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on August 10, 2015
I live in the American South, and my vets agree that Advantage works better than Frontline or any generic products. To get the most value for your money, I recommend buying the dosage for extra-large dogs and splitting it among smaller dogs. Save a small jar such as for pimentos or olives. Ask your pharmacist for a plastic dosing syringe (the kind for giving kids liquid medicine); they will likely give you one. I've attached a sample picture of the type of syringe you need. You need one without a needle that holds the amount of ML you will be using, based on the below guidelines.

Take off your dog's collar to ensure it doesn't slide down onto where you will be putting the Advantage. Open a package of Advantage and pour it into the jar. Pull into the syringe the right amount for your dog's weight:

0.4ml = 0-10#
0.8ml = 11-20#
1.2ml = 21-30#
1.6ml = 31-40#
2.0ml = 41-50#
2.4ml = 51-60#
2.8ml = 61-70#
3.2ml = 71-80#

You will put part of the Advantage on the dog's neck, and part of it in a few places down his back. Use your fingers to part the dog's hair on the back of his neck. (See package instructions on where to place the treatment.) Slowly depress the plunger onto the skin, NOT on top of the hair. Otherwise, it will drip off of the hair. Do several more spots down the dog's spine.

Immediately give treats to keep them from shaking their heads around. I learned the hard way that, if your dog vigorously shakes, this product can take the paint off cabinets and the varnish off stainless steel!! I do the treatment outside and leave the dogs outside for an hour or so.

Buying the largest size of Advantage and dosing several dogs with it can save a lot of money in the long run. Let's say your dog weighs 32 lbs, and you purchase the "Large dog for pets 21-55 lbs" and put the entire tube on him. You will be giving him 2.5 ML when he really only needs 1.6 ML. In a home with several dogs, this can add up!

Of course, talk to your vet if you have questions. This is just how I do it at my house! I am not a vet. I plan to post a video showing how I use this method.

**I have relied heavily on reviews for years, since I do most of my shopping online. I've finally starting trying to return the favor by writing reviews of products I love. I hope my review was helpful to you!**
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on July 26, 2012
The drug in Advantage II for Dogs and Advantage II for Cats is exactly the same drugs (Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen) at the exact same concentrations.
If you buy this "Large Dog" package, you get four 4ml tubes. If you then empty those into a vial or vials, you can use a syringe (without needle) to apply the right dosage to your dogs AND cats. In fact, if your cats are under 10 pounds, you can get 10 cat doses out of each of these vials. That's a real bargain!

I am a former Vet Tech and can assure you I have been doing this for years (with Advantage first, and now Advantage II) with ZERO problems.

Use the following chart and you will be fine.
Cats up to 9 pounds - 0.4ml
Cats 10+ pounds - 0.8ml
Dogs 3-10 pounds - 0.4ml
Dogs 11-20 pounds - 1.0ml
Dogs 21-55 pounds - 2.5ml
Dogs 55+ pounds - 4.0ml
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on December 31, 2015

<<This is not a review of the product (I had to give a rating for this to post).>>
This is an ANNOUNCEMENT TO HOPEFULLY PREVENT POSSIBLE TRAGEDY. We ordered ADVANTAGE II for both of our 60+ pound dogs as well as our cats shortly BEFORE CHRISTMAS due to the excessively warm weather which has caused the flea population to explode. We measure out the proper dosage using a no needle syringe to apply this product, something we have been doing for several years. The package arrived with ADVANTIX II instead. After verifying that we had not mistakenly ordered the wrong product we started the return process thinking this was a one of/once in awhile mistake. THE REPLACEMENT PRODUCT ARRIVED, much to our shock and dismay WE RECEIVED ADVANTIX II. .... AGAIN! Having this serious error occur twice made us realize that this could be happening to other unsuspecting pet owners. PLEASE LOOK AT AND VERIFY YOUR FLEA MEDICATION BEFORE APPLYING ------ ADVANTAGE II GOOD FOR BOTH DOGS AND CATS (use proper dosage amounts) ------- ADVANTIX II IS FOR DOGS ONLY! !

UPDATE 1/04/2016 ----- We went ahead and purchased the Advantage II from a local pet store and will be returning the incorrectly mailed Avantix II. We felt there was no sense exchanging it for a 3rd try at getting this order right.
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on September 17, 2016
My poor babies were infested with fleas. Everything else we tried didn't work. We tried going the all natural way using essential oils but they just had them so bad it wasn't working. We would give them a bath with soap mixed with varies essential oils but by the next day they were covered with fleas again. Before we applied this spot treatment we gave them both baths scrubbing every inch of them making sure we got rid as many as possible. I used an oatmeal soap to help prevent dry skin from bathing so much. After they were completely dry we applied the spot treatment according to the directions. We had to watch them while it dried to make sure they didn't lick themselves or each other. They both ended up get a little taste of it and did not like it at all so definitely watch your pup while you're waiting for the stuff to dry. Within the first 12 hours we only found 1 flea and it was half dead so it works fast. It's been a few days now and haven't seen any fleas since. We did wash all their blankets and couch covers and then steam cleaned the furniture. I vacuumed their beds and the carpet but didn't spray them so I worried maybe they'd get infested again but so far there's no sign of fleas. This stuff works great at killing fleas and preventing re infestation. I definitely recommend this product! My dogs are over 50 pounds so we got the extra large pack. Each pack comes with 4 treatments that last a month each. We just bought one box so with both dogs we'll get 2 treatments each which should be enough to get rid of the fleas for good.
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on December 9, 2015
I have used Frontline as long as I can remember, but for some reason its lost its effectiveness so I thought I'd give this a try. After a lot of research about all the various side effects of different medications (pet armor, frontline, Advantix for k-9's) I decided to go with Bayer Advantage (Advantix is for dog's but harmful if exposed to cats) since my 12.8lb Chinese Crested (Powder-Puff= has tons of hair) best friend is a cat this product was most appealing. I had a recent infestation of those little super fleas; you know, the ones that can hold their breath for 15 minutes and escape a pinch from your fingernail and possibly the blast from a nuclear bomb, yes those ones. I treated him in everything I could imagine including prolonged flea baths using Dawn Ultra, sprinkled Boric acid on the carpets/couch, made tiny little flea deathtraps and vacuumed incisively for two months straight all the while started using this product and low and behold the little effer's will literally falling off him. Forget Frontline, this stuff works!!! And the price is very friendly on your wallet. Word of advice, use this product BEFORE the flea season and make sure to prevent infestations from ever happening otherwise you'll be like me, feeling horrible watching your pup scratch non-stop not being able to focus on anything, giving three baths a week as well as bombing your house to rid yourself of the super fleas from hell who'll eventually develop a taste for your blood. Also, if your pup is small enough you can buy the large breed doses and get yourself a little dropper and ration out how much you pup actually needs...I googled it is something like 0.8ml so you can measure it out and reuse the leftover.
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on March 24, 2017
Works well...but had issues last summer. I was getting by with 1 treatment per summer...but last year things didn't work out so well.

The dog got some hot spots and we got into some serious issues...had to shave him in places...use betadine and 3% peroxide...he looked like crap and we were both miserable. Used some amoxicillin to finally clear things up.

The fleas can cause a skin infection (bacteria) that can be very serious.

My new methodology: I look for any signs of fleas above the tail....if I see ANY...I give him a good bath and then treat for fleas. Will probably treat 3 xs this summer.

This warm winter will make this summer flea/tick/misquito heaven?
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on June 16, 2015
I have three small dogs ranging in size from 5lb to 11lb. Two have short hair and one long hair.

One of the smaller dogs has a pretty severe allergy to fleas and has chewed the hair off his back in a couple of spots from this alergy. But, I've taken a while to order anything because I once had a dog become very ill from using a flea medicien.

I bit the bullet and ordered this based on the amoung of good reviews, but we also did some prep work before using the advantage II for small dogs.
We filled up my large bathtub with luke warm water and let the dogs soak up to their bellies - though the smallest dog is a couple inches shorter than the tallest dog - so he was swimming in all honesty. We poured water over the backs until they were thoroughly soaked.

Then, we rubbed them down with dawn dishwashing liquid - the original formula without added scents. We left them sudsed up for at least 5 minutes. The fleas were already starting to drown and drop off. We then rinsed them and rained the tub.

After filling the tub again, to rinse off and drown any straggler fleas, we towled off the dogs and then applied the flea med. to them as recommended on the packaging.

The next morning, my bed was littered with dead fleas. The dogs sleep with me and my sheet was a solid light color, so I could see them pretty clearly.

I would have to say this product works! Does it work as well if you don't pre-wash the dogs? I don't know, but I think we'll keep doing it this way from now on.
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on February 8, 2017
I prefer to support my local brick and mortar stores, but let's face it, spending twice the price at a national chain isn't helping anyone but shareholders.There's now even a warning against using on smaller dogs or cats to dissuade people from buying in bulk... (years ago our vet recommended buying the large dog pack for our cat because of the economy, and gave us a syringe to measure a 1cc dose) This is more than a lifetime supply for 2 chihuahuas. Anyone needing this should consider splitting the cost with a friend or doing a group buy.
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on September 28, 2011
I've been happily using these types of flea medications for 10 years. BUT, I'd given up over the last two years on Advantage and Frontline. They both seemed to have NO EFFECT. Maybe the fleas in my area had become immune? I tried the others from the local big box store, they didn't work either.

I thought I'd try this "advantage II", maybe Bayer had changed the forumulation?

To my surprise - it worked great! I have two 60 lb dogs (shepherd and golden retriever) who were miserable this summer, as was I, because neither my Shepherd nor I enjoyed weekly baths to try to control the fleas.

This stuff is magic.

No more fleas on my pets or in my carpets.
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on July 5, 2017
I've used advantage II for years and get it from Amazon at a much better price that from the vets. But it seems to not be doing a good a job that it has in the past. I just got a new box of 6 and will see. I don't know what I will get to replace it if it has stopped working, so will keep my fingers crossed that maybe I just got a weak batch. There is no expiration date on any of the boxes, just a code, and the manufacturer won't give you the date in normal month/year format because they are not required to by law. Also, the box I just received today was opened, and the side fold at the top was ripped (not by me) but of course, the individual tubes are sealed up in mylar so I don't worry they have been tampered with, but that it was unusual. All in all a good product, but I am watching it!
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