Customer Reviews: Battlefield 4 - Xbox 360
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on November 2, 2013
EDIT 2 12/12/2013: A number of people have commented below and I feel the need to add their sentiments to the body of this review.

We're on update #3 for the 360 and other various platforms. I have a friends group comprised of 360, XB1, PS4, and PC players that all experience issues with this game.

The crashing continues, with little rhyme or reason. Our group used to experience the 360 hard-lock issue on Hainan Resort without fail, and that privilege is now bestowed on us by Dawnbreaker.

Our solution: Quit the game before the next map in the rotation loads. This is hardly what I'd call an ideal solution, and it's hardly limited to Dawnbreaker. Dawnbreaker just happens to be the map that will do it 9/10 times. The main issue this brings about is that then you have to regroup your party on another server, wait 1-5 rounds for the server to magically autobalance you with your party, or manually switch teams.

Putting it bluntly: This process sucks.

After looking through the live issue tracker on Battlelog, [..] I'm confident in saying that this game was released in this state on purpose, and that they knew it was going to be a S***storm of issues. We are somewhere past Alpha, but not anywhere near out of the Beta phase. We are actively Beta testing this product. I've currently paid $110 for the privilege of being inconvenienced by this game.

Look through the Battlelog post linked above. If you read between the lines you can see that the Netcode is hopelessly screwed, and the apparent stress of launching across 5 platforms was more than the company was capable of. They are in full blown damage control at this point. During Double XP week, my console locked up so much that I probably missed out on half of the XP was supposed to be earning double on, and as a result, stopped caring and stopped turning it on.

This is literally the most broken Triple A title that I've ever played. For EA and DICE to be anything but utterly transparent about this situation is going to result in ill will that will turn people off from playing the next iteration. I sold my copy of Battlefield 3 when it was still worth 40 bucks as a trade in, I like this game, even in it's broken state, more than I ever did that game, but I won't make the mistake of buying the next title or it's Premium counterpart as a first run product.

Never again.


Edit: (THIS DIDN'T FIX SQUAT)There is a patch coming out soon for Consoles that may address the freezing issues. The fun factor of this game when playing with friends rates this a 5/5 in my book, but the technical issues are such a turn-off that I literally turn off my Xbox the first time it locks up and don't bother going back.

If they can fix that, it take this game from merely "Good" to GREAT!

Original Review:

***The Good stuff***

The sound engine is INCREDIBLE!

When this game works, and you aren't fighting against the design to actually get in a match a play it with friends, it's a blast. They've stepped back some of the design changes that were brought about in Battlefield 3, and changed the all-around feel of it, to more Bad Company 2, than Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 was an obvious attempt to capitalize on smaller battles and get in on the Call of Duty money train.

There are still flashlights that can blind in dark corridors, red-dot lasers that act as a "SHOOT HERE" target beacon, and some weirdness on the sniping front that could use some tweaking.

When the game is working the way it should, it's a 5/5.

Thanks for making 5-man fire teams a thing, and thanks for bringing back Commander

***The meat of the Crap Sandwich***

There are lots and lots of problems. Capital 'L' LOTS. These issues are anecdotal (NOT ANYMORE - see above), and vary be user experience but there is an EA support page that has vetted issues across multiple scenarios,and every one of my friends are having issues in some fashion across PS4, XB1, PC and 360.

Playing last night (11/15/13) we were all booted from various servers at various points of time (loading in, playing, checking the score, changing maps)

This game is obviously half-cooked on current gen consoles, and according to the support thread PC players are not exempt. There have been server patches but no client patch on 360/PS3 yet. (THERE WAS, IT SHUFFLED ISSUES AND RESOLVED NADA)

***The dirty truth***

-Random Freezing: During map cycles, during "Levelution" events, during server join, during round changes, during, "just standing there". This is absolutely freaking unacceptable in a retail release. This is some entry level QA stuff right here. They knew about this and let it release anyway. Shame on them.

-No party feature: I have to get a little teenager-y here but, Seriously! WHAT THE HELL? Dice has always missed the mark on this in their BF games on console, but this is just too much. In 2013, when every top tier release since 2006 has had a party system that isn't bass-ackwards, I simply can't understand the thinking behind this.

They also pulled Platoons from Battlelog, with the statement that they'll be back in 2014. DOUBLE WHAT THE HELL

-Graphical step back: If you need proof to see that the 360/PS3 are at the end of their run for pushing the graphical envelope in newer games, look no further. Halo 4, this ain't. When you've played every map a handful of times, you'll stop noticing or caring. There's stuff to blow up.

-No pre-game customization: I hate Battlelog, you shouldn't be forcing me to use my computer or tablet to organize stuff when I'm playing the damn game. During battle is not the time to force people to mess with their loadouts. This is, frankly, just stupid.

-Loadout Screen: The loadout screen is garbage. Pure garbage. I'm not unintelligent, I can navigate it, I can make it work. Somebody is in love with their UI design, and somebody has forgotten that you design this stuff for the players benefit, not your ego.

-LET ME EDIT MY CLASSES BETWEEN ROUNDS. Christ almighty how is this a hard concept?

-The UI: The UI sucks. It's a mess of menus and menus and more menus. Open up a menu? LOOK MORE MENUS! Say the work menu enough and you'll start to question your sanity.

-Battlelog: Seriously- EA, DICE? NOBODY LIKES BATTLELOG. If you like Battlelog, great. I hate you. For realsies, guise, I'm super-cereal, I won't play this game on the PC where it arguably is superior on all fronts because of how bad Battlelog is. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND BACKING A FAILED HORSE LIKE THIS. Quit floggin this dead animal.

- The Battlelog App sucks, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad. I've queried all my friends, and so far between the Ipad 3, Nexus 7, 7.2, an overclocked HP Touchpad, and some random Samsung thingy, the Battlelog app is Crap. It's a cr(app)


I am constantly baffled by the design decisions they've made starting with BF3.

We should just start calling it Bafflefield.
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on October 30, 2013
I rarely write reviews but this made me so frustrated

Got this game when it came out and it constantly crashes and all the progress you have made from your last save is lost, even on the multilplayer the game crashes and you have to restart your Xbox and then you have to manually look for a server, because the quick start option doesn't work so it takes a good 10 min to start up again after a crash.

Some people will say this happens on new games but no it doesn't Dice just pushed out a unfinished product to beat the new CoD out of the gate and this game is just as glitchly as the beta so just wait for the price drop in a couple of months after the game is finished....
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on November 3, 2013
I have been playing Battlefield and COD games since they were released. I love playing both of them and think they both have their merits and drawbacks. That said, this is the worst game to date. The multiplayer is the WORST of all of them, just god awful. I've installed the game to the hard drive and there is still MAJOR lag and it just looks crappy, let alone the gameplay. I saw how this game had bad reviews on amazon and I still bought it thinking maybe they were just being cry-babies. Instead I was wrong and have paid the literal price. Maybe this game was designed for the Xbox One and they tried to push is on the 360 platform and thats why is sucks so bad but I never in my life have played a game this trashy.
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on November 3, 2013
Do not get. This game is made for xbox one. The graphics look like the game isnt even finished yet. A big surprise to me, since all the trailers looked amazing. The game freezes and its not a good investment.
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on December 16, 2013
Glitchy and broken out of the box, EA has destroyed another game through total bungling of server and insistence on Origin as a platform. Matchmaking is a nightmare, assuming everyone in your party is able to connect to the internet. Still having frame drops and misrendered assets (360) over a month after launch. I felt embarrassed that i convinced my friends to get it so we could all play together.

The game is great when it works, the maps are huge and beautiful (assuming they render correctly). I didnt think we would see another disaster similar to the SimCity launch (thanks again EA) but with this, GTA online, and SimCity, it seems developers are being pushed to deliver product for publishers unable to support online infrastructure. Its mind numbing that even after the huge open beta test period they still got so much wrong.
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on December 15, 2013
I loved bf3. I assumed bf4 would be better......

I love this game when it works. I constantly freeze on multiplayer. I have downloaded all the updates, cleared my cache and everything else they ask for you to do. I still freeze. Its beyond frustrating. about 90% of the freezes come from Dawnbreaker on conquest. I have NEVER made it through a multiplayer game in dawnbreaker without my xbox freezing. This happens to everyone on xbox.

These companies rush games and put out terrible products to get the christmas releases. Im sick of buying games that glitch, freeze and dont work.
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on November 29, 2013
Battlefield has been around longer than Call of Duty, but of course Call of Duty has been receiving more fame, until now.

This game takes the meaning of high definition to a whole different level. The meaning of "war" on a battlefield is clearly emphasized in this game. Take your Call of Duty instincts on here and you will die almost all the time. This game is very impressive, and not as close as repetitive as Call of Duty is. The customization on soldiers, weapons, and vehicles is endless. Whether you're good at shooter games or not, you will adapt to the gameplay and understand that you have to have somewhat instincts of a soldier. This game actually feels like you are in the middle of a war (especially on PC with up to 70players to play in a match). Unlike Battlefield, Call of Duty is like a paint balling match. The older releases of Call of Duty (Modern warfare 1 & 2) receive my best reviews because they didn't add so much irrelevant additions to the game, and the creators also produced the best and fairest gameplay for multiplayer mode.

Overall, I would choose Battlefield over Call of Duty. Battlefield is changing the gameplay of shooter games and adding a more realistic value to their games. Call of Duty on the other hand, is slacking and running out of ideas.
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on January 15, 2014
We can't even get the bloody game to work. We tried EA support. We tried our ISP support. We tried a new disc - Amazon has been great. Still can't get the game to work. It either freezes every time (the entire x-box) or you are walking 1/2 way through the map (only have been able to get that far once) - as in you are not ON the grass, you are IN the grass. Don't waste money - so glad we didn't purchase the Premium Package.
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on March 9, 2014
Note: This review concerns the Multiplayer version of Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 (BF4) has a lot of promise on which the developer can't deliver. Options galore to choose from (primary and secondary weapons, different classes for different objectives, multiple vehicles which you can load out to your liking), a large number of maps on which to play with new map packs coming out every couple months or so, play in squads with your friends. Yet none of this matters because EA/Dice/whoever, can't fix the issues that have been present since launch.

Battlefield 4 was released on October 29, 2013 (North America) according to wikipedia and I got my copy in December 2013. Here we are on March 9th, 2014, and MAJOR problems persist with this game. I NEVER have a game session without issues. I'm constantly experiencing sound issues, graphical issues and most infuriating, system freezes. Just today (March 9, 2014) the game froze on me, requiring me to restart my Xbox 360, more than 5 times before I just gave up.

So here we are, over 4 months after the game was released and even though BF4 has major issues the developer has released two new map packs without fixing the problems first. They have released multiple patches/updates and yet the problems are still present.

All of the before mentioned server issues don't even touch on the other, smaller, annoying issues such as your character getting stuck on what seems to be pebbles or 6 inch thresholds in doorways, weapons not doing enough damage (how many times do I have to hit the enemy with a 50 cal machine gun to kill them?)

I could go on for days with all the little nags in this game.

In todays world of premium memberships for games, people are paying over $100 to buy the game and become a premium member to get early access to map packs and weapons before everyone else. That's $50 more than all the non-premium members paid. I wish I would have kept that $50 for anything else. I could have lit it on fire and been more satisfied than being a BF4 premium member.
EA needs to refund money to the people that became premium members and some of the money that people paid to just buy this game.

I've read several reports claiming EA rushed this game out to the before it was ready so they could beat a Call of Duty game to the market. I completely believe it. There is NO WAY they did not know about all the issues before releasing it and don't you believe it if they tell you otherwise. EA should not be excused from this. They should be made to pay back all the money they have taken from consumers. They have decieved us and taken our money with a smile.

Don't buy this game if you have any intention of playing the multiplayer version. You WILL get angry and you WILL be paying to support an underhanded company that, if this game is any indication, doesn't give a s*** about their customers.
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on February 4, 2014
If you loved Battlefield 3 like I did, you'll hate this game. It's a downgrade in all aspects. The menu screen looks pretty cool I guess, with a big 4 instead of a 3 on it. I'd happily pay $60 for new maps for Battlefield 3. Read bad reviews for Battlefield 4, but I had to buy it for myself and find out. I'd rather spend $36 on used condoms. That should explain enough.

Thanks Amazon for charging $36 instead of $60. If I spent that much money on this game I'd probably have to kill myself.
Amazon, saving lives one crappy game at a time.

My disc arrived on Feb. 4, 2014. 2gb download from the discs and about a 500mb multiplayer update (6) will get you playing up to date.

First multiplayer game I played today didn't have the gameplay volume until the first game ended and the second game started. (It continued throughout the entire first game) It had the game ending music looped instead. The second (and all others) game had the correct music/gameplay volume. It's just about the only glitch I've noticed. I'm getting a little more used to it. Haven't played a campaign yet. I still like BF3 better.
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