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on August 8, 2014
It's a shame nobody plays the multiplayer on Xbox anymore. I still find a couple servers on the PC that are open though, so that's good enough I suppose.

The gameplay in this always feels more fluid and a little less crazy and complex than Battlefield 3 and 4, so I love going back to play this. When times were simpler, and there weren't a billion and a half gadgets, attachments, and DLC exclusive unlocks. Sorta like playing COD 4 after a few games of Black Ops 2. The game was about skill, not your weapon. If you spotted him and got the upper hand, then the other guy was royally screwed, and that's what all FPS games should be, not whether or not you have the special super duper awesome box-cutter knife or an M60E4 with blue tiger camo and rifle scope.

DICE NEEDS TO MAKE BAD COMPANY 3 LIKE THIS. Frostbite 1.5 should be studied off of, not improved upon. What was there to improve?
Nothing. That's what.

I'm gonna go shoot up some baddies on Atacama Desert. Have fun driving 10 minutes across a map to die and respawn back at the base in BF4.
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on June 23, 2011
This is for the negative reviews coming from COD players I've read concerning how "unbalance" and how hard it is to get a kill on day one. Play as a medic or mechanic, and start as a support. All new guys should start as a medic healing and reviving the team, a demo as a mechanic fixing damaged helicopters and tanks coming back to the base etc, the thing that people dont get from the cod croud is that this game is all TEAM based, you can have a ton of fun playing on the back line in the base as a support, a sniper on the base protecting all the fleet and medics, a lone sniper protecting a firing squad from a mile away, a combat medic on a squad with the only job of healing and reviving, a machine gunner that lays supressing fire, a sniper spotter that spots and protects his partner, a proffesional dedicated pilot that picks up a team and airborne drops them, a tank driver, a tank attendant, a recon specialist calling in airstrikes, etc so much more. This is not COD where everyone is trigger happy going for kills. I've seen how dumb privates in this game start running to the other side of the enemy lines tossing a grenade into that direction and aiming down with no team support thinking they are gonna own just like in cod...lol. You rank up here doing your job as a team player, hell you can play the game and rank up to level 50 witout never killing or shooting a single bullet. Do you get it now?
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on June 6, 2011
This game is a nice change of pace from the Call of Duty series, the Battlefield Bad Company 2: Ultimate Edition is worth every penny.

If you are like most gamers (including myself) blinded by every single Call of Duty game released to date, you should consider taking a chance with Battlefield: BC2. I have been a huge fan of the call of duty series, from Call of Duty 1 for PC all the way to Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 for the Xbox 360, after the release of CoD: Black Ops I was tired of playing the same game and cried out for a change in a shooter that is not following the same footsteps. After watching the trailer and reading the strong reviews on this game I decided to take a leap of faith which may have converted me to the Battlefield franchise.

Out of the box: For the price you get the retail game, Battlefield 1942 (arcade game worth $10.00), VIP which includes Onslaught (online CO-OP mode) and instant access to the latest maps. This version does NOT include Battlefield: Vietnam downloadable content.

Single Player: The story was fun, offering a plethora of weapons, vehicles and a mixed cast of characters from different backgrounds to keep you interested but single player is definitely not the strongest point of this game.

Multiplayer: This is were shooters make it or break it for gamers like myself, multiplayer is the reason I buy (instead of renting) video games. The matchmaking seems to be pretty solid, there are several classes to choose from (medic, engineer, recon, ect) each with their own strengths and weaknesses, DICE does a good job balancing these classes out. As you progress and level up within each class you unlock more weapons and attachments. Starting off as a new recruit online can be quite intimidating and overwhelming seeing as each player seemed to have better weapons and add-ons, giving them the upper-hand, but don't give up just yet. As you kill enemies you are given the option to pick up their class and weapon. Teamwork is the key to victory in Battlefield, if you don't have friends to play with, make some, it's nice to have a partner there to revive you and your teammates. This game has something so simple that most shooters seem to forget and that is GRAVITY!!! When shooting at a distance (especially when sniping) you have to lead your crosshairs above and in front of the enemy because your bullets will start to drop the further you shoot, headshots are not going to be as easy as Call of Duty!!!

NO MORE CAMPING!!! Battlefield also has destructible buildings, we've all seen it or been victim to a kid sitting in a corner not contributing to the team, assisting in capturing points or flags, instead their more worried about their K/D Ratio, you now have a solution to those annoying pests, throw some C4 against the wall he's sitting next too or take your RPG and blow a hole through it, it's quite satisfying.

The only notable flaw I see in Battlefield's multiplayer is the matchmaking ranking system, seeing as I'm not even a level 10 yet I still get paired up with the more experienced and even maxed out (level 50) players, which can be quite challenging and also annoying at times.

In my opinion the graphics, multiplayer ranking system and lack of strong dialogue in the story mode are my biggest complaints with this game, I played through both single player and have many hours logged into the mutiplayer matches, do yourself a favor and try something other than call of duty. If you're a gamer like myself looking to sip something other than the Call of Duty Kool-Aid than give Battlefield a shot, a worthy contender to the Call of Duty franchise.
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on September 15, 2017
I haven't played first-person shooters in a while. I really enjoyed this game. I had a lot of fun.
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on February 7, 2011
If you are on the fence about buying this game, do it! There isn't another fps game out there quite like it and is a welcome addition to any game catalog currently filled to the brim with COD. And if you've made it this far through my review, you probably have read other reviews of this game, so instead this review is primarily for for BBC2's expansion pack, Vietnam. If and when you do decide to purchase this game, be sure to download Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam from Xbox Live/PSN. I guarantee it is well worth your time and money. As I mentioned above, this game is quite different from that other popular fps and Vietnam makes it even more fun and unique. The sound, graphics and weapons are simply top-notch and you will find yourself engrossed in the beautiful backdrop of 1960's Vietnam while laying waste to your enemies (hopefully). Not to mention, the weapons are actually from the appropriate time period, unlike Black Ops.

One more thing: Pretty much all of my COD-loving friends who have tried this game put it down after 10 minutes or so. Their reasoning: it just isn't COD. If you are in love with Call of Duty and wouldn't consider anything else, I highly doubt this game is for you. I play Rush (game mode) and one thing you will notice is that it starts off slow. But as you move along the maps, spaces become tighter, until you have around 20 or so players all fighting in the same cramped area. This is where the game truly shines. I can't really explain it, you just have to experience it yourself.
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on March 21, 2013
This game IMO is better than Battlefield 3. This game beats MW2, MW3, This game is for hardcore players (ONLY) no running around knifing people like Rambo. Your skills will be put to the test. Also for the ones saying the codes expire August 31, 2011 you are all wrong! The codes still work, learn to try before you cry. To those of you who want a realistic modern day shooter than go with BC2 you won't regret it.
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on May 4, 2011
I was actually questioning buying this game due to reviews I received from some of my friends, but to my surprise it's an amazing game.

To me, it's immersible. When playing online, as I have done mostly, I feel the intensity. When you sit in a building away from the action, all windows and doors intact and you shoot, you can hear the echo of the shot through the room, and the echo from the shell hitting the ground.

Footsteps also play a big part to me, when someone (an enemy) is sprinting near you, the footsteps give them away.

The entire environment is destroyable. Buildings, trees, bridges, even grenades and mortar strikes make holes in the ground.

I found the campaign to be fun, with a good story, but I began to lack interested a little after 75% in. It's enjoyable and starts off much like a film.

Truly, worth the money. And you gotta buy Battlefield 3 when it's released later this year.
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on April 3, 2015
My boys and I love this game. We own the other Battlefield games too, but we keep going back to this one, it is the best. I really like flying the drone. Anything we see on the maps seems like you can blow it up. This is a must buy game for anyone who likes first person shooter games. Some people do not like how large and open the maps are in the game, but I do. It leave more room for sneaking up on people to knife them which most people take more personal than just getting shot.
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on April 19, 2017
Came in rough conditions but game was new.
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on January 10, 2014
I'm a late comer to xbox and I grabbed some used games and went to try them out. I bought this one new and the game codes did work even though the packaging says they'll expire. 1943 is a fun little arcade game that comes as dlc. You can find YouTube videos of it. A Vietnam version of 1943 is avail but costs $15 to download so I avoided that. I played online bf2 and plenty of good games were available. Well worth $17 I paid for this new. I just finished the fun campaign and now going to start bf3. I played cod modern warfare 2 before this which is also great but this one takes the cake.
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