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on January 2, 2013
* Ignore the Amazon downloader program. You don't need it
* Go to your Amazon account -> under 'Digital Content' click 'Your Games and Software Library'
* Click/expand 'Product Code' and copy it
* Open and login to your Origin desktop application
* Click 'Origin' in the upper left-hand side -> Click 'Redeem Product Code' -> paste the code you copied earlier
* Confirm that you want to add BF3 Premium Edition
* Origin will restart and begin downloading the new DLCs

If Origin doesn't start, simply restart it yourself manually (like I did). Again, don't use the Amazon game installer as you don't need it to play or to download the Premium pack. Do everything inside Origin as that's the one you need to play the game.
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on April 25, 2016
I bought this game actually when it first came out and decided that maybe with the power of a few good reviews and active people who want to see a change, DICE/EA will hear our message as Battlefield fans. I have always been a huge fan of the Battlefield series, 1942 made me fall in a love with first person shooter games all over again. As the years progressed and DICE, like most other major game creators, became incorporated into EA's family of madness. I have seen many great titles fall once big publishing companies get a hold of the title *cough Maxis cough*.

DICE was no expecting to this rule, while following titles released under EA's thumb a game I would skip college classes for, became the reason I went to class. Battlefield 3 was good in its ways and yes I did give this 5 rating because, yes it had bugs the first month or so after release, but let's be honest about the recent state of games, which games doesn't have some minor even massive glitch to were nobody can even play it online and its an online based game? O.o There maybe some indie titles but most major games are released in such a fashion, but BF3 to me was one of the last good titles DICE/EA created. Battlefield 4, while it has had some glorious moments was an over-hyped title with expensive sounding graphics that didn't even carry through the rest of the DLCs.

Battlefield 3 didn't need "Mantle" and "Levoultion" to sell off the virtual shelves. It just had good quality mechanics, maps that ranged from tight tactical close encounters to all out air and land warfare across an expansive desert littered with snipers and missile launchers waiting in the hills. It also lacked one other thing most games nowadays have, but made BF3 one of the last best titles for the franchise, the dreaded micro-transaction.

The age of instant is upon us, and BF3 did offer "shortcut" add-ons to unlock gear & weapons before a level, there wasn't micro-transactions, little ugly devils of the gaming world that take small bits of your hard earned money to be wasted on crap and over-bloated gear. The game already retails at normal price, avg 60-80 USD, why should we pay more? BF3 was very simple you either pay lots of extra to unlock gear that is available to everyone or you play the game and level as intended. They didn't throw flash gold "battlepacks" with tons of extra scopes & gadgets that could be better than in game stuff.

I miss the days of simpler gaming and less bloat, more action. I miss the days of buddies and I racing to get online and just play a game. No nee to worry about gear and micro-transactions. I am just one small voice in sea of the gaming community with the hope that with enough feedback and collective voice we can see small changes & some order restored to the gaming community PC & console alike.
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on January 7, 2013
As a player who greatly enjoyed the original Battlefield 3, I feel this 'Premium' offer is on the right step to make season passes.

The value you get from this service depends on how much additional time you wish to extend your stay in BF3 and the quality of the new maps produced by DICE. So far I have been satisfied with the new maps and weapons added, as well as the new assignments and double experience events.

Here is my personal breakdown:

Back to Karkand: classic maps, great fun. Recommended.
Close Quarters: Conquest Domination is a great mode, the new maps might be small, but they compensate by being more fast paced and intense.
Armored Kill: my least enjoyed map pack. I can't quite say why, but I feel that large maps don't necessarily mean better gameplay.
Aftermath: Highly recommended. Well designed maps, the color palette and settings make them stand out. The crossbow is fun to use and Scavenger mode might sound gimmicky but I found it to be quite fun.

The only negative point (besides Armored Kill) I see is that people who bought BF3 Limited Edition get less bang for their buck. That is because the expansion Back to Karkand is considered part of BF3 Premium and no discount is offered for those who owned it previously.
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on August 9, 2013
If you've ever played previous versions of BF, then you might be a little disappointed. It's a half n half split between hardcore BF fans and this game. Me on the other hand, it's my first time diving into this franchise and I must say I am extremely impressed. I came from playing Half Life Counter Strike 1.6 and I gotta say that this is one of the most competitive games out there other than Call of Duty (after Modern Warfare 1, all their games suck!). BF3 is a big step above all other online FPS's out there right now. I really can't wait until BF4 comes out. It's gonna be awesome!

Graphically, less than a handful of games can touch it.
Technically it is very polished, but like all online shooters, it has its bugs and flaws, but not enough to diminish the experience.
Gameplay is very intense when jumping into a 48 man+ server. Word of advice if playing conquest, learn how to fly.

Battlelog craps out on you every once in a while.
Why use a browser to launch a game in the first place?
Sometimes when trying to knife somebody, you get stuck holding the knife out (can't switch back to a gun), which means you die unless you can get the knife kill (very unlikely).
Occasional lag spike or high ms while in a firefight (especially in a big team deathmatch. When you die, makes you say WTF? a heck of a lot)
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on November 23, 2012
Pros: -The new "Armored Kill" maps look absolutely beautiful maxed out on a 120Hz screen
-"Close Quarters" can be a bit of a mess but is still pretty fun.
-3 more DLC expansions at the time of writing so there's still a lot to go.
-The rest of the game in general is great. Best shooter I've played since CoD4. I'm sure almost 11 months later you guys have read enough reviews to know about the rest of the game.

-Battlefield "Premium" is $50 so it's like getting the game for $10 in a way (only not really)

Cons: Not a con but I had misunderstood the "Multiplayer Head Start Kit" for the $40 bundle that gives you all the unlocks. Instead it just gives you the M416 and a grenade launcher for medic, the M249 and C4 for support, and a single shot sniper rifle for the scout class. Don't remember the Engineer unlocks. All very good unlocks, though, still a great deal considering many people payed $50 just for the maps and a few guns.

Other Thoughts: Been playing BF since it came out. With that said, I notice a trend with BF games which is EA releasing a version of the game with all the maps and most of the other DLC unlocks a few months after the game has come out (even happened with MoH 2010) so knowing that, I refused to buy BF3 last year, even having played through the beta early. My instinct payed off once Premium was released and all the kids grabbed their parents credit card and bought it first day. After EAs scheme to rip off their customers with BF3 I am no longer going to purchase any of their games at launch (sans their sports series) only for there to be "Complete Collection" (BF1942 & BF2) "Gold Edition" (BC1) "Deluxe Edition"(BC2) "Premium Edition" a few months after it comes out. There are plenty of games to play on the mean time. BF3 is still an incredibly amazing game and there are still a few expansions to go which I expect to be AMAZING, but I'm not falling for their any more of their bait. I'll just wait it out.
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on February 6, 2013
Dice was never perfect, but I have always admired the way they delivered classic gameplay in Battlefield games. I must say, this game IS perfect.
The very first thing that stands out to anyone is the graphics. Even on lowest graphic settings, it beats any Call of Duty, any day. Quite honestly, it has the most realistic graphics as well. Faces, which are typically the hardest to render and draw without enormous glitches were done flawlessly in Battlefield 3. I suppose that the best models and textures were the best on soldiers specifically.
The amazing cinematic feel is pretty incredible as well. The lighting, specifically, provides a high quality feel as the reflections and dispersions light up your world.
The destructible environment isn't perfect, but no other game even has even a little bit of that.
Vehicles are easy to use as BF has always done well in that regard. Different models of jets, cars, helicopters, tanks/LAVs, and yes... A forklift. :)
The gameplay is well polished in multiplayer with many frustrations magically cured. For example, every player starts with 1 grenade (instead of Battlefield 2's 4 grenades at spawn). Unfortunately, the gameplay for single player isn't too great (a place that I'll admit that CoD shines). The graphics are still incredible, but the highly fenced-in feel of the campaign gives a little more boredom than anything else.
The weapon choices are absolutely amazing. 'Nuff said!
The maps, as usual, are well-designed.
Overall, this game is incredible!
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on December 8, 2012
I purchased Battlefield 3 Limited Edition at launch. I love it and played it quite a bit. If you a fan of Battlefleld, or enjoy squad based play and vehiclular battle, this is it.

The premium service grants you access to all forthcoming DLCs plus extras like assignments, videos and events. If you are already a fan of Battlefield 3, you will probably not go wrong with premium. The DLC has been great so far adding a wide pallete of gameplay styles including Close Quarters for that desire to run around like a madman unloading clips, Armored Kill for vehicles maps which are epic on scale, and now Aftermath which I have just sunk my teeth into.

The other extras are OK, with new assignments and unlocks keeping me a bit more focused and interested as well as some weapons. There are are early release videos, which are put onto YouTube anyway, plus guides and artwork which I couldn't care less about.

If you think you will want all the DLC and like having extra assignments with unlocks, go for premium. It did pain me to pay another $50.00 on top of the game I bought a year ago, but quite frankly, my time spent playing and the joy and entertrainment I've expereinced have made that price okay to swallow.
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on July 6, 2014
Worse than BFBC2 in a lot of ways

FAR cry better than BF4

I like it, I do get tired of it, and gosh so many noobs and people who only know how to kill you with one vehicle/weapon in a really annoying way.... jet vs. heli, that is not skill homie... if u could do the same to a fly with a swatter, then id give it to you, but you aint that good. respect to snipers, rpg-air shooters, headshoters, knifers and c4ers, also tank-air guys. those are skills in reality. your aerial jet loops to escapte and then dive down like an evil on a rabbit is not a skill when u do it 45 minutes in a row. thats called a disease....
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on September 19, 2013
Personally I think BF3 is an absolutely exceptional multiplayer FPS game - probably the best I've ever played.

The main problem is Origin and Battlelog (which are required for multiplayer). The downtime, this far from the initial release is unprecedented in my experience. It is by far the worst multiplayer game server experience ever.

Then the DLC community fragmentation really hurts the platform. It seems like over 90% of players are playing original content and not the DLC? That's not a great motivator as that means the 20GB of downloads (or whatever it ends up being) for the additional map content etc is largely wasted because people just aren't playing that content.
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on April 19, 2014
I thought this included the game Battlefield 3 but it does not. It is also cheaper on Origin the company that made the game and you can buy the game it self on origin for 5bucks as a download right now. So this is why I gave it 3 stars I was a little miss guided. You would think the price being so high on amazon this included the game it self which I know now it does not. Also this deal is cheaper on Origin it is only 19.99 which I wish I knew before I bought it. Really miss leading if you ask me something like this should also include the game if its only 5bucks from the developers online.
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