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Battlefield 4 - Playstation 3
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$13.04+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 2, 2013
I am sorely disappointed. I understand that this version was built for PS4 and then the quality of the graphics were reduced to play on PS3, but I'm not disappointed with the graphics (even though it seems to be much lower quality than BF3 or BFBC2). I have had some serious stuttering occur in spite of the graphics reduction, but there are many other disappointments available.

What I am disappointed with graphics wise are the glitches, zooming in with a scope only to see some intangible object that wasn't there before creating a glitchy line across the screen obscuring my view that goes away if I am a hair to the right or left (was on a rock with no grass and no trees aiming towards the window of a building), menu glitching when not even in a game (it's as if they released the beta for PS3 guys to play). They also seem to make the fog of distance occur a bit closer on some maps, but there are still some places where you can do 400 yard shots.

I am disappointed in the removal of features we all love like being able to spot/mark an enemy, being able to control vehicles the same way as previous BF games, being able to check the individual scores in the middle of a match (holding or tapping select now brings up the friends menu as if I'm constantly wanting to switch to friends games or check their stats rather than spotting or checking scores).

The thing that makes it really rough and leaves a bad feel to the game I think is that the user interface is much less intuitive than before and the ease of use from the BFBC2 and BF3 menus are gone. One example of this would be that the menu logic is not structured the same and to change your loadouts you actually have to be in the game. There are no grid interfaces for seeing the weapons you have and their statuses. There seems to be little effort to maintain the series functionality in this release, the gameplay options and customization of your character are missing from the important places.

I miss the gameplay options DICE had in BFBC2 and BF3 like the coop missions unlocking stuff and the ability to see the assignments in grid view - DICE will probably come out with more on updates or pay packs (I hope I don't have to pay for them, I already regret buying the game and the premium)

I am happy about new maps which have more of the environment be destructable, and there may even be ground destruction potential (I loved that about the earlier BF, being able to blow a hole in the ground, climb in it, and wait for the enemy). I like that the weapons have plenty of unlocks, though it seems dreadfully slow compared to the previous games (probably want people to buy the unlock packs when DICE comes out with them - i'm disappointed in them for that). I think the kill cam is a bit better than the previous version.

The redeeming qualities on this one seems to be the variety of weapons and their unlockables, and the return of highly destructable environments. I did notice after the update that I can use the server browser and tag favorite servers again, so at least there's that from the last one.

DICE may face a serious loss of followers if they don't fix some of these things before the next COD is released. I'm probably going to go back to BF3 and BFBC2, and not get a PS4 until some quality BF titles are released on it(and an alternate design controller is released).

I may just have to stop being a Battlefield fanboy :'(

UPDATE: Edited to reorganize and add info about stuttering
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on November 19, 2013
Quite simply, Dice absolutely ruined the vehicle controls. You can no longer use the L2 and R2 throttle levers for gas/brake, which makes flying completely un-intuitive (who flies with TWO control sticks?) and makes you prone to mistakes in heated situations.

In addition, land vehicle controls are completely bizarre feeling. For example, in tanks if your turret is facing backwards, and you pull the "gas" stick to "reverse", your tank will go FORWARD (as in the front of the tank will go forward)! If you want the back of the tank to go forward (so actually move backwards) you push the stick FORWARD. You can no longer spin tanks on the ground, instead, the tank spins automagically and starts going in whatever direction you're pointing the "throttle".

I've stopped playing. I hope they update this or I'm giving this game away and never buying another one.
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on January 4, 2014
I had anticipated this games release for a while and when it came out I waited a bit just to see how the reviews faired. The results were horrible. Many people were frustrated and disappointed with glitches and bugs, freezing and alot of miscelanious problems. I decided not to buy it. A couple weeks later a friend swore by the game and convinced me to purchase it. So I said "if it doesn't work right I can kill you right?" He said "Yeah, im telling you there is nothing wrong with it." So I ordered it, waited a week and a half and received the game. After install I began playing and noticed quite a few laughable glitches in the game, such as people without legs, sometimes spawning without a weapon and the most frustrating glitch people who were invisible, no weapon or anything but they can still kill you. Also, I had frequent problems with freezing which I expected to and extent because bf3 had a small problem with that as well but bf4 is way worse. In the single player, enemies will load and "pop up" right in front of your face and kill you, guys were riding in invisible 7 tons just floating in mid air and worst of all you cannot save your campaign and as soon as you turn off your system all of your campaign progress is lost. (Yet your trophies remain?) So unless you plan on sitting down all day and beating it all the way through and don't care about replaying the best missions, I would recommend you stay away from this game. I thought all of that was bad, but it was the tip of the iceberg. A few days after getting upset with how laughably bad the game was with my friends online, my ps3 recieved PS3 error 80010514(e) (a) and (b) which I firmly believe was a direct cause of this game which had corrupted my software on my ps3 and caused my ps3 laser to entirely stop working! Since then I have stopped joking about how bad this game was and have been trying to fix my ps3 since. I actually just got done replacing the laser and was writing a review for that company when I was asked by Amazon to write a review for bf4. The game noticably had some improvement as far as weapons, classes and vehicles but the game itself is seriously flawed and might just kill your ps3 with it. STAY AWAY!
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on November 8, 2017
This game is simply awesome. Campaign is short and as for me it was just kind of tutorial for the multi player which this game is all about
Huge maps is astonishing. Infantry and range of vehicles on the ground, boats on the water, planes and helicopters in the
sky... With all that after each round maps are left in ruins and filled with craters after explosions.

This game is amazing and is completely action packed. The single player is a bit short but the multiplayer is simply amazing. The story line is a bit weak. But the multiplayer is worth the money!
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on December 3, 2013
I've played Battlefield games since BF2 on PC. I truly love the series and believe that it's the best shooter on the market. That being said, the game should be avoided at all costs on PS3. If you've played BF Bad Company or BF3 on the PS3, then you know that the BF series has a habit of freezing your system. For those that haven't played, what happens is that during gameplay, the game causes the system to freeze, forcing the PS3 to be restarted manually. Unfortunately, this happens even more frequently with Battlefield 4.

The constant freezing and forced restarting could damage the system. It's a risk that I'm no longer willing to take. There is no hope for a patch to fix the problem, because it's been an issue throughout the whole series on PS3. I can only imagine that it's a problem in the base code of the game.

Other then the freezing issue, there is a lot of graphic pop-up in the game. That means that the details of the graphics don't show up until you're very close to them. For example, stairs are often slopes until you are on top of them. Also, when events happen in multiplayer (such as the building falling in Siege of Shanghai), the game crawls to a stop. It's a very ambitious design, but too much for the aged PS3.

This was my last shot at BF after all the problems of the previous versions. I may still play it, but only on PC. I really wanted this to be better.
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on March 21, 2014
Overrated from my perception. Sure it's nice to see buildings crumble at heavy gunfire unlike COD. However, since I grew up on 2D shooter games from the Atari era, I find it difficult to compete with all these d*mned kids that kick my butt every time in both games. WARNING TO PARENTS! The campaign of this game is FILLED with curse words that would make a sailor blush. Unless you want your kid hearing this, don't allow them to play it. The creators should have thought more carefully on this issue and the retailers should have set age limits just to buy it. The graphics are good. Game play is overwhelming in length at times to accomplish a goal. Online play I find is way too cumbersome at the plethora of options for weapons, upgrades, etc. etc. And like COD, you have to accomplish some very complex goals in order to get the good upgrades. COD though I find is better in solo play in that you can set bots to play along with. This game only allows you to practice alone.
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on December 24, 2013
I picked up BF4 for the PS3 on Black Friday when it was half off, even though I had read so many bad reviews on Amazon.

Some of the complaints are justifiable: I have had the game freeze on me three or four times in the middle of online play, and the graphics have some bad glitches, especially with the chain fences that become invisible and the collapsing buildings that have pieces disappear.

However, the new maps are great so far. The scale of the maps makes more sense this time around. They force action, but there are still tons of sniper spots and room for tanks; you just usually don't run around for ten minutes without seeing an enemy the way you could on the bigger maps on BF3. Also, the maps change during gameplay as buildings fall and flood levels rise, making each game feel a little bit differently, which forces strategy changes on the fly.

The new game modes are also a lot of fun. The variant on Rush where two teams fight over one bomb is my favorite. The objective is to take the bomb and plant it in one of three objectives; arming the objectives works just like in Rush, except now you have to play offense and defense at the same time. It's like a mix of capture the flag and smear the queer (sorry, I don't know another name for the latter...). It's an intense 20 minutes every round.

Since I bought my copy a few weeks ago, there have already been a few patches that have helped the graphics look better and the game play smoother. There is no reason not to expect the patches to keep coming and for the game to continue to become more playable.

Overall, there are some annoying parts to this game, such as the new button layout on the controller, not being able to squad up in the menu, and the glitches, but the new maps and the new modes are awesome. The game isn't perfect, but it's still a very good game, and I am glad I picked it up.
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on November 30, 2013
BF4 really know how to bring the realistic confusion of a large scale battle to life in your living room. Often I did get frustrated at the amount of time it took me to get from one end of a battle to the other, only to get sniped from behind and start over. (run... run... run......... die...... repeat....) But adjusting your game play to take advantage of squads and vehicles, helps cut down on being shot from behind while you advance across the field.

It can often be difficult to ID friend or foe, as there will be a mess of HUD displays blocking your view of an enemy running at you.

I'm also not a huge fan of the load out process, but the addition of the Battlelog android app actually helps to sort through your load out ahead of time and figure out what you want to use.

Normally I prefer the fast paced, close quarters of COD, but luckily BF4 thought of this and set up a few different "no vehicle" close quarter maps and game modes. (i.e.: team death match, etc...)

The single player campaign is good... but the story is a typical shooter storyline. What I really miss is the humor and story behind the Battlefield: Bad Company games. (Those kept me engaged in the single player game longer before I ventured online.)

From a graphical standpoint, this really is beautiful game. The guns are detailed, and the environments are awesome. Being able to blow a hole in a wall to get to someone is cool, but sometimes I found walls that somehow are made of some indestructible substance.

Control wise it takes a lot of getting used to. While similar to most FPS controls, for some reason I find controlling vehicles far more difficult than they are in other games.

Overall this is should be in any true FPS collection. (A star is lost for the loss of Bad Company, and one for various multiplayer annoyances/load out/control issues.)
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on December 20, 2013
Let me start by saying that I have played multiple battlefield games and have been very happy with them. DICE has never let me down before, until now. I bought this game and hardly ever play it. It's not to say that I do not believe that they could fix some of the issues with probably a very large patch. I feel that this game was truly meant for the next gen consoles and this is why. The graphics are very grainy and gameplay can be very glitchy at times. For example, I could be running up a flight of stairs and it appers that I am walking up on a board. Also there have been multiple times where I go to switch my weapons and the gun disappears and I cannot shoot. I plan on getting a PS4 in the near future and I am sure that the gameplay is much better on this console. I did enjoy some of the campaign levels, and I like how they have included some of the aspects of battlefield bad company with respects to locating hidden guns in levels and level achievement. Which would give the game replay value. Also, the aspects of multiplayer are great as you have more options to customize vehicles, weapons, and your player. Overall, I feel that the gameplay in this game, aside from the graphic's and glitches would be something to talk about and enjoy. I just can't get past the graphics issue and glitchs and this game is honestly sitting on my shelf collecting dust while I play Battlefield 3.
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all the 1 star reviews are true and thats pretty sad, if you dont believe me and have a spare $45 dollars or more try it yourself, if not go over a friends house who has been a victim of this game and try it then decide, i myself wish i had done the second option, campaign resets,graphics are horrible on some parts, campaign is very very short, more than the usual FPS type of short in my opinion and it ends abruptly, this game is garbage overall for me,there is no local multiplayer at all and that reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy sucks for me, now regarding online multiplayer i guess thats up to you to decide i didnt really find anything wrong with it, its just that i preffer the call of duty style of play with killstreaks, free for all, no respawn delays and that sort of thing so on the multiplayer it depends what you like most, i was wanting to try something new since all i have played is COD since the 1st modern warfare i guess im just to used to COD by now.
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