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on November 2, 2013
EDIT 2 12/12/2013: A number of people have commented below and I feel the need to add their sentiments to the body of this review.

We're on update #3 for the 360 and other various platforms. I have a friends group comprised of 360, XB1, PS4, and PC players that all experience issues with this game.

The crashing continues, with little rhyme or reason. Our group used to experience the 360 hard-lock issue on Hainan Resort without fail, and that privilege is now bestowed on us by Dawnbreaker.

Our solution: Quit the game before the next map in the rotation loads. This is hardly what I'd call an ideal solution, and it's hardly limited to Dawnbreaker. Dawnbreaker just happens to be the map that will do it 9/10 times. The main issue this brings about is that then you have to regroup your party on another server, wait 1-5 rounds for the server to magically autobalance you with your party, or manually switch teams.

Putting it bluntly: This process sucks.

After looking through the live issue tracker on Battlelog, [..] I'm confident in saying that this game was released in this state on purpose, and that they knew it was going to be a S***storm of issues. We are somewhere past Alpha, but not anywhere near out of the Beta phase. We are actively Beta testing this product. I've currently paid $110 for the privilege of being inconvenienced by this game.

Look through the Battlelog post linked above. If you read between the lines you can see that the Netcode is hopelessly screwed, and the apparent stress of launching across 5 platforms was more than the company was capable of. They are in full blown damage control at this point. During Double XP week, my console locked up so much that I probably missed out on half of the XP was supposed to be earning double on, and as a result, stopped caring and stopped turning it on.

This is literally the most broken Triple A title that I've ever played. For EA and DICE to be anything but utterly transparent about this situation is going to result in ill will that will turn people off from playing the next iteration. I sold my copy of Battlefield 3 when it was still worth 40 bucks as a trade in, I like this game, even in it's broken state, more than I ever did that game, but I won't make the mistake of buying the next title or it's Premium counterpart as a first run product.

Never again.


Edit: (THIS DIDN'T FIX SQUAT)There is a patch coming out soon for Consoles that may address the freezing issues. The fun factor of this game when playing with friends rates this a 5/5 in my book, but the technical issues are such a turn-off that I literally turn off my Xbox the first time it locks up and don't bother going back.

If they can fix that, it take this game from merely "Good" to GREAT!

Original Review:

***The Good stuff***

The sound engine is INCREDIBLE!

When this game works, and you aren't fighting against the design to actually get in a match a play it with friends, it's a blast. They've stepped back some of the design changes that were brought about in Battlefield 3, and changed the all-around feel of it, to more Bad Company 2, than Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 was an obvious attempt to capitalize on smaller battles and get in on the Call of Duty money train.

There are still flashlights that can blind in dark corridors, red-dot lasers that act as a "SHOOT HERE" target beacon, and some weirdness on the sniping front that could use some tweaking.

When the game is working the way it should, it's a 5/5.

Thanks for making 5-man fire teams a thing, and thanks for bringing back Commander

***The meat of the Crap Sandwich***

There are lots and lots of problems. Capital 'L' LOTS. These issues are anecdotal (NOT ANYMORE - see above), and vary be user experience but there is an EA support page that has vetted issues across multiple scenarios,and every one of my friends are having issues in some fashion across PS4, XB1, PC and 360.

Playing last night (11/15/13) we were all booted from various servers at various points of time (loading in, playing, checking the score, changing maps)

This game is obviously half-cooked on current gen consoles, and according to the support thread PC players are not exempt. There have been server patches but no client patch on 360/PS3 yet. (THERE WAS, IT SHUFFLED ISSUES AND RESOLVED NADA)

***The dirty truth***

-Random Freezing: During map cycles, during "Levelution" events, during server join, during round changes, during, "just standing there". This is absolutely freaking unacceptable in a retail release. This is some entry level QA stuff right here. They knew about this and let it release anyway. Shame on them.

-No party feature: I have to get a little teenager-y here but, Seriously! WHAT THE HELL? Dice has always missed the mark on this in their BF games on console, but this is just too much. In 2013, when every top tier release since 2006 has had a party system that isn't bass-ackwards, I simply can't understand the thinking behind this.

They also pulled Platoons from Battlelog, with the statement that they'll be back in 2014. DOUBLE WHAT THE HELL

-Graphical step back: If you need proof to see that the 360/PS3 are at the end of their run for pushing the graphical envelope in newer games, look no further. Halo 4, this ain't. When you've played every map a handful of times, you'll stop noticing or caring. There's stuff to blow up.

-No pre-game customization: I hate Battlelog, you shouldn't be forcing me to use my computer or tablet to organize stuff when I'm playing the damn game. During battle is not the time to force people to mess with their loadouts. This is, frankly, just stupid.

-Loadout Screen: The loadout screen is garbage. Pure garbage. I'm not unintelligent, I can navigate it, I can make it work. Somebody is in love with their UI design, and somebody has forgotten that you design this stuff for the players benefit, not your ego.

-LET ME EDIT MY CLASSES BETWEEN ROUNDS. Christ almighty how is this a hard concept?

-The UI: The UI sucks. It's a mess of menus and menus and more menus. Open up a menu? LOOK MORE MENUS! Say the work menu enough and you'll start to question your sanity.

-Battlelog: Seriously- EA, DICE? NOBODY LIKES BATTLELOG. If you like Battlelog, great. I hate you. For realsies, guise, I'm super-cereal, I won't play this game on the PC where it arguably is superior on all fronts because of how bad Battlelog is. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND BACKING A FAILED HORSE LIKE THIS. Quit floggin this dead animal.

- The Battlelog App sucks, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad. I've queried all my friends, and so far between the Ipad 3, Nexus 7, 7.2, an overclocked HP Touchpad, and some random Samsung thingy, the Battlelog app is Crap. It's a cr(app)


I am constantly baffled by the design decisions they've made starting with BF3.

We should just start calling it Bafflefield.
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on June 16, 2014
Let me start this by saying I was really looking forward to this game. I loved BF3 and put many hours into that game. when I heard that Bf4 was coming out I was very excited. I was even more excited to hear that it would be coming out on the current gen consoles (360 and ps3) so you can tell how disappointed I was when it got here and was a big letdown. First off I know that Dice and EA are known for releasing Gltichy games but I was not prepared for it to be this bad. It crashes almost daily and Freezes, lags etc... I was really upset with the Bugs and they still have not figured out and fixed most of them. On top of all that the gameplay is not up to snuff with the previous battlefield games. with the huge maps it is very hard to find people on the console version since it only supports 24 players in a map. I have played it quite a few times on the PC and let me tell you with a decent PC on a 64 player map this game rocks on PC. and its not very buggy at all on PC except for the normal every once in a while freeze. Overall Im pretty disappointed in Dice for making this game this bad on the 360
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on January 6, 2014
Great game, but good luck getting in to a decent match online. The matchmaking system is terrible in that it defaults you to the team with the fewest players - namely, the losing team. If you join a game that has already started, you can generally expect to be already losing. The matches are prone to dumping mid-game due to host issues. There are very few servers to select from as EA has given up all support for 360, it seems.

Do you want a shooter for the campaign? Sure, go for it. We'll see you back here in a couple hours when it's over.

Are you a normal gamer and buying BF4 for the online multiplayer like 97% of other buyers? Pass on this.
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on December 25, 2013
I'm a longtime COD fan but have played nearly every Battlefield since 1942. I've never quite liked Battlefield as much as COD but as the latest COD hardly made any improvements, I decided to pick up a copy of Battlefield 4. I can surely say it was a waste of money. The short time I did get to play the game before crashing, the gameplay just wasn't up to par in my opinion. Battlefield players will probably like it, that's if they get to play it for more than 10 minutes without crashing.
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on February 11, 2014
Had I not played battlefield 3 first, I'm sure I would have enjoyed this game. Well, besides the crashing. However, I feel like this game should have been a vast improvement over its predecessor. Unfortunately, it isn't. EA DICE didn't take many risks in developing this game and the end result is effectively a bf3 DLC that you paid 60 dollars for.

If you haven't played battlefield 3, I'm sure you will enjoy the game. However, it's a 60 dollar disappointment for us bf3 fans. The only good thing about the game that can be said is that there is a larger selection of weapons to choose from and more of the buildings can be leveled. In the end, though, this game is not worth the price. Wait 2-3 years when this game costs 15 dollars.
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on July 16, 2015
Took EA/DICE way too long to get the game into a playable state. And now continued support on the 360 seems to be waning just like the player base. Premium was a complete waste of money.

BF is a great game, but because of all the problems with this release I'm actually considering going back to CoD if and when I go next gen. At the very least I'm looking for another MP shooter to get in to.
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on January 17, 2014
Great deal for the Christmas season. 50% off. Well come to find out the reason is they never fully tested the game before they decided to sell it. At least I didn't have to pay full price though. There were more than a few problems when I first got the game. They are now up to the 3rd patch update and they still have problems. Granted I don't have to reset my Xbox every hour like before, but there are a few problems that get you frustrated during gameplay. CONS: You still suffer from random locked screens during play that freeze the Xbox and require a hard reset. Happens fewer times now, but always happens on the map Dawnbreaker. Quite a few spawns still happen under the maps. One shot kills while hiding behind cover. Personally I dislike how they changed the way you talk to teammates. You can only talk to your squad and not the whole team. PROS: There are a few maps are very fun and have very few problems. The game physics are still the best in the biz. Maps still have good and bad tactical advantages. The game, if working correctly, would be When (hopefully) they get everything working I would definitely update and rate the game higher.
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on June 2, 2016
Great game! I'm still playing it regularly even after these several years! And Premium is worth it. Go for it. Now. Stop reading this and go buy premium.
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on June 24, 2016
One of the top games I ever played. I'm a Battlefield fan
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on December 4, 2013
Thirty days after release and EA still can't fix the bug where saved progress in campaign is lost. I was on my third pass through campaign after losing the saved progress and I won't be starting a fourth time.

If you want to ONLY play online then it's pretty good. I would give it 4 stars for online play but this save point bug for campaign is not acceptable and makes this a total waste of $60 for me.

EA has lost a good customer.
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