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Size: 5 - 9 lb|Style: 4 doses|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
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on June 19, 2017
With my review i am going to address points from reviews posted. This review is only based on my personal experiences.
1. Price. Yes, this product is expensive. However, it's absolutely worth it. It works very well and I've always felt that my cats not suffering is more important than the price tag. Also, here on amazon is significantly cheaper than other places. (Saved $20 buying it here instead of 1800petmeds)
2. Balding. There are a few things that need to be known for this product. Make sure you are using the appropriate dose for your cats. Weigh them. Do not assume their weight. If they are on the borderline, use the smaller dose or dont use all of the larger one. Also dont put it all in one spot. Make a line from the back of their neck to their shoulder blades.
3. "Frontline is cheaper and does the same thing". Incorrect! Frontline is cheaper but in order for frontline to work, the fleas have to bite the animals. This product does not require them to be bitten.
4. "Fleas didnt go away." You cannot expect any flea product to completely rid your home of them. It takes a minimum of 3 months to completely get rid of them if you actively fight against the fleas. You need to vacuum your floors and furniture every day at least for awhile. You also need to keep up with your laundry and wash blankets regularly, including your bedding. And its also very important to be spraying your furniture down with flea spray. RAID or Hotshot work wonders for this! Spray your furniture and bedding down every night. I also spray in the crevices of my apartment because fleas like to hide.
5. "Fleas were going everywhere so i had to give them a flea bath." Do NOT do this. Them jumping off your pets is a GOOD thing! That means the product is working. If you bathe them before the product has time to set it, you just wasted your money. This is why you need to be keeping up with prevention in your home. Theyre jumping off your animal because the product is working. Vacuuming, washing, and spraying is what will combat the infestation.

You CANNOT get rid of fleas completely in a short period of time so dont expect a miracle. That's where people get disappointed. Let the product do its job and play catch up for the next few months. And make sure you're keeping up with the doses!!
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on May 11, 2016
I used Advantage II for the first time on my cat and within hours the fur on the back of her neck fell out. It's been 3 days and she has a bloody, bald patch of skin. I've taken her to the vet twice now and spent over $600 trying to help with the pain and discomfort. She has never had this type of reaction to the previous formula. I feel awful for putting this on her, and after seeing other reviews I realize this has happened to other users. Unfortunately this product is non-returnable so it was an expensive mistake and an awful experience for my cat.
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on January 10, 2016
I was dating a crusty dude, and I think he had fleas and gave them to my cat. I dumped the dude and got advantage II for my real baby (my cat). This killed the fleas and not my cat, like other brands almost have. So I'm happy with it and kitty is, too. I didn't share any with the guy (my ex) so I don't know if it works on humans or not.
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on January 29, 2016
Horrible product! Did nothing to get rid of the fleas and left a bald spot on the back of my cat's neck.
Bayer Advantage II for Large Cats Over 9 lbs, 6 Pack
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on June 20, 2016
I have had a flea problem in my house for months after bringing in a stray and wanted to get something to help the cat while I treat my home. I had tried Frontline and it did nothing at all. One month later I applied Advantage and have not seen more than one flea on her instead of dozens despite the fact that I'm still treating the house. She's still scratching around her face, but I think she's scratching old bites and I can't expect her to have none due to the state of the house, so overall I'm very impressed. She's even obsessed with sleeping in the box it came in. I recommend this a thousand times over Frontline!
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on February 2, 2016
DO NOT BUY THIS MEDICATION, ADVANTAGE II LARGE CAT( I would suggest ALL sizes!):Your Cat's hair will fall out, your Cat will scratch INCESANTLY until he/she develop's open lesions, that are not able to heal enough to go away because of the intense itching!! There is a huge burn patch where the med's were administered, and all the fur around the site (NOW, the size of a half dollar) has fallen out!? I AM SO FURIOUS AT THIS EFFING COMPANY, AND SO SAD for my poor Cat, Coal, who has to endure this bulls***, until the med's wear off, hopefully??? Oh, did I mention that my cat didn't even have ANY fleas?? This was a preventative measure, made worse!

Skeptical? See for yourself? PLEASE!!!!! Spare your furry family members from this TORTURE!!!!
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on September 7, 2015
I have used different flea and tick treatment brands in the past and never had any luck with the result. After purchasing Advantage 2 large cat flea and tick treatment and using it on my 5 cats I was amazed at the results. My cats stopped scratching within a couple of hours and after combing their fur with a flea comb I noticed the fleas were already dying. This product really works and I will keep purchasing it for my cats. The price is much lower on Amazon than the pet stores in my area.
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on March 10, 2016
Product arrived nicely packaged without any damage. After reading other reviews I noticed a trend with people saying their pets are getting sick from the medication. When I first the flea medication to my cat, he did use his paw to get to the area behind his neck and lick some of the medication. This caused him to salivate at the mouth but other than that he seemed fine.

I have bought this flea medication twice and my cat hasn't had any reaction to it other than the initial salivating from the first time I put it on him. I would recommend putting underneath the cats collar so they can't get to it and ingest the medication. My big guy is flea free but I do notice him scratching about 3-4 days before I'm suppose to reapply. Hope this helps.
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on August 26, 2017
This made no noticeable improvement on either of my cats (19lb and 10lb Tabbies). I have heard stories of different strains of fleas and such in different parts of the world, but either a product like this works or doesn't. I gave it one week and saw no change. I put the collars from a cheap brand ($5) on them and the fleas were gone overnight. I live in the Southeast, so maybe they don't cater to my area. It is hard to rate this product any higher considering how much it costs and is supposed to last. Also, I sprayed my house as well at the same time, so I was only getting them from the cat that was sitting under my hand on my lap. I have not had any issues of resurgence two months later using an alternate product, so I can also confirm the removal of fleas was due to the second product. There are many factors that go into this, so I am sure it might kill fleas on other cats in other parts of the world, but not on mine.
On a positive note, neither of my cats had any kind of reaction to the product or to me using an alternate product so soon after trying this one. Good luck!
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on July 13, 2016
We use this for our 3 cats in the warmer months, and store brand fipronil when it's cooler.

This isn't much more expensive than the higher end generics that we've tried, but I like rotating the medication in case the fleas become resistant to one or the other.

We have many rabbits in the neighborhood, and consequently, fleas in the yard.

If you have an infestation, this won't stop it. The fleas in your home will still bite the cats (& you). You will need to treat the house and vacuum very frequently. This will help keep things at bay if your cat gets out, but we keep ours in as a precaution.

We like knowing that if one of us brings fleas in on our socks, this will help, in addition to daily vacuuming.
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