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Battlefield 4 - Xbox 360
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$11.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 30, 2013
I started playing Battlefield with Bad Company 2. I loved it and pre-ordered BF3. I've enjoyed BF3 so much that I also preordered BF4. This is where my preordering days will come to a stop. I was expecting a gaming experience at least on par with BF3, but sadly this is a huge step down.

I only play multiplayer so my review will be based solely on that. On release day I expect server problems, and to a degree I can deal with those, I know they will get better in a few days. The problem is not with the servers, it is with the game as a whole. Half-baked would be putting it kindly. First there is the freezing. In the two hours I played last night my console froze four times, I had to reboot. Second there is no pre-game squad system. Want to play a match with friends? Too bad. You have to try to find a server that is empty enough so friends can try to join on you before the server fills up. Third, good luck finding a server. The server browser is a joke. I filter so it isn't supposed to show me full servers, but it does anyway and I have to scroll through hundreds of them to find an open server. That is once you actually get the list, it can take minutes just for it to load. So just do a quick match, right? Wrong, I got nothing but network errors when trying this.

So what about the gameplay, that has to be much better you say. Wrong again. The graphics are really poor. I know there is a new generation of consoles coming out and it SHOULD be much better on those, but those aren't out yet and you're charging full price for the current gen. The graphics should be at least on par with BF3. Enemies are very hard to see, everything seems to be washed out, textures are non-existent, there are no hit markers, the weapon customization is overly complicated and the list goes on.

So Dice and EA I'll throw you a bone and give this one star. But only because Amazon doesn't let me give you zero. I know a few of these items can be fixed with patches, but I paid full price for a complete product on day one. If companies are going to continue to go the route of shipping out incomplete software and fixing it later they should charge less day one and ramp up the cost as the game improves. You're giving users no incentive to pre order.

**Update 11/11/2013**
Returning the game. I played for about an hour tonight and it froze my console four times. I guess that is what the four in Battlefield four stands for. I give up. I want to love it, but it just hates me too much.
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on November 2, 2013
EDIT 2 12/12/2013: A number of people have commented below and I feel the need to add their sentiments to the body of this review.

We're on update #3 for the 360 and other various platforms. I have a friends group comprised of 360, XB1, PS4, and PC players that all experience issues with this game.

The crashing continues, with little rhyme or reason. Our group used to experience the 360 hard-lock issue on Hainan Resort without fail, and that privilege is now bestowed on us by Dawnbreaker.

Our solution: Quit the game before the next map in the rotation loads. This is hardly what I'd call an ideal solution, and it's hardly limited to Dawnbreaker. Dawnbreaker just happens to be the map that will do it 9/10 times. The main issue this brings about is that then you have to regroup your party on another server, wait 1-5 rounds for the server to magically autobalance you with your party, or manually switch teams.

Putting it bluntly: This process sucks.

After looking through the live issue tracker on Battlelog, [..] I'm confident in saying that this game was released in this state on purpose, and that they knew it was going to be a S***storm of issues. We are somewhere past Alpha, but not anywhere near out of the Beta phase. We are actively Beta testing this product. I've currently paid $110 for the privilege of being inconvenienced by this game.

Look through the Battlelog post linked above. If you read between the lines you can see that the Netcode is hopelessly screwed, and the apparent stress of launching across 5 platforms was more than the company was capable of. They are in full blown damage control at this point. During Double XP week, my console locked up so much that I probably missed out on half of the XP was supposed to be earning double on, and as a result, stopped caring and stopped turning it on.

This is literally the most broken Triple A title that I've ever played. For EA and DICE to be anything but utterly transparent about this situation is going to result in ill will that will turn people off from playing the next iteration. I sold my copy of Battlefield 3 when it was still worth 40 bucks as a trade in, I like this game, even in it's broken state, more than I ever did that game, but I won't make the mistake of buying the next title or it's Premium counterpart as a first run product.

Never again.


Edit: (THIS DIDN'T FIX SQUAT)There is a patch coming out soon for Consoles that may address the freezing issues. The fun factor of this game when playing with friends rates this a 5/5 in my book, but the technical issues are such a turn-off that I literally turn off my Xbox the first time it locks up and don't bother going back.

If they can fix that, it take this game from merely "Good" to GREAT!

Original Review:

***The Good stuff***

The sound engine is INCREDIBLE!

When this game works, and you aren't fighting against the design to actually get in a match a play it with friends, it's a blast. They've stepped back some of the design changes that were brought about in Battlefield 3, and changed the all-around feel of it, to more Bad Company 2, than Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 was an obvious attempt to capitalize on smaller battles and get in on the Call of Duty money train.

There are still flashlights that can blind in dark corridors, red-dot lasers that act as a "SHOOT HERE" target beacon, and some weirdness on the sniping front that could use some tweaking.

When the game is working the way it should, it's a 5/5.

Thanks for making 5-man fire teams a thing, and thanks for bringing back Commander

***The meat of the Crap Sandwich***

There are lots and lots of problems. Capital 'L' LOTS. These issues are anecdotal (NOT ANYMORE - see above), and vary be user experience but there is an EA support page that has vetted issues across multiple scenarios,and every one of my friends are having issues in some fashion across PS4, XB1, PC and 360.

Playing last night (11/15/13) we were all booted from various servers at various points of time (loading in, playing, checking the score, changing maps)

This game is obviously half-cooked on current gen consoles, and according to the support thread PC players are not exempt. There have been server patches but no client patch on 360/PS3 yet. (THERE WAS, IT SHUFFLED ISSUES AND RESOLVED NADA)

***The dirty truth***

-Random Freezing: During map cycles, during "Levelution" events, during server join, during round changes, during, "just standing there". This is absolutely freaking unacceptable in a retail release. This is some entry level QA stuff right here. They knew about this and let it release anyway. Shame on them.

-No party feature: I have to get a little teenager-y here but, Seriously! WHAT THE HELL? Dice has always missed the mark on this in their BF games on console, but this is just too much. In 2013, when every top tier release since 2006 has had a party system that isn't bass-ackwards, I simply can't understand the thinking behind this.

They also pulled Platoons from Battlelog, with the statement that they'll be back in 2014. DOUBLE WHAT THE HELL

-Graphical step back: If you need proof to see that the 360/PS3 are at the end of their run for pushing the graphical envelope in newer games, look no further. Halo 4, this ain't. When you've played every map a handful of times, you'll stop noticing or caring. There's stuff to blow up.

-No pre-game customization: I hate Battlelog, you shouldn't be forcing me to use my computer or tablet to organize stuff when I'm playing the damn game. During battle is not the time to force people to mess with their loadouts. This is, frankly, just stupid.

-Loadout Screen: The loadout screen is garbage. Pure garbage. I'm not unintelligent, I can navigate it, I can make it work. Somebody is in love with their UI design, and somebody has forgotten that you design this stuff for the players benefit, not your ego.

-LET ME EDIT MY CLASSES BETWEEN ROUNDS. Christ almighty how is this a hard concept?

-The UI: The UI sucks. It's a mess of menus and menus and more menus. Open up a menu? LOOK MORE MENUS! Say the work menu enough and you'll start to question your sanity.

-Battlelog: Seriously- EA, DICE? NOBODY LIKES BATTLELOG. If you like Battlelog, great. I hate you. For realsies, guise, I'm super-cereal, I won't play this game on the PC where it arguably is superior on all fronts because of how bad Battlelog is. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND BACKING A FAILED HORSE LIKE THIS. Quit floggin this dead animal.

- The Battlelog App sucks, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad. I've queried all my friends, and so far between the Ipad 3, Nexus 7, 7.2, an overclocked HP Touchpad, and some random Samsung thingy, the Battlelog app is Crap. It's a cr(app)


I am constantly baffled by the design decisions they've made starting with BF3.

We should just start calling it Bafflefield.
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on October 30, 2013
Not sure what all the complaints are for other than the server issues. Yeah, there are server issues just like when GTA online was released. It will get better. In the mean time I play the Campaign and its awesome. I must be one of the lucky ones because I don't have any glitches or freezes at all. My only complaint is that it is hard to see a lot of the times because so much ish is going on and tinting (I am used to playing on the PC) but I realize this is something I have to get used to.

This will get 5 stars once they fix the server issue.

Update 2:

Patches have made the game very much playable now. Hardly have any more freezing. I do lose my upgrades from time to time only to get them back if i back out of the game. Still a hassle but the fun and enjoyment I get out of this game makes up for the minor issues now. The big one was the game freezes and that appears to be addressed. Therefore, it is back to a 4/5 star rating.

Star rating docked on both levels as I am now a statistic of freezes and glitches. Not sure how I avoided this for so long but it finally happened to me. Also in campaign mode when I die and re-spawn at the last checkpoint I don't start with new ammo and health. Example: I am currently at a checkpoint without ammo and 1 health. So, I die almost instantly and there is no resolution to this issue except to start over from the beginning. Yeah, right.

Still a fun game but very disappointed the most with the campaign glitch. I can get past the freezes and multi-player issues but this campaign glitch literally makes the game unplayable now. Thats a problem. I am now officially on the hater bandwagon of Battlefield 4.
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on October 29, 2013
I suppose I am one of the unlucky XBox 4GB owners that can't play this game. Something that I did not know prior to purchase was that it REQUIRES an internal Hard Drive to play. I knew it required an install but I assumed it would be like most other games that required an install and could use flash memory (which I have tons of), like GTA V. Unfortunately, not the case. So, $60 wasted. I'm not forking over more money for a hard drive. I'll just wait until I get a next-gen console. They really should have made this more clear as there are versions of the XBox that did not come with an internal hard drive.
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on October 29, 2013
My son saved and saved to get this game, he even paid the extra $ to receive it today...NOT ONCE was there a mention of the need for a HARD DRIVE!! We did NOT know this until today, when we received it. He has an Xbox 360 SLIM...without a hard drive...needless to say, he cannot play it until we get him a hard drive.

NOT VERY NICE...Would have loved to know this when we "PRE-ORDERED!" the game. I would have got a hard drive for his xbox slim then. ~~Feeling bad for him~~
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on October 29, 2013
Having played the Battlefield 4 Beta, it was a refreshing and exciting wait for Battlefield 4 to come out. I preordered it for Xbox 360 and patiently waited. The big day came today when the package delivered. After downloading the necessary 2 GB install I divulged in. I quickly realized through my estimated 3 hours of play that this game is garbage, at least for current gen consoles. The graphics are rudimentary. Dropping frames constantly is quite the ordinary thing to notice when playing multiplayer. There is no option to squad up with friends, which you'd think it being 2013, wouldn't be a key issue overlooked. When you try to bypass this and find a match so your friend can join session; you'll have about a 40% success rate in using quick match as it'll either freeze your whole Xbox or put you in a lobby all by yourself, never with the intention of populating it. I had a particular instance where I tried to join a team deathmatch, only to bizarrely enter a Domination match. If you think that trying to find a correct server to join is the better option, you'll also encounter these issues and more. All the servers list as empty and even the ones that list as populated are always somehow full, even when tweaking with key search settings. This game, for having a beta is one of the worst gaming experiences I've ever had. I put the disc back in the case and have no intention of wanting to play it again. The support of this has been nill and my requests to their community manager, support twitter and ea customer service has gone ignored. They simply say the problem has been addressed and will be fixed "soon". Soon? The two weeks this beta was out wasn't enough time? Dice is an embarrassment and I hope those looking to buy a copy take into consideration my review and save their money. You're not missing anything, trust me. I'd give this lower than 1 star if given the choice.
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on July 28, 2015
I bought Battlefield 3 hoping it would be fun. It was not fun at all. I played and tried to give it a chance. It is a game pretending to have some realistic elements when in fact nothing about the game is realistic. I was foolish enough to waste 15 dollars on Battlefield 4 thinking it would have corrected some of the issues of BF3. If anything the issues are worse. Rampant cheating. Horrible servers full of people who kick you for actually playing the game using parts of it they do not like. The weapons are horrible. The ballistics are a joke. The game simply panders to the juvenile gamers who think a sniper rifle is the best weapon on earth. You shot that target 100 times with a .50 cal mounted in a turret? Too bad that helicopter is made of bulletproof adamantium. You shot an enemy 30 times with a 7.62 machine gun? Too bad he has a mouse his mommy bought that lets him shoot you once with a pistol from 1000 meters away for the kill WHILE you are hitting him with that silly automatic weapon 30 times. Oh you shot the same guy with an HE round from a tank? His buddy has a mouse too and kills you with the old RPG from 1000 meters away. Do not bother spending money on what is basically the troll of the video game world. Dice will take that money and require you to be cannon fodder for those willing to pay extra to unlock the actual game. That's right. Buying the game does not actually buy the game. You will spend countless hours being sniped from across the map while running around pointlessly trying to unlock the actual weapons needed to play with any kind of effectiveness. And then you are still not playing the full game. You will play the same couple of maps with a few of the weapons and will have to pay 50 dollars or more to unlock what is called DLC but is actually the rest of that game you thought you would be able to play when you bought it. Dice has no interest in stopping cheaters. No interest in realism at all. Not even slightly. There is nothing fun about playing with people when it is basically a contest to see who has a better mouse, more free time to waste, doesn't mind cheating, and dozens of "friends" who feel the same way. Do not bother to spend money on anything made by the people who make the Battlefield series if you want to have actual fun the way games were intended. I for one will not be spending a penny on Battlefield anything again.
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on January 11, 2014
First of all, this is my first purchase in the Battlefield series so I can't compare BF4 to BF3. I was looking for a change of pace from Call of Duty and decided to give this a shot. So my review will come as a first time player who only has had experience with CoD.

First thing I noticed was how massive everything was. The maps are huge. The building are huge. The teams are huge. I spent the first hour that I was playing just running around and taking in how magnificent everything looked between getting killed by the other team.

It took me a little bit to understand what was going on because I was only familiar with Team Deathmatch. The typical BF4 match is Conquest, which is about 75% Capture the Flag and 25% Team Deathmatch. I have much more fun working with a team to capture objectives than just running around and killing people. I've recruited a group of friends to play and it's so much fun partying up and working together to capture objectives, spot enemies, flanking them, etc.

One thing I really like is that there isn't a dominate gun in each weapon class. So the battlefield is pretty even whether you're level 1 or level 100. The guns you unlock don't differ much but it's fun finding one that fits your style. One gun might have more power, but lesser stability (recoil), while the other has lesser power but better stability.

The reason I only gave it 4 stars is because, like everyone else has said, the game will lock on you on occasion. Dice has pretty much fixed it on every map except for Dawnbreaker. I can play Dawnbreaker 10 times and it will probably lock up my Xbox 8 or 9 times. I have no issues on any other map.
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on November 6, 2013
So, with all my reviews, I like to consider the source. Is it a seasoned player or just someone that bought the game as their first ever FPS. Needless to say, this is not my first FPS. I have owned pretty much every COD, Battlefield, FarCry and a few others. Its pretty much all I have played on PC and 360. i prefer playing PC, but I cant keep up with the tech (or at least my wallet) so I frequently turn to console games for fun.

First off, if you have never played a Battlefield game, this may actually be a pretty fun game. Other than all the glitches, freeze up, stalled loading screens, horrible spawns, and so on. But if you have nothing o base the game off of, you would probably be pretty impressed.

I am coming from playing BF3 since it came out. I have spent many hours playing that, since i was not too happy with CoD BLOPS 2. This game pretty much took nothing from BF3. Even the default controls are different. Which was really strange for me, and I still have not ironed out the kinks. I am writing this review if you are considering leaving BF3. I word. Dont!

People like to read Pros vs. Cons, so i will try and sum it up there. Here we go:

- Graphics are pretty nice. Its not a huge upgrade from BF3, but the explosions and sequences are very nice, although overdone sometimes.
- There are SO many ways to upgrade your weapon, soldier (if you like to play dress up), all the kits have more than enough options although the menu to do it is rather clunky and hard to navigate.
- Story mode is alright. Tolerable and better (I think) than most CoD ones.
Thats about it. I cant think of much else.

- Constant freeze ups, stalled loading screens, kicked from servers, lost connections etc.. At least 1 in 3 of my tries to join a MP game the console freezes and I have to shut down and restart it completely.
- Graphics intense game causes major graphic loading issues. Im sure this will be smoother/ better on the XBONE and PS4, but for these consoles, the games are just WAY too graphics intense to run smooth. Constant frame rate drops with half of my field of view :loading" as I walk forward. Enough to notice. Even sometimes looking down a sniper scope the buildings/ plants etc are not even there. Its just a brown or gray area with a person in it.
- Glitch crazy maps! Walking around in MP maps, there are people halfway in the floor below and halfway aboe the floor. But still able to shoot and kill. Also people sliding around the mas on their bellies faster than running, able to shoot like crazy. Many more examples of this with players doing wacky things, all the while able to shoot and kill you.
- Sniper rifles are crazy powerful, and people are either quickscoping or shooting from the hip with 1 shot kills. Super annoying.
- "Noob tubes" (grenade launchers) are WAY overpowered.
- Takes FOREVER to upgrade weapons/ kits. I have played for probably about 12 hours. 2 hours of story, and the rest multiplayer. Although you can unlock a couple things through the story, you are going to have to spend some serious time to unlock any weapons. You end up using the same weapon for quite some time, with no real variety or way to change it up. Pretty annoying. And this is finishing in the top 3 players with each round, give or take a few.
- Game modes. The modes are pretty lame. Its either a small map deathmatch, or a huge match of "CTF". They have a new mode with a bomb that I havnt played much, but maybe it its alright. Wanted to play what I knew so I could judge the game. Most maps have the same III format. Linear maps, with a left "lane", right "lane", and a "choke point" in the middle. except a few maps that have the islands, but there is so much open area it makes sniping so damn simple and easy.
- Spawning into games with no sound for about the first 30 seconds. Gun not in front of you for up to a minute. Graphics rendering after a super long load time.

Well, my fingers are tired, and I could go on about cons. There are more, trust me.

All in all, this game is mildy fun to play at best, to me it is not at all more fun that BF3. I dont really see a reason to upgrade. I would like to see how it is on the next gen consoles, then re-review the game. I feel like with more updates/ patches (typical fashion for EA), and by the time the PS4 comes out it will hopefully be a better game. In the meantime I might still play the game mixed in with the regulars.

EA needs to stop releasing games games so early just to get them out, and patch as you go. Its way too glitchy, and freezes and has way too many issues to be enjoyable. I would NOT spend $60 on this. Maybe for a PS4, but not PS3/ 360.

****EDIT**** So, this is hilarious. I just finished playing for about 3 hours today. Had a day off with nothing else to do. And everything I wrote has been confirmed. Also, I turned on the TV, and looky there! A BF4 commercial. On the bottom of the screen, it says *Actual footage from Xbox One gameplay*. Hahahahaha. What a f-in joke. So you released a game, then run your ads for a system that wont even be out until a month after the game??? WTH EA?? Seriously?? Its obvious that this game was never intended to be played on 360 or PS3. Just blatantly obvious. Im sure it will look worlds better on the next gen consoles, but if you are going to dumb the version down for the older consoles, just dont even release it for them. I am so disappointed with this game, that I am listing on Craigslist for sale this evening and hope to have it sold soon. Its a waste of time to even attempt to play it on a 360 or PS3. Oh, and if you didnt know, the PS3 version is ONLY 720p RESOLUTION!! They could not make it 1080p, further proving the fact that it was never intended to look good or run well on the older systems. Thanks EA. Solid work......as always
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on February 4, 2014
If you loved Battlefield 3 like I did, you'll hate this game. It's a downgrade in all aspects. The menu screen looks pretty cool I guess, with a big 4 instead of a 3 on it. I'd happily pay $60 for new maps for Battlefield 3. Read bad reviews for Battlefield 4, but I had to buy it for myself and find out. I'd rather spend $36 on used condoms. That should explain enough.

Thanks Amazon for charging $36 instead of $60. If I spent that much money on this game I'd probably have to kill myself.
Amazon, saving lives one crappy game at a time.

My disc arrived on Feb. 4, 2014. 2gb download from the discs and about a 500mb multiplayer update (6) will get you playing up to date.

First multiplayer game I played today didn't have the gameplay volume until the first game ended and the second game started. (It continued throughout the entire first game) It had the game ending music looped instead. The second (and all others) game had the correct music/gameplay volume. It's just about the only glitch I've noticed. I'm getting a little more used to it. Haven't played a campaign yet. I still like BF3 better.
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