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on November 23, 2015
Battlefield Bad Company 2, the first Battlefield game playable on PC and with an actual singleplayer campaign. In this game the memorable characters return from the first Bad Company, such as Sweetwater, Haggard and Redford.

Good. No problems here.

The first mission takes place in World War II, whereas the rest is set in the present day. It's very slow and boring, not only does this level base itself off of something that never could have possibly happened in World War II, but the screen shakes maniacally whenever a loud alarm or a big explosion goes off. It's almost laughable when it happens. The rest of the missions have very beautiful environments, varying from snowy mountains, rain forests, deserts, urban, open areas with mountain surrounding them, and with autumn trees. in some places. The story itself is okay. But the part where the game's problems really appear is in the gameplay. Whenever an enemy has a shotgun, they can kill you at the range of a sniper rifle, and the enemies only try to kill you, instead of your teammates as well. They apparently also have x-ray vision, because no matter where you hide for cover they always know the exact spot your in. For example: If you try hiding in a house, every enemy will always know which room you're in, which corner you're hiding in, and which part of the wall to shoot. The cutscenes make it seem like an action movie, but with good characters. I won't try to spoil anything, but the final mission is surprisingly satisfying even though it isn't very long.

I really can't say much about this, because playing it requires your email, what country you live in, and what your birthdate is. Most games don't require this much information to play online.

It comes with the free DLC Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, however, since this DLC is multiplayer-only, it needs the same information as said above.

I expected better, but it doesn't deserve to be called a bad game. Hopefully if DICE ever figures out what fans loved about this game and they make Bad Company 3, they will improve on some of these features.
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on April 16, 2010
I've been playing video games for a long time, but I'm mediocre at best in the FPS realm. I played BF2142 for a bit, but generally didn't have much fun because of snipers and cloaked knifings. While I die twice as much as I kill people in this game, it never seems to get boring. I've gotten frustrated a few times because of the huge volume of people that are online that seem to eat, sleep and breath these games and are simply so good at them that I cannot compete. But the fact that they took the ability for snipers to go prone is a big help to equalize the game and make it more accessible to the casual player.

I've played mainly the online multiplayer. I did run through the first few campaign scenes, and while it looks like a neat story, not compelling enough to make me want to really play it. Not that I don't think it would be fun to play it, I just have a certain amount of time to play and for my money, this game is best with friends online.

The graphics are amazing, of course. Graphics and sound in most modern games of this production value tend to just be very good, and this game is no exception.

Gameplay is smooth, and I haven't seem to hit any glitches or bugs, at least to a degree that I noticed them. One thing that frustrates me is the point system that is integral to the game waits to the end of a match before it calculates and applies your progress to your account. On a number of occasions I've played for long periods of time, only to have a hardware or connection issue that disconnects me and I have lost all record of any achievements that I had procured. I understand the reason behind this in a way, it protects against certain abuse of the system. At the same time, it is a huge source of frustration.

The game is very playable, and performs very well. I play on a 24" iMac running Vista, and I can play it on medium to high settings. I started running the game on high settings, but have recently dropped down to some less aggressive settings to improve my frame rate a bit more to be competitive.

Whether you are a casual run and gunner, or a more serious player, this is a title you just can't miss. If you are on the fence between Call of Duty and Bad Co. 2, this is the one to pick up.
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on January 26, 2012
Not bad not bad at all...this ones right up there with the gold standards in my very first stab into FPS was Call of Duty 4 and most pale in comparison...what a way to start huh...but this one holds its own in that respect...I hope developers keep developing PC games and it does seem like they're going to consoles for all the obvious reasons but to me using the mouse and keyboard really makes it more if consoles could do that I might just change my mind what with the goofy key codes and all the video card headaches.....because face it we play the things and go on to other games and even with 800GBs we all tend to uninstall 'em to make room for more stuff and there lies the rub there should be some middle ground somewhere (hear that EA?) the DRM thing kills em...
but back to this game..I being a mostly single player person highly recommend this one..and with the prices dropping you won't go wrong.
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on July 28, 2013
First off let me tell you this. This game has so much more epic moments in it then battlefield 3 or any other game out their. The explosions, bullet's whizzing by your head as you desperately try to arm an M-COM. This game just catches my breath sometimes.

Graphics seem to play a lot in a game these days, and many people buy games because it looks good, when maybe the game play is just horrible. In 2012 I bought Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142. Not because the graphics were amazing, but because it looked fun! Anyway, the graphics to this game are amazing. The human models are very realistic, the guns are realistic, and so are the maps. But sometimes I wonder about something. I have Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 (obviously). When you play Battlefield 3 at Ultra and Battlefield Bad Company 2 at High, there is no big difference. I mean in Battlefield 3 the textures are a little better, but other than that the game looks just like Battlefield 3. So if you are just getting this game for graphics, well you'll enjoy it.

I already kind of discussed this, but the game play in this game is unbelievable. Something I like about this game is that EVERYTHING can be destroyed. When I mean everything, I really mean it. Everything. Every building you see in this game can be destroyed if enough fire power is trained onto it. Even the ground can take some permanent damage like craters if an rpg hits it. I think that's what makes this game stand out. In Battlefield 3 somethings could be destroyed, but not everything. Take Nosharhr Canals for example. There are so much crates in that map, yet none of them can be destroyed. Destruction really plays a role in a game, and in this game, it's amazing. Other than destruction the gameplay is fun and fast paced. I think COD Fans would even enjoy this game.

COMMUNITY: I'm Saying This Thus of July 2013
This game's community seemed to die out in 2012, but now it seems pretty stable with right around probably 600 players online everyday, and around 900 players on Friday night, and Saturday night. There are usually a lot of full servers. So this game isnt dead. I think if many people just gave this game a chance it would come back and have tons of players. For example Battlefield 2 has TONS of players on it nowadays. Just download a few patches and you can play!

This game requires a MASSIVE patch for PC users. It's around 2.56 GB. There is an updater that comes with the game itself but it usually takes insanely long. I usually just find the patch online and download it. But if you have great internet connection the in-game updater works just fine. And for Windows 8 users, yes this game works on their, I play it on a windows 8 machine. But the updater seems to not work at first. It usually asks windows 8 players to log in as administrator. It sounds confusing but it really isnt. All you do is go into progamfiles(or program files x86)>Electronic Arts>Battlefield Bad Company 2> BFBCUpdater> Right click on it and push run as administrator and then it will work just fine :)
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on December 31, 2014
A solid FPS game and a very funny single player campaign. This game features a fun and replayable single player campaign that isn't too hard to learn. The "squad" you play in as a member pokes fun at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare missions while at the same time during their own shenanigans. If you pause between sections in the campaign they sometimes start to banter and you can listen to all the funnies.

Multiplayer is a fun and once you get the hang of it can be full of shenanigans. However, multiplayer isn't very popular right now. Only a few servers are populated in North America and the players are often very good so it can be hard to play. The Vietnam expansion was the best expansion I have ever played but has even fewer servers and players. Too bad since this was a very fun game.

Recommendation: I can't recommend it at more than $20 as the multiplayer base has mostly moved onto Battlefield 3 and 4 and other games. The singleplayer is fun but look for a discount so you don't have to pay the ridiculous EA price tag on Origin for a 2009 game.
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on January 1, 2014
I had played the original Battlefield series and always enjoyed rampaging around in vehicles. I then got caught up in COD and didn't see the point in spending double and running in parallel FPS "realistic" warfare games. Since I am pretty cheap I usually roam around looking for the discounted "old" games when a series comes out with a new release. I kept noticing high marks for this game and thought it would be worth looking into. It sure was and I regret not making the buy earlier since the number of multiplayer servers is currently pretty low. The single player game was pretty decent in both storyline and gameplay. I kind of enjoyed not having a gigantic backpack filled with a zillion optional gizmos and gadgets that either meant you stopped all the time and sorted through them or you tried to ignore them. There wasn't a whole lot of second guessing regarding your loadout as compared to other warfare FPS games.

The multiplayer rocks completely and since about half the players are all maxed out on experience from playing for years it is a decent challenge. The only drawback is when the opposing team is largely pros and your team is less so. Being completely dominated multiple times can be a bit depressing, especially when you turn around and find that half your team left the game ;-)
I've not found the auto-balancing function to be very effective even though it may announce the teams will be rebalanced "very soon".
Worth buying and playing while there are still servers up and running.
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on February 14, 2012
Great gameplay, graphics, sounds (amazing sounds actually). Everything you've come to expect in BF but better. Faster pace than older games - fewer stalemate camp-n-snipe situations. Basically, everything is good except for the quality of the port itself. BF2 was never polished - interface was very buggy even in the latest builds. This is no exception. It's better, yes, but still makes you think, "WTF? How did they release this?" Once you get used to the quirks, master the controls (which aren't as great, as, say, Counter-Strike), you will have loads of fun. Just remember to use your head, watch your enemies, spot, and STAY ON THE MOVE.
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on July 28, 2011
Ok, I read several comments of several people having problems with the serial. Maybe because they failed to activate properly. but the game works fine. I explain shortly the steps that i followed

1 - Create Account EA
2 - Login or register the serial that AMAZON has given to you in your EA account
3 - Download ORIGIN, a manager of EA's own games
4 - Sign in and see the game is added in List of ORIGIN
5 - When the game asks you that a new version of the update avalible, accept it, otherwise you will not be able to play with other players.
6 - Once in the game, proceed to login with the same accaount that you created in EA page
7 - Maybe the game will be asked again to enter the key when you are connected
8 - Create your soldier and play

Simple as that .. or you can google it

For people who have problems to download from Amazon, you can download a version CLONE DVD wherever you prefer, it works to

And to those who have problems with the Update, do the manual update, look for the latest version of the patch of the game on the FILE PLANTE page

I already tried it and the game works perfect

If you have any problems with the serial, first going to solve the problem directly with EA, if they can not solve the problem, make your claim at Amazon.

In my case the purchase was successful

Good Luck!!! I hope my explanation will help to you
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on July 31, 2012
I purchased this game, (by download), with no problems. I have another game from EA so I already had the EA Download Manager installed on my system. I have a laptop and was concerned if it would run it on a Intel I5 - 8GB Ram - Intel 3000 Graphics Chip. It runs very well with no latency but it also heats up like mad due to the intense graphics demand on my chipset. I am running on medium settings, automatically set for my hardware and am having no problems playing the game. As I have met the specifications, sometimes it crashes though; due to the heat, not the game it's self, but not too often, and it just reverts back to the desktop. I like that because it doesn't leave you hanging having to re-boot or use Task Manager to clear and shut down. You can re-load and get back into the game. As for the game, this is by far the most advanced war game I've played so far and it is so real. The surrounding environment like houses and structures get blown to bits not only by the enemy but also by you. If there is a soldier hiding around a corner you can shoot straight through providing that it's wood or a similar surface. You have an array of weapons to choose from that even have realistic recoil and there are three things you should look for and those are, resupply ammo and weapons boxes, unlockable weapons and M-COM (enemy communication systems)Stations to keep you reloaded, earn better weapons and gain achievments for the M-COM Stations. This game is really exciting, even though I have nothing to compare it to but I would recommend it too you if you don't have a high-end system but can meet the minimum specifications. Originally, I thought there were jet fighters, but there's not; but once you get up in your levels to pilot status, you can fly troop transport and attack helicopters so this should be real fun.
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on March 6, 2010
Battlefield is back on PC with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. While not the fully featured PC exclusive Battlefield 2 and the rest were, BC2 has new modes, building destruction and amazing modern graphics to balance that out. It's also a fine PC port, featuring dedicated servers, perfect mouse control, larger player count (32) and higher graphical fidelity. Some of the maps here are just stunning, like the forrested islands and barren deserrts.

Words can't really explain how much it adds to Battlefield to be able to destroy a building around someone. Camping is almost eliminated and the grenade launchers will fly at the slightest hint of someone behind a wall. There is less safety, more running, and thus a highly fast-paced game. If you like squad multiplayer with tactics, but also a fast pace, you will be enthralled here I believe. Somewhere between Rainbow Six and Call of Duty, expanded with massive areas and vehicles, BC2 is unique and extremely fun to play. You WILL want to max your level, it's an addiction hard to deny.

Singleplayer is good, though nothing amazing. Unfortunately the original Bad Company never came to PC and thus I never played it, but the story seems self-contained throughout and is a relatively great military shooter. It lacks the spectacle of the Call of Duty games, but it does have larger, more open areas and much better graphics depending on location. A few levels put you in massive open areas like Crysis with multiple objectives, the best of which is a barren deserrt with castles, ancient tanker ships and humvees. The campaign feels fun because of funny dialogue and an emphasis on enjoying blowing things up, rather than drama. Some reviews say the singleplayer is an afterthought, and while multiplayer is the reason to get this singleplayer is definately better than you might think and well worth a playthrough.

All in all BC2 brings excellent multi and great singleplayer into a nice package, all presented well and with quality on the PC platform. The servers are full, the game is tight... are you joining up?
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