Customer Reviews: Battlefield Bad Company 2 - PC
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VINE VOICEon March 2, 2010
I bought BC2 off Steam after hearing all the hoopla about Modern Warfare 2, and after trying the BC2 Beta. I made the purchase for the multi-player only; I hear the single player campaign is pretty short. As a newcomer to the Battlefield series, I am quite impressed with Bad Company 2.


- Fully destructible environments; it's amazing to stand inside a house while it's getting shelled by a tank, only to have the walls, roof, and windows get blown to bits around you. Nearly everything on the map can be destroyed (with the exception of some boulders). For instance, when shooting at an enemy who is hiding behind a concrete wall, the concrete first starts to get chipped, then gradually larger pock-marks form, then re-bar is exposed, then the concrete is reduced to dust. It's pretty incredible.

- Gravitational effects; yes, gravity plays a big part in this game. Shoot a tank shell half a mile, and the shell doesn't fly straight to the target. Rather, it assumes a parabolic arc. The same is true for sniper rifles, so one needs to make suitable adjustments.

- Achievements; I enjoy the multi-player method of unlocking weapons and gadgets. Many modern-day weapons are modeled, and various gadgets include new scopes, holographic sights, extended magazines, etc..

- Sound; fully immersive, adds to the authenticity.

- 32 Player multi-player servers; brilliant online madness.

- Huge maps; the urban combat maps are tricky, snipers hiding around every nook and cranny. The island warfare map is lush with waterfalls and plant life. Great map design.

- Weapons balancing; the vehicles/weapons feel more balanced in the full game, than they did in the beta. Helicopters no longer reign the skies with impunity, and can be taken down more easily. The same goes for vehicles.

- Graphics; weapons, vehicles, everything modeled with great detail. Love the Russian/American uniforms.

- Snipers not being allowed to go prone; there are already too many users who jump for the sniper class in every multi-player match, and allowing players to go prone would make them nigh impossible to spot. Being allowed to crouch is more than sufficient; the maps are huge, and there's enough rubble around to generate many good hiding spots that already make a ghillie suited sniper hard to see. If you play on a hardcore server with no killcam, you won't miss the lack of prone at all- snipers are all but invisible.

- Performance; the game runs pretty well despite my not having a top of the line gaming rig. With a Core i7 920, 4 GB RAM, and Nvidia GTX 260 with Core 216, I can run all settings at maximum and still get 70-90 fps.

- **UPDATE**; I did finally get around to trying the single player campaign, and like others have said, it is pretty weak. However, think of the SP as an extended tutorial for the multi-player, where you can try out different weapons and get used to the recoil and handling.


- Server browser interface; it's slow and could be optimized better. Adding favorite servers takes a few seconds to do, when it ought to be near instantaneous. Also, I get kicked randomly from certain servers and EA Online occasionally disconnects for no apparent reason. **UPDATE** The connection issues were primarily in the first week of gameplay, when EA's servers were overwhelmed by players. Since then, connection has been rock-solid. Love the dedicated servers.

- Headwave; in an effort to implement more realistic effects, DICE went overboard on the headbobbing that the player experiences when walking around. It was initially rather extreme, causing motion sickness and nausea. Eventually, I acclimated to the bobbing, but it wouldn't hurt the realism if they turned it down a notch.

- Too many persons using sniper online; but you have that problem with any online FPS game.

In conclusion, I'd say the pros far outweigh the cons to make BFBC2 a great and enjoyable multiplayer first person shooter.

**Note: To unlock the M1 Garand, you need to be a Battlefield Veteran (e.g. own at least 2 games of the BF series, including BFBC2). If BFBC2 is your first purchase, you can still qualify by downloading and playing the FREE game, Battlefield Heroes. Then visit [...], to register and view your account (same login/pw as your EA Account).
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on May 26, 2011
I too was nervous about the download, as this is my first digital game to download and I wanted it to work. Here's what worked for me and it should work for you too.

1. After you've bought the game and have your product code, Google for EA Download Manager. Download it. This is EA official downloader, similar to Valve.
2. Once you've installed and completely setup the EA Download Manager, you get to your first screen where you see a little sprocket icon next to your profile picture on the left side. You'll see an option for redeeming your game code. This is where you will put the product code in. Choose which version you want to download (I got the option to download the digital deluxe version)
3. After entering your code and are done with choosing your options, click the sprocket again and click refresh my games (this is where I freaked out a little, because even after my code was accepted, nothing showed up automatically, but after refreshing I breathed a sigh).
4. Start your download and enjoy
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on March 8, 2010
I've always been a fan of the Battlefield series. Battlefield 1942 could do no wrong and I spent countless hours logged in fighting on epic WWII maps. Battlefield Vietnam was awesome. Battlefield 2 was/is pure win for a modern combat FPS game and I have duked it out with numerous online opponents.

Sparking my interest, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was one of three games I bought in a row on Steam. Since I have a relatively new computer and no games to push its graphics limit, I was excited to start playing this newest member of the Battlefield series. I'd like to qualify this review. I have not played Battlefield: Bad Company (the first one). The only experience I have with this series is as stated above so all of my comparisons will be in direct correlation with those older games.

Let's start with single-player mode. Single-player is a joke and leads you on a linear storyline. Probably a third of it is spent watching cut scenes and whatnot with you jumping into the action for about a minute before leaping back into another cut scene. It's not too fun to be honest and seems like it's trying to emulate Call of Duty too much. I prefer the older single-player modes in the Battlefield series where you can practice your skills on various maps you would find in multiplayer. The graphics of course are outstanding and the voice actors are excellent (anyone who has played Arma knows how horrible voice actors can ruin a gaming experience).

Multiplayer is what I wanted though. So after familiarizing myself with the controls in single-player, I decided to leap into some online battles. Okay, "leap" maybe too strong of a word. How about "inch"? Yes, INCH my way into some online battles sounds better. As others have stated in reviews and comments, it takes forever for a server refresh. And by "forever" I mean about a minute. But that's forever in gamer time. So once the server list comes up, I'd like to apply certain filters to find the specific games I'd like to play. I click some check boxes and hit server refresh and BAM...wait...another minute goes by then...BAM! There's my updated server list. The load times into multiplayer games themselves seems to be on par with the load times with Battlefield 2. Maybe a tad bit longer. One of the rumors I have read in regards to the unholy server load times was that EA wasn't expecting this game to be a "success" or to be as popular as it has become. What? Really? You mean to tell me the success of the other Battlefield games wouldn't have given EA a clue as to server loads? Thought they were smarter than that.


The online action is intense and joining a squad is the smartest thing you can do. Being able to spawn on any squad member is cool in my opinion though several people have scoffed at the idea. Also take note of which servers are "hardcore" as opposed to "normal". In hardcore servers, you have no mini-map available, no crosshairs, no ammunition counter, and no heads up display on screen should enemies be spotted. I didn't know this was even an option so I would join some regular servers that provided this info then I'd join another server that was hardcore. I kept thinking I had hit a series of buttons that had removed this information from my screen.

It took me a couple of rounds to figure out some controls but overall, the controls are the same as most FPS' you have played. One thing that is rather annoying is the lack of the ability to go prone. I'm not sure why this wasn't included as it seems like a vital and rather common control that would aid in your survivability online. I've had my clock cleaned with a couple of well placed headshots because I couldn't go prone behind a large rock, woodpile, etc...

I dig the unlocks and achievements for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Battlefield 2 had unlocks so it seems this game is improving on that, as well as latching on to the popularity of "achievements". Who doesn't like looking at their stats and seeing all those cool medals and badges?? I do. I'll sit for hours staring at them, plotting my next achievement, and calculating time ratios and differentials in my head while drinking copious amounts of Mountain Dew and not sleeping for days.

So, as I wind down this review, I will say that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 can be addicting but it can also be a lot better. A few things that I'd like to see are to bring back the big maps and more vehicle warfare. I know this is primarily an infantry slugfest at the moment, but the appeal of the Battlefield series was that you had the option to use any kind of vehicle throughout the game; from tanks to APCs, jets to helicopters, and anti-air to hummers. It was epic! Bad Company isn't epic. It's small scale and that's what is most disappointing to me. Sure, you can use a few vehicles now, but they are limited. I have fun, but the maps are few and horribly small and the battles are too quick. I can already feel the excitement draining from playing this game. Let Call of Duty do their thing. Why try to emulate CoD when you already have a successful franchise built on solid online gameplay? Let's get these patches going and see what Battlefield: Bad Company 2 can really do. This could easily be one of the best online games if EA would have just stuck with the previous formula used in the series.

EDIT 03/15/10: Soon after I posted this review, maybe a few days later, the server refreshes have considerably improved. I'm assuming EA has done a little maintenance on their end. There is still a bug that persists when you click on a server to join. Sometimes your log-in name in the top right corner of the screen will disappear and you will be unable to join a game. I have to click on the "Favourites" server tab, then back, my name will come back on screen and I can join a game. It happened to me a lot this weekend which was annoying. I was using the search feature to find a specific server and it happened more when I used that.

EDIT 04/06/10: Okay, so the little bug where your log-in name would disappear and you were unable to get into a server has gone the way of the Dodo! The interface is much smoother and a few new maps have been added to the Conquest and Rush server rotations which is cool. For a week or so I was playing this everyday just to get all the unlocks for each class (Assault, Engineer, Medic, Recon and Vehicles) and I'm about 80% of the way through all of the achievements. I enjoy the game to a certain extent, but still yearn for something more...
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on March 3, 2010
Let me start by saying:
I had fun playing Modern Warfare 2, and I'll probably still play it occasionally, but it will be an exercise in frustration when compared to this game. It has already been well documented that IW made the PC version of MW2 with as little effort as possible. It is, quite simply, the XB360 version ported over to the PC with no effort to make use of the greatly expanded capabilities of the PC as a gaming platform. We know you sell fewer units to the PC gaming market than you do to XB360/PS3, but we prefer to not be treated like outcasts. MW2 would NOT be the game it is today on ANY platform without the PC gaming platform on previous versions, especially because of the modding community. Since IW/Activision has effectively squashed them, I believe that innovation on future versions of the game will stagnate drastically.
Enter DICE.
Previous games in the Battlefield series have been quite good, but it is a different world in 2010. More people are buying games than ever before and MW2 sold 4.7 million copies in the first 24 hours of release (largely by catering to consoles). BFBC2 will sell well on the consoles, too, I believe, but MW2 left a big, wide door open with the PC community. DICE made a very distinct effort to step through that door and to bring some deserved features to the PC version of the game.
For instance:
A server browser...because we can use dedicated servers. Whew. MW2's matchmaking system is awful.
A UI that is built for mouse input, not adapted from console input.
Adjustable FOV (AWESOME).
32-players can play in a single game. Fantastic.
...and many more features, including improved graphics performance. The PC version played on a 1920x1200 screen (or higher) on a DX11 card is FAR superior to video output from a console on the greatest of TVs.

As for game play, it is a real hoot. The vehicles and destruction of buildings really brings a bit of realism and fun that MW2 is sorely lacking. After bringing down a building to kill all the enemies inside (in BFBC2), it is really frustrating to play MW2 and have a javelin missile not hurt your enemies because they are taking cover in a 3-wall wooden shed. Every time you play BFBC2, even on the same maps, the game will be different. That building you took cover in last time to snipe at the enemies? Turns out a tank flattened it already. Better find a different spot. I haven't had time to play too much multiplayer yet (although I played the beta quite a bit), but I'm enjoying the single player much more than I enjoyed the MW2 single player game.

UPDATE: I've been playing multiplayer BFBC2 like some kind of addict. Jumping into a game alone is fun, but when you have at least 3 friends on your team (and you have communications, such as teamspeak), the teamwork aspect of the game really shines. Well done, DICE.

UPDATE (2010-11-10): If you haven't purchased this game yet, now is the time. $16? Bargain. The online multiplayer community is still very very strong. A few completely new maps (well, they are new to BC2) are going to be released soon which will add even more fun to the game. I still play the game almost every day, even though I purchased and enjoy Medal of Honor and Call of Duty: Black Ops...I still like BC2 more.
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on March 2, 2010
Everything you read about the game is right. Great gameplay, especially for multi-player. Most importantly, they kept all the PC-specific features that make the PC the best gaming platform out there. I hope PC gamers will show appreciation for this effort by buying this game up. If we talk with our wallets, maybe the Call of Duty team will get their stuff together and realize that PC gamers are still a viable source of income and worth a little extra work.
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on January 4, 2011
So let me just start off by mentioning the issues I had with getting this game to work ..[my pc][Toshiba 665 i7 laptop, win7 64bit] I originally downloaded this game off of amazon and when I tried to install the game a message came up and said that one of the files was corrupt... So I went to ea sports website and downloaded the game through the ea download manager.. Also by downloading it from ea I was able to download the limited edition bad company 2... Not sure what the difference is really cause I have never played the original before maybe some extra guns? Ok now during game play I was having graphic issues with the game ... I had gray boxes popping up on my screen while i was playing so I researched some forums and they said to update driver so I did and the when I tried to launch the game it would freeze so I rolled back the driver .... Then i read someone say make sure the game is running on direct x 9 or 10 so I changed the game settings by going to settings.ini file and changed the DxVersion=auto to 10 ... That didnt work so I spent a couple more hours trying to figure it out and so finally I changed the Dxversion=9 and BAM ! It worked!! As for the game I have only been playing it for a couple hours , but I have to say that this is the best 11 dollar game I have ever played . Similar to Modern Warfare but better .. Hope this helps someone save some time installing and getting the game to work..
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on March 4, 2010
*EDIT* Surprise surprise, almost all of the connectivity issues have been solved. The inevitable server browser patch is incoming as well. When are people gunna learn some patience with online games?


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the sequel to the console game Bad Company. The single player campaign picks up with the same lovable, foul-mouthed band of brothers from the original game and places you in the role of their newest recruit. Playing the first game isn't necessary to understand the plot (what little there is), but figuring out who's who could be confusing to new players. You're pretty much dropped right in the middle of a squad featuring some pretty large personalities and are left to muddle through who they are and who you're playing as. The manual, however, does have a section explaining all of this if you're confused. If all fails, off to wikipedia!

Overall, there isn't much to say about the single player campaign. It's very short at about 4-5 hours with a small amount of replay to find all the unlockables/collectibles and really doesn't break the mold with it's plot or narrative. Unlike that other shooter released last year, Bad Company 2 doesn't put on a pretentious face about being a serious game with a serious message, all the while throwing ridiculous plot hole after ridiculous plot hole the player's way with a fair dose of media controversy to drum up sales. Instead, it's the video game equivalent to a big budget action flick, complete with a ridiculous plot and cracking-wise characters, and it revels in it. It's fluff and unrealistic, but fun with some really great sequences that are a blast to play. It just doesn't last long enough.

The real strength of Bad Company 2 however, is it's multiplayer.


The multiplayer will be instantly recognizable to fans of the Battlefield series and fans of the online shooter genre in general. For everybody else that may not be as familiar: you create a soldier, pick a class (Assault, Recon, Medic, or Engineer), and start playing in one of the four modes with up to 32 players on 12 maps. As you play and accomplish goals (kills, assists, taking tactical positions, earning medals/achievements, etc) you level your character and unlock additional weapons and equipment for the class you're playing as and in general. You are not locked into a class once you begin playing, you can switch to another class in the middle of a match if need be, and none of your progress will be wiped. You can also have multiple soldiers if needed. There are also numerous vehicles to try and master depending on the map/mode, with everything from tanks and 4X4s to helicopters and patrol boats.

Bad Company 2 is not meant to replace Battlefield 3 in any way, shape, or form. It is it's own beast and a sequel to a console game. We all know what that last part means: smaller player cap and smaller maps. Just remember, Battlefield 3 is still incoming and will premiere the Frostbite 2.0 engine. Bad Company 2 may be a smaller in scale version of a Battlefield game, but it's still a heck of a lot of fun.

Bad Company 2 uses dedicated servers instead of a person-to-person lobby/matchmaking system. Every server is rented by the community from professional hosters with extremely fast connections to support them, and there are a ton of servers to chose from. It's almost impossible not to find a server playing the mode you want with an acceptable amount of lag. You can use the server browser (currently having some lag issues) to find exactly what you want or have the game place you into an open server running the mode/map of your choice. If not, you always have the option of pooling together the funds with a group of friends to run exactly what you want.

Additionally, as of right now there are no modding tools available. DICE has claimed that this is a result of the current version of the Frostbite Engine not being mod friendly, with promises to fix it in later versions. Chances are that BC2 will not get mods, but Battlefield 3 will.

They've also removed prone for balance reasons, specifically because of snipers being way too difficult to see in the environment. No dolphin diving for you!

The details:

Assault - This is the infantry grunt and fairly straight forward. Big guns, likes grenade launchers, excellent at soldier to soldier combat in the thick of things.

Recon - The sniper class. Along with specializing in long distance kills, the sniper can ruin a player's day by slapping C4 on vehicles or calling in mortar strikes.

Engineer - Vehicle specialists. From repairing armor to destroying an enemy tank annihilating your teammates, a good engineer is very much loved. Electrocute enemies with the repair tool if you're feeling particularly amusing.

Medic - These guys can place med packs around the battlefield to heal their team in strategic cover spots and can zap killed players back to life with the defib kit. And you can run around zapping enemy players with the defib for pretty hilarious kill videos, too.

Rush - Defend or destroy a base for as long as reinforcements are available.

Conquest - Capture and hold flags across the map, with vehicles unlocking the longer they're held. Probably the most played mode right now.

Squad Rush - A smaller, more aggressive version of Rush. Two squads of four each defending and attacking bases. This mode is great for organized play.

Squad Deathmatch - Four squads with a single vehicle on the map. First squad to 50 kills wins.


DICE created the Frostbite Engine in order to have full control over how their games look and sound. With Frostbite 1.5 in Bad Company 2, it's truly paying off. Fully destructible environments add an entirely new dimension to the battlefield as cover is destroyed around you and buildings can collapse on unfortunate squads. The game looks great aside from some low-res textures thanks to the consoles, and scales nicely. You can adjust the FOV in the ini settings to your liking with quite a few graphics options to tweak until you find the frame rate sweet spot for your system. The UI and menus have been designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind, even if it depresses me that this is now considered a feature rather than a standard for a PC game.

Special mention needs to be made for the sound quality. Bad Company 2 uses full HDR sound with multiple settings for speaker type and a truly aggressive beast of a track called War Tapes. There is nothing like this mix in any other game on the market. If you have some nice speakers or quality headphones, switch to this setting and let it rip.


I tend to be middle of the road when it comes to DRM. I like Steam, but generally loathe anything that imposes install limits or interferes with my ability to play the game I just bought. The DRM here finds a pretty appealing balance. The more militant faction of the anti-DRM groups will still be outraged, but for the most part it's nothing but sound and fury. Bad Company 2 does have SecuROM, but it is not the heavy handed version that outraged so many (including myself). SecuROM is used as a wrapper around the game executable and has a couple of support files in the game installation directory. This means that it does not install kernel software of any kind, only runs when the game is launched, and is completely removed when the game is uninstalled. The game does require you to authenticate it, but you can do this in two ways:

Disc Check: SecuROM will not go online at all, will never go online at all, and has no install limit. The DVD is required to be in the drive every time you want to play.

Online authentication: When the game is launched, SecuROM will *ASK PERMISSION* to go online and authenticate. If allowed to do so, it will communicate to the master server to see how many times the game as been authenticated and to verify it is a legit copy. Once done, it will never go online again for that install and you can play completely offline without the disc. Most hardware changes will *NOT* trigger another authentication with this method, but if it does you simply uninstall the game to restore the original activation and reinstall. That's it. They are automatically revoked when the game is uninstalled. There are 10 available authentications available to be used at the same time, and each authentication is good for 10,000 days without reconnecting to the master server. There are options to simply deauthenticate the game without uninstalling it (if you're wanting to reformat the drive and don't want to bother with an uninstall, for example). This is the only option for digital copies for obvious reasons.

In theory, you could install the game on 10 PCs with the online authentication and an additional PC to be used with the disc. Even if you lose all of your online authentications, you can still use the disc if you have a retail copy until EA grants you more. This is very generous in an age where Ubisoft is trying to push single player games into being forcefully kept online. It should be noted however that the game serial must be registered to an EA account, meaning one game = one account = one legit game serial can be online at a time. This means that as of the time of this review there is NOT an option for LANs. The devs have hinted that it's something they are considering for later, but don't take that as a promise written in blood.

*EDIT* In the latest patch the Steam version of BC2 has had SecuROM patched out. More options for everyone!


+ Fun single player, but...
- Way too short of a campaign, single player enthusiasts will want to skip this one or wait for a steep discount.
+ Dedicated servers!
+ Fun, balanced, hectic multiplayer. It's not Battlefield 2's huge 64 player maps, but they've compensated with excellent map design.
- A few more unlocks for further soldier customization would have been great. Certain Other Devs definitely offered way too much, but BC2 might be a tad on the skimpy side. This makes the medic feel a bit weak in the beginning due to most of his tools having to be unlocked rather than having unlocks for the tools. This is more of a nitpick however.
- No mods
- Smaller max player size, there was just something epic about BF2's 64 player matches on gigantic maps. However, this does not ruin the game at all and everything has been tuned with the 32 player cap in mind.
+ Removed prone. This very well could be a negative for someone else, but I don't miss it so far. There is plenty of cover and foliage that crouch works just as well without making snipers impossible to spot.
+ Good looking engine with destructible environments
+ Amazing sound
+ Reasonable DRM with options that should suit all but the most opposed
- No LAN options. This is a bummer.
- EA's server instability. This minus should hopefully go away within a week, but it's definitely irking quite a few people right now. I can still play even within prime time, but there is noticeable lag when loading the server browser and accessing my character stats after a match. It wouldn't be a Battlefield game without release day server browser problems though.
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on March 15, 2010
This game is probably a MW2 killer with the awesome online play. Haven't even played the single player, but I am completely hooked on the MP content. 4 different game modes, 4 different class types makes for a lot of game play. There is a class for every type of player and all classes are generally balanced. Vehicles add to the game significantly making the game a lot more chaotic which is a better interpretation of a battle. Everything can be destroyed... again making it a better interpretation of war. Players are really bullet sponges... on hardcore its more accurate of a couple bullets bring a player down as opposed to half or a whole ammo clip on normal.

The biggest flaw with the game isn't because of the creator, DICE, but the publisher... EA. Their EA server works only when it wants to and that is far and few in between. EA has a reputation of ruining awesome games on start and they didn't fail to keep that rep with this game.

If you can get past the constant disconnects from EA server when trying to get on a server, and actually get to the gameplay online ITS FUN AS HELL!
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on January 5, 2012
First, let me say I am not a professional or even avid video gamer. I'm an older guy who likes to play FPS since Wolfenstein (the original) came out for relaxation. I don't have a gamer PC. But it is dual core, have plenty of PAM and a game card. So it is adequate, I guess.

This has a good story line, fair graphics and would be a great game of a modern gamers box. As it was, it was just barely playable on mine. there were lags, starts and stops, and I guess it was my fault buying a PC game when obviously you need a very modern state of the art, overclocked 8 GB RAM box to play these things.

I also didn't like the forced membership with Origin. Why do I have to join that when I never play on line???

So, the best I can give it is a 3. If you like playing ion line, have a super-fast connection and state-of-the-art box, it will be great.
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on February 6, 2011
Again Amazon. I don't buy anywhere else. Downloaded the game to play on my new MSI laptop (purchased from Amazon as well), and everything worked like a charm. My connection speed is not that good, so I knew I'd have to wait some hours to get the download done. But got a surprise, with a fast download speed. Patched 2 days after, and voila! Campaign and on-line working with no problems. And the game itself... awesome! State-of-art graphics, and good playability. Campaign is the way I like, with plenty of action and very good cut scenes. On-line maps are perfect, covering all tastes, from short face-to-face assault combat to big, strategic sniper/vehicles oriented.
And for haven's sake, You HAVE to let it install Punkbuster, or you'll never be able to play on-line!
5 stars.
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