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on September 5, 2017
I picked this up on sale on Amazon awhile back when all the seasons were something like $14 each, which was an incredible value. I had forgotten how great this first season was. This does not include the original miniseries, which was also fantastic. I was hooked from that. Season 1, though, starts even stronger. The first episode, "33," is one of the strongest episodes and was an amazing way to start the season. The cylons were relentless. From there, the survivors struggled for water, fuel, and survival. This season was just about the struggle to survive, and it was amazing. I'm now on to watch Season 2 again.
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Fifty years ago, humanity's robotic servant Cylons suddenly turned on their masters. After a nasty war, the Cylons retreated into far space and a tense truce was maintained.

But of course the story doesn't stop -- and it turned out to be a rare case of a remake becoming spectacularly better than the source material. "Battlestar Galactica Season" is a grimy, dark sci-fi/adventure saga that isn't afraid to dip into philosophical and theological matters -- and it's also well-acted (mostly) and emotionally powerful.

Forty years after the war's end, the Cylons unexpectedly return to the Twelve Colonies and start wiping out ships and cities. The Battlestar Galactica (an aging warship about to be turned into a museum) is forced to flee the world of Caprica with a collection of refugee-crammed ships, under the command of Commander William Adama (Edward James Olmos) and Secretary of Education-turned-President Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell).

Now the people of the Twelve Colonies must find a new home -- and their new goal is Earth, a legendary planet with other humans on it. Unfortunately, they have been infiltrated by the treacherous scientist Gaius Baltar (James Callis), and a group of Cylons who are almost indistinguishable from human beings.

But the journey is the real test -- the ragtag fleet must deal with sabotage, shortages of water and fuel, Starbuck's stranding on a deadly planet, treachery among their numbers, attacks on Cylon-held asteroids, political crises and captured Cylons. What's more, someone on the Galactica is actually a Cylon -- leading to a terrible confrontation....

Anyone expecting "Battlestar Galactica" to be a copy of its predecessor is going to be horribly disappointed. This is sci-fi at its most compelling and transcendent -- a gritty, bleak, sexual, dark story of war and desperate escapes, and there are plenty of moral dilemmas (leaving behind slower ships to the Cylons). And it knows how to chill you -- the premiere miniseries has a ghastly scene where Six quietly snaps a tiny baby's neck... and she's trying to be merciful.

The writers also do a solid job in here, emphasizing the hard sci-fi but starting to add some mystical threads near the end. The writing is solid with some bleakly humorous moments ("Why can't we use the starboard launch tube?" "It's a gift shop now"). They even manage to pull off dramatic and powerful dialogue without being cheesy ("You were born to a woman who believed suffering was good for the soul, so you suffered. Your life is a testament to pain. Injuries. Accidents. Some inflicted upon others, others inflicted upon yourself").

Oh, and by the by, the first season includes the initial miniseries, so no need to buy it separately. It's nice to not have to wait to get the miniseries before knowing what's going on.

Olmos and McDonnell are the powerful leaders in this story, and both actors do a brilliant job -- especially Mcdonnell with Roslin's terminal breast cancer, and Olmos with his tragic past. Katee Sackhoff's Starbuck comes across as annoyingly more-macho-than-thou in many episodes, but the actress does a fine job in the deeper, more powerful moments -- Tricia Helfer is excellent as the ethereal humanoid-Cylon Number Six.

Other standouts: Callis as the ever-changing Baltar, an enigmatic man with charisma and incredible smarts; Michael Hogan as the unlikeable Saul Tigh; and Grace Park as a woman who may be a Cylon without even being fully aware of it.

"Battlestar Galactica Season One" (including the miniseries) is the start of a strong, powerful sci-fi epic, and definitely deserves to be seen. Not for kids, though.
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on January 7, 2015
It's good to have GSG back. I bought these seasons one by one to get my BSG fix again after netflix took BSG off their programming. Since I'm a veteran life aboard the Galactica just kind of rings a chord in me since they do fairly accurately portray a military life in a sci-fi experience. Instead of an armor unit or life on a carrier they put them in space but the flavor is pretty much what any veteran can identify with. It's acting well done.Not corny like some sci-fi. The cast and crew did what they set out to do which was to invite us to come play in their world and give us a show that we can readily identify with.
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on March 9, 2016
I watched a library copy of the first two seasons of BG a few years ago, when the DVD was released, and decided to have my own copy, which I purchased on Amazon. My rating and review apply only to season one, for the story eventually evolved over the seasons. Much has already been written about this much acclaimed and loved movie series, so I'll be brief here. Overall, I found season one of BG to be utterly brilliant and outstanding, easily a candidate for best-in-genre. There were plenty of action episodes of course - the typical chase and shoot combat - but there were also many episodes featuring the relationships between the characters, expanding on the underlying theme of what social life would be like in the event of an apocalypse facing humanity at the hands of a more powerful race of determined adversaries. The film was suspenseful at times, gritty, seemingly realistic. Interspersed in the plot, at times of human loss and suffering, were a few surprisingly touching scenes capable of eliciting serious eye-watering "emotional" feelings in this viewer.
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on April 14, 2010
Actually, it's not per se a sci-fi series but a great drama set in space.
The drama involves a "handful" (about 50,000) of humans surviving the attack and extermination by Cylons, intelligent "chrome toasters", created by the same humans. The Cylons have evolved, a lot of them now look like humans and they have infiltrated the fleet of surviving ships...

What follows is a long confrontation between the humans and their creations, from the battlefield to the bedroom, and the consequent dramatic outcomes are endless and fascinating. Meanwhile, the human race is fighting for its survival and against its eradication, in search of an elusive new world to reestablish itself. A new world called Earth...

After the first season, you are entitled to believe that the following seasons will be about the "getting there" - if "there" actually exists - and many more confrontations between man and robot. There's also the complex road to follow to reorganize society as it were, with politics and its ugliness, command and rebellions. Everything and everybody clashes at some point, it's inevitable.

The writing of this show is smart and mature (by the way, this is not a family show), and so is the vast cast, excellent from top to bottom.

As a woman, I particularly appreciate the "bimbo-free" environment. Even Number 6, the "most beautiful woman in the universe" and a highly sexual being, is far from being a "blonde". The sense of gender equality is real and gives some serious food for thought. The most important character to my opinion is the misbehaved pilot Kara Thrace, a.k.a. Starbuck, who smokes cigars and throws some serious punches. She is tough and promiscuous, and men can't resist her. Hard not to love!

Years after it came out on TV, and months after the whole series ended, I decided to investigate what Battlestar was about after I read an article somewhere about how important this series is for the genre. It definitely brings it to the "serious and complex" categorie, away from air shows with guys in silly outfits and ridiculous looking aliens. The complex plot and the human drama is appealing to any viewer, even those outside the usual fanclub of the genre.

Special mentions also have to be given to the great soundtrack/score, and the overall style and cinematography.

A must see!
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on May 27, 2015
Do you like action? Do you like apocalypse? Genocide? Space? Robots? Romance? Tough decisions? Good writing? Great characters? Constant terror? Artificial Intelligence? Alcoholics? Impeccable pilots? Hot guys? Hot women? Great actors? Mob mentality? Violence? Pride? Vanity? Good guys? Bad guys? Selfish geniuses? And more space?
Then DO IT. This series is for you.
WARNING: Do NOT expect to be able to do anything but want to watch the next one. Order in because you're not even going to want to cook, and you're barely going to want to take potty breaks. Stock a TON of supplies and get ready to NOT MOVE for, potentially, days.
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on June 17, 2015
One of the best sci-fi series EVER! Ron Moore took the painfully cheesy original series and turned it into this slick modern masterpiece that is more than just a pretty face. The stories have real depth and are thought provoking. The acting is top notch. The special effects and design are mind blowing. This is a series that I love to watch again and again and I always see something new. Fantastic!
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on June 5, 2016
Great series, racy, provocative and used in colleges to analyze how conflicts propagate and how or what is necessary to resolve them. With only 48,000 humans left peaceful resolutuon is a must. Water shortages, cramped living quarters, food shortages, and the implanted humanlike next gen Cylon models your friend may be your enemy.

The cast is a cut above most made for television shows as is the script writing. Enjoy.
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VINE VOICEon November 10, 2005
I'm an old time BSG fan from the 70's, and I didn't particularly like the mini-series, but I must admit that this is outstanding television. It's intense and well acted with tight continuity. How could anyone watch this on TV? The commercial breaks would drive me nuts! Much better to wait and buy the DVD set and just kick back in front of a nice big TV and hang on for the ride!

The main reason I didn't like the mini-series was that I didn't like the characters. They were well acted, but I just didn't like them. The series seems to have corrected that problem and now with some character development, especially with Starbuck, I find I really care about these people and want them to survive. And I so far haven't seen any long pointless scenes of Boltar having sex with himself while six plays around inside his head. That's another thing that I didn't like about the mini-series.

I deducted a star for these reasons:

1. The soundtrack is cool and refreshingly different, and dark and dreadry, and it gets monotonous after a long while. I wish there was a little more variation here.

2. Just a little more comic relief. Just a little. I know this isn't a comedy and they're not trying to redo the original series the same way. But just a laugh or two every now and again would help a bit.

3. I like the new "edgy" camera shooting style. I feel like I'm on the ship with them. However, sometimes characters are standing and talking and they're moving left, right, and up and down during the scene like the camara man is not holding the camera steady, and it just looks like an amateur home-video only with expensive equipment. This isn't edgy; it's annoying.

But these are nits. I really like this series.
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on August 29, 2017
Having watched this series when it originally aired on Sci-Fi back in 2005, I'm pleased to add the first season to my video library.
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