happened throughout the weeks leading up to what is now present day. The campaign is enjoyable, though the mission Rock and a Hard Place has some pretty substantial bugs. I managed to flank the entire enemy a few times and I stumbled upon several different locations where it was an infinity spawn. I would knife a guy and another would appear almost instantly...only when you ran to a certain point (near your team) would your team then move up, and the enemies disappear.

This was the only REAL issue I had regarding single player, that and I wish it would have been a little longer, but I cannot complain as I only played this when my internet was down, as I had no intention of actually playing single player.

On to multiplayer, which is undoubtedly the reason most people buy these games. Absolutely gorgeous...stunning visuals, and with almost no downside to it. Who doesn't love making the side of a building collapse and having the ruble kill a few of the opposing team!

Each class is fantastically balanced. No one class is superior to the other, though I myself do enjoy Engineer/Sniper. Each class has it' basics, as well as some special perks, for example: Engineering can receive an EOD bot, Assault can have a handy mortar, Snipers can gain access to radio beacons, and Support gets a handy dandy defib! These are just a few!

For those who like fast, action paced, tons of killing, this obviously isn't for you. The maps (other than Metro) can be large, spacious, and at times overwhelming. This makes the game tricky, as it is easy to flank, and easy to be flanked as well. There are plenty of vehicles scattered around almost every map, from APCs, boats, helicopters, jets, anti-air guns, and tanks, just to name a few. Each vehicle can be leveled up, as to unlock a new variety of attachments as well as little perks to help give you an edge in a fierce fire fight! It is important to utilize vehicles properly as this are normally the key to victory/defeat. Rushing a tank into a hostile spawn with no infantry support will only spell doom for you and your tank counterparts, though if you lag behind with your heavy armor your infantry is doomed to perish under their fortified positions.

All classes and vehicles work hand in hand to balance out and make the game much enjoyable. Unlike most FPS games on the market, this one emphasizes team work, as the squad spawn perk can leave you in constant battle if your team plays smart. If you keep up the offensive, and drive the enemy back, you can utilize this to your utmost advantage and overwhelm the enemy before they are prepared!

There seem to be people complaining about the squad aspect, as you join a game, you may end up on different teams and such. I have experience this a few times, but for the obvious reasons, it will put us in the next available game. If there are 3 spots open, 2 on 1 team, and 1 on the other, it will try to auto balance, and they results in the squad sometimes being broken up. I have found a simple solution to this. Instead of just using quick match, actually go in and select which server you would like to play, picking one less populated helps insure you stick together with your squad.

The only real issue I have with multilayer on this game would be that sometimes it seems they took a step back from destruction. Yes, you can bring down entire buildings, create holes that weren't there before, and reshape the landscape, yet on some of the maps, like metro, it seems the destruction is extremely limited. Why can I bring down a building with an RPG, but cannot blow through a coke machine lying on the ground. This doesn't really bother me, as without cover in these maps, both sides would constantly be at more of a standstill than normally seen.

With all this said, I give this a 5 star rating, because it is to this date the best FPS I have ever owned or played, right behind Call of Duty: Black Ops.

I would recommend this to anyone.
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on November 1, 2011
Love this game! I just wish DICE would fix the issues we are experiencing with it. The graphics are superb, the levels are huge, and the frostbite 2 engine creates a destructible environment that is not only engaging, but visually stunning! The gameplay is lengthy in multiplayer when compared to Call of Duty. I have also noticed that lag is lessened as well, however, this is at the cost of waiting to enter a game.

Graphically Stunning
Destructible Environment
Fantastic Gameplay
Boats, Tanks, Trucks, Helicopters and Jets... Need I say more?

Confusing weapon class setup
Minor bugs/glitches
Lots of server connection issues. Drops randomly, must wait to enter the server, and host not found on startup.
Splits up parties randomly.

***Update 12/8/2011***

I have been playing this game consistently since its release. A lot has been improved on and I am glad that DICE is working to improve the games performance. Let me go over what has changed:

1. The squad and joining feature has been improved so that a majority of the team you are now teamed up with your friend in game. Also, you usually both get the same squad as well. I think the reason it doesn't always happen, is if teams are uneven or if there simply isn't enough room on that team or squad. Most of the time we are on the same team and squad, if not the next game we switch over, which is okay with me.
2. There are a ton more servers to choose from now.
3. I am proud to say I haven't had one drop from a game in a long time. Occasional lag, which could be my home connection. The same can't be said for COD.
4. The Back to Karkand expansion has been released! This is a great set of new maps that I would suggest for any fan of the game.

Issues I still have:
1. You cant edit classes or quit while in between games. You have to make changes in the main menu or quit during a game. This annoys me a lot.
2. The players in game are starting to get really good, some people just camp in a jet and can take down the whole map basically owning the game. 0 Kills and 18 deaths isn't exactly my idea of fun. This is rare, but it frustrates me pretty quick.
3. Some maps are one sided. For example, metro has a bottleneck area where any decent team can easily hold the line to prevent you from taking the flags in conquest.
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VINE VOICEon February 13, 2012
let me just start off by saying i know 'battlefield's' bread & butter is the multiplayer. no one does it better. but, the mutliplayer is only 1/2 of the game, so it must be taken as a whole, which is what i'll do.

several years ago i read an article about george lucas and how he feel in love with technology at the expense of story and emotional resonance. it seems the fellows at DICE have fallen into the same trap. for all of frostbite 2's technological wizardry, the campaign is a suprinsingly shallow and vapid experience. of course, some people won't mind this (and some people don't even bother with single-player campaigns), but there's simply not a single memorable mission in the campaign. even for all of call of duty's over-the-top, non-sensical, action hero machinations, at least they're pretty fun. battlefield 3's campaign was just long and tiring and i just wanted it to end. there's not a single thing here you haven't done in every on-the-rails shooter in recent history. you're either in a building, a corridor, an alley, a rooftop, a narrow street, a post-earthquake crevice or some other similarly small, cramped space. the story, if you can call it that, is also rehash of other first person shooters - russian forces, nukes, etc, etc, etc. we've played this game 100 other times.

the multiplayer for me, is a step back from BFBC2. frostbite 2 on the PS3 just doesn't look that good. (again, i realize this was made for the PC, but...) the textures are mostly muddy. the maps that came on the disc weren't nearly as balanced or as well-designed as the BFBC2 maps (operation metro and grand bazaar come to mind). there are some really great maps, though, like caspian border, kharg island, and operation firestorm; but to me they just don't compare to oasis, laguna presa/alta, arica harbor and atacama desert. the gameplay, too, doesn't fare as well. if i had a dollar for every time i unloaded an entire mag into someone only to have them kill me 100% health, i'd be pretty well off. i get that there will always be lag, but it's bordering on the criminal. it's no fun to shoot someone with a shotgun, twice, from point blank range and have them just run away from you. every now and then, i get it. but not a dozen times a game. at the end of most matches i just feel defeated.

unfortunately, for me, BF3 was a disappointment. BFBC2 is my favorite game ever. i logged well or 600 hours in the MP. after about 40 in BF3, i'm done.
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