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Bayonetta - Playstation 3
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:$25.40+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 20, 2012
I've been a fan of the beat em up genre for a very long time. It started with Renegade and Double Dragon back in the NES days, and then continued with games such as Final Fight and the Streets of Rage series in the 16 bit era. During the PS2/Xbox era, this genre took a huge leap forward. With the release of games such as Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden, the combat in this genre evolved into something that became brilliantly complex and added an entirely new dimension of depth to the gameplay. And now, with Bayonetta, the genre has reached what is perhaps its peak moment. Bayonetta is an action game that sets a new standard with its fluidity and depth, and is wrapped in a package that shines in a way that is so outrageous and creative, that you can't help but admire it.

The character you control, Bayonetta, is a witch with a mysterious past. She's getting relentlessly attacked by angles and other heavenly forces, and it's up to her to fight back and destroy them in the most violent and creative ways possible. That's pretty much the gist of the narrative. There is a story here, but it almost seems to be intentionally convoluted, and also seems to purposely not take itself very seriously. Instead, the focus is on the fantastical individual events that display an absurd amount of humor, sexuality, and creativity. This is a game that delivers an onslaught of sense-overloading stimuli and never ceases to entertain. The level designs themselves begin with somewhat standard fare, but soon progress into epic set pieces that will have you stopping in your tracks, just to absorb everything that's going on around you. Your enemies are savage and ruthless, and give off an uncomfortable contradiction to their heavenly origins. The boss fights are some of the absolute best of this generation...absolutely epic and intimidating, and really give you a sense of accomplishment once you bring them down. Overall, the game is like nothing you've ever seen before. A real feast for the eyes and ears that at times borders on TOO much, but never crosses that line.

The heart and soul of Bayonetta is the combat. I could honestly take up the space of 3 or 4 full length reviews when discussing the incredible combat system of this game. In a nutshell, this game sets a new bar for depth , tightness of control, and just overall awesomeness to its fighting system. Throughout the game, you'll be able to acquire new weapons, techniques, and accessories, but what is really stunning is that almost everything is available to the player right at the beginning before they even realize it. Bayonetta's fighting techniques are seemingly infinite in the numbers of combinations you can execute and chain together in battle. You will be forced early on to master the dodging technique, as not only is it necessary to survive, but it also triggers a "Witch Time" mechanic that slows your enemies down and allows you to unleash brutal vengeance upon them. As you play through the game and your skills evolve, you'll start to realize that the more moves and combos you master, the LESS it is that you know about the combat. You will realize the incredible possibilities that Bayonetta is capable of, and this will encourage you to play through the game again and again. This is SO refreshing in an era where many similar games are way too button-mashy and don't reward/encourage skill and creativity in their combat. As an incentive to learn more, you are rewarded after each battle, based upon how well you performed, with currency to purchase items, power ups, and new techniques. The controls are wonderfully responsive. Bayonetta will do what you want her to do, when you want. And most importantly, it is always fun, no matter what style of fighting you choose to adopt. This is the best combat system I've ever experienced in a game of this genre, and that is saying a lot.

Not to say the game is completely without some minor flaws. There are some camera issues at times in the areas where Bayonetta is fighting enemies in more narrow corridors. One of the final stages of the game has some major control issues during a mind-tripping vertical walk across some disappearing/reappearing platforms. The colors can appear to be somewhat washed out in some areas, and screen tearing occurs at times (both of these issues are, from my understanding, only on the PS3 version of the game). But none of these issues are anything close to game-breaking. In fact, they're barely minor annoyances. You will be so wrapped up in this crazy game world, slaying the forces of heaven with the most badass fighter to ever grace a game of this type, getting completely caught up with the insanity taking place around you, and having an incredible time the whole way through. Platinum Games has won a spot in my heart for delivering this blood-pumping action masterpiece that surely goes down as one of the best in its genre. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
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on June 23, 2012
I liked this game. In no way did I ever feel like it was the second coming of "Devil May Cry", and it pales in comparison to the level of polish that "God of War 3" sports (most games do), but it was really enjoyable, if only because it was so gosh darned weird (I compare it to DMC and GOW because it is a similar, action-based game). I loved the concepts of witches and sages, heaven and hell, and the creature design of the various angels you must battle is a treat to behold. Combat is very, very tight... easy to pick up, with a staggering amount of depth, and a very cool combination of physical attacks and... I don't know, something like rune-based magic attacks, where your hair goes flying all over the place and punches monsters in the face. I told you: It's weird.

I only wish (developer) Platinum had begun the game with the tighter, more compelling storytelling that only picks up toward the end of the game. In the beginning, I winced several times from the sheer immaturity with which the main character and the story is presented, though I suppose much of this is a cultural gap that is lost in translation from the Japanese audience to the western one. Despite that complaint, there's a lot to love here. As I mentioned, the combat and creature design is fantastic, and if you can actually decipher what's going on, there's a really cool story somewhere in here. Variety is another plus here, with crazy level design that mixes things up while paying homage to some classics (like "After Burner" and "Devil May Cry"... at the same time). Another strong point is some of the boss battles. They're not all great, but some of them really sing, particularly the second-to-last one. That battle is what I have always hoped this generation of consoles would achieve... not just epic boss battles, but DYNAMIC boss battles, where the setting actively changes in an exciting way (GOW3 opening sequence with Poseidon and Olympus is another good example).

Below is a possible SPOILER, depending on how sensitive you are (I just describe a level).

There is one level in this game, called "Paradiso", which is the game developer's take on Heaven, and it simply breathtaking. It is, without a doubt, one of the coolest things I have yet seen in this very long console generation. True gamers might want to play through "Bayonetta" just for that one part, if nothing else.

Great job, Platinum Games. Personally, I'm hoping you guys knock it out of the park with "Metal Gear Rising".
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on January 9, 2012
One of my few reviews and I'm not good at them so bear with me...*spoiler free*

After some good reviews, and being familiar with platinum/sega games in the past (vanquish for example) how they are done well with action/speed/smooth/style I was a *little* hesitant to get Bayonetta but Vanquish had a unique Japanese game feel to it and watching a few trailers of Bayonetta this one was looking pretty good. I was sad to see Dreamcast die off many years ago but it's nice to see the Sega coming back with so many good games and I hope they continue to bring over more (YAKUZA KENZAN HELLO!!). Sega is a VERY GOOD video game company bringing over some pretty good ones! (Valkeria Chronicles/Yakuza/Vanquish/Bayonetta ect. ect.)

I'm not into gory/violent "god of war" type games so I was worried this would be sort of the same type, hack and slash repetitive took some getting used to the ultra combo move endings being bloody and violent but after a while I got used to it. **Just note you cannot turn off blood in the game** It's a game with a different twist, playing the dark side(usually I'm anti-dark games but this one is entertaining haha..). Like I mentioned before, I enjoy Japanese style games, and at first I thought this was done in cheesy American voice actors but from what I can tell, this is the same voice acting they used in Japan (weird..) since the Japan demo used the same audio. *shrugs* but the story/cut scenes almost remind me of a metal gear type story...excitement/suspense almost like a movie character fighting against it all but the story is on the wild side :)

I'm in Chapter 4 of the game and I'm still smiling since the first chapter, enjoying the game, playing on normal, and making sure I don't fly through the game real quick (spoiling my enjoyment) as Bayonetta jumps/walks walls/summons beasts and has a huge amount of control. Some sequences are HARD (nice to see hard games still out there). Very impressed with the quality of programming/level of detail. Very little slowdown and you just want to cheer on Bayonetta.

Those who have posted about the PS3 being the inferior or less quality is total junk. I have tried the demo on xbox.. very little or no difference. I have a 40" bravia 1080p and the game looks great! Smooth, fast loading (of course I downloaded the update) so I think you should be able to pick and choose what platform you're into (I'm a Sony guy..prefer the PS3 controller)

Just a warning, this game is sexed up - I love playing female characters; from female Shepard in Mass Effect 2 to now Bayonetta, not sure why..maybe I think it's sexy playing a strong female character but you wouldn't want your young children watching or playing this or just like a god of war series game even listening to some of the audio. Lots of sexy poses, hair flying, nudity and the major violence part..not to mention you deal with lots of dark characters, swearing (F-words and such) so it deserves the M rating for sure!

Overall I'm VERY happy with the purchase and I hope the ending is not a sad one..thank you Platinum games/Sega for bringing over a great game! If you're on the fence, it's so cheap now it's a no brainer!
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on December 14, 2010
Bayonetta pretty much is a Devil May Cry game with the style meter turned to overdrive. There isn't a moment of rest in this game and when it is all said and done you'll be itchin for round 2.

**Gameplay: Bayonetta as I previously said, handles like Devil May Cry games. However it is a tad less forgiving; in fact, play it on Easy and Very Easy the game will basically dodge for you! Combat is fast and furious throwing punches nonstop. Crazy combos, ridiculous AoE moves. Torture attacks and some insane finisher moves. Bayonetta brings tons of style to the table and backs it up with tons of substance. Ontop of killer moves and attacks, a well timed dodge nets you a few seconds of "witch time" aka, slow mo to pull off long combos. While the gameplay might seem fast and unforgiving at first ; just like a DMC game the difficulty doesn't really ramp up as the game progresses. Meaning by the time the curtain falls you are a mean fighting machine. The gameplay element of Bayonetta is perhaps the best reason you will get crazy high replay value out of this game.

**Sound/Story: The storyline is not bad; while it isn't a masterpiece there is a nice storyline here with some twists and surprise moments. Cut-scenes done via movie reel strips tell the story half the time and the real time cut scenes end up having quite a bit of funny moments in them. The sound effects are very crisp and voice acting is rather good. You can actually tell what enemies are going to do based on their sound cues (they speak in 'angelic' dialect) so you know what to expect just by listening to the game.

**Graphics/Presentation: Presentation is very nice. There is just the right amount of downtime between epic fights. Enough time for you to absorb the combat, move memorization and just go "wow that was sick!" Graphically however this game has some problems. It is pretty obvious by now that Sega did a horrible job porting the game to the PS3 (If you can't even port the game right, why not just rebuild it for the PS3 and delay it 2-3 months) The latest patch fixes much of the load problems and frame issues but you end up with some fairly dull coloring in cut scenes and some bad frame rates here and there. it is nowhere near as bad as it was at launch. (I laughed during the credits though when they went "Converted by SEGA" sorta the first time I ever saw a company pat their own back about doing a port)

**Length/Replay: I beat the game on Normal in about 7hrs (not including deaths or visits to the item shop or cutscenes) so 7hrs gameplay is about.. 10-11hrs total time . Replay value is through the roof though. Not only does the game keep track of your stats for the difficulty, but then "taunts" you at all the empty slots for Easy, Very Easy then goes "Oh we unlocked HARD" so you got lots of work cut out for you. Plus there are at least 6 unlockable weapons, tons of costumes. Not to mention that "stone" award you got on a few levels that just taunts you. You can easily get 3-4 plays out of this game - consider it like DMC replay-ability you either can't put it down until you unlock everything or you throw the controller through the wall after the boss owns you for the 10th time in a row. ^_^

~~ Overall: I give bayonetta a 91%. I'm being rather generous here since the 360 version is clearly superior (graphics and framerates, load times etc) so if you have a 360 get it on that but I won't give this game less of a score simply because it had a bad port. The gameplay itself works just fine... and that's what counts. Not how pretty the cut scenes are. Bayonetta will give you hours of enjoyment, tons of replay value and brings a new style to the table ; giving Dante a run for his money.
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on February 14, 2010
I purchased Bayonetta after the patch became available so I can't really compare with the unpatched version, but I can tell you this; loading is only noticeable during the beginning of the stage, or when skipping scenes. Overall, the game didn't suffer any framerate issues during my whole "normal difficulty" gameplay. This may be due to my 500GB 7200rpm Hard drive that also helped speed up the loading, but my experience with the game was fun, fast and epic.

I have no complaints with the graphics although I read that the 360 version is much sharper, it didn't detract me from enjoying the game or cause me to die because of any graphical glitches reported; if I die is probably skill related. Background color seems lacking, but this is probably due to the fact that Bayonetta fights multiple/huge Angels which makes it easier to identify them for combos.

If you've played Devil May Cry then you pretty much know how Bayonetta plays. Battle is fast paced with epic boss battles that can take minutes to defeat, and will get better and bigger the farther you get in the game. Battles will take you from the ground, air, water, and even space just to name a few. Weapons can be equipped on both hands and feet from guns, whips, katana, to claws etc. and can keep two weapon group setup so you can switch between them during battle for different combo effects. Also besides weapons, you can equip accessories, costumes, create/concoct items, and assign consumables so you can use them on the fly without interruption. Shooting galleries follows each chapter allowing you to trade points on items that can enhance/support your HP/MP for the next level. Items can be bought at the "Gates of Hell" bar accessible through a red portal you'll find in each chapter. If you want a challenge, just start in "Normal" or if you want to take your time and accumulate special items you can start in "very easy" or "easy", "Hard" is unlocked after "Normal" is completed.

Well shes no Dante so don't expect any metal soundtrack during battle but in a good way. Personally the music in the game is perfect for Bayonetta since it fits her personality. Never once did I think that the music didn't fit the situation Bayonetta was in. The way she moves and the music accompanying her (i.e. Fly me to the Moon remix/Mysterious Destiny) is right for her... and since shes fighting Angels you can pretty much expect choir/orchestral soundtrack during boss battles.

Well story wise... its nothing revolutionary but not bad either since I can tell you the whole story in a good three to four sentences... so its best not to say it. Just accept it to what it is. Have fun!
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on April 22, 2014
sexy heroin, button masher FTW. game resembles a DMC, GOW type . Pretty good storyline, with lots of different moves ,finishers, and stunning graphics. Hard to follow the storyline at first, but it does become clear later on. There is an easy mode to where clicking one button will get you through the game. Honestly, just play it on normal. you will get more enjoyment that way. Cpuple downsides to the game is honestly load times between scenes which are about ten seconds at most, and some clipping issues There are quite a few of both so it gets annoying. i cant justify give it a lesser rating due to that. 10 hour campaign.MUST PLAY! Cant wait for part 2.
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on September 29, 2015
Bayonetta Is A Truly Fantastic Game And A Surprise Coming From Platinum Games who are Always Intresting with what they choose and Sega Did a Great Job With Choosing to Publish this too Bad the sequel Only is coming to wii u so it will sell like crap The n64 proved Nintendo cant sell third party games nice job sega Sammy

The Visuals are Great The Combos are great the Hack N slash combat is complex and requires skill thankyou for not treating the customers stupid
and aiming for the causal Market and Making a Great Game Recommended without reservation
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on February 17, 2015
A great representation of what the game creator of Devil May Cry envisioned for the sequel. Instead of a guy demon hunter, Kamiya, game director who also worked on other classic Capcom games like Biohazard 2 and the original Devil May Cry, goes in a different direction with a witch versus sages but with the same style and flash of Devil May Cry & Devil May Cry 4. Platinum Games show you why they shine like Platinum with great level of difficulty, classic styled gaming, extreme replay value that unlocks as you play and earn Platinum, in-game medals. You can even plug in codes to unlock rare weapons. Love to punch enemies in the face? Look no further.
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on June 1, 2010
Bayonetta is a witch who has guns attached to her high heels, uses her hair to make up a removable skin-tight catsuit
which can also double as a lethal weapon, and eats lollipops in an incredibly suggestive manner. Right off the bat, it's pretty
obvious that you're going to know whether or not this game is going to interest you at all. If you can openly embrace the absurd,
then "Bayonetta" will provide you some of the most fun you've had playing a game in years.

Story: N/A

It doesn't matter. No, really, it doesn't. Yes, it's an entertaining plot; no, it's not directly tied to your enjoyment of the
game. It's very clever, very well-written, and even capable of providing heavy emotional moments on certain occasions. But
this isn't a game that you should play for the plot. Not even in the LEAST bit. Moving on.

Gameplay: A++

I've never given any game's gameplay two pluses before, but it's appropriate with a title such as "Bayonetta." Every single
button press, and even the tiniest of tiny analog stick movements, all serve some purpose. There is never a moment of
confusion about the controls. As soon as you're in the heat of battle in the very first level, you know exactly what to do;
within minutes, you're skillfully dodging swings of swords and wiping out hoards of hideous angels. Combat is fast and
fierce, always engaging and never exuding the impression that you're button-mashing. In order to be truly proficient at this
game, you'll have to practice your combos for each weapon extensively before attempting to tackle some of the larger foes.
Give it time, and soon you'll be summoning wicked dragons and heinous giant feet made from your hair which crush your
foes in one fell swoop. Patience and skill are key here.

Sound: A+

Light, poppy music which meshes in an odd fashion with the visceral, bloody gameplay will be lodged in your head for
weeks. The music never feels awkwardly placed, and always fits the moment in a perfect manner. Voice acting is
also phenomenal; Bayonetta's sultry voice makes Lara Croft come across as an innocent schoolgirl. Every character
has their own distinct sound, which is rare in many games of this genre.

Graphics: A+

Whether you're playing in HD or Standard Definition, every square millimeter of this game bleeds style and detail. Not
a single speck of dirt was left untextured in "Bayonetta", and it's quite obvious that the developers took a lot of
time making their product look absolutely perfect. Character models are beautiful, and the lush environments range from
beautiful ruins to (!) the outer reaches of space.

Overall: A+

This game has it all: a memorable lead, perfect gameplay, beautiful music, great graphics, and enough replay value to
last you months. There is absolutely no reason to avoid this game if you own a 360 or PS3.


I've noticed a lot of complaints about longer load times for the Playstation 3 version of this game, which are well-founded;
the game was developed for the 360, and ported to the PS3 by Sega themselves. There is an inexplicably higher loading time
for this version, but for those who game online, don't fret: Sega released a patch shortly after release which cut into
the load times significantly. Still, those who don't have online for their PS3 should be warned that they may be waiting a few
extra seconds to jump into the action each time.
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on March 17, 2011
Who woulda thought killing angels would be this fun? For a long time i wanted to give Bayonetta a try seeing how it plays like the Devil May Cry series and i'm kicking myself for not getting this sooner. I love this game and see myself playing this as much or more than one of my Favorite action games of all time DMC3.

My only gripe about this game is the default music. It gets on my nerves having to play through some parts over and over due to death and listening to it. Thank god there is an option to play music off your HDD instead of listening to the default music. This is my favorite aspect of this game and thats not all.

Combos are fun to pull off but if you don't want to remember combos you can just button mash til your hearts desire and occasionally hitting dodge. Either way everything looks so fluid and smooth especially when you unlock all techniques.

Graphically solid. Some of the angelic stages look beautiful and big boss battles Absolutely amazing.

Tons and tons of replayability in this game. There is a ton of accessories to unlock which all give Bayonetta certain abilities like blocking incoming attacks or instantly going into witchtime without having to use the dodge button. And of course they cost alot so this gives you alot to work for if you choose to play through the game again.

Great game, Great character, Great animations and humor involved. Get this game. It is the most fun you will have with a button mashing action game not named God of War.
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